April 20, 2007

I'm gone!

I'm off to the Coffey Cousins' Convention in Dubuque, IA. My wife and I are leaving a few days early and will spend sometime in Springfield, IL visiting Abe Lincoln landmarks and doing other "touristy" things.

I'll post photos and an update on the "goings on" when I get back, which will likely be after May 5. We have to be in south Louisiana then for a grandson's birthday party.

Joel Coffey and Elizabeth Grubb

Joel was the fifth of at least 10 children born to Meredith and Ester Coffey. Meredith was a son of John Coffey and Dorcas Carter. I have not found any information on Ester. Joel was born c1806 in Grainger Co., TN and died there before Sep. 10, 1851. They appeared in the 1850 Grainger Co. census.*

Elizabeth Grubb was the daughter of Jacob and Barbara Shelly Grubb and was born Dec. 25, 1808 in Grainger Co., TN. She and Joel were married Feb. 5, 1829 in Grainger Co. Jacob was Joel and Elizabeth's bondsman. I am certain that Jacob and Barbara had additional children but I have not yet identified them.

There were at least eight children born to this union:

Nancy, born Oct., 1830. She married John Hinshaw on Oct. 17, 1847 in Grainger Co. He was born c1822, probably in Grainger Co., and died in 1883. They had at least 12 children: Martha Jane, born 1848, died 1917; William Temple, born 1851, died c1890; James Henry, born 1853, died 1932; Amanda E., born 1855, died 1897; Samantha Caroline, born 1858, died 1900; John Bo., born 1860, died 1885; Theodocia A., born 1862, died 1938; Mary Susan, born 1864, died 1909; Nancy Cordelia, born 1866, died 1943; Jacob Golden, born 1868, died 1940; Sophronia, born 1870; and Rosa F., born 1872, died 1904. Nancy and John appeared in every Grainger Co. census from 1850 through 1880.

James, born c1831

John, born c1833, married Nancy A. Vineyard, born c1835 in Grainger Co., died before 1880 in Grainger Co. They were married c1850 in Grainger Co. Children were: James W., born c1854; Eliza Cordelia, born c1856; William G., born c1858; Pleasant G., born c1861; Catherine, born c1863; Nancy C., born c1864; John P., born c1865; Samuel Henry, born c1869; Meredith H., born c1872; and Sarah A., born c1872. I found John and Nancy in the 1860 and 1870 Grainger Co. census.

Susannah, born Jul 23, 1836 in Grainger Co., married Samuel Stalsworth Feb. 19, 1855 in Grainger Co. Samuel was born c1836 in TN. Their children were Rosanna Elizabeth, born c1855; Nancy J., born c1858; Joel Amos, born Mar. 30, 1860, born Artissa Hinsaw (perhaps brother to John); Samuel S., born c1863; Mary L., born c1865; William D., born c1868; Sarah M., born c1871; John C., born c1874; and Martha A., born c1877. Susannah and Samuel appeared in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 Grainger Co. census.

Jacob S., born c1839

William Elijah, born c1842

Sarah E., born c1845. She married Robert Inklebarger on Dec. 6, 1860 in Grainger Co.

Elvira, born c1846

Please send additions and/or corrections to me.

*1850 Grainger Co., Pabge 102, dwelling 731, family 756, Joel Coffee, age 44, male, farmer, $2000, born TN;Elizabeth Coffee, age 44, female, born TN; John Coffee, age 14, male, farmer, born TN; Susan Coffee, age 12, female, born TN; Jacob Coffee, age 11, male, born TN; William E. Coffee, age 8,. male, born TN; Sarah E., age 3, female, born TN; James Griffin, age 16, male, laborer, born TN

Other Coffee families adjacent to Joel at this census were James, age 44; wife Sarah, age 44, son Joel age 23, dau., Martha age 20; Elizabeth, dau., age 16; John, son, age 14; Calvin, son, age 10; Mahala, dau., age 12; Mary, dau., age 8; Aquilla, son, age 2.

James Coffee, age 19, male; wife Martha, age 19, female, and son Joel H., age 4 mos.,

Another neighbor is John Hinchall [Hinsaw], and wife Nancy. Nancy was the daughter of Joel and Elizabeth.

April 17, 2007

Who did Adolphus Penley Marry?

Adolphus Penley was born Feb., 1864 in Watauga Co., NC, the son of Adolphus W. and Elizabeth Triplett Penley. Adolphus W. was born c1821 in NC and Elizabeth was born there c1835.

Adolphus the younger was found unmarried and living with his parents in the 1870, 1880,1900, and 1910 census record for Blue Ridge Twp., Watauga Co. His mother, Elizabeth Triplett Penley was still living and in the household with Adolphus in 1910. He obviously married sometime between 1910 and 1920 because the 1920 census records him as a widower with two children in the household: Velma Triplett, a daughter, age 18, and Jowe [?] Triplett, a son, age 15.

I presume - always dangerous, of course - that the Triplett name was an error, or he actually gave both children the Triplett name to honor his mother's family. In any event, I have not found a marriage for Adolphus.

His daughter Velma married Milton Leroy Coffey, born Jul. 10, 1900 in Watauga Co. He was the 12th of 13 children born to James C. and Mary Louise Coffey Coffey. James was a son of Jesse Calton and Nancy Raines Coffey while Mary Louise was the daughter of James Asbury and Chainey Gragg Coffey.

Milton and Velma - referred to as Velma Penley in some birth records, and Velma Triplett in others, had at least 13 children:

Ronard Leroy, born Jul. 4, 1921, died Oct. 10, 1999. He married Nina C. Turnmire and produced at least two children: Richard Michael, born 1955 and Marie Marherine, born 1957.

Toss Lee, born Nov. 30, 1922. He did not appear with the family in the 1930 census.

Flocy [sic] Mae, born Nov. 30,1922, died Jul. 22, 1923.

Winnie Lee, born Jun. 12, 1924, married Carol Rhymer Hartley Oct. 16, 1943.

Romy Triplett, born Sep. 11, 1927, died Nov. 18, 1927.

James Adolphus, born Sep. 24, 1928, died May 22, 1961, married Gertrude Green Jun. 30,1951.

Ward Stanley, born Nov. 13, 1930. died Jul. 10,2003.  Married Dorothy Elizabeth Griffith.

Junie Juanita, born Oct. 21, 1933, died Jul. 4, 1974.  Married Tom Howard Walker Sep. 30, 1952.

Reba Julia, born Apr. 9, 1936, died Nov. 4, 2007.  Married Raymond Sylvester Price Mar. 29, 1954.

Sanuel Odous, born Aug. 21, 1938

Mozelle Etta, born Aug. 11, 1940

Mary Wylmouth [sic] [Wilma], born Feb. 16, 1943, died Mar. 17, 2011.  Married 1) Albert Price in 1970; m2 Richard T. Horn

Jeanette Emma, born Sep. 9. 1946

Please contact me if you know who Adolphus married, or wish to add to or correct any of this information.

April 15, 2007

James Russell Coffey

James Russell Coffey is one of the last remaining veterans of WW1. I recently replied to an e-mail with the following information pertaining to him:

The earliest info that I can find on Russell begins in Crawford Co., OH in 1850. The entire family remained in Crawford Co., OH up to at least Russell.

I'll work from Russell back:

1900 Census: Russell, born Sep. 1898, son of George, born Jan. 1869 in OH (Surname spelled Coffey in census; George was a farmer)

1880 Census: George in household with Michael and Mary B. Coffey [sic]. Michael was a farmer who was born in OH, father in Ireland and mother in NY. Mary and her parents were born in Baden (Germany).

1870 Census: George, born c1865*, son of Michael, born 1837 in OH. (Surname spelled Coffee; Michael was a wagon maker)

1860 Census: Michael, born c1833*, born OH, wife is named Barbara, born Baden. George obviously not born yet. (Surname is spelled Coffee; Michael is wagon maker)

In 1850 I found Michael in the household with 36-yr old Michael Sheridan. (Surname spelled Coffee; Michael was a wagon maker, born Ireland, and wife Ann, age 48, born NY). Ann may be Michael's remarried mother.

Other children in the family were:

Michael Coffee, age 13, born OH

Matthew Lynch, age 11, born Ireland

Andrew Coffee, age 9, born OH

John Coffee, age 4, born OH

Margaret Sheridan, age 4, born OH

I didn't find anything about the Coffee family on Ancestry. Neither did I check 1840 because I don't know who Michael's father was. I haven't checked Ancestry for the Sheridan family either. It appears that Russell's ancestors came to America from Ireland shortly before the Civil War, perhaps earlier.

Name: James R. Coffey
Serial Number: 5284607
Race: W
Residence: Creston, O.
Enlistment Division: National Army
Enlistment Location: Columbus, O.
Enlistment Date: 12 Oct 1918
Birth Place: New Washington, O.
Birth Date / Age: 1 Sept 1898
Assigns Comment: Students' Army Training Corps OSU Columbus O to Discharge Private Honorable discharge 12 Dec 1918.
Volume #: 3 Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the World War, 1917-1918. Vol. I-XXIII. Columbus, OH, USA: F. J. Heer Printing Co., 1926.

*age differences are likely result of census taker error

April 13, 2007

Hillie Horton Coffey

Hillie was a son of Gilliam and Susan D. Gragg Coffey and was born Jul. 31, 1887 in Caldwell Co., NC. He died there on Mar. 30, 1963. He married Bessie McLean in Caldwell Co. in 1908 when Bessie was 15 years old.

Their first child was unnamed and was born Mar. 16, 1921 and died shortly thereafter. Their second was James Harding Coffey, born Aug. 3, 1922. He also died shortly after birth. Fred Oral was their third child, born Mr. 16, 1924, followed by Ora Lee, born Feb. 27, 1927.

Census records for 1910 places the family in the Globe Twp., and in 1930 in the Johns River Twp. I have not found them in 1920.

According to his WW1 draft registration card, Hillie was of medium height and build with light blue eyes and dark brown hair. He was a self-employed farmer who lived with his wife in Collettsville, NC.

I have not found any information about Bessie. Anyone who has researched this family and has birth and death dates, as well as burial location, please contact me.

Haywood and Mary Elizabeth Coffey Hatley

Haywood Hatley was born Aug. 23, 1874 in Watauga Co., NC to William and Ann Hatley. He married Mary Elizabeth Coffey in Caldwell Co., NC in 1899. Mary was born Aug. 23, 1877 in Caldwell Co., and died Aug. 1, 1956 in Blowing Rock, Watauga Co. She was a daughter of Jesse (Red Eye) Coffey and Lucinda Louise (Lou) Coffey.

Jesse was the son of Cleveland and Mary Ann Miles Coffey, and Lucinda was the daughter of Jesse Calton and Nancy Raines Coffey. Jesse and Lucinda were first cousins, once removed, both descendants of Jesse and Margaret Edmiston Coffey.

Haywood registered for the WW1 draft on Sep. 12, 1918 in Watauga Co.*

Children of Haywood and Mary Elizabeth were:

Mancenie (Cenie), born Oct. 3, 1903 in Watauga Co., died May 28, 1974 in NC. She married Roby Leonard Rich on Jun. 12, 1920 in Watauga Co. Roby was born Jul. 2, 1894 in NC and died Jul. 17, 1953 in that state.

Alice V., born c1905 in NC, died c1924 in Caldwell Co. She married James Henry Bennett c1924 in NC. He was born Sep. 20, 1904 in NC, died Nov. 24, 1962. Alice apparently died in childbirth, because James subsequently married her sister, Jannie Delana Hatley on Oct. 31, 1926 in NC. Jannie was born Feb. 27, 1909 in Avery Co., and died Sep. 22, 1988 in NC.

Omie Devada, born Apr. 3, 1907 in NC, died Mar. 26, 1972 in Avery Co. She married Charles Woodruff, born Feb. 23, 1910, died Dec. 11, 1975.

Jannie Delana - see above.

Ernest C., born c1912

Robert Woodrow, born Mar. 15, 1915, died 1991

Beulah Doris, born Feb. 19, 1916, died Feb. 15, 1971. She married Himal Carroll.

William Jay (Bill), born Jul. 18, 1918, died Jul. 19, 1988

Jessie, born c1919

Ethel Blanche, born Mar. 8, 1921

Daisy Pearl, born Jan. 21, 1923, died Jan. 19, 1986. She married Isaac Hill Maltba.

More information is needed on the children of this family. Please send additions and/or corrections to the e-mail address below:

*Haywood Hatley registered for the draft in Watauga Co. on Sep. 12, 1918. He was described as being tall with medium build, blue eyes and brown hair. He was age 44 yrs., born Aug. 23, 1874. He was a farmer and resident of Blowing Rock, Watauga Co., NC where he resided with his wife, Mary Eliz. Hatley. He signed the registration card with his mark.
Update Sep. 21, 2007:
I believe that Haywood was the son of William M. and Eliza Ann Sides Hatley. Other children of William and Eliza were: Mary, born c1877; Jackson Sidney "Jack", born Jun. 12, 1878, died Dec. 15, 1933, married Drusinna Phillips; Kizzie Ann (Nancy K. (?), married John Wesley Coffey and Lillie Victoria, married Silas Columbus Coffey.

April 11, 2007

WW2 Coffey Enlistments from Caldwell Co., NC

WW2 Coffey enlistments from Caldwell Co., NC. Data includes Name, birth year, native birth, date of enlistment, state, enlistment state.

Albert L Coffey 1906 NC 15 Aug 1942 NC SC
Albert W Coffey 1927 NC 31 Oct 1945 NC NC
Alfred B Coffey 1922 NC 30 Nov 1942 NC SC
Archie R Coffey 1911 NC 28 Oct 1943 NC SC
Boyd R Coffey 1923 NC 16 Mar 1943 NC SC
Clarence T Coffey Jr 1921 NC 9 Dec 1944 NC SC
Dock E Coffey 1917 WV 20 Feb 1941 NC NC
Donald R R Coffey 1929 NC 28 Nov 1945 NC NC
Edgar L Coffey 1923 NC 25 Feb 1943 NC SC
Finley T Coffey 1915 NC 20 Apr 1942 NC NC
Fred O Coffey 1924 NC 23 Jun 1943 NC SC
George R Coffey 1923 NC 23 Feb 1943 NC SC
George S Coffey 1914 NC 29 Oct 1943 NC SC
Gus E Coffey 1915 NC 26 Jan 1943 NC SC
Harold T Coffey 1927 NC 3 Nov 1945 NC NC
Herman L Coffey 1922 VA 27 Jan 1943 NC SC
Howard W Coffey 1922 NC 30 Nov 1942 NC SC
Jack Coffey 1921 NC 15 Aug 1942 NC SC
James Coffey 1926 NC 8 Dec 1944 NC SC
James C Coffey 1921 NC 1 Dec 1942 NC SC
Jennings O Coffey 1916 NC 16 Sep 1940 NC NC
Kenneth W Coffey 1925 NC 26 Aug 1943 NC SC
Lawrence C Coffey 1862 9 Mar 1946 NC NC
Lemuel H Coffey 1927 NC 8 Feb 1946 NC OK
Lester E Coffey 1924 NC 11 Mar 1946 NC NC
Linney J Coffey 1916 NC 20 Apr 1944 NC NC
Millard L Coffey 1922 NC 30 Nov 1942 NC SC
P Coffey Junior 1920 NC 23 Sep 1942 NC SC
Paul J Coffey 1910 NC 23 Jun 1943 NC SC
Roy L Coffey 1924 NC 17 Oct 1942 NC TN
Verley L Coffey 1924 NC 14 Jul 1943 NC SC
William R Coffey 1923 NC 27 Dec 1941 NC NC
William T Coffey 1925 NC 23 Jan 1946 NC IN
Willie M Coffey Sr 1919 NC 12 Nov 1943 NC SC

William Willis Coffey

William was a son of Ransom and Malinda Delphia Cox Coffey. He was born May 11, 1856 in TN and died [of pulmonary tuberculosis] on Feb. 26, 1927 in Wildie, Rockcastle Co., KY. He was married to Sarah Winefred (Winnie) Parsons who was born Feb. 13, 1863 in Wayne Co., KY to Samuel and Jane Cook Parsons, on Apr. 14, 1881 in Rockcastle Co. Winnie died in Rockcastle Co. on [of nephritis] on Jul. 5, 1927. Both William and Winnie are buried in the Maret Cemetery at Wildie.

I found this family in the 1910 census residing in the Mt. Vernon Pct., and in 1920 in the Wildie Pct. I have not been able to locate them in 1900.

1910 Rockcastle Co., Mt. Vernon Pct., ED100, Sheet 5A, dwelling/family not given, Coffey, William W., head, male, white, age 53, married once for 29 yrs., born TN, parents born TN, farmer; Sarah W., wife, female, white, age 47, married once for 29 yrs., mother of 7, 5 living, born KY, parents born KY; James, son, male, white, age 23, single, born KY, father born TN, mother born KY; Lou M., dau., female, white, age 20, single, born KY, father born TN, mother born KY; Hugh, son, male, white, age 12, single, born KY, father born TN, mother born KY

1920 Rockcastle Co., Wildie Pct., ED241, Sheet 8B, dwelling/family 145, Coffey, William W., head, male, white, age 63, married, born TN, parents born TN, farmer; Sarah W., wife, female, white, age 56, married, born KY, parents born KY; Hugh, son, male, white, age 21, married, born KY, father born TN, mother born KY; Vesta, dau-in-law, female, white, age 19, married, born KY, parents born KY

There were seven children born to William and Winnie:

Lester, born Apr. 19, 1882, died Nov. 9, 1908, buried at Maret.

Samuel M., born Sep. 26, 1883, died in Adair Co., KY on Sep. 19, 1959. His WW1 draft registration card indicated that he was of medium height and build with blue eyes and brown hair. He was a farmer in Disputant, Rockcastle Co., and listed his nearest relative as Mollie Coffey of the same place.

William Rance, born Feb. 20, 1885 in Rockcastle Co., died Oct. 10, 1984 in the same county. He is also buried at Maret alongside his wife, Etna Mae Hayes. Etna was the daughter of Thomas C. and Mary M. Griffin Hayes. Etna was born Oct. 2, 1882 in Rockcastle Co., and died there on May 5, 1974. Their children were: Arvol Lester, born Oct. 22, 1909, died Jun. 2, 1974; Lillian Avis, born Nov. 22, 1911; Robert Lloyd, born Jan. 7, 1914, died Dec. 16, 1996; Willis Estyll, born Dec. 21, 1916, died Jun. 7, 1923; Shirley Ransom, born Jan. 24, 1920, died Jun. 12, 1925 and Julian Irene, born Sep. 27, 1925, died Aug. 5, 2002.

James, born Nov. 1886

Mary Lou, born Sep., 1889, died 1993. She married Gilbert Dailey, born 1885, died 1921.

Walter, born Aug. 6, 1894, died Oct. 13, 1896

Hugh, born Mar., 1898, died Dec. 27, 1994. He married Vesta Coffey, a distant cousin, and daughter of William Ausbon and Cordelia Tee Raynolds Coffey. Their children were William O., born 1920, and Thelma C., born 1923. There are likely others that I have not yet found.

More information is available for most of these family members.

Contact me with additions/corrections.

April 9, 2007

Nathan and Sarah Coffey Green

Sarah was the daughter of Jesse and Margaret Edmiston Coffey. She was born c1804 in NC, and died Aug., 1879 in Jefferson Co., TN. She married Nathan Green, a son of Jeremiah and Mary Wiseman Green in about 1818 in Ashe Co., NC. Nathan was born c1800 in Watauga Co., and died c1839 in Jefferson Co., TN.

There were at least five children born to the marriage:

Mary J., born Mar. 4, 1821, died Feb. 23, 1881. On Jul 20, 1837 she married Jonathan Quarles in Jefferson Co. He was born in that county on Aug. 10, 1819, and died there on Jul. 22, 1858. I know of no children born to this couple.

Margaret, born Jan. 31, 1823 in TN, died Sep. 27, 1908 in Jefferson Co. She married Asa Smelcer on Feb. 18, 1866 in Jefferson Co. He was born c1820 in that county and died there in 1870. Margaret is said to have also married a Logan Poe, but I have no record. I know of no children born to either marriage.

Nancy, born 1818 in TN, married William Prewitt on Dec. 29, 1847 in Jefferson Co. I have no further information.

Jeremiah Jeffferson, born Sep. 16, 1829 in Jefferson Co., died Mar. 2, 1909 in that county. He married Elizabeth J. Brooks there on Mar. 2, 1849. She was born Apr. 18, 1832 in Jefferson Co., and died there on Jan. 29, 1917. No further information.

Francis M., born c1839. No further information.

Sarah was enumerated in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 Jefferson Co., TN census. In 1850 she was a widow with Mary J. Coffee, age 10, and Saphrona C. Coffee, age 5, born TN in the household. I do not know who these Coffee [sic] children belong to.

In 1860 she was living with her widowed daughter, Mary J. Green Quarrels in Jefferson Co., and in 1870 she was in the household with her son Jeremiah in that county.

Additions and/or Corrections

April 6, 2007

William Luther and Mary Salome Moretz Coffey (Corrected)

William Luther Coffey was a son of Jesse Calton and Nancy Raines Coffey. He was born Mar. 6, 1850 in TN, and died Mar. 5, 1925 in Watauga Co., NC. He married Mary Salome (Sallie) Moretz, a daughter of Daniel and Catharine Bolick Moretz. Sallie was born Aug. 20, 1850 in Watauga Co., and died Mar. 20, 1940 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co., NC. I have not found a marriage date for them.

The following information was received from Brenda Trivette, a GG-Granddaughter:

"Although in the 1870 and 1880 census records for Watauga County Sally Coffey is said to be one year older than her husband William and the couple's tombstone in the Old Mount Pleasant Cemetery reads: William L. Coffey, March 6, 1850--March 5, 1925 and Salome Moretz Coffey, August 20, 1850-- March 20, 1940. These dates agree with those in the family Bible.

William Luther Coffey was the son of Jesse Calton Coffey (April 21, 1821--Aug.28, 1904) and Nancy Raines Coffey (Sept. 30, 1822--Jan. 14, 1899), who lived below where Tweetsie Railroad now runs and are buried in the Middle Fork Cemetery above the railroad...William and Sally had 12 children...

Will and Sally Coffey lived in the Big Hill section of Meat Camp Township on land given to Sally by her parents. Will was a nursery-man who grew, grafted and sold all kinds of fruit trees and grape vines. He is remembered by his granddaughter Georgia Bodenheimer Norris (born June 10, 1908, daughter of Lizzie) as a kind, strict man who would stand for no cutting up at the table. ("He'd give you one look and you knew what he meant.") He worked hard and provided well for his family. He would get up early and go out to work awhile before breakfast, (Georgia recalls her mother saying), but would never ask his children to go out and help him before breakfast.

He did not use tobacco in any form, but Sally chewed. She kept the habit a secret at first but finally told her husband, deciding "if he killed me he couldn't eat me". He did neither and after that she could chew with a clear conscience.

Around 1912 Will built a new house near the old one in which he and Sally had raised their family. The new house had a unique double staircase so you didn't have to go down the way you went up.

Will is said to have been a man of medium height who walked with a limp. He suffered from high blood pressure and heart dropsy. After he died, Sally stayed on in the house for eight years with her daughters Maud and Edna and her granddaughter Rose (Victor's daughter, who had come to live with her grandparents after her mother died). In 1923 the four of them moved to Lenoir where Sally died."

There were at least 12 children born to this union:

Arthur A., born Oct. 17, 1870

Victor Judson, born Oct. 29, 1872, died Feb. 1863. He married Frances Adeline Moretz on Aug. 3, 1899 in Watauga Co. Frances was born Apr. 15, 1873, and died May 11, 1913. They had at least four children: Hernando LeRoy, born Feb. 13, 1900, died Dec. 7, 1969; Frances Leona, born Mar. 6, 1902; Doris Winona, born Nov. 9, 1904; and Charles Raymond, born Apr. 2, 1907, died Apr. 28, 1987. Victor is also said to have been married to Emma Moretz, born Jun. 6, 1897, died Aug. 28, 1963. I have not found a record of this marriage.

Dell Carlton, born Jul. 1, 1875 in Watauga Co., died Jun. 4, 1963 in Watauga Co. He married Mary Jane Bodenheimer on Nov. 6, 1895. She was born Apr. 18, 1876 in Yadkin Co., NC, and died Nov. 7, 1974 in Watauga Co. There were 13 children born to this union: Robert Leroy, born Oct. 28, 1896, died May 13, 1974; Ora Estella, born Aug. 1, 1898, died Nov. 27, 1985; William Edgar, born Feb. 5, 1900, died Oct. 3, 1906; Mamie, born Nov. 15, 1901, died Dec. 22, 1901; Emma Edith, born Nov. 11, 1902, died Dec. 19, 1902; Addie Lee, born Jan. 10, 1904, died Feb. 15, 1964; David Glenn, born Feb. 27, 1906, died Apr. 17, 1996; Ira Calton, born Jul. 15, 1908, died Jan. 30, 2000; Paul Alfred, born Dec. 30, 1909; Walter Murray, born Jul. 22, 1912, died Mar. 3, 1985; anna Belle, born Jan. 28, 1915; Ray Albert, born Sep. 20, 1918, died Oct. 29, 1929; and Viola Mary, born Oct. 31, 1920, died Mar. 20, 1921.

Norman Oran, born Aug. 27, 1877 in Watauga Co., died Aug. 18, 1937 in Port Henry, Essex Co., NY. He married Carrie Norris, a daughter of John H. and Miriam Loretta Crowell Norris on Jan. 5, 1898 in Watauga Co. Carrie was born May 22, 1879 in Watauga Co., and died Feb. 15, 1968 in Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC. They had at least 6 children: Mabel Loretta, born Oct. 23, 1897, died Sep. 30, 1932; John Bynum, born Feb. 23, 1899, died Sep. 6, 1959; Clyde D., born c1903; Wilson H., born c1905; Virginia Clara, born Apr. 26, 1906, died Apr. 27, 1977; and Lorena, born c1912.

Nora Ellen, born Jan. 8, 1880, died Jun. 14, 1966

Kenneth P., born Oct. 21, 1881, died Aug. 19, 1886

Frances Elizabeth, born Mar. 23, 1884, died Oct. 31, 1961. She married Will A. Bodenheimer, born Jul. 31, 1885, died May 11, 1977. At least four children were born: Georgia Sallie, born Jun. 10, 1908; Earl McCoy, born May 22, 1912; Lillian, born c1917; and Ruby Helen, born Mar. 27, 1922.

Rachel Ada, born Mar. 31, 1886 in Watauga Co., died Mar. 14, 1975. She married W. Johnson Green, born Apr. 20, 1883, died Apr. 4, 1967. They had at least two children: Jodie Velma, born Feb. 23, 1914, and William Dale, born Mar. 1, 1915.

Margaret Alberta, born Jul. 4, 1888 in Watauga Co., died Jan. 31, 1918 in Watauga Co. She married Elbert Solomon Norris, born Aug. 1884, died Oct. 1933. At least six children were born to their union: Nina Beular, born Jan. 31, 1910; Walter Denver, born Mar. 27, 1911, died Oct. 24, 1987; Clara E., born Nov. 14, 1912; Unnamed, born Jul. 7, 1914; Nancy S., born Sep. 4, 1915; and Lola Maude, born Aug. 28, 1917.

William Leon, born Jul. 29, 1893 in Watauga Co., died Aug. 11, 1963. He married Marion Edna Norris, born Oct. 7, 1895 in Watauga Co., died Mar. 10, 1987. They had at least nine children: Homer Leon, born Jun. 29, 1913; Thelma Edna, born Feb. 28, 1915, died May, 26, 1995; Arthur Wade, born Jun. 29, 1917; Ida Irene, born Feb. 23, 1919; Jewel Salome, born c1920; Marion Helen, born Jun. 16, 1924; Rena Marie, born Jul. 21, 1926; Waymon Wayne, born Jan. 7, 1929; and Stanley Owen, born Apr. 26, 1931, died Oct. 4, 2005.

Maude Estella, born Aug. 29, 1894, died Mar. 27, 1949

Edna Mae, born May. 6, 1898, died Oct. 14, 1964.

Please contact me at the e-mail address above to add to or correct any of this information.

April 4, 2007

Hugh Coffey and Agnes Montgomery

I received news from Bill Love this morning that he has succeeded in having his ancestor Hugh Coffey recognized as a Patriot by the Sons of the American Revolution.

Bill wrote:

Hugh Coffey, Sr., born 13 May 1750, Harper's Ferry, Jefferson, VA; married Agnes Montgomery in 1769 in Lancaster Co. SC. Hugh Sr. was a soldier in the SC militia 1780, 1781, 1782 under Lt. Col. Henry Hampton at Blackstock's Plantation. From 23 Apr to 11 May and 4 Jul to 31 Jul 1781 was in cavalry under Lt. Col Frederick Kimball at Camden. Tories took all his property.

My lineage to Hugh Coffey, Sr. is:

Gen. 1. Joseph William Love, Jr.
Gen. 2. Joseph William Love and Eva Elizabeth Henderson
Gen. 3. John Blake Love and Lucy Peace Caskey
Gen. 4. William Jefferson Caskey and Sarah Rebecca Chapman
Gen. 5. John Coffey Caskey and Adaline Tomlinson
Gen. 6. Samuel Caskey and Nancy Agnes Coffey
Gen. 7. John Coffey and Esther Givens
Gen. 8. Hugh Coffey, Sr. and Agnes Montgomery

Also serving in the Rev. War in this line that I have approved supplementals for are Samuel Henderson, NJ; John Caskey, SC; Allen Chapman, VA; and Thomas Powe, SC. I would be happy to help anyone with info on these lines who are applying to DAR or SAR. I am sure that some of Hugh Coffey's brothers also were in the Rev. War in SC.

Anyone wishing to contact Bill about his lineage can contact me for his address. His national SAR number is 139830; Texas state number is 7055.

April 2, 2007

Coffee/Coffey Blogs Available on CD

All of the Coffee/Coffey Call blogs from Dec. 2004 through Mar. 2007 are now availabe on CD.

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