July 27, 2005

Amos D. and Nancy J. Williams Coffee

Edana contacted me today about this family, but I have no way to reach her. If she reads this soon, please contact me personally via e-mail to jkcoffee@yahoo.com.

In the meantime, I believe that Amos probably descends from Ambrose Coffee, an Irish emigrant who fought with Daniel Boone at the Battle of Fort Boonesboro in KY. This Ambrose was not the Ambrose who married Mildred Moore, and is not a descendant of Edward and Anne Powell Coffey. This is not to say however, that he and Edward are not related. They could have a common ancestor in Ireland. We would likely know more if a male descendant, bearing the Coffee name was DNA tested, and results compared to known descendants of Edward.

A deposition (Madison Co. KY Deed Book I, pp 87-113, taken Nov. 22-24, 1809 in a land dispute trial), indicates that the Ambrose at Fort Boonesboro was born c1759 in Dublin, Ireland and came to the US as a young boy. He is undoubtedly the Ambrose on the Fayette county Kentucky census of 1790, and Montgomery county in 1800. He is also likely to be the Revolutionary soldier stationed at Fincastle (KY) in 1776 (See Burgess, Louis A., Virginia Soldiers of 1776, Vol. III, Baltimore, Gen. Pub. Co., 1973, p1251).

This Ambrose has several children, including a son named Ambrose, who also had a son named Ambrose. Many of these families can be found in Montgomery, Morgan and Greenup counties in Kentucky.

Copies of the deed book entry can probably be ordered from the Kentucky Archives, or from the Madison County clerk.

This is scant information, and I know of no one researching this Ambrose.

July 26, 2005

Genealogy Exchange

I've been thinking that perhaps I would end this blog, and expand/improve on it by creating a "Genealogy Exchange" blog to which anyone can post questions, or write public responses. I could also decide to continue this blog just to share with readers the miscellaneous Coffee/y data that I have in my personal files.

This "Genealogy Exchange" would be limited in scope to those families who descend from Edward and Peter Coffey lines. Otherwise there would be no limits. All families within the descendants list of those two men can be discussed. To be a bit more clear: All peripheral families can be discussed.

Everyone would HAVE to recognize at the outset that any information posted without verifiable sources sould be considered speculation. For the most part, any information that I post will NOT have been independently verified by me unless it is from my personal family file(s).

The "Genealogy Exchange" is by invitation only. Everyone will have to register with Blogger.com in order to participate. Send me your name, e-mail address, USPS address, and the particular Coffee/y line being researched, and I'll see that an invitation is sent.

In the meantime, visit the above link to Coffey Cousins', then click on the "Genealogy Exchange" link near the bottom middle of the page.

Comments appreciated.

July 25, 2005

Grainger County Tennessee Families

A number of researchers I know have pooled their resources via e-mail to discuss and update information about their ancestors in Grainger County. Ancestoral names primarily include Coffee/y, Dalton, Wolfe, Shockley, Rucker, and Hayes. Other surnames are discussed as they arise. Photographs are also shared!

My purpose in participating is to add and update information in the Edward Coffey/Ann Powell descendants report that I maintain at the Coffey Cousins' Clearinghouse website.

The problem with such a list is that it tends to grow. For me, I find it increasingly difficult to remain concentrated on each participant, and the information they provide. The information sometimes becomes extremely confusing as lines cross. Of course, it remains clear in the mind of the person submitting it because they are intimately familiar with the data. But, for others it tends to blur after awhile.

But, the information exchange is extremely important, and I like the format. If you have ever participated in the various Coffee/Coffey forums on Genealogy.com or Ancestry.com, you have no doubt noticed that just about the time you find an interesting post, the participants switch to private e-mail (or, they change and fail to update their e-mail address), and you never see any more of their information. By setting up your own informal mailing list, and keeping it limited to 10-15 people interested in the same family lines, a lot of information can be exchanged in a short period of time.

I find myself having to do more than just concentrate on what information is being exchanged. One of the first things I do is jump to the census record to verify children, ages, birth places, etc., hoping to at least provide future researchers with some confidence that the information is accurate as I know it.

Not all of the information that has been, or ever will be posted to the Coffey Cousins' website will be completely accurate. I post what is sent to me by others with the disclaimer that I have not personally documented the information, and it is not guaranteed to be accurate. For the most part, sources are provided. Users of the data are encouraged to complete their own research, and contact the source - if a person with contact information has been listed. Naturally, I would like to receive any updated information so changes on the Coffey Cousins' website can be corrected.

I guess what I am attempting to do with the Edward and Ann Powell document, is to start a public discussion, the goal being to update the information with the most accurate data available at the time. I would also like to do the same thing with the Peter Coffey family. It appears however, that Edward left more descendants who research, and share information, than Peter did.

What I would eventually like to do is start an on-line discussion, available to everyone, with defined "categories." That will require more thought! If any readers have suggestions please contact me.

July 11, 2005

American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC)

A visit to the American Battle Monuments Commission website will reveal that the commission was "established in 1923 by Congress at the request of General John J. Pershing to honor the accomplisments of the American Armed Forces...".

Essentially, it is a government website where visitors can search for loved ones who lost their lives while serving the country during the Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam, and are buried in American Military cemeteries overseas.

A quick search of the WW1 database revealed the following:

Coffee, Robert L., Private, US Army, 128th Inf. Regt., 32d Inf Div., Entered the service from West Virginia, died Nov. 10, 1918, buried at Plot F, Row 38, Grave 9, Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France

Coffey, Ed M., Private, US Army, 128th Inf. Regt., 32d Inf. Div., Entered the service from Colorado, died Oct. 12, 1918, missing in action or buried at sea, name included on Tablets of the Missing at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France

Coffey, Francis W., Private, US Army, 101st Inf. Regt., 26th Inf. Div., Entered the service from Massachusetts, died Sep. 13, 1918, buried at Plot E, Row 20, Grave 19, Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France

Coffey, James E., Private, US Army, 103d Inf. Regt., 26th Inf. Div., Entered the service from New Hampshire, died May 10, 1918, buried at Plot C, Row 24, Grave 2, St. Mihiel American Cemetery, Thiaucourt, France

Coffey, Joseph E., Private, US Army, 16th Inf. Regt., 1st Inf. Div., Entered the service from Pennsylvania, died Oct. 8, 1918, buried at Plot B, Row 25, Grave 12, Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France

Coffey, Lewis, Private, US Army, 804th Pioneer Inf. Regt., Entered the service from Alabama, died Mar. 20, 1919, buried at Plot D, Row 7, Grave 33, St. Mihiel American Cemetery, Thiaucourt, France

For WW2 and later click on the above link, then select "World War II", then about half way down in the lead paragraph, click on "World War II database." Enter any surname, click on the search button, and results are returned quickly.

July 9, 2005

A Privacy Issue?

Recently, I received an e-mail from someone demanding that they be removed from my database, and from a genealogy website that I own (not Coffey Cousins'). Not satisfied with merely making the demand, they insinuated that an attorney relative had assured him I had no legal right to use his name on the web.

It was apparent that the writer - a very young man according to my records - was using the old "I'll get my attorney onto you" ploy, or had one that had failed the bar exam! I reminded the young man that "public records" means that the records belong to the public. Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, property transfers, and the like appear in newspapers, and on the web. Many of those notices are posted by the person(s) involved. Except for some remote possibility of copyright infringement, there is nothing illegal about using that type of "public" information in a genealogy file.

Most family historians recognize that some people are paranoid that others may find out about them. My wife tears our names and address off envelopes before discarding them. I have often reminded her that our name and address is listed in several area telephone directories, not to mention the city directory, and such websites as Switchboard.com! I am not always happy about removing someone from my files; that has happened perhaps three or four times in the years that I have been researching family. But, I do it no matter how reluctant I am. I do understand privacy issues, and make every effort to restrict public postings of living people to their names only.

Fortunately, I had already published a book that contains the young man's ancestry. The book can be found in several Arkansas and Louisiana libraries, and future generations of his family will not wonder why their ancestors did not appear in the family history.

I would be interested in learning the views of other researchers on this subject.

July 6, 2005

DNA Article in TIME, July 11, 2005

This is the first genealogy related DNA article that I have read in any of the "news" magazines that we receive at our household. It is a good, but very basic article that expounds on the success of one individual who determined that he was partly of Melungeon descent. It also somewhat explains why Oprah cannot be Zulu.

Click on the above link to read the article.

Coffee/Coffey in Mississippi

From my personal files:

H. M. Coffey, Will Book B, Page 286, Mississippi Index of Wills, 1800-1900

A. B. Coffee, married Annie Amelia Willis, 1859, Adams Co. From Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers, Vol. 4, Page 133, The Mississippi Free Trader (Natchez), in the Mar. 2, 1859 edition reported the marriage of Mr. Coffee of New Orleans and son of the late General Washington Coffee of Mississippi, to Miss Willis, youngest daughter of Joseph and Caroline Willis, late of Jackson, Mississippi

Daniel P. M. Coffee, born 1849 in Shelby Co., to Cleveland and Malinda Coffee. In 1860 Marshall Co. census

E. N. C. Coffey, married Rachael A. Isaacs Jun. 27, 1839 in Natchez, Adams Co., Mississippi and reported in the Mississippi Free Trader and Natchez Weekly Gazette. From Physicians and Surgeons of Natchez, MS, as compiled by Bob Shumway, Vidalia, LA

Hiram Coffee, will recorded in Book 1, Page 66, Hinds Co., MS

George C. Coffey, born May 18, 1893 in Myrtle, MS. Became a doctor and resided in Hot Springs, AR

John Coffee, died Oct. 11, 1858 in Natchez, Adams, Co., Vol. 4, Page 162, Marriages and Deaths From Mississippi Newspapers. Appeared in The Natchez Weekly Courier, edition of Oct. 13, 1858.

J. K. Coffey died 1899; will found in Holmes County Will Book 3, Page 73

Eueginia Coffee married E. E. Galloway, 1846, from Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers (Betty Couch Wiltshire, Heritage Books, Inc.,Vol. 3, 1813-1859, published 1989, page 12): Sentinel and Expositor (Vicksburg) on May 19, 1846 reported the marriage at Fort Washita of Eugenia of Jackson to E. E. Galloway of Winchester, VA. Page 81, same edition: The Southroon (Jackson) edition of May 13, 1846, reported the same marriage

Mary Coffee married F. E. Plummer, 1846 (Wiltshire source, Vol. 3, Page 82) The Southroon, August 5, 1846, reported the marriage in Brandon on "the 28th ult. by his honor Judge Finley, of Hon. F. (Franklin) E. Plummer to Mrs. Mary C. Coffee, both of Jackson"

Michael Coffee (Wiltshire source, Vol. 4, Page 222) The Woodville Republican, edition of Oct. 8, 1860, Sextion's Report, listed the death of Michael, age 25, on Oct. 1 of "consumption."

B. F. Coffee (Wiltshire source, Vol. 1) Holly Springs Gazette, Oct. 31, 1846, killed with the Tennessee Regiment, Capt. Northcutt's Company. The Nashville Whig, dated Sat. Oct. 24, 1846 wrote, Private B. F. Coffee was killed in the battle of Monterey with the Mexicans on September 21"

Hiram Coffee (Wiltshire source, Vol. 2) The Mississippian (Jackson) reported the death on the "30 ultimo of Major Hiram Coffee, in the 41st year of his age. He left behind him a wife and numerous family by a former marriage."

From: Vol. III, Mississippi Genealogical Society Cemetery and Bible Records

Julia Coffee, died Jul. 25, 1835 in Hinds Co. at age of 4 years and 10 months, buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Hinds Co., Jackson, Mississippi

Joseph Coffee, died July 30, 1835 at age of 1 year, 3 months and 13 days, buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Hiram Coffee, died Jan. 29, 1836 at age 40 years, buried Greenwood Cemetery

Same publication, Vol. XX:

Sallie Olive Coffey, born Jan. 11, 1865, died May 12, 1933, buried Fayette Cemetery, Fayette, Jefferson Co., Mississippi

Melissa M. Coffee, born 1826, died 1899, buried Fayette Cemetery

Edgar N. Coffee, born Oct. 13, 1848, died Jul. 17, 1863, buried Fayette Cemetery

N. Coffee, son of N. & M. Coffee, born Oct. 13, 1848, died Jul. 17, 1868, buried Fayette Cemetery

Chesley S. Coffey, Goodspeed Biography, pages 564-566: A native of Maury Co., TN, moved to Mississippi at age 15; shoemaker; purchased plantation near Fayette at state of Mexican War. Went to war, and on return opened a shoe factory in Fayette. Was a wealthy man; wounded at Williamsburg, VA on May 5, 1862; member of Episcopal church; married Miss Mississippi S. Davis in 1849, daughter of resident of Yazoo Co., Mississippi; seven children: 4 sons and 1 daughter. Died Feb. 1869 and wife died Nov. 1844; both buried at Fayette.

Jonathan Coffee, died Oct. 11, 1859, race and age not listed. Cause of death was "yellow fever from a relapse." Buried in Catholic Ground (Shumway's "Sexton's Records, Natchez, Mississippi)

Charles C. Coffey, born 1853, Jefferson Co., father was Che. S., mother's maiden name was Daves, father born in TN (from Hollingsworth Genealogical Card File, Reel 1, 10 cards [library shelf number: 929.376 B615, Vol. 1, page 564]

John Coffee, 22nd Mississippi Infantry, born 1833 Warren Co., died 1897; buried Warren Co. (Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations A-l, by Betty Wiltshire, Heritage Books, Inc., 1991)

Chesley S. Coffey, died 1868, Jefferson Co. (from Confederate Grave Registrations by Wiltshire, page 76), born Maury Co., TN 1816, member 18th MS Inf., died 1869, buried Jefferson Co.

Dallis P. Coffey, Jefferson Co. (from Confederate Grave Registrations by Wiltshire, page 76), born 1836 in South Carolina, died 1881, buried Webster Co.

Hiram Coffee (News from Rodney, 1834-1840 by Gordon A. Cotton, privately printed, 1987, page 84) "A man by the name of Cameron, a brick layer from Tennessee or Kentucky, was found dead on Wednesday morning, the 11th inst., in the road near Mr. Hiram Coffee's, in the vicinity of Jackson. Marks of great violence were found upon his body, and the supposition is that he had been murdered. The opinion of the jury of inquest was, that he came to his death by falling on the ground, and that being intoxicated at the time, he may have frozen to death. Suspicion does not appear to rest on anyone [Hinds county, Feb. 25, 1835]

July 1, 2005

Coffey Males in the US Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880

The following items are identified by column headings: Name (Surname, Given); Place of Death (Township, County, State); Census Year; Estimated Birth Year; Place of Birth; Race; Gender; Age. A double comma indicates a field was omitted for that person.

Coffey,,Northhampton, Hampshire, MA, 1880,, MA, White, Male,,
Coffey,,Lenoir, Caldwell, NC, 1880,, NC, White, Male, 1 mos
Coffey, ??A, Boston, Suffolk, MA, 1880, c1877, VT, White, male, 3
Coffey, Andrew, Chicago, Ward 9, Cook, IL, 1880, c1841, NY, White, Male, 39
Coffey, Charles L., Dist. 1, Wayne, KY, 1870, c1853, KY, White, Male, 17
Coffey, Chas., Boston, Suffolk, MA, 1880,, MA, White, Male, 1 mos
Coffey, Chas., Boston, Suffolk, MA, 1180.. MA, White Male, 1 mos
Coffey, Danl., Not States, Essex, NJ, 1880, c1870, USA, White, Male, 10
Coffey, Frank, Winchendon, Worcester, MA, 1870,, MA, White, Male, 2 mos
Coffey, Henry B., Massies Mill, Nelson, VA, 1880, c1813, VA, White, Male, 67
Coffey, James, East Orange, Essex, NJ, 1880, c1870, NJ, White, Male, 10
Coffey, James, West Orange, Essex, NJ, 1880, c1871, NJ, White, Male, 9
Coffey, James, Bayonne Ward 2, Hudson, NJ, 1880, c1847, Ireland, White, Male, 33
Coffey, James W., Pct. 3, Morris, TX, 1880, c1845, TX, White, Male, 35
Coffey, Jas., Boston, Suffolk, MA, 1880, c1820, Ireland, White, Male, 60
Coffey, Jas., Not Stated, Essex, NJ, 1880, c1871, USA, White, Male, 9
Coffey, Jas., Not Stated, Hudson, NJ, 1880, c1847, Ireland, White, Male, 33
Coffey, Jas. H., Newburyport, Essex, MA, 1880, c1841, MA, White, Male, 23
Coffey, Jeremiah, Rockford Wards 2 and 6, Winnebago, IL, 1880, c1841, England, White, Male, 39
Coffey, Jno. A., Chicago, Cook, IL, 1880, c1852, NY, White, Male, 28
Coffey, John, Newton Ward 5, Middlesex, MA, 1880, c1860, MA, White, Male, 20
Coffey, John W., Dist. 1, Wayne, KY, 1870,, KY, White, Male 1 mos
Coffey, Michael, Jersey City Assembly Dist. 3, Hudson, NJ, 1880, c1869, NJ, White, Male, 11
Coffey, Nathaniel, Not Stated, Hunterdon, NJ, 1880, c1818, USA, White, Male, 62
Coffey, Nathaniel, Washington, Warren, NJ, 1880, c1818, PA, White, Male, 62
Coffey, Osborne, Massies Mill, Nelson, VA, 1870, c1797, VA, White, Male, 73
Coffey, Patrick F., Boston, Suffolk, MA; 1880, c1843, Ireland, White, Male, 37
Coffey, Renna, Jersey, Hudson, NJ, 1880, c1847, Germany, White, Male, 33
Coffey, Thos., Boston, Suffolk, MA, 1880, c1830, Ireland, White, Male, 50
Coffey, Timothy, Norwood Park, Cook, IL, 1880, c1824, Ireland, White, Male, 56
Coffey, Timothy, Not Stated, Cook, IL, 1880, c1824, Ireland, White, Male, 56
Coffey, Timothy F., Newton Ward 5, Middlesex, MA, 1880, c1854, MA, White, Male, 26
Coffey, Washington, Liberty, Casey, KY, 1870,, KY, White, Male, 1 mos
Coffey, William, Jeresey City Assembly Dist. 3, Hudson, NJ, 1880, c1873, NJ, White, Male, 7
Coffey, William, Passaic, Passaic, NJ, 1880, c1875, MA, White, Male, 5
Coffey, Zidwer , Not Stated, Adair, KY, 1870 c1812, KY, White, Male, 58

Coffee in the US Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880

The following items are identified by column headings: Name (Surname, Given); Place of Death (Township, County, State); Census Year; Estimated Birth Year; Place of Birth; Race; Gender; Age. A double comma indicates a field was omitted for that person.

Coffee,, La Grange, Troup, GA, 1850, c1827, Georgia, Black, Male, 23
Coffee, ,Blandville, Ballard, KY, 1860,,KY, Black, Female, 2 days
Coffee,, Gloucester, Essex, MA, 1880, c1850, MA,, Male, 30
Coffee, Abigail, Wassee, Pulaski, VA, 1870, c1787, VA, White, Female, 83
Coffee, Ann, Boston Ward 7, Suffolk, MA, 1860, c1823, Ireland,,Female, 27
Coffee, Betsy, New Orleans Ward 1, Orleans, LA; 1870, c1854, MS, White, Female, 16
Coffee, Bettie E., New Orleans, Orleans, LA; 1870,, Texas, White, Female, 6 mos
Coffee, Bridget, Templeton, Worcester, MA, 1870, c1840, Ireland, White, Female, 30
Coffee, Bridget M., Not Stated, Essex, NJ, 1880,, US, White, Female, 6 mos
Coffee, Catharine, Townsend, Middlesex, MA, 1860, c1822, Ireland,,Female, 38
Coffee, Charlotte J., East Division, Pike, IL, 1850,,IL,,Female, 2 mos
Coffee, Clark, Militia Dist. 69, Pulaski, GA, 1850, c1848, GA,,Male, 2
Coffee, Curcilla , Militia Dist. 85, Union, GA, 1850, c1822,,,Female, 28
Coffee, Daniel, Orange Ward 1, Essex, NJ, 1880, c1870, NY, White, Male, 10
Coffee, David, 68 Dist, Wythe, VA, 1860, c1805, VA, Black, Male, 55
Coffee, Dora, Georgetown, WA, DC, 1870, c1853, DC, Black, Frmale, 17
Coffee, Duleena P.D.S., Cobbs, Ballard, KY, 1860, c1832, MO,,Female, 28
Coffee, Eliza A., Steel Creek, Mecklenburg, NC, 1870, c1809, NC, Mulatto, Female, 61
Coffee, Elizabeth, Dist. 10, Clay, TN, 1880, c1852, TN, White, Female, 28
Coffee, Ellen, Jersy City Ward 5, Hudson, NJ, 1870, c1790, Ireland, White, Female, 80
Coffee, Elvira C., TS8, Saline, IL, 1870, c1864, IL, White, Female, 6
Coffee, Emly, Dug Road and Townsend, Pickens, GA, 1880, c1864, GA, White, Female, 16
Coffee, Emma, Greenland, Ontonagon, MI, 1860,,MI,, Female, 5 mos
Coffee, Frances, 160 Census Diviscose, Maury, TN, 1880, c1858, TN, Black Female, 22
Coffee, Frank, Auburn, Crawford, OH, 1860,, OH,, Male, 9 mos
Coffee, Frank, Dist. 10, Fayette, TN, 1880, c1873, TN, White, Male, 7
Coffee, Hannah, Boston Ward 8, Suffolk, MA, 1860, c1858, MA,, Female, 2
Coffee, Heyekiah , Georgetown, WA, DC, 1870,, DC, Black, Male, 6 mos
Coffee, Hiram, TS8, Saline, IL, 1870, c1867, IL, White, Male, 3
Coffee, Infant, Mil. Dist. 85, Union, GA, 1850,, GA,, Female,,
Coffee, J. W., Helena, Lewis and Clark, Montana Terr., 1870, c1840, MS, White, Male, 30
Coffee, James H., Newburyport Ward 2, Essex, MA, 1880, c1857, MA, White, Male, 23
Coffee, Jane, Not Stated, Fayette, GA, 1870, c1859, GA, Black, Female, 11
Coffee, Jerry, Jackson, Madison, TN; 1880, c1848, TN, White, Male, 32
Coffee, Jimmey , New Orleans, Orleans, LA; 1880,, LA, White, Male, 5 mos
Coffee, Jno., Paterson, Passaic, NJ, 1880, c1864, Ireland, White, Male, 16
Coffee, John, New Orleans Ward 3, Orleans, LA, 1850, c1821, Ireland,, Male, 29
Coffee, John, New Orleans Ward 5, Orleans, LA, 1860,, New Orleans,, Male, 9 mos
Coffee, John, Lawrence Ward 2, Essex, MA, 1880,, MA, White, Male, 2 mos
Coffee, John, Boston, Suffix, MA, 1850, c1818, Ireland,, Male, 32
Coffee, John, Dist. 17, Henderson, TN, 1850, c1778, TN,, Male, 72
Coffee, John B., Rockland, Plymouth, MA; 1880,, MA,, Male, 1 mos
Coffee, John J., Lawrence, Essex, MA, 1880,, MA,, Male, 1 mos
Coffee, Jos. E., Keyport, Monmouth, NJ, 1870, c1804, PA, White, Male, 66
Coffee, Julia, Fall River, Bristol, MA, 1880, c1857, MA, White, Female, 23
Coffee, Lemuel, Dist. 2, Bedford, TN, 1860, c1790, NC, White, Male, 70
Coffee, Lizza, Hadley, Hampshire, MA, 1880, c1879, Hadley, White, Female, 1
Coffee, M., Leavenworth, Leavenworth, KS Terr., 1860, c1858, IL,, Male, 2
Coffee, M.C., Pcts. 3 and 4, Titus, TX, 1880, c1857, TX, White Female, 23
Coffee, M.C., Pcts. 3 and 4, Titus, TX, 1880,, TX, White, Female, 10 mos
Coffee, Manerva, Dist. 1, Washington, TN, 1860, c1829, NC,, Female, 31
Coffee, Margaret, New Orleans, Orleans, LA, 1880, c1816, Ireland, White, Female, 64
Coffee, Margaret, Boston Ward 7, Suffolk, MA, 1860, c1855, MA,, Female, 5
Coffee, Mary, Georgetown, WA, DC, 1870, c1850, DC, Black, Frmale, 20
Coffee, Mary, Dist. 2, Green, KY, 1860, c1823, TN,, Female, 37
Coffee, Mary, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA, 1860, c1810, Ireland,, Female, 50
Coffee, Mary, Newburyport Ward 2, Essex, MA, 1880, c1862, MA, White, Female, 18
Coffee, Mary, Newton Ward 2, Middlesex, MA, 1880, c1862, MA, White, Female, 18
Coffee, Mary, Quincy, Norfolk, MA, 1880, c1792, Ireland,, Female, 88
Coffee, Mary, Brockton, Plymouth, MA, 1880, c1874, MA,, Female, 6
Coffee, Mary, Boston, Suffolk, MA, 1850, c1800, Ireland,, Female, 50
Coffee, Mary, Not Stated, Union, NJ, 1880, c1804, Ireland, White, Female, 76
Coffee, Mary, Perry, Columbiana, OH, 1860, c1775, PA,, Female, 85
Coffee, Mary, Dist. 8, 9, and 10, Grainger, TN; 1860,, TN, Black, Female, 6 mos
Coffee, Mary E., Charlestown, Middlesex, MA, 1850, c1770, Ireland,, Female, 80
Coffee, Mattie Gay, 24 Dist., Maury, TN, 1880, c1878, Maury Co., Black, Female, 2
Coffee, Michael, Fall River, Bristol, MA, 1860,, MA,, Male, 9 mos
Coffee, Michel, Ward 2, Natchitoches, LA, 1870, c1818, Ireland, White, Male, 52
Coffee, No Name, 160 Census Diviscose, Maury, TN, 1880,, TN, Black, Female, 1 mos
Coffee, Olivia, Colerain, Hamilton, OH, 1860, c1852, OH, Mulatto, Female, 8
Coffee, Pat, New Orleans, Ward 3, Orleans, LA, 1860, c1821, Ireland,, Male, 39
Coffee, S. E., Dists. 8, 9 and 10, Grainger, TN, 1860,, TN,, Female, 2 mos
Coffee, Sally, Mendon, Worcester, MA, 1850, c1795, MA, Black, Female, 55
Coffee, Samuel M., TS7, Saline, IL, 1870, c1867, IL, White, Male, 3
Coffee, Stephen, New Orleans Ward 3, Orleans, LA, 1860, c1836, Ireland,, Male, 24
Coffee, Thomas, Escanaba, Delta, MI, 1880, c1818, Ireland, White, Male, 62
Coffee, Thomas, Escanaba, Delta, MI, 1880, c1855, MI, White, Male, 25
Coffee, Winfield W., Mcleansboro, Hamilton, IL, 1850, c1849, IL,, Male, 1

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