March 26, 2005

The Pro Football Encyclopedia

One Coffee and four Coffey men are named in the Pro Football Encyclopedia. They are Pat Coffee, Don Coffey, Junior Coffey, Ken Coffey, and Wayne Coffey.

Pat Coffee was James Lilburn Coffee, a brother to my father, Frank Hurley Coffee. Pat played for the Chicago Cardinals in 1937 and 1938, after graduating from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge where he starred on the gridiron for the Tigers.

The Encyclopedia describes Pat as being 5' 11' tall, weighed 183 pounds, a graduate of Minden (Webster Parish) High School and of Louisiana State. He was born August 3, 1915 in De Ann, Arkansas, and died January 25, 1976 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In 1937 he was listed on the Cardinal roster as a half-back, and quarterback. That year, as a rookie, he scored one rushing touchdown on 55 attempts, averaging 2.9 yards per carry. The next year he was carried on the roster as a half-back, and scored two touchdowns. At the quarterback position in 1937 he attempted 119 passes and completed 52 with 4 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. In 1938 he attempted 39 passes, completed 16 for no touchdowns and 4 interceptions. He apparently left pro football after the 1938 season to attend medical school.

Don Coffey was born August 18, 1939 in Burnsville, North Carolina. After graduation from high school in Morristown, Tennessee, he attended the University of Memphis. He was drafted into the American Football (San Diego) and National Football leagues (San Francisco) in 1961. He played in three games while at Denver in 1963 before "retiring" to do other things. He is described as being 6' 2.25" tall, weighed 190 pounds, and played free linebacker in those three Denver games.

Junior Lee Coffey was born March 21, 1942 in Kyle, Texas. He graduated from Dimmitt (Texas) high school, and was drafted by the AFL Houston Oilers, and the NFL Green Bay Packers in 1965. He was describd as being 6' 1" tall, and weighed 211 pounds. He was listed on all rosters as a half-back or running back. In 1965 while playing for Green Bay he rushed for 12 yards on 3 carries, no touchdowns. From 1966 to 1967 he played for Atlanta where he rushed for 1612 yards and 9 touchdowns before moving on. In 1969 he played for the NY Giants where he rushed 82 times for 343 yards and one touchdown. The following year he rushed for 511 yards on 131 attempts and 2 touchdowns. In 1971 he rushed for 70 yards on 22 attempts, and no touchdowns. Over his career he averaged 7.6 yards per catch and 5 touchdowns.

Ken Coffey was born November 7, 1960 in Rantoul, Illinois. He played high school football in Big Spring (Howard County) Texas, and played college football at Tyler Junior College and Southwest Texas State. He was drafted in 1982 by Washington where he played Safety for three years (1983-84, and 1986). He was described as being 6' tall, and weighed 198 pounds.

Wayne Coffey, 5' 7" tall at 158 pounds went to high school in Abillene, Texas, and played college football at Cisco Junior College and Southwest Texas State. He was drafted in 1987 by New England as a wide receiver, He had three catches that season for 66 yards.

March 21, 2005

From My Files - Misc. Mississippi Records

The following are records from my collection of miscellaneous Coffee/Coffey information.

Hinds County Will

Coffee, Hiram, 1836
Wife: Elizabeth, to have the sum of $20,000.
Legatees: Green Coffee (half-bro.), to have $15,000.; nieces and nephews (children of bro.-in-law William Edmonson, dec'd.), to have $1,000. each.
Exrs: Thomas F. Coffee and Joseph A. McRaven (?).
Wit: Orin C. Dow, Thomas J. Coffee, Colley McDaniel, D.N. Haley.

From Southern Claims Commission(set up to pass on claims by Union sympathizers who claimed property losses as result of Civil War)

Claim 21119 - Larkin B. Coffey, Linchburg Co., MS - claim denied.

Mississippi Index of Wills 1800-1900

H. M. Coffey, 1859, Claiborne Co., Book B, Page 286
Hiram Coffee, 1836, Hinds Co., Book 1, Page 66
J. K. Coffey, 1899, Holmes Co., Book 3, Page 73

Adams Co. Sexton's Records (compiled by Bob Shumway of Vidalia, LA)

Jonathan Coffee, 1859, Adams Co., died 11 Oct 1859, race and age not given. Cause of death was "yellow fever from a relapse." No doctor, buried in Catholic ground.

James Coffey, 1918, Adams Co., died at age 40 on 20 Nov 1918 from Meningitis; farmer, born in Franklin Co.,MS, living at Meadville, MS; physician was J. G. Lilly, MD

Deaths and Burials

Jane Elizabeth Coffey, dates illegible, buried Fayette cemetery, Jefferson County

Mary Ann Kneeland, July 15, 1828, reported in The Ariel(Natchez) died at Elizabeth Female Academy; step-daughter of Hugh Coffee of Lake St. Joseph, LA

Joseph Coffee, died Hinds Co., July 30, 1835, age 1 year, 3 months, 13 days; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, MS

Julia Coffee, died Hinds Co., July 25, 1835, age 4 years, 10 months; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, MS

Hiram Coffee, died Jan. 29, 1836, age 40 years, buried Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, MS

Major George W. Coffee, died March 17, 1840 in Grenada, MS, age 32 years.

Pvt. B. F. Coffee, killed with the TN Regiment, Capt. Northcutt's Company on Sep. 21, 1846 in Battle of Monterey with the Mexicans

John Coffee, died Oct. 11, 1858 in Natchez.

Jane Elizabeth Coffey, born 1859, died 1860, daughter of C.S. and M.S. Coffey of Mississippi; buried Fayette Cemetery, near Natchez

Michael Coffee, died in Woodville on Oct. 1, 1860 of consumption.

Edgar N. Coffee, born 1848, died 1863 in Jefferson Co., buried in Fayette Cemetery near Natchez

Chesley S. Coffey, born Maury Co., TN 1816, member of 18th MS Inf., died 1869 Jefferson Co., MS, buried at Fayette Cemetery, near Natchez. (Info also reports birth in Jefferson Co., MS in 1816)

N. Coffee, born 1848, died 1868 Jefferson Co., MS, buried at Fayette Cemetery, near Natchez. Son of N. and M. Coffee

March 19, 2005

A Personal Note

The recent death of a 53-year old first cousin, who I had not seen in more years than I care to admit to, was a shock. I have photographs of Don Clay Dauthier, the son of a sister to my mother, when he was a baby, and me nearing my teenage years. It is hard to imagine that he is gone at such a young age!

As in most cases of bad news, good news often follows. As a result of Don's death I have regained contact with another first cousin, the son of another of my mother's sisters. I have had no contact with that cousin, or his brother and only sibling since 1968.

The source from which both the bad news and good news came was Don's obituary, posted on the website of my choice of Louisiana newspapers from which I get most of my state news. The editors of the on-line edition of that paper have for several years included obituaries from various parts of the state - but mostly from south Louisiana where both my wife and I were born and raised. In recent years the editors have associated themselves with to host the obituaries that appear in that newspaper. In fact, Legacy now hosts the obituary columns from 175 leading newspapers from around the country.

One of the features of the Legacy sites is a guest book where visitors can enter personal notes to the families of the deceased. There is also an option for the writer to enter an e-mail address. It is for that reason that I was able to contact the other first cousin. He had entered a note to the family, and had included his e-mail address.

Legacy obituaries appear for 60 days; guestbook entries remain online for 30 days unless "sponsored." For a small fee the obituary and guestbook can remain online for a year. For a larger fee the obituary and guestbook can remain online permanently. Photographs can also be posted for another small fee.

If you have not already heard about Legacy, check the Legacy website for details.

March 6, 2005

Nathan Coffey and Mary Saunders

Lately I have been working on the Nathan and Mary Saunders Coffey family.

Nathan is said to be a son of Chesley and Jane Cleveland Coffey, born 1760 in Rowan Co., North Carolina and died 1823 in Jackson Co., Alabama. He is said to have been married in 1785 to Mary Saunders, probably in Wilkes Co., North Carolina. See the Dec. 1989 and Jan. 1991 issues of Coffey Cousins' newsletter. Additional information can be found in Vol. II of North Carolina Soldiers, Sailors, Patriots.

The children of Nathan and Mary are said to be:

Mary (Polly), born Dec. 7, 1782, married Eli Coffey, son of Salathiel Coffey

Rutherford, born 1786, married Elizabeth Coffey, sister of Eli

Absalom/n, born 1788, married 1)Mary Lusk, 2)Mary Beard (Baird?), 3)Nancy Ann Chadwick

Joel, born Aug. 3, 1790, married Mary (Polly)Knox

Elizabeth (Betsy), born c1791, married James Coffey, son of Joel and Martha Step/Stapp Coffey

Grace, born 1793, said to have married a Mr. Marlow. Marlow may be given name rather than surname

William Saunders, born 1795, married Elizabeth Schuyler

Nancy, born 1797, married Richard Lockett

Catherine, born 1799, married John Baxter

The child that I am having the most difficulty with is that of Absalom. Researchers have found records of this family in Jackson Co., Alabama that show he died there intestate in 1869. The petitioner was Absalom/n, Jr. who represented the heirs of Absalom, Sr.

Names mentioned first in the petition are: (paraphrased) Breny, Rithy, Thomas J. all of full age residing in Titus Co., TX, and Absalom/n and Narcisa Coffey who reside in Jackson Co., AL, and of full age. Also George Coffey, a minor under the age of 21 and resides in Jackson Co., AL. Also the heirs of Hugh Coffey, deceased, who reside at Daingerefield, TX, and of Lankston Coffey, deceased, who reside near Daingerfield, TX, their names being unknown to petitioner.

I take it from this that that Absalom/n, Sr. had eight children with Mary Lush. Other researchers also name Leander, Polly Ann, and Melvina as his children. Melvina is thought to have married Langston Coffey, son of James and Elizabeth (Betsy) Coffey Coffey. Betsy is said to be the daughter of Nathan and Mary Saunders Coffey.

The problem that I am facing now is how to separate the Langstons!? Langston, son of James and Elizabeth (Betsy) Coffey, was born August 11, 1807. Langston, son of Absolom/n, Sr. was also born c1807. I am wondering if these are the same persons, and the son of Absolom.

Please write to me if anyone can help sort out this ball of string!

March 4, 2005

2005 Coffey Cousins' Convention Update

Be sure and check the latest information concerning the Coffey Cousins' Convention to be held in Nashville, Tennessee April 28-30, 2005.

All questions should be directed to the hostess whose e-mail address appears at the bottom of the Convention webpage.

Click on the above link to view details.

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