March 31, 2007

Joseph M. Coffey

"Joseph M. Coffey is considered one of the prosperous citizens of Maury County, Tenn. He was born March 23, 1844, son of Hugh W., and Jennie (Gragg) Coffey, and was reared on a farm. At the breaking out of the war he enlisted in Company F, Forty-eighth Tennessee Infantry, Quarles brigade, and was an active participant in many of the bloodiest battles of the war. He was captured in Nashville and taken to Camp Douglas, where he ws imprisoned about four months, and from that time until the close of the war he was a prisoner at Point Lookout, Md. He returned home June 30, 1865, and immediately began tilling the soil. November 30, 1876, he married Maggie J. Coker, who was born in Missouri November 2, 1858, daughter of John M. and Sallie A. (Wilkes) Coker. Hugh M., born in 1877; Roy B., born in 1880; Ollie F., born in 1881; Sallie E., born in 1883, and Shirley E., born in 1886,are the children born to Mr. and Mrs. Coffey's union. They are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and Mr. Coffey is a Democrat, and an energetic and successful farmer."

Please contact me if you can identify Hugh, father of Joseph. I believe he is Hugh Wiley Coffey who married Jenetta Gragg. I do not believe Hugh is a direct descendant of Edward Coffey and Anne Powell.

Source: Southern Historical Press, Inc., History of Tennessee Illustrated (Nashville, TN: The Goodspeed Publishing Co.,)

William O. Coffey

William O. was the son of William M. Coffey, himself a son of Nathan Coffey and Elizabeth Gilbreath. The mother of William O. has not been identified.

"William O. Coffee, M.D. of Columbia [Maury Co.], was born in Ballard County, Ky., in 1859, and after the usual common school training he obtained his literary and medical education in St. Louis, Mo., and graduated from the Missouri Medical College of that city in 1880. He first began practicing in the blue-grass State, and later in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, New York, Pennsylvania, and in May, 1885, came to Tennessee. William Coffee [sic] was known, and his grandfather, Nathan Coffee, had been a well-known and prosperous business man. William O. has acquired a good practice in the short time he has been in Columbia. He is a member of the Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and King's County (N.Y.), Medical Societies, and was one time a member of the American Medical Association. he is a Democrat in politics and a member of the K. of H. fraternity."

Source: Southern Historical Press, Inc., History of Tennessee Illustrated (Nashville, TN: The Goodspeed Publishing Co.,)

March 29, 2007

James Nelson and Sarah Margaret Barrier Coffey

James Nelson, third born of the 10 children of James and Keziah Watters Coffey, was the father of 12 children by his wife Sarah Margaret Barrier. Sarah was the daughter of Richard and Permelia Ann Loweall Barrier, and was born Jan. 14, 1844 in Kentucky. She died in Wayne Co. in 1935.

Nelson was born Jul. 9, 1811 in Burke Co., NC and died Feb. 22, 1878 in Whitley Co., KY. He and Kezia, who was born born Mar 6, 1910 in TN, and died Jun. 5, 1885 in KY, were married Oct. 14, 1830 in Pulaski Co., KY.

Richard Barrier was born Dec. 17, 1822 in Wayne Co., KY and died there on Oct. 4, 1907. He and Permelia married there on Nov. 4, 1842. Permelia was born May 7, 1826 in Wayne Co., and died Mar. 17, 1889 in that county.

These are the children of James Nelson and Sarah Margaret Barrier Coffey:

Jane, born May 1, 1862, died Mar. 15, 1927. She married Lafayette Emberson Foster on Jan. 15, 1885 in Wayne Co. I know of three children: Eveline, born Mar. 1886; Martha, born Apr. 1889; and Granville, born Jul. 1890. In 1900 they resided in Parmleysville, and in 1920 and 1920 they were in Bell Hill, all in Wayne Co.

Nelson C., born Feb. 17, 1864 in Wayne Co., and died May 30, 1934 in [probably] Wayne Co. He married Sarah Emerine Worley Feb. 2, 1887 in Wayne Co. She was born Jan. 4, 1867 in Wayne Co., and died there on Oct. 10, 1967. Their children were: Rachel and Emerine, born and died 1888; James Nelson, born Apr. 22, 1889, married Dica Ann Roberts; Albert, born Apr. 7, 1891 in Wayne Co., and died in Hamilton Co., OH on Nov. 13, 1970. He married Little Susan Denney on Aug, 20, 1911 in Wayne Co. She was born Nov. 11, 1893 in Wayne Co., and died May 7, 1869 in Hamilton Co. They were parents of 10 children. The fifth child of Nelson and Sarah was Wilburn, a twin to Albert, born Apr. 7, 1891, died Apr. 12, 1971. He was followed by Alice, born Mar. 1893; Sarah Margaret, born Feb. 8, 1897, died Dec. 31, 1957, married Feb. 26, 1915 to John Roscoe Denney, born Feb. 11, 1890, died Oct. 3, 1975 in Wayne Co. Their last child was Kizzie Elizabeth, born Apr. 15, 1902.

Richard, born Apr. 1865 in Wayne Co., married Roseanna [LNU], who was born Aug., 1877. I have found two children for them: Thomas, born Jan., 1891 and Martha L., born Aug., 1892.

Kesiah, born Dec. 1866

Permelia [Amelia] A., born May 14, 1868, died Jan. 24, 1943

Henderson, born Oct. 15, 1870, died Jan. 31, 1960. He married Feb. 27, 1902 to Margaret Coffey, a daughter of Henderson and Catherine C. Jones Coffey. Margaret was born Nov. 6, 1870 in Wayne Co., and died there on Nov. 9, 1946. Their children were Ida, born c1902, died Jan. 26, 1934; Garnett, born Nov. 24, 1093, died Mar. 6, 1975; Walter, born Oct. 29, 1906; Lexie, born Jan. 9, 1909, died Sep. 16, 1967; and Everett, born Sep. 22, 1911, died Jul. 10, 1970.

Pruda, born Mar. 15, 1873 in Wayne Co., died Jan. 14, 1965 in Monticello, Wayne Co. She married Calvin Koger, Jr. on Apr. 7, 1898. He was born Feb. 15, 1872 and died Aug. 8, 1951 in Monticello. Their children were Elbert G., born Jul., 1899; India, born c1902; Math [?], a son, born c1903; Edgar, born c1905; and Fronia, born c1908.

Adinna, born Jan. 24, 1876 in Wayne Co., married Cooper Burnett on Dec. 30, 1903. Cooper was born 1871 in Pulaski Co., KY. I have no other information on this couple.

Mary N., born Jun. 22, 1878 in Wayne Co., and died there on Nov. 18, 1947. She married John D. Cooper on Jan. 11, 1900. He was born Mar. 1, 1871 in Wayne Co. and died there on Apr. 9, 1954. Their children were Stella, born c1902 and Wilfred, born c1915. There were probably others that I have not yet found.

Nancy, born Mar. 4, 1881

Burl, born Mar. 4, 1881, married on Mar. 7, 1903 in Kentucky to Camely Steele, daughter of John M. and Eliza Steele. She was born Dec., 1884 in Kentucky. Their children were Mabel; Earnie; Oscar; Mary Jane; Leslie; Frederic and Woodrow.

Susanna, born Mar. 11, 1886 in Kentucky, married John Messer. I have found no other information on this couple.

Census records show that all of these children remained in Wayne Co., and for most of their lives lived near each other.

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March 25, 2007

Emery E. Coffey

Emery was another son of Benjamin Coe and Lucy Barbre Coffey. I have his given name as Emery Elous, but I am uncertain about the middle name. He was born Feb. 10, 1872 in Christian Co., IL and died Jan. 10, 1948 in Mounds, Creek Co., OK. He married Alice Bertha Chadwick Feb. 10, 1892 in Corydon, Wayne Co., IA. She was born Oct. 4, 1871 in Humeston, Wayne Co., IA and died Jul. 3, 1957 in Mounds.

There were nine children born to the union, but four, including twin sons, died in infancy:

George Ray, born Feb. 16, 1893, died Jan. 23, 1965. He married Nettie L. Banes, born c1894 in MO. They had at least one child, Ara, a daughter, born c1914. The family can be found in the 1920 and 1930 Tulsa Co., OK census.

Myrtle May, born May 17, 1895 in Humeston, died Mar. 24, 1984 in Jay, Deleware Co., OK. She married George Richard Jenkins on Apr. 27, 1913 in Mounds. He was born Dec. 8, 1886 in Schuyler, Colfax Co., NE and died Apr. 23, 1971 in Bixby, Tulsa Co., OK. They had at least two children: Wilma, born about Feb. 1914, died Jul. 1, 1914, and Loren Richard Jenkins, born Dec. 21, 1916. [Loren is a personal friend.]

Harvey, born Mar. 13, 1897 in Wayne Co., IA, died Mar. 20, 1897, also in Wayne Co.

Albert Lee, born Jun. 5, 1899, Wayne Co., and died Aug. 25, 1902, also in Wayne Co.

Floyd, born Mar. 26, 1901, Wayne Co., died Apr. 9, 1901, Wayne Co.

Lloyd, born Mar, 26, 1901, Wayne Co., died Apr. 13, 1901, Wayne Co.

Nellie Marie, born Oct. 9, 1902, died Feb. 11, 1980. She married Dwight P. Wilmoth, born Oct. 5, 1899 in AR, died Jul. 9, 1981 in Orange Co., CA. I have found only one child for them: James Ellis, born Mar. 17, 1934 in AR, died May 6, 1995 in Orange Co.

Don Deyo, born Oct., 1904 in Humeston, Wayne Co., died Mar. 22, 1985 in Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS. He married Murl [LNU] c1927 in OK. She was born in that state c1906. I have found one child, Betty, born c1928.

Please contact me with additions and/or corrections.

Some Sources:

1910 Wayne Co., Washington Twp., IA, ED174, Sheet 1A, dwelling/family 11, Coffey, Emery E., head, male, white, age 38, married 18 yrs., born IL, fathere born KY, mother born IN, laborer on road work; Alice B., wife, female, white, age 38, married 18 yrs., mother of 9, 5 living, born IA, father born NY, mother born OH; Myrtle M., dau., female, white, age 14, born IA, father born IL, mother born IA; Nellie M., dau., female, white, age 7, born IA, father born IL, mother born IA; Don D., son, male, white, age 5, born IA, father born IL, mother born IA; Pearl D., dau., female, white, age 2, born IA, father born IL, mother born IA

1920 Benton Co., Round Prairie Twp., AR, ED32, Sheet 6A, farm 111, family 114, Coffey, Emery E., head, owns, male, white, age 49, married born IL, father born KY, mother born IN, farmer; Alice B., wife, female, white, age 48, married, born IA, father born NY, mother born OH; Nellie M., dau., female, white, age 19, single, born IA, father born IL, mother born IA; Don D., son, male, white, age 15, born IA, father born IL, mother born IA; Pearl D., son [sic], male, white, age 11, born IA, father born IL, mother born IA

1930 Tulsa Co., Glenpool Twp., OK, ED19, Sheet 4A, dwelling 57, Coffee [sic], E. E., head, male, white, age 58, married at age 26, born IL, father born KY, mother born IL; Alice, wife, female, white, age 68, married at age 26, born IA, father born NY, mother born OH

1920 Tulsa Co., Glenpool Twp., OK, ED198, Sheet 3B, dwelling 49, family 64, Coffey, George R., head, male, white, age 26, married, born IA, father born IN, mother born IA, oil driller; Nettie L., wife, female, white, age 26, married, born MO, father born IN, mother born IA; Ara R., dau., female, white, age 5, born OK; Banes, Dr. L., father-in-law, male, white, age 71, married, born IN, parents born England, doctor too old to practice; Banes, Margarett J., mother-in-law, female, white, age 67, married, born IA, father born IN, mother born IA; Ray O., brother-in-law, male, white, age 25, single, born OK, father born IN, mother born IA, oil worker

1930 Tulsa Co., Bixby Twp., OK, ED1, Sheet 12A, 315 Main St., dwelling 258, family 264, Coffey, Ray G., head, male, white, age 37, married 18 yrs., bornIA, father born KY, mother born IA, oil drilling contractor; Dottie [sic], L., wife, female, white, age 37, married, born MO, father born IN, mother born IA; Ara R., dau., female, white, age 15, born OK, father born IA, mother born MO; Hillard, Bonnie M., nieve, female, white, age 18, single, born OK, father born PA, mother born Colorado

Cleveland Cleophus (Ophy) Coffey

The Inman Compendium contains information relating to the family of Stella May Inman, who married Cleveland Cleophus (Ophy) Coffey on Feb. 3, 1896 in Macomb, McDonough Co., IL. Many of the dates and death locations for children were obtained from that site. Other information comes from my research files, information contributed by researchers of the Newton Eli Coffey family, US census records and the Social Security Death Index (SSDI).

"Ophy" was born Jan. 7, 1874 in Sullivan Co., IN to Benjamin Coe and Lucy Barbre Coffey. Stella was born Aug. 18, 1878 in McDonough Co., and died Oct. 26, 1948 in Wayne Co., IA. Benjamin was a son of Newton Eli and Martha Louise Vermillion Coffey.

Stella and "Ophy" were parents of at least nine children:

James Benjamin (Jim), born Mar., 1897, died Oct. 29, 1949. Jim married Mary Lucinda Duden on Sep. 9, 1917 in Clio, Wayne Co., IA. Mary was born c1896 in Iowa. Their children were Hilda Lorene, born about Oct., 1918; Hilma J. [?], a daughter, born c1923; and Marvin G., born about Sep., 1927. All of the children were born in Iowa.

Hazel Naomi, born Jan. 1, 1899 in Wayne Co., IA, died Jun. 17, 1958 in Denver Co., CO. She married Clarence Ralph Musgrave on Oct. 11, 1916 in Corydon, Wayne Co., IA. They had at least one child, Rosalee, born in Iowa c1918.

Pearl C., born Feb. 24, 1901, died Mar. 13, 1901

Henry Cleophas, born May 9, 1902 in Wayne Co., IA, died Sep. 5, 1988 in Decatur Co., IA. He married Flora Mildred Arnold on Jun. 3, 1923 in Chariton, Lucas Co., IA. They had at least two children: Arnold, born c1925 and Chanie [?] L., born c1928.

Lena Mae, born Oct. 13, 1904 in Wayne Co., IA and died May 11, 1994 in Chariton, Lucas Co., IA. She married an unknown Condit.

Anna Isabel (Bell) Coffey, born Feb. 2, 1907 in Wayne Co., IA, died Mar. 9, 1975 in Bussey, Marion Co., IA. She married Edward Meyers Kirchner on Feb. 23, 1929 in Humeston, Wayne Co., IA. In a census search I found Edward in the 1930 census residing as a single man in the household with several of his siblings. The marriage date is therefore questionable.

Other children for "Ophy" and Stella for which I have little or no information were:

Loudene, born about Mar. 1910; Dolores, born c1916; and Marvin Wayne, born Jun. 28, 1918, died Jun. 12, 1996.

The following obituary for Stella was found at the Inman link:

Funeral services for Mrs. Ophey Coffey, who died at her home in Humeston, Tuesday morning, Oct. 26, 1948, were held Thursday afternoon at the Baptist Church in Humeston with the [R]ev. P. H. Blunt officiated.

Ray Evans, Willard Eaton, Charles Humeston, and Wayne Hutchinson, accompanied by Mrs. Albert Dent at the piano, sang "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" and "Asleep in Jesus." A grandson, Roger Coffey, sang "The Lord's

Pallbearers were sons and sons-in-law, James, Harry, and Marvin Coffey, Elliot Parker, Lorie Hart, and Edd Kirchner. Chassie Lee Elliott, Hilma West, Jean Parker, and Margaret Mae Kirchner, four granddaughters,
acted as flower girls.

Mrs. Coffey was laid to rest in the Green Bay Cemetery.

The following obituary was read at the services:

Stella Mae Inman, daughter of James and Mary Inman, was born at Randolph, Ill., Aug. 18, 1878, and died at her home in Humeston Oct. 26, at the age of 70 years, 2 months, and 6 days.

Her mother died when she was only 3 weeks old. When 8 years of age she came to Iowa to make her home with Mr. and Mrs. John Rickert, living there as a daughter. The rest of her life was spent in the vicinity of Humeston and Cambria.

She gave her life to Christ when 12 years of age, uniting with the Maple Grove Church, later moving her membership to Unity, Cambria, and Humeston Baptist churches, where she still remained a member until her
Savior called her home.

On Feb. 3, 1896, she was united in marriage to Ophy Coffey at Macomb, Ill. to this union were born nine children, five daughters and four sons: James and Marvin of Corydon, Hazel Musgrave and Mae Coffey of Denver, Colo., Lou Dene Parker and Harry Coffey of Owatonna, Minn., Dolores Hart and Isabel Kirchner of Cambria, one son, Pearl, dying in infancy.

Besides her beloved husband and children she leaves 22 grand children, 9 great grand children, one sister, Bess Larner, of Macomb, Ill., three brothers, Melvin of Clear Lake Hilands, Calif., Clarence of Washington, D. C., and Garnett of Macomb. Ill. Her mother and father, two sisters and one brother preceded her in death.

She was a devoted wife and mother, always trying to make her family and friends happy and comfortable.

Inman cited the Corydon Times-Republican as source of the obituary.

Please contact me with additions and/or corrections.

Census Sources:

1920 Wayne Co., Washington Twp., ED186, Sheet 1B, dwelling/family 17, Coffey, Ophy, head, rents, male, white, age 43, married, born IN, born KY, mother born IN, farmer; Stella, wife, female, white, age 41, married, born IL, parents born IL; Harry, son, male, white, age 17, single, born IA, father born IN, mother born IL; May, dau., female, white, age 15, single, born IA, father born IN, mother born IL; Isabel, dau., female, white, age 12, single, born IA, fathere born IN, mother born IL; Dolores, dau., female, white, age 4, single, born IA, father born IN, mother born IL; Marvin, son, male, white, age 1 yr., 6 mos., single, born IA, father born IN, mother born IL; family 18: Coffey, Benjamin, head, male, head, male, white, age 74, born KY, father born KY, mother born VA; Anna M., wife, female, white, age 60, born IN, parents born IN

1930 Wayne Co., Washington Twp., ED24, Sheet 5A-5B, dwelling 112, family 113, Coffey, Ophy, head, male, white, age 56, married at age 22, born IN, father born KY, mother born IN, farmer; Stella M., wife, female, white, age 51, married at age 17, born IL, parents born IL; May, dau., female, white, age 24, single, born IA, father born IN, mother born IL; Delores, dau., female, white, age 14, single, born IA, father born IN, mother born IL; Marvin W., son, male, white, age 11, single, born IA, father born IN, mother born IL

1920 Wayne Co., Clay Twp., ED174, Sheet 4A, dwelling 73, family 77, Coffey, James B., head, male, white, age 22, married, born IA, father born IN, mother born IL; Mary L., wife, female, white, age 24, married, born IA, parents born IL; Hilda [?] I., dau., female, white, age 1 yrs., 3 mos., single, born IA, parents born IA

1930 Wayne Co., Washington Twp., ED24, Sheet 4A, dwelling/family 75, Coffey, James B., head, male, white, age 33, married at age 20, born IA, father born IN, mother born IL, farmer; Mary L., wife, female, white, age 34, married at age 21, born IA, parents born IA; Hilman I. , dau., female, white, age 11, born IA; Hilda L., dau., female, white, age 7, born IA; Marvin G., son, male, white, age 2 yrs., 7 mos., born IA

1920 Wayne Co., Washington Twp., ED186, Sheet 1B, dwelling/family 16, Taylor, William C., head, male, white, age 25, married, born IA, parents born IA; Hazel, wife, female, white, age 21, married, born IA, father born IN, mother born IL; Rosalee, relationship not given, female, white, age 2, born IA, parents born IA

1930 Decatur Co., High Point Twp., ED17, Sheet 5B, dwelling 110, family 111, Coffey, Harry, head, male, white, age 28, married at age 21, born IA, father born IN, mother born OH, farmer; Flora M., wife, female, white, age 28, married at age 21, born IA, father born IA, mother born OH; Arnold, son, male, white, age 4 yrs., 9 mos., born IA; Chanie [?] L., dau., female, white, age 1 yr., 11 mos., born IA; Bartlett, Iola, boarder, female, white, age 21, single, born IA, father born IL, mother born WI, teacher

March 23, 2007

Elizabeth Angeline Coffey

Elizabeth was the youngest daughter of Joel and Sarah Mackey Coffey. Joel was born Jun. 15, 1789 in TN and died Dec. 10, 1855 in Vancouver, Clark Co., WA. He married Sarah Mackey on Apr. 19, 1818 in Maury Co., TN. Sarah was born 1795 in Rutherford Co., NC, the daughter of William Lewis Mackey and Elizabeth Ashbrook.

Elizabeth was born May 8, 1836 in Booneville, Cooper Co., MO and died Apr. 12, 1905 in Portland, Multnomah Co., OR. She married Lewis Van Vleet (marriage record not found). Lewis was born Oct. 21, 1826 in New York and died Apr. 15, 1910 in Washington.

From a website owned by the Port of Camus-Washougal [1] I learned that "Lewis Van Vleet, who established a DLC (Donation Land Claim) in Fern Prairie, was a U.S. Deputy Surveyor and Clark County Representative in the Territorial Senate." The Lewis and Elizabeth Van Vleet home, located at 202 NE Graham St., Portland, Oregon is on the National Historic Register.

The Van Vleets had at least five children:

Lois, born Dec. 25, 1856, died May 13, 1857

Harriet Lewis, born Nov. 17, 1858, died Nov. 16, 1863

Sophia Louisa, born Oct. 30, 1862, died May 30, 1913. From the same website mentioned above, I learned that "Louisa Van Vleet Spicer Wright , was one of the first women doctors in the state of Washington. She was born in 1862 at her parents' "Oak Grove Farm" in Fern Prairie. In 1885 she graduated from medical school [at] Ann Arbor, Michigan. The land on which this park is located was given to Louisa by her father. In 1901, Louisa married James W. Wright, a widower."

Lewis, Jr., born May 18, 1875, died Aug. 30,, 1957

Felix F., born Jan. 11, 1878, died Nov. 26, 1919. From an undated paper by an unknown author I found that Felix was murdered in Newman, Stanislaus Co., CA. He apparently attempted to intervene in an argument between a friend and Ed Newson, an officer in the Newman Police Department. Newman first beat Felix then when he called for help, Newman shot Felix three times. The subsequent Coroner's inquest determined that Felix was murdered. Felix left a wife and eight children.

Lewis, Elizabeth and all of the Van Vleet children are buried in the Fern Prairie Cemetery [2] at Camas in Clark Co., WA.

[2] Fern Prairie Cemetery Burial Records, Cemetery Dist. #1, PO Box 969 Camas, WA 98604 online [], accessed [downloadable pdf containing all burial records]

Thanks to Nathan Reynolds of Longview, WA for information about the Fern Prairie Cemetery website.

March 21, 2007

Charles Lewis & Emily Coffey Coffey

Charles and Emily were first cousins, once removed. Charles was the son of McCaleb and Elizabeth (Betsy) Collett Coffey while Emily was the daughter of Daniel Boone and Clarissa Estes Coffey. They were married on Jan. 5, 1853 (married 55 years in the 1910 census) and only had two children: Julia, born c1856 and Clarissa Jane E., born May 1857.

Julia married James Hezekiah. Hartley Sep. 17, 1872 in Caldwell Co. James was born in that county May 25, 1850.

Their children were:

- Ella, born 1876, died 1880 [per Miss Jane Hartley]
- Charles Lewis., born Jan., 1877, married Margaret Cowles in Caldwell Co., Oct. 25, 1898. They had at least three children:

- Ruth Mildred, born Aug., 1899

- Margaret Cowles, born Aug., 1901, died May 25, 1997, married Randolph Jones Carter, Jan. 8, 1920 in Morehead, Guilford Co., NC
- Charles Lewis Hartley, Jr., born Nov. 9, 1905

In 1877, Clarissa Jane married Haywood G. Powell, born Sep., 1857 in North Carolina, died 1935 in Caldwell Co. They were married in Caldwell Co. in 1877. According to the 1910 census, Jane was the mother of three living children:

- John Russell, born Jun. 27, 1880, married Mamie Leslie Rabb in 1900, Caldwell Co. Mamie was born in 1880 and died 1953 in Caldwell Co.

- Florence, born Apr., 1882, married Laurence Henry Coffey (later Dr.) on Apr. 12, 1898 in NC and divorced in 1905.  Laurence was the son of Henry Clay and Sophronia Tate Coffey Coffey and in c1909 he married Adah Mae Costner in NC.

- Collett C., born Apr. 1887

Jane and Haywood were residents in the home of her parents in 1910. Also present in the household was a granddaughter, Bessie Coffey, age 11. Because Charles and Emily had only two children, both daughters, it isn't yet clear who Bessie's parents were. Likely her mother was Jane by someone other than Haywood. [See explanation in update below]

Other children of James H. and Julia Ann Coffey Hartley were:

Henry Harper, born Jul. 13, 1880, died May 28, 1940 in North Wilkesboro, NC; married Ida Madeline Harris.

Franklin J., born Jan. 23, 1882, died Jul. 22, 1951 in North Wilkesboro; married Elizabeth T. Steele on Apr. 26, 1905 in Kings Creek Twp., Caldwell Co.  Elizabeth was born Feb. 23, 1884 in NC and died on Apr. 30, 1974 in Charlotte, NC.

Update 9/17/2015

Today I received an e-mail from Miss Jane Hartley containing some extremely nice comments pertaining to the Edward Coffey blog and some corrections/additions.  The above has been edited to reflect some of the corrections as well as additional information from my files.  Her great-grandparents were James Hezekiah and Julia Ann Coffey Hartley.  Her great-great grandparents were Charles L. and Emily Coffey Coffey.

Part of the e-mail follows:

"Regarding the 1910 CensusCensus is correct in saying JANE E. COFFEY (POWELL) gave birth to three children who grew to adulthood.

"JANE and HAYWOOD POWELL'S middle child was a daughter, FLORENCE E. POWELL, who married (on 4/12/1898) her double-2nd cousin LAURENCE HENRY COFFEY(1875-1944).  (I believe it's on Pg. 37 of the latter's book "Thomas Coffey and his Descendants" where LAURENCE H. COFFEY, M.D. mentions his first wife FLORENCE POWELL and their only child together a daughter BESSIE BOONE COFFEY.

"LAURENCE filed for divorce from FLORENCE receiving a Final Decree in Nov., 1905.  Both he and FLORENCE remarried. (FLORENCE perhaps remarried more than once.)

"So, I suspect the above paragraph might explain why the 1910 CENSUS found their 11-year-old daughter BESSIE COFFEY living in the same household as her maternal grandparents the POWELLS and her maternal g-grandparents the COFFEYS:

"1910 Census Listing is INCORRECT RE: relationship of Bessie Coffey to Head of Household:
Charles L. Coffey, Head of Household
Emily Coffey, wife
Haywood Powell, son-in-law
Jane Powell, daughter
Bessie Coffey, granddaughter  [Bessie's relationship to Head of Household should have read G-Granddaughter.]"

P.S. Just FYI -  In my personal Coffey history file, I show Florence and Laurence Coffey's daughter as BESSIE ARELIA BOONE COFFEY (KING) (b. 1899 NC - d. 1978 FL) who married ARCHIE SAMUEL KING (b. Dec. 3, 1896 NC - d. Sept 15, 1971 FL)The Kings' only child was a daughter, BEUELARESS KING (HELEM) (b. Oct. 21, 1921 FL - d.Mar 2, 2011 FL).  Beuelaress's husband was HORACE WILLIAM HELEM (b. July 7, 1918 - d. Oct. 1, 1996 FL).

Hezekiah Curtis and Celia Coffey Family

Hezekiah was the son of Samuel Curtis and Sally Coffey. Sally, born c1784, was a daughter of Reuben and Sarah (Sally) Scott Coffey. Hezekiah married his second cousin, Celia Coffey, a daughter of William and Annie Boone Coffey.

Celia was born Jun. 29, 1813 in Burke Co., NC and died Jul. 12, 1899 in Wilkes Co. She and Hezekiah were married in Wilkes Co., on Dec. 26, 1833. Seven children were born to the union with all but one surviving to become adults.

- Larkin, born Apr. 29, 1835, died May 10, 1864
- Darcus, born c1836, died young

- Judson, born Apr. 2, 1837 and died May 1, 1926. Judson married twice, first to Rhoda Hancock on Oct. 8, 1868 in Wilkes Co., and second, to Mrs. Mollie Coffey. I have no clue who Mollie was, or the name of her Coffey husband.

- Julia, born Jan. 26, 1839, died Feb. 15, 1901. Julia apparently never married. She appeared as a single woman in the Jun. 1900 census with her widower father, and her unmarried sister Martha.

- Finley Patterson, born May 20, 1841, died Aug. 26, 1922. Finley married Selma Rosenblatt on May 21, 1884 in TN. She was born Nov. 2, 1861 in Greene Co., TN, and died Dec. 12, 1929 in TN. Their children were Annie Boone; Carrie Emma; Fred Grover; Haschel Irvin; J. Kathleen; Finley Patterson; William Bryan, and Selma.

- Caroline L. (Carrie), born Nov. 26, 1843 in Wilkes Co., died Jun. 24, 1893. She married William Columbus Coffey on Mar. 10, 1866. William was the son of McCaleb and Elizabeth Collett Coffey. Caroline and William had at least two children: Edgar Stuart, born Jul., 1867, died Aug. 30, 1925; and Thomas Finley, born Nov. 9, 1868, died Aug. 3, 1926. After Carrie died, William married Ada Elizabeth Worth, the widow of James Shelton Penn.

- Martha Gertrude, born Aug. 23, 1848, died Jan. 20, 1931. Martha never married, and appeared as a single woman in the household with her widower father in the 1900 Wilkes Co. census.

Additions and/or corrections can be sent to me here.

Henry (Pat) Coffey

Henry (Pat) Coffey was born Oct. 18, 1878 in Grainger Co., TN, a son of Samuel (Sam) and Martha Wolfe Coffey. Henry died Dec. 3, 1964 in Grainger Co.

He was first married to Dossie Allen and fathered at least three children:

- Everett (Elbert), born Jan. 4, 1901, died Dec. 28, 1974. Everett married Levia Lois Dalton on Jul. 3, 1925 in Grainger Co. Their son Thea married Stella May Coffey, daughter of Nathaniel and Pearlie Dalton Coffey.

- Milan Coffey, born May 2, 1903, died Nov. 10, 1919

- Martha May Coffey, born Sep. 22, 1905, died Jun., 1969

Henry married second to Emeline McDaniel c1908 in Grainger Co. Emeline was born Feb. 13, 1890 in TN and died Mar. 20, 1920 in Grainger Co. Their children were:

- Effie, born c1910

- John W., born Aug., 1915, married Mary Tennessee White. I know of one child, a son, Billy Samuel, born c1939, died Nov. 28, 2005.

- Mary Lee, born Sep 17, 1917, died May 30, 1989 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., NC. She married Carl Dalton, born Nov. 7, 1912, died Jan. 24, 1964 in Rutledge, Grainger Co., TN

Henry's third wife was Cornelia (Nelia) Harville who he married Dec. 24, 1925 in Grainger Co. I have no other information about this union.

Please e-mail additions and corrections.

March 19, 2007

Ernest Garfield Coffey (1881-1979) - Updated Mar. 4, 2011

Ernest Garfield Coffey was a son of James Norman Coffey and Laura Ellen Hays. Ernest was born in Oregon on May 14, 1881 and died Mar. 13, 1979 in Vallejo, Solano Co., CA. He is buried in the Sunset Cemetery at Vallejo.

*His first wife was Katherine Peterson. They were married Oct. 10, 1904 in Clatsop Co., OR. Only one child is known to have been born to this union; a daughter by the name of Kattie.

He married second to Ester Martina Nelson on Jun. 27, 1908 in Clatsop Co., OR. Ester was born Mar. 29, 1889 in Oregon and died Jul. 30, 1988 in Solano Co., CA.  Her parents were Martin and Lydia Taylor Nelson, Swedish emigrants.**

Ernest and Ester were the parents of eight children: Pearl Martina, born Jan. 28, 1908; Lida Ann, born Sep. 13, 1909; Norma B., born 1911; Laura H., born c1913; Erma Louise, born Apr. 11, 1914; Nellie E., born Jan. 20, 1916; Eleanora L., born Dec. 25, 1918, died Jul. 21, 1947; Milton E., born 1920

Pearl Martina appears to have married a Mr. Barbee.  She died May 18, 1997 in Sacramento Co., CA.***

Lida (Dearie) married Glen Shirley Faxon on Jun. 11, 1927. He was born Mar. 4, 1903, and died Jan. 31, 1984. They were the parents of at least two children: Glen S., Jr., born Nov. 26, 1928, and Barbara Ester, born Feb. 5, 1933.  In his youth, Glen was a crewman aboard the USS Mongolia.  He is found on one such crew list dated Jul. 22, 1925 in which the Mongolia departed NY for San Francisco and traveled via Havana, the Panama Canal, San Diego and Los Angeles.  His parents were Willis Howe and Martha Leona Crabtree Faxon.

*Erma Louise married a Mr. Church and is said to be the mother of two children: Ernest Wesley and Paula.  Erma died Mar. 17, 1984 in Solano Co., CA.

*Eleanora married Winfield E. Bruner. Nothing else is known of her family.
When Ernest registered for the draft on Sep. 12, 1918 in Portland City, Multnomah Co., OR, he stated that he was 37 years old, born May 14, 1881. He was employed as a ship builder for Grant-Smith at Fort Fessenden in Portland, and was described as being of medium build and height with blue eyes and blond hair.

*No source
**1900 Pacific Co., Chinook Pct., ED143, Sheet 10A, dwelling 200, family 221, Nelson, Martin, head, white male, born Jan., 1858, age 42, married 11 yrs., born Sweden, parents born Sweden, year of immigration: 1889, number of years in US: 11, naturalized, fisherman; Lydia, wife, white female, born Mar., 1863, age 37, married 11 yrs., mother of 8, 7 living, born Sweden, parents born Sweden; Annie, dau., white female, born Nov., 1886, age 13, born OR; Esther, dau., white female, born Mar., 1889, age 11, born OR; Elnora, dau., white female, born Mar., 1891, age 9, born OR; Beatrice, dau., white female, born Jan., 1893, age 7, born WA; Norma, dau., white female, born Feb., 1895, age 5, born WA; Edward, son, white male, born Jun., 1897, age 2, born WA; Milton, son, white male, born Aug., 1899, age 9 mos., born WA
***Name: Pearle Martina Barbee [Pearle Martina Coffey] Social Security #: 549425450 Sex: Female Birth Date: 28 Jun 1908 Birthplace: Oregon Death Date: 18 May 1997 Death Place: Sacramento Mother's Maiden Name: Nelson Father's Surname: Coffey

March 15, 2007

Mary (Polly) Coffey

Mary (Polly) Coffey was the second child of Jesse and Elizabeth Riffe Coffey. She was born in Eadsville, Wayne Co., KY on Apr. 25, 1808, and died May 29, 1842 in Casey Co. She married Jeremiah Vardaman on Mar. 12, 1829 in Casey Co. Jeremiah was born May 10, 1797 in Lincoln Co., KY, and died Mar. 28, 1854 in Collin Co., TX.

According to Peter Bim Riff's Celestes, Mary's real name was Tabitha, and referred to as "Polly."

Polly and Jeremiah were parents to at least seven children:

Mary Elizabeth, born Aug. 1, 1832 in Lincoln Co., died May 1, 1877 in
Lucy Ann, born Nov. 13, 1834 in Lincoln Co., died Feb. 22, 1901 in Grayson
Co., TX
Ephriam Pennington, born Jan. 9, 1837 in KY, died Mar. 6, 1901 in Collin
Co., TX
Patsy Jane, born Jan. 29, 1838 in Lincoln Co., died Oct. 18, 1926
Jesse Morgan, born Feb. 3, 1839 in Lincoln Co., died May 17, 1903 in Denton
Co., TX.
Jeremiah, born Jan., 1840, died May, 1863 in TN
John, born and died in 1846


W. M. Watkins, editor, The Men, Women, Events, Institutions & Lore of Casey County, Kentucky (Louisville, KY : 236 pgs: Standard Print Co., 1939)

US Federal Census Records

Jesse and Elizabeth Riffe Coffey

Jesse Coffey, born May 26, 1784 to Osborn and Mary (Polly) Nightingale Coffey, married Elizabeth Riffe Feb. 16, 1805 in Pulaski Co., KY. He died Jul., 1850 in Casey Co., KY. Elizabeth, who some researchers have named Tabitha, was born Jul. 3, 1758 in Lincoln Co., KY, and died Sep. 29, 1842 in Casey Co.

Jesse is also said to have fathered a daughter named Sally, and two sons, C.R., and Jesse, Jr. Their mother is unknown to me.

Jesse was a Colonel in the War of 1812, a state senator in 1834, and a member of the delegation that wrote the Kentucky state constitution in June 1850, a month before he died .

"Probably the most prominent of the early settlers was Colonel Jesse Coffey, a soldier of the War of 1812, who fought in the Battle of Thames in Canada, in which the famous Indian chieftain, Tecumseh, was slain, as was also the noted pioneer Kentuckian, Colonel William Whitley, who founded Whitley's Station near Crab Orchard."

"Colonel Coffey owned a large boundary of good land in and around Middleburg and it was he who built the old watermill, so long a landmark in the little town, on the site occupied by the modern water-power mill now owned and operated by Mr. L. F. Young. Colonel Coffey's mansion, built at about the same time as the old water-mill, stood on the hill just behind the home now owned by Mr. J. W. Short, and was the scene of the famous wedding of Polly Coffey as related in Peter B. Riffe's History of Casey County."

Jesse and Elizabeth's first child was Osborn N. Coffey, born Feb. 4, 1807 in Casey Co. He married Jane L. Bell on Sep. 4, 1829 in Lincoln Co. They were parents of at least seven children:

William, born KY c1832
Grizzell (Grace?), born KY c1834, married John F.
Jane, born MO c1837
Jesse, born MO, c1839
Bettie Lee, born
MO, Apr. 30, 1841, died MO Aug. 15, 1911
Ann Robb, born MO, c1846
L., born MO, c1849

One source had this information about Osborn:

Osborn N. COFFEY, an old and respected citizen and an early settler of Lincoln County, Mo., was born in Casey County, Ky., February 4, 1807, and is the son of Jessee and Elizabeth (RIFFLE) [sic] COFFEY, both of whom were natives of Kentucky. Their ancestors were from Virginia and Pennsylvania, respectively. The father was an extensive dealer in hogs, which he used to drive to Richmond, Va., a distance of about five hundred miles. He was a colonel in the War of 1812, was for two terms a member in the State Legislature, and a member of the Constitutional Convention of Kentucky. Both were members of the Missionary Baptist Church, and lived to a good old age. They reared a large family of children, of whom Osborn N., is the second. While growing up, he had very poor opportunities for schooling, though he aided himself very much in that direction after attaining his growth. At the age of eighteen he began for himself, and soon after engaged as clerk in a store, where he remained two years. In 1829 he married Miss Jane L. BELL, a native of Lincoln County, Ky., and in their family were seven children who lived to be grown. One of the sons served in the Confederate Army and was twice severely wounded. In 1831 Mr. COFFEY moved to Missouri, and three years later to Lincoln County, where he opened a store in Louisville. At the same time he dealt in hogs and tobacco, but failing in this he purchased the place where he now lives, which consists of 363 acres of land. Both he and wife are members of the Presbyterian Church, and for many years he was a magistrate. He has done quite well, financially, though he has had many reverses and losses.


W. M. Watkins, editor, The Men, Women, Events, Institutions & Lore of Casey County, Kentucky (Louisville, KY : 236 pgs: Standard Print Co., 1939)

History of Lincoln County, Missouri (Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1888)

March 13, 2007

Nancy Ann Coffey Young

Nancy Ann Coffey and Children
This photograph is of Nancy Ann Coffey, wife of Charles Solomon Young, and their children. It was taken sometime around 1902 and appeared in Section B of the Sep. 13, 1991 issue of The Blowing Rocket, Blowing Rock, NC.

Pictured here is Nancy Ann, daughter of William Clayton Coffey, Jr., and wife Louisa Adeline Curtis. Nancy was born in May 1868, probably in Caldwell or Watauga Co., NC. She married Charles Young c1887.

Their children were:

L-R: Robert (Bob), born Apr., 1890; Lula, born May, 1888; Ernest (on Nancy's lap), born Dec., 18999; Frank, born Apr., 1892; and Hattie Lee, born Jun., 1896. Rose, born Feb. 4, 1898, is seated on the ground at left.

In the 1900 Watauga Co. census record, Nancy reported that she was the mother of seven children, but only six were living. Instead of Ernest, the child born in Dec., 1899 was named Gertrude J. in that census.1

1 1900 Watauga Co., Blowing Rock, ED123, Sheet 1B, dwelling/family 15, Young, Charley S., head, white male, born Jul. 1869, age 31, married 13 yrs., born NC, parents born NC, carpenter; Nancy A., wife, white female, born May 1868, age 32, married 13 yrs., mother of 7, 6 living, born NC, parents born NC; Lula B., dau., white female, born May, 1888, age 12, born NC; Robert, son, white male, born Apr. 1890, age 10, born NC; Frank, son, white male, born Apr. 1892, age 8, born NC; Hattie L., dau., white female, born Jun. 1896, age 3, born NC; Rose E., dau., white female, born Feb. 1898, age 2, born NC; Gertrude J., dau., white female, born Dec. 1899, age 5 mos., born NC; Joexler [sic], Charles, boarder, white male, born May 1877, age 23, single, born NC, parents born NC, teamster

March 12, 2007

Ransom Hayes

Ransom, a son of George Hayes, Sr., and wife Mary Judah "Polly" Mills was born c1805 in Caldwell Co., NC and died in Boone, Watauga Co. NC in 1868.

He married Sarah Greene, born Jan. 22, 1808 in Ashe Co., and died c1862 in Boone Co. Their marriage took place on Oct. 10, 1835 in Ashe Co.

The following appeared in the Centennial Edition of the Watauga Democrat on Jun. 3, 1972:

Hayes' Grave is in Boone

In a hilltop cemetery above Queen Street in Boone is the grave of Ransom Hayes, who with Jordan Councill, Jr. contributed a large tract of land on which Boone is now located.

The grave recently was found by Zeb Shook, who relates that the Caldwell County-born man died in April of 1868.

[The photo that appeared here has been removed Jul. 4, 2007. It has not been proven that it was of Ransom Hayes]

March 6, 2007

2007 Coffey Cousins' Convention

If you have plans to attend the 24th annual Coffey Cousins' Convention from Apr. 26th-29th, 2007 in Dubuque, IA and have not yet registered, you might want to hustle it up a bit. Click on the title link for more information and a registration form.

Hostess and Coffey Cousin Darlene Clark has worked hard to bring this together and, is looking for a large attendance. All of us are looking forward to meeting new cousins.

March 5, 2007

Enoch Coffey

Enoch, brother to Nancy who married William "Revolutionary Bill" Gragg, was born c1809 in Burke Co., NC and died Oct. 3, 1893 in Caldwell Co. He was married at least three times, first to Prudence Gragg - parents not yet known - which produced a daughter, Lucinda.

Lucinda was born c1832 in Caldwell Co., and married Stanhope Whisenant. Stanhope was born c1832 in North Carolina and died of disease on Apr. 18, 1862 in Camp Mangum, Raleigh, Wake Co., NC. Stanhope was a member of Co. D, 11th NC Infantry, having enlisted on Feb. 12, 1862 in Burke Co. Lucinda's second husband was Francis M. (Frank) Herald on Sep. 22, 1868 in Caldwell Co. One of their children, Enoch Vaughn Herald, born c1873 in Caldwell Co., married his second cousin Nora Celia Coffey, a daughter of Julius Calvin and Eugenia Lavenia Dellinger Coffey.

Enoch's second wife was Martha Calloway, born c1818 in Burke Co. Their children were:

Levi, born c1837
Mary, born c1838
Sarah A., born Jun. 1840; married Johnson P. Gragg
Joseph, born c1843, married Nancy J. Gragg
Elizabeth, born c1846
Martha, born c1848; married Harvey Clark
Fannie Sims was a domestic servant in the Enoch Coffey household in the 1870 and 1880 census. Although Fannie was not enumerated with him in 1860, it's likely that she was employed by Enoch shortly after Martha died. It was in that census when Enoch was first enumerated as a widower, and still had a couple of small children in the home.

On Jan. 3, 1882, the then 73 year old Enoch and the 39 year old Fannie Sims were married at Enoch's home in Caldwell Co. Witnesses to the marriage were J. Whisenant and James Pendley.

There is some speculation that Enoch had some sort of relationship with a Dovie Perkins but no records have been found, and references to a Dovie Perkins have not been found in North Carolina records.

Please contact me with additions and/or corrections.

How to Create a Convoluted Family History

William Obediah Gragg, referred to in some genealogies as "Revolutionary Bill," married his second wife, Nancy Coffey, the daughter of Joseph and Isabella Lindsay Coffey. William was born Apr. 15, 1878 in Virginia and died Oct. 20, 1847 in North Carolina. Nancy was born c1816 in Burke Co., NC and died in 1887, Caldwell Co., NC.

William's first marriage was to Elizabeth Pulliam, probably in the late 1700's, and perhaps in Virginia. One of their children was David Obediah Gragg, born Jul. 4, 1796 in Albemarle Co., VA, and died 1846 in Caldwell Co.

William's marriage to Nancy Coffey produced at least two children: Indiana Isabella, born c1838, died 1909; and G. L. Taylor, born c1846 in Burke Co., died Nov. 4, 1925 in Avery Co.

David Obediah married Elizabeth Webb c1820 in Caldwell Co. Elizabeth was born Mar. 25, 1794 in Caldwell Co., and died in that county in 1881. I have found 10 children for them, one of which was Edmond, born c1829 in Burke Co.

Edmond married his aunt, Indiana Isabella Gragg on Mar. 10, 1857 in Caldwell Co. They had at least six children, all of which were also his first cousins. Indiana was also their grand aunt.

Mary Gragg, one of Edmond and Indiana's daughters, married Joseph Burgess Coffey, her double first cousin1, and a son of Brice Brisco and Susannah (Sookie) Gragg.

Larkin Henderson, another of Edmond's children, married his first cousin1, Lee Ella Gragg, daughter of G. L. Taylor and Elizabeth E. Pendley Gragg.

I hope I have this correct! If not, please send corrections and/or additions.

1 Also first cousin, once removed

March 4, 2007

Henderson Coffey

Henderson was not too popular a name in some Coffey families. I think there are four or five with that name in my files. Many Coffey families were not too imaginative when it came time to name a child. Of course, some families ventured outside the norm and named their daughers something other than Sarah, Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret or Martha. Boys fared somewhat better, but it's often difficult to find a Coffey family without a James, Jesse, John, Benjamin or Joseph.

I've often wondered how it must have been in town on Saturday when everone came out of the woods to do their weekly shopping, or to attend church on Sunday. It must have been as difficult for the preachers and store keepers to keep everyone straight in their minds as it is for us today. I suppose that's how nicknames such as "Black Tom," and "Red Eye" evolved.

My paternal grandmother had three male first cousins with the same surname and all named Jesse. To keep them separate, the family referred to them as "Wild Jess", "Black Jess," and "Cripple Jess," who had been injured in a sawmill accident.

Nicknames were a convenient way for everyone to sort out men with the same name. Still it must have been a problem with many of the women having one of the more popular nicknames such as Halie, Mattie, Polly, and Molly!

Back to Henderson: He was a son of Nelson and Keziah Watters Coffey, born c1844 in Eadsville, Wayne Co., KY. He married Catherine C. Jones on Nov. 25, 1867 in Wayne Co. Catherine was the daughter of William McKinley and Mary Jane (Polly) Baker Jones. She was born Mar. 27, 1840 in Wayne Co., and died Oct. 16, 1901 in McCreary Co., KY. I do not have a death date for Henderson.

Catherine bore at least six children:

Mary Ann (Polly), born c1868, died Jun. 2, 1944. She married Elisha E. Roberts on Mar. 12, 1891 in Kentucky. He was born in Wayne Co. in 1856, and died Apr. 29, 1947 in that county. Polly also died in Wayne Co. on Jun. 2, 1944. I have no children for them.

Kizzie, born Sep. 17, 1869 in Eadsville, Wayne Co., died Oct. 2, 1959 in McCreary Co. She married John Coffey, son of Shelby and Sarah "Sally" Perkins.

Margaret, third child and third daughter of Henderson and Catherine, married a Henderson Coffey whose first name may have been Richard. They were married on Feb. 27, 1902 in (probably) Wayne Co., KY. Children were:

Ida, born c1902, died Jan. 26, 1934, married William Coffey, son of Lewis Coffey, Jr., and wife, Permelia Ann Tucker. Ida and William had at least two children: Leonard, born c1923 and Eugene, born c1924. When Ida died in 1936, William married her sister Lexie.

Garnett, born Nov. 24, 1903, died Mar. 6, 1975. I don't have any family information on him. There is a KY born Garnett Coffey in Fulton Co., IL in 1930 who is of the correct age to be the son of of Richard and Margaret.

Walter, born Oct. 29, 1906, married Zula Effie Lair in KY in c1929.

Lexie, born Jan. 9, 1909, died Sep. 16, 1967. She married William Coffey, widower of her sister Ida.

Everett, born Sep. 22, 1911, died Jul. 10, 1970 in Wayne Co. He married Sally Belle Coffey, daughter of James Aaron and Canzada Foster Coffey.

Nelson, born Jul. 28, 1874 - no additional information

William, born Feb. 20, 1879 - no additional information

James C., born Jun. 6, 1879 - no additional information

Please contact me with updates and/or corrections.

Shelby (Shelly) Coffey

Many of the Coffey families in Kentucky are mostly incomplete in my files. One example is Shelby "Shelly" Coffey, son of John and Rachel Barrier Coffey.

"Shelly" was born c1852 in Eadsville, Wayne Co., and died Oct. 28, 1933 in that county. He married Sarah "Sally" Perkins on Dec. 26, 1872 in Wayne Co., where they settled until death took Sarah in 1912, and Shelly in 1933.

Together they had at least 10 children:

Rachel, born c1873
John, born Sep. 18, 1875
Louis, born c1878
James Aaron, born Jan. 4, 1881, died May 11, 1960
Clay, (Jay?) born Mar. 1883
Joseph, born c1885
Rebecca, born c1888
Jesse, born c1890
Sarah J., born May., 1892
William N., born c1894

The family appears in the census for Wayne county from 1880 through at least 1910; I have not checked 1920 and 1930 yet. The microfilmed 1900 and 1910 census pages containing the family are not the best for reading names and other pertinent information.

John, the oldest son, married Kizzie Coffey, a daughter of Henderson and Catherine C. Jones Coffey. Kizzie and John were second cousins, both descendants of James and Sarah Sumpter Coffey.

So far I have found three children for John and Kizzie: Rhoda Jane, born c1902; Shelby L., born c1904, and Luther, born c1906

James Aaron is the only other child of Shelby and Sarah for whom I have descendant information. He married Canzada Foster on May. 30, 1907 in Wayne Co. She was born May. 8, 1885 in Wayne Co., and died Feb. 8, 1966 in Monticelly, Wayne Co.

Their children were:

Thomas Shelby, born May 29, 1908, died Mar. 15, 1996
Marcus E., born c1910
Sally Belle, born c1912; married Everett Coffey, a son of (Richard?) Henderson and Margaret Coffey Coffey. Henderson was a son of James Nelson and Sarah Margaret Barrier. Margaret is likely some kin to Rachel but I do not yet know how. Everett's mother was a daughter of Henderson and Catherine Jones Coffey, and a sister to Kizzie who married John, son of "Shelly." I am missing descendants of Everett and Sally Belle.
Lizzie, born c1913
Serena, born c1916
Hattie, born c1923
Julia, born c1929

Please contact me with updated and/or corrected information on this family.

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