January 28, 2005

Some Dodge Co, GA Marriages, 1851-1900

More information from my files.

Mary Coffee married Harry Knuckles 19 Nov 1871
Louisa Coffee married Simon Morrison 27 Nov 1875
Sarah E. Coffee married Thomas W. Weeks 15 Mar 1876
Susan Coffee married (first name unknown) McHall 29 Jun 1876
Elphey Coffey married Len Williams 6 Oct 1877
C. A. Coffee married Daniel Hines 16 May 1878
Shadric Coffee married Sarah Ball 10 Nov 1879
Neppie Coffee married J. T. Lee 1 May 1879
A. J. Coffee married Carrie Futch 28 Apr 1881
Ann Eliza Coffee married Murdock Bryan 5 Jun 1884
Jane Coffee married Gab Bishop 5 Jan 1884
Darkis Coffee married Henry Taylor 20 Jun 1884
J. B. Coffee married Charlotte Burch 19 Mar 1885
Caroline Coffee married Ed Thomas 4 Aug 1888
L. L. Coffee married J. C. McGanley 19 Jan 1888
Peggy Coffee married Michael Crawford 17 Jun 1889
Hannah Coffee married Eddie Williams 11 Feb 1890
William C. Coffee married Florence L. Vinson 14 Aug 1892
Katie Coffee married D. Dekle 8 Jan 1893
Sallie E. Coffee married Willie Bowen 7 May 1893
Inis Coffee married James Burns 29 Jan 1895
Joe Coffee married Minnie Holems 19 Aug 1895
Sudie Coffee married F. F. Bohannon 27 Dec 1896
Lou Coffee married J. O. Woodsworth 23 Oct 1898
Dave Coffee married Pearl Bishop 29 Dec 1898
Jno. R. Coffee married Mary Bowen 21 Dec 1899
Jane Coffee married Henry Wilcox 18 Jan 1899
Rubie Coffee married James W. Harrell 9 Jan 1899

Cherokee Land Lottery, 1832

Georgia was the only state to distribute land by lottery. The land was allocated from property considered to be "Cherokee Land," and was in the NE part of the state. The Coffee/y information was found in The Cherokee Land Lottery, Containing a Numerical List of the Names of the Fortunate Drawers in Said Lottery, compiled by James F. Smith.

Joel Coffee, No. 156, 9th Dist., 1st Section, Cherokee, Rabun Co.

Joel Coffee, No. 208, 9th Dist., 4th Section, Cherokee, Rabun Co.

Jesse S. Coffey, No. 248, 8th Dist., 2nd Section, Cherokee, Barker's residence, Gwinnett Co.

Lewis Coffey, No. 179, 9th Dist., 4th Section, Cherokee, Dyer's residence; granted previous to the first day of January, 1838, Habersham Co.

Edmund Coffey, No. 226, 18th Dist., 1st Section, Cherokee, Barker's residence, Gwinnett Co.

Lewis Coffey, No. 99, 7th Dist., 3rd Section, Cherokee, Barker's residence, Gwinnett Co.

More Data from my Files

The following information is from my files, and was extracted from The History of Gwinnett County Georgia, Vol. II, 1818-1960, authored by James C. Flanigan.

Morris Coffee, listed as a child of J. A. Coffee, no dates mentioned

Edmond Coffey, spouse Sarah (no maiden name), charter members of Suwanee Baptist Church, founded 13 Sep, 1828

William Coffy and wife (no name provided), members of Suwanee Baptist Church, sometime between 1828 and 1835

Gilbert Coffey, sheriff of Gwinnett Co. in 1833

Webster Coffey married L. M. Young, 1846

M. G. Coffee married Z. Guffin, 1865

Zemelia Coffee married F. F. Reynolds, 1872

J. B. Coffee married Mary Womack. J. B. listed as JP in years 1874 and 1878. (This could be John B. Source references "farm known as John B. Coffee place."

Tennie Coffee married W. L. Harris, 1880

Yancy Coffee married C. C. Connor, 1899. Yancy was the bride.

Joshua A. Coffee married Cora Lee Holland, 1900; children were Morris and William

Maurice Coffee, listed as member of 1919 Senior Class of Lawrenceville High School and member of Lawrenceville First Baptist Church

January 27, 2005

Eli and Mary "Polly" Coffey

Eli, born May 8, 1775 and died July 18, 1833, was the son of Salathiel and Elizabeth (last name unknown) Coffey. He married Mary "Polly" Coffey March 22, 1801 in Green Co., KY. The marriage record indicates that Polly was over the age of 21. The family moved to Sangamon, then to Shelby and finally to Christian Co., IL.

According to the 1961 book Descendants of Salathial Coffey by W. T. "Bill" and Pearl Dungan, reprinted 1991 at Oklahoma City by Gene Brewington, information about Eli and his family was found in a DAR library, and "...listed simply as: Coffey Bible Record - North Carolina.""

That record listed 11 children: Mariah born Jan. 17, 1803; Willis, born May 2, 1804; Elizabeth, born Aug. 14, 1807, died Jan. 21, 1891; Nancy, born Oct. 14, 1809; Salathiel, born Apr. 20, 1812, died May 29, 1892; Serene, born Aug. 9, 1814; Nathaniel J., born Jan. 30, 1817; Stanton P., born Dec. 5, 1819; William S., born July. 10, 1821; Newton Eli, born May 2, 1827, died Jan. 13, 1890; and Mary Ann, born Feb. 10, 1830. Reuben,, born about 1830 and thought to be a child of Eli was not mentioned in the above reference.

While researching census records for this family I found in the 1850 Russell Co., KY census (Dist. 1, Sheet 224, dwelling/family 182) an entry for Polly Coffey, age 66, Polly Ann, age 22, and Reuben, age 20, all in the same household. I believe this to be the widow and two of the children of Eli who as already stated died in 1833. Polly was a popular "nickname" for Mary. The calculated birth years from the ages given in the census record perfectly fit in with those of the other children found in the cited Bible record.

Another Coffey family that I have been looking at is that of Fielding Coffey son of Nebuzaraden and Elizabeth Hayes Coffey, and his wife, Celia. Celia is thought to be the daughter of Joel Coffey and his wife Jane, last name unknown.

Fielding and Celia had at least nine children: Thomas, Mahala, Elizabeth, Sealy (Celia?), Louis, Fielding, Ike, Martha, and Alice.

The same census cited above, and at dwelling/family number 179 lists the family of James Rippetoe, age 61, wife Patsy, age 49, Emetine , age 18, and Fielding Coffey, age 37.

I believe that Fielding and Patsy are siblings, children of Fielding and Celia. Patsy was a popular "nickname" for Martha.

A third Coffey family on this census page and at dwelling/family 184 is that of Jane Coffey, Sr., age 76, female, born North Carolina, and daughter (probably) Jane, Jr., age 35, born KY.

I believe the elder Jane to be the widow of Joel (son of Nebuzaradon), and Jane, Jr. to be her daughter. I have been unable so far to find a complete and accurate listing of Joel and Jane's children, so I list her in their genealogy as "probable."

These families are in the Chesley and Elizabeth Cleveland Coffey line. Additional thoughts and theories concerning Chesley can be found in the work by Tim Peterman, His work can be found at the Coffey Cousins' website. A direct link to this paper is:


Please contact me if you, or someone you know is researching these families.

January 22, 2005

New Template

I've changed templates for the Coffey Cousins' Blog. Readers might get several issues of previously read newsletters.

More Data from My Files

This information is from the 1865 Sheriff's Census, originally
compiled by Nancy Maxwell, ISBN I-55613-885-7, library shelf
number G076.714 M465w:

C. B. Coffey, Washington Co., AR, Male, age 10-18
G. M. Coffey, Washington Co., AR, Male, age 0-10
D. W. Coffey, Washington Co., AR, Male, age 10-18
Margaret Coffey, Washington Co., AR, Female, 16+
W. A. Coffey, Washington Co., AR, Male, 18-21

1880 Tennessee Census, by county:

1880, Overton Co., Rachel Coffee, age 77; John, age 47, Thomas J.,
age 42; James M., age 13

1880, Overton Co., Columbus Coffee, age 7

1880, Overton Co., R. N. Coffee, male, age 57; Martha, age 55; Mary,
age 22; Jennie, age 20; Leona, are 16; Emma, age 16, Richard N., Jr., age 12

1880, Smith Co., S. W. Coffee, male, age 69; Minerva L., age 67;
William D., age 5

1880, Smith Co., William Coffee, age 23; Miles W., age 22

1880, Smith Co., L. A. Coffe , male, age 26; Serrepta, age 24;
Maggie L., age 8; Thomas S., age 7; Lemuel M., age 5; Jesse H., age 3;
Effie A., age 11 months

A Collection of Upper South Carolina Genealogical and
Family Records, Vol. II, by James E. Wooley; ISBN 0-89308-210-4

Joel Coffee, spouse Martha Cobb, no dates; Martha daughter of
John S. Cobb and Francis Smith; Cobb was born 1759, died 21
May 1841 in Pickens Dist., SC. Married Francis 29 Aug 1786 in
Spartenburg, SC

Edward Coffee, spouse Elizabeth (last name unknown); probate.
Coffee, Elizabeth, box 11, #138, Probate Judge's Office, Pickens,
SC. Wife of Edward was probably a daughter of James Nevill
whose will was proven in 1842. He bequeathed to them a negro
girl named Minerva

Jesse Coffee, Indenture, Clerk of Court Office, Anderson, SC. This
indenture made 19 Sept. 1795 between Jesse Coffee of Pendleton
Dist. and John Davis of the same, for and in consideration of 30 lb
paid by John Davis have granted, sold, bargained and released a
tract of land lying on Toogolo River containing 140 acres. The land
that Thomas Standage now lives on. Wit: Benj. Cleveland, Wm.
Cleveland; signed: Jessey X Coffee. Proved on oath of Benjamin
Cleveland before B. Earle, Clerk, on Jun. 30, 1796.

A Reminiscent History of the Ozark Region, reprinted 1956:

Andrew J. Coffey, born Ashe Co., NC 1833; parents Cleveland and
Susan Hayes Coffey, both natives of NC. Moved to Hawkins Co., TN
with parents in early boyhood, and soon after to Grainger Co., TN.
His mother died some 50 years ago, and his father remarried soon
after, returned to NC, and died around 1866. Cleveland Coffey's father
was Jesse Coffey, who died in Burkes Co., NC. He was of Irish ancestry.
Children of Cleveland and Susan Coffey were Andrew J., William
(soldier of the Confederate Army, killed at Mission Ridge.

Andrew J. Coffey married 1 Sep. 1851 to Louise Hutchinson; Louise
was dau. of Jeremiah Hutchinson, born east TN and died Ozark Co.,
MO in 1871. Their children were: Athela M., married Y. T. Marritt;
Mary J., died young; Thomas J., died after reaching manhood; Susan
J., died in early womanhood; James T.; Andrew J., Jr.; Cleveland;
William W., died in infancy Jan. 11, 1872. Andrew married second
to Rachel, dau. of William and Mary Ann Imes, born TN. Their
children were: Joseph Ambrose; Louisa; Mahala; Avarille; Charles;
John A.; Frances M; Etha; Melissa; Albert. Coffeys arrived by wagon
train in Ozark Co., MO from TN

January 20, 2005

Chicago Funeral Notices

This is data from my collection of miscellaneous Coffee/y notes. This list contains funeral notices from the Chicago Daily News, 1878-1902. They are abstracts only, and not the full citation. All of the deceased were Irish emigrants.

Jan. 12, 1885: James Coffey, died at his mother's residence, 568 S. Jefferson St., aged 30 years, native of Newport, County Tipperary. Funeral from Holy Family Church to Calvary; member of A. O. H.

Jan. 7, 1885; John Coffey, brother of James and Dan Coffey, aged 36 years, a native of Newport, County Tipperary; funeral from residence at 66 W. 19th St. to Sacred Heart Church to Calvary

Jun. 19, 1901, John Coffey, husband of Mary, nee Sullivan, father of Mary, Maggie, Josie, Annie and Ella, Mrs. John Cahill, and brother in law of John H., Michael, Maggie Sullivan and Mrs. Murphy, and Mrs. Murnane, age 60 years (all assumed to be surviving kin), native of Kilteely, County Limerick. Funeral from residence at 54 Sigel St., to Immaculate Conception Church to Calvary

Dec. 2, 1885, Maggie Coffey, nee Ryan, second daughter of Michael Ryan of Anna, County Limerick, age 24 years. Funeral from residence at 409 S. May St. to the Jesuit Church to Calvary.

Jul. 17, 1888, Ryan, Johanna, age 80 years, native of Fiddane, County Tipperary, mother of Michael, Patrick, and Dennis Ryan, and Mrs. Coffey (Mrs. Coffey not further defined). Funeral from her son's residence, Dennis Ryan, 3512 S. Dearborn, to St. Elizabeth's Church to Calvary.

Oct. 31, 1888, Michael Coffey, age 75 years 7 months, father of the late Patrick and Michael Coffey, native of Fethard, County Tipperary. Funeral from his daughter's residence, Mrs. Thomas Coffey, 2913 Emerald Ave., to All Saints Church to Calvary.

Dec. 29, 1894, Kate Coffey, age 36 years, sister of John, Jerry, and Dennis Coffey, and Mrs. Peter Ambrose. Native of Ballydarrig, Cahirciveen, County Kerry. Funeral from her sister's residence at 985 W. 37th Ct. to Nativity Church to Mt. Olivet.

Aug. 4, 1895, Catherine Coffey, nee O'Brien, died at residence 6831 Wabash Ave., widow of late Thomas, mother of Mary Welling, Elizabeth Bracken, James F. and Theodore M. Coffey, Katherine Kenny, Thomas A., and Ann Jordenson, Ella Barclay, Georgenia Wilson and Gertrude F. Coffey, aged 64 years, native of Rathhangan, County Kildare. Funeral from St. Bernard's Church to Mt. Olivet.

Mar. 11, 1895, McCarthy, Michael, husband of Mary, nee O'Brien,, and brother of John McCarthy and Mrs. D. Coffey, native of Newport, County Tipperary, age 62 years. Funeral from residence at 282 Hastings St. to Calvary. Mary McCarthy, his wife, died Apr. 23, 1895, age 58 years, a native of Nenagh, County Tipperary.

Mar. 16, 1895, Dennis Coffey, age 29 years, brother of Simon and Ellen, born in Corrigrous, Parish Cahirciveen, County Kerry. Funeral from residence at 758 W. 29th St., to Mt. Olivet.

Aug. 6, 1895, Michael Coffey, aged 67 years, husband of Nora, nee Ryan, father of Daniel, Dennis, Edward, Joseph, and Frank Coffey, a resident of Chicago since 1849, and was engaged in the ice business. Funeral from residence at 43 Newberry Ave., to Holy Family Church to Calvary.

Mar. 4, 1896, Bridget Coffey, nee Ryan, died at son's residence 22 Sibley St., age 62 years; mother of Mrs. Maggie Corcoran, Patrick, Edward, Bina and Henry Coffey, antive of Annaholty, County Limerick. Funeral from St. Patrick's Church to Calvary.

Nov. 7, 1896, Catherine Coffey, age 55 years, wife of James and mother of Mary. Native of Tralee, County Kerry. Funeral from residence at 207 W. Harrison to St. Patrick's Church to Calvary.

May 27, 1897, Bridget Coffey, age 48 years, wife of Daniel, native of Newport, County Tipperary, died at residence at 2312 Hawley Ave., near 44th and Ogden Ave. Funeral from the Blessed Sacrament Church to Calvary.

Sep. 21, 1897, Michael Coffey, age 42 years, husband of Ellen, nee Sullivan, father of Patrick Coffey and Mrs. Mary Benchie. Died at residence at 3420 S. Union, native of Sneem, County Kerry. Funeral from Nativity Church to Mt. Olivet.

Feb. 18, 1897, Michael Reidy, brother of Mrs. James O'Hearn, Mrs. William Coffey, John and Dennis Reidy of 3405 S. Halsted St., age 25 years, 6 months. Native of Kilmeedy, County Limerick. Funeral from his brother's residence to Nativity Church to Mt. Olivet.

Apr. 23, 1899, Patrick Coffey, son of the late Michael and Ellen, nee Sullivan, brother of Mrs. Burt Beyanky, at his mother's residence, 2809 Emerald, age 23 years. Native of Sneem, County Kerry. Funeral from Nativity Church to Mt. Olivet.

Oct. 19, 1901, William Golden, son of Richard and late Abbey, nee Coffey, father of John, William, Abbey and brother of David, John, Richard, kate, Nora and Mrs. Timothy Sheehan, native of Killurly, Filemore, County Kerry.

Sep. 11, 1901, Meehan, James A., age 26 years, 8 months, native of Murroe, County Limerick, died at residence 4725 Bishop St., brother of Catherine Meehan and Mrs. P. Coffey. Funeral from St. Rose of Lima Church to Mt. Olivet.

Jul. 5, 1901, Richard Coffey, age 87 years, father of Mary and Patrick, and Mrs. Johanna Hogan, and Mrs. Margaret Riley. Funeral from the residence of his daughter Mrs. Hogan, 905 Ogden Ave. to St. Agatha's church to Calvary. native of Parish Nenagh, County Tipperary. (Also mentions Ottawa, Canada, but context unknown).

May 18, 1901, Reidy, John, brother of Denis Reidy, and Mrs. James Ahern, Mrs. William Coffey; native of County Limerick. Died at brother's residence, 4420 Union. Funeral from St. Gabriel's Church to Mt. Olivet.

May 2, 1902, Thomas Coffey, age 49 years, native of County Tipperary, husband of Agnes, nee Coffey, father of John M., Thomas P., Agnes, Edward, Eugene, and Arthur R. Coffey. Funeral from residence at 256 E. 40th St., to Holy Angels Church to Calvary.

Hopefully, some of this information will be useful. Unfortunately, I have no further information on any of these families.

January 18, 2005

Coffey - Hayes Genealogy

May 25, 2015: A note from Kathy Dupree tells me this site is no longer active except the cemetery photos and "Hayes in the Wars" which are.

A website, titled The Descendants of George & Sarah Dyer-Hayes is hosted by the "Hayes Cousins Group." The group says that it represents twelve known generations of the George and Sarah-Dyer Hayes family in America. They have provided the lineage of seven of the 8 known grandchildren of George and Sarah, and claim that they are all the proven children of Thomas Hayes, Sr., son of George and Sarah. They also present the lineage of John Hayes, son of George and Sarah, as well as the second family of Sarah Dyer-Hayes Edmindson.

This group does indeed provide an abundance of genealogical information. It took several hours to page through and absorb the magnitude of their work!

There are pages of cemetery photographs and headstones for most of the Hayes and Coffey families that intermarried. Headstone photographs are good quality for the most part, but some are unreadable. Also included are a few photos of headstones for those who have not yet been linked to their line of research. Each photo of a known connection has a descendant line included. That is very useful in determining which John or James is buried in a given cemetery.

After reaching the bottom of the page, click on the Table of Contents link. Here is a page of active links to Tennessee and Western North Carolina cemeteries (with photos of headstones), and family photographs.

I have no particular interest in the Hayes line except as it connects to the Mills family where the latter has intermarried with the Coffeys. One child of the William Mills - Sarah Ellis family, Mary Judah "Polly" Mills married George Hayes, Sr. They were married on May 14, 1785 in Wilkes Co., NC (Marriage Records, Wilkes Co., Marriage Bonds, p114). Mary Judah's brother John married Alley Coffey, daughter of Ambrose and Millie Moore Coffey.

Visit the George and Sarah Dyer Hayes family page

January 16, 2005

Albert Wallace Carhart (1928-2005)

Al Carhart was a good friend, and a member of Coffey Cousins'. I was personally saddened to hear of his passing, but cherish the times that we were able to visit and get to know each other!

Al descended from Weightstill Avery Coffey, born Aug. 28, 1837, died Jul. 20, 1898. W. A. Coffey was married to Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Harris. W. A. descended from Alexander Hamilton Coffey (Jan 29, 1803-Apr. 5, 1864) and Nancy E. Weatherly (Aug. 24, 1810-Oct. 29, 1841).

Alexander Hamilton was a son of Rice Coffey and Sarah "Sally" Bradford. Rice was a son of James Coffey and Elizabeth Cleveland. James was a son of John Coffey and Jane Graves. John was a son of Edward Coffey and Ann Powell.

Most of these lines have been well researched, but please contact me if anyone needs additional information on them.

Al's obituary follows:

Obituary Published January 14, 2005

KERRVILLE ­ Albert Wallace Carhart, born May 29, 1928, passed away Jan. 12, 2005.

Al was preceded in death by his father Archie M. Carhart; mother Irene Howard Carhart; and sister Mary Helen Carhart Hans of San Antonio.

He is survived by his beloved wife Lennie Sue Boyd Carhart; son Michael W. Carhart and wife Eva; daughters Kathleen Carhart Edmonston and husband Douglas; Molly Carhart Broyal and husband Nelson; grandsons Johnny Griffin, Jesse Griffin, Benjamin Pigott and Micha Kibler; and step-grandson Alex Edmonston. He also is survived by granddaughters, Tracy Heckathorn Williams, Heather Pigott Johnson, Velvet Kibler Anderson, Amaris Griffin Pereira, Leah Griffin, Elissa Griffin Davis, Christina Carhart and Cayla Carhart; step-granddaughter Danielle Edmonton; six great-grandchildren; numerous nieces and nephews; and many friends.

A Memorial Celebration of Life Service will be at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 15, 2005, at Notre Dame Catholic Church, 909 Main St., Kerrville, Texas, with a reception following at the Church Social Center from 3:15 to 3:30 p.m.

Arrangements are under the direction of Ebensberger Funeral Home, 111 Rosewood, Boerne, Texas 78006, (830) 249-2321.

See the following link for information about Weightstill Avery Coffey:

Weightstill Avery Coffey

January 8, 2005

Louisiana Library Connection

If you hold a valid library card to (nearly) any parish library in the state of Louisiana, you have access to some of the best free on-line genealogical resources available. I understand that this service is available throughout the United States, and your state library is probably a sponsor. Ask your local librarian, or contact your state library for more information.

By visiting the above link you will be taken to a generic library webpage where you select your library from a drop down list. On the next page you will be expected to enter a valid library card number. If successful, you will finally reach the "goodies" page.

I won't list all of the resources available, but here are some of the better choices:

~ Ancestry.com - Ancestry World Tree. This site has the following instructions:

This link is only used for updating the Ancestry World Tree records tied to your library. The subscription-only features of Ancestry.com are not available from home; you must come into the library to use them.

~ News Bank - Full text backfiles of 7 Louisiana and 10 national newspapers.

Louisiana Newspapers: Times Picayune, 1989 - current; Baton Rouge Advocate, 1986 - current; Lafayette Daily Advertiser, 1999 - current; Monroe News Star, 1999 - current; Shreveport Times, 1999 - current; Alexandria Daily Town Talk, 1999 - current; Opelousas Daily World, 1999 - current; Lake Charles American Press, (when negotiated)

Other newspapers are available, and all are good sources for obituaries.

~ Heritage Quest On-Line - Search Census records, Books, PERSI, and selected Revolutionary War pension and bounty land warrants.

Not all census years, and not all states have been completed, but the interface is better than Ancestry.com (my opinion), and image download in PDF or TIFF format is very easy. If you can't find the person you are looking for on Ancestry, check Heritage Quest. I've found many families there that have not been properly indexed at Ancestry.

January 5, 2005

Vicksburg National Military Park

The website for the Vicksburg National Military Park can be reached by clicking on the above link.

The National Park Service has created quite a nice website for this battlefield, and some genealogical information is available on-line. A compiled list of Confederate soldiers who signed the parole after Pemberton's surrender is available.

It's quite an amazing website, and one that a history buff can spend hours investigating.

The following is a list of the Coffee/y Confederates defending at Vicksburg:

Last First MI Rank Unit State Unit Co. Paroled in


Coffey, MO

In Coffey, Missouri the temperature is 23 degrees with freezing rain this morning. This week, the temperature is expected to drop to as low as 6 degrees, and reach a high of 41 degrees by the weekend! This little town is located in the northwestern part of Missouri in Daviess County, and likely named for some families that settled in the area.

My database of random Coffee/Coffey information contains 18 entries (some duplicates) for individuals who were in Daviess County, the earliest dated 1842. That was when Elijah Coffee married Margaret Armstrong on August 8 of that year.

The other unique (non-duplicated) entries are:

Bailee H. Coffey married Catharine Harbord Apr. 29, 1851
Fielding Coffee married Sarah Jane Chapman on Apr. 6, 1854
Louisa L. Coffee married John Armstrong on Sep. 24, 1863
Mary Ellen Coffey married Francis L. Read on Dec. 27, 1866
Lucinda Ann Coffey married William B. Vandervort on Jan. 27, 1870
Catherine B. Coffey married Jno. W. Weldon on Mar. 25, 1875
Phebe A. Coffey married James O. Ellis on Dec. 18, 1876
Sarah B. Coffey married Elijah Ellis on Feb. 24, 1876
James B. Coffey married Janie E. Meloney on Mar. 17, 1878
Harvey B. Coffey married Maggie Glaze on Mar. 9, 1884

Fielding Coffey was born June 26, 1827 in Kentucky, and married Sarah Jane Chapman on April 6, 1854 in Daviess County, MO. Sarah was born Oct. 20, 1838 and died Oct. 30, 1908. Fielding had siblings, Ike, Martha and Elizabeth. He and Sarah had a number of children including:

- Calvin, born Mar. 6, 1855, married Mary Jackson
- Elizabeth Catherine, born Jul. 25, 1857 in Gentry Co., MO
- Meredith (Mel), born Mar. 18, 1859
- Jane, born Mar. 12, 1863
- George W., born Nov. 6, 1864
- David C., born Nov. 25, 1866
- Martha B., born Nov. 11, 1868
- Mary A., born Sep. 18, 1872
- Lulu S., born Apr. 19, 1875

The June 1992 edition of the Coffey Cousins' Clearinghouse newsletter reported that Fielding and Sarah are buried in Atchison, Kansas.

The second reason for this particular BLOG entry is to tell you about the Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter. If you haven't read any of Dick's newsletters, you can read them at:


Dick reported on a new search engine that he has found. It apparently is not a competitor of such resources as Google.com - where you might receive thousands of links should you enter Coffey as a search item, but rather provides "who is," or "what is" answers.

For example, I visited the site at:


entered the word "coffey", and in return received facts about Coffey, MO. I then entered "Audie Murphy" in the search block, and received a short biography and photograph of that American Hero.

Visit the site and see what you can find.

Also, please let me know if you have any connection to the Daviess Co., MO Coffee/y families.

January 4, 2005

William Porter's 1848 Oregon Trail Diary

I have just discovered an excellent website containing William Porter's 1848 Trail Diary.

William Porter, born Dec. 14, 1812 in Cumberland Co., KY, was later to become the husband of Martha Coffey, born Jul. 7, 1813 in Cumberland Co. They were married Oct. 4, 1849 in Marion Co., OR. Martha was the daughter of Nebuzaradon and Elizabeth Easley Coffey. The Coffey family migrated from Kentucky to Oregon over the Oregon Trail. For the most part, the Coffeys settled in Marion County, and many family members are buried in the Aumsville Pioneer Cemetery in Marion Co.

William died Apr. 30, 1899, and Martha died May 17, 1903. The children as I have them were: W. G. (male), born about 1842; E. N. (female), born about 1844; J. (male), born about 1846; S. (male), born about 1848; Henry Clay, born about 1850; Sarah Louise, born Sep. 16, 1854, died Feb. 8, 1892; and Mary Jane, born about 1857.

Please contact me if you can add to this family history.

The diary has been transcribed and can be viewed at the following website:


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