August 29, 2007

Maudie Coffey Jackson

This photo depicts, from left to right, Maudie, America Florence, and Martha Coffey. Maudie and Martha were sisters; America was a sister to L. Henderson. She married Litton Keith, born Dec. 5, 1890 in KY and died there on Oct. 12, 1920. Florence was born Mar. 11, 1890 in Wayne Co., KY and died Nov. 29, 1993 in that state.

This photo is of Maudie and, apparently taken before her marriage (she is not wearing a wedding ring) to Charles Jackson.

This too may be a pre-wedding photograph. Perhaps it is an engagement photograph.

Maudie and Charles, perhaps also pre-marriage. I cannot discern a wedding ring on either person. Charles Jackson was born Feb. 28, 1906 in Owsley Co., KY and died Mar. 29, 1983 in Hamilton Co., OH. Both he and Maudie are buried at the Rose Hill Cemetery, Princeton Pike, Hamilton Co.

And finally, Maudie in recent years. She died in 1994 at Fairfield, OH and is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Princeton Pike, Hamilton Co., OH.

I previously mis-identified this photo as Maudie Coffey Jackson. It is actually Alice Sims Clark, wife of L. Henderson Coffey and, Maudie's mother. She was born Dec. 5, 1887 in Kentucky and died Oct. 26, 1979 in that state.

Alice was the daughter of Henry and Rebecca Morrow Clark who were also parents of Sallie Belle Clark, born May 3, 1884, died Nov. 20, 1966. Sallie was the wife of Benjamin Franklin Coffey, Jr., a brother to L. Henderson Coffey.

August 28, 2007

L. Henderson Coffey

L. Henderson Coffey was a son of Benjamin Franklin Coffey and Martha Lorilda Dobbs. He was born Mar. 29, 1886 in Kentucky and died Jan. 5, 1909 in McCreary Co., KY. He married Alice Sims Clark in Jan., 1911. After the death of Henderson, Alice married Alex Tucker with whom she had eight more children. Alice died in Kentucky on Oct. 26, 1979. Alex was born Nov. 12, 1890 in Kentucky and died on Oct. 6, 1971 in Wayne Co., KY
Henderson and Alice had two children:

- Maudie, born Nov. 13, 1906 at Wolf Creek, Yamacrow, McCreary Co., died Mar. 23, 1994 in Hamilton Co., OH. Maudie married Charles Jackson c1931 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co.
Maudie Coffey Jackson

She is buuried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Princeton Pike, Hamilton Co.

- Martha, born Sep., 1908 and is still living, although in poor health. Her husband was Oscar Jones of Wayne Co., KY.

The following, as well as the photographs, was contributed by Ola Jackson of Fairfield, OH who is a grandchild of Henderson and Alice:

"The story of my Grandfather Henderson is a sad one. He was playing cards with a "friend" and lost. There was a disagreement . The next morning he was riding his horse past another friends barn, when the disgruntled card player heard him comment to the friend that he had cheated. The "friend" then came out and shot him.. My mother was just 3 years old and her sister , Martha was 1 year old. I have recently found out that the man's name who shot Henderson was Owen Worley. Maudie had eight more siblings who had a different father. Alice Clark Coffey. married Alex Tucker of Wayne County KY. One of the half sisters told me that name. My mother told me that it was around Christmas when Grandfather was shot.... He lived until January."

"Maudie was born at Wolf Creek, Yamacraw , Kentucky She was raised in Wayne County. I don't know if Martha was born in McCreary County or not, but she was raised in Wayne County. I do know that my mother attended school in McCreary County. Maudie died on March 23, 1994. This Coffey Family is buried in Coffey Cemetery #1. Benjamin Franklin Coffey owned much land that they sold part of to The Stearns Coal Co."

[The] "Cemetery where Maudie Jackson is interred is Rose Hill Cemetery, Princeton Pike , Hamilton , Ohio. She passed away here in Fairfield. We have lived in and around Fairfield for many years. I am the 5th child of Maudie and Charles Jackson.. Grandfather L. Henderson was the son of Benjamin Franklin Coffey Sr. and Lorilda (I have seen different spellings such as Lorilla, Cereilea, etc. on the internet.) Dobbs. Alice Clark was the daughter of Henry Clark , born in Campbell County TN or Whitley County Ky, reports differ, and Rebecca Morrow. They lived in Wayne County Kentucky. Henry was a Civil War Veteran, joining when he was 17. He died in October 1942. He was in the 12th KY Reg. Co H. .The Clarks are from Henry County Virginia."

Please contact me at the e-mail address below to add to or correct any of this information.

August 22, 2007

Theodocia Coffey Conundrum (Updated 9/24/07)

I have two different sources that disagree on who the parents were of the Theodocia (Docia) Coffey that married Columbus Filmore (Lum) Blalock on Nov. 13, 1911* in Avery Co. This source is based on intimate family knowledge.

The second source insists that she was the daughter of Thomas Avery and Louisa E. Gragg Coffey. The other source indicates that she was the daughter of Joseph Burgess and Mary** Lagustia [sp?] Gragg Coffey. This source's argument is based on census records.

So, I did some extra census browsing to see what I could prove, or disprove.

This is the Docia who married Lum Blalock:

I have her birth date as Aug. 28, 1884*.

In Nov. 1911 when she married Lum Blalock she had already reached her 27th birthday, meaning she was born 1884.

In the Jan 19, 1920 census for Bend, Deschutes Co., OR she was 35 yrs old, 7 months shy of her 36h birth date. So, on her birthday in Aug., 1920, at age 36, she would have been born in 1884.

She returned to North Carolina after Lum's death in 1925. In the 2 Apr 1930 census she was 45 yrs old and was about 4 1/2 months shy of her 46th birthday. So, on her birthday in Aug. 1930, at age 46, she would have been born in 1884.

When she died on Feb. 14, 1941 she was 56 yrs old, meaning she was born 1884.

So, if she was a daughter of Thomas Avery, she should have been in the 1900 and 1910 census, but was not.

This is the one for Joseph Burgess:

His daughter was born in Jan. 1880, and according to the 1900 census, enumerated Jun. 6, she was 20 yrs old, indicating a birth year of 1880.

She was not with the family in 1910, meaning I suppose, that she married, or went elsewhere (she didn't die until 1955) sometime between Jun. 6, 1900 and Apr. 26, 1910.

There is a 1955 death record in Caldwell Co. for Docia Samanthia Coffey, daughter of Burgess and Mary Gragg Coffey.

In my experience with the Caldwell Co. records, the deceased person is indexed under their married name, then the record lists the name the parents. I think if Joseph Burgess' Docia had married, she would not have been indexed as a Coffey.

So, we are - in my opinion - talking about two different women named Docia, one the daughter of Joseph Burgess and one the daughter of someone else, perhaps Thomas Avery. The only thing that I have not figured out is why - if a daughter of Thomas - she never appears in the census record with them.

On the otherhand, if the marriage date of Docia to Lum is off by a year, that would explain why she wasn't with the Thomas Avery family in 1910. Instead of 1911, she could have married him in 1910 or perhaps living with him at the time of the 1910 census. But, I have not found her anywhere in the 1910 census. I also do not have an explanation why she does not appear with Thomas Avery in 1900.

At this time, I do not believe that the daughter of Joseph Burgess was the one that married Lum.

Write to me at the e-mail address below to correct my math or, to discuss my conclusion.

**One source lists her given name as Margaret, not Mary

Martha Renia (Sarena?) Coffey

Martha was born Mar. 12, 1827 in the Globe Twp. of Caldwell Co., NC, the daughter of Jacob Zachariah (Zack) and Margaret Coffey Coffey. Martha married Leason Gragg, a son of David Obediah and Elizabeth Webb Gragg on Nov. 23, 1860 in Globe. She died in Globe on Apr. 26, 1920. Leason was born May 1834 in Burke Co., NC and died in Collettsville, Caldwell Co. in 1910.

Their children were:

David Obodiah, born Jun. 4, 1861 in Caldwell Co. and died Oct. 14, 1933 in North Carolina. He married Frances Elizabeth (Fanny) Dellinger c1881 in North Carolina. Fanny was born in Caldwell Co. in 1864 and died in Norfolk, VA in 1946. She was the daughter of Elkanna and Elizabeth (Betty) Godsey Dellinger.

Grayson Columbus, born Dec. 28, 1876 in Globe and died Apr. 21, 1955 in Collettsville. He married Mary Cordelia Hicks in Lenoir, Caldwell Co. on Dec. 18, 1899.

George N., born c1877

John Robert Joshua, born Dec. 1878. He first married Mary Adelaide Coffey on May 2, 1898 to a daughter of Julius Calvin and Eugenia Lavinia (Genie) Dellinger Coffey. Mary was born 1880 in North Carolina. After eleven children, the last born in 1919, Mary apparently died and John married Sarah E. Coffey, born Oct. 1881 to Jesse (Red Eye) and Lucinda Louise Coffey Coffey. This marriage took place after Apr. 2, 1930 because on that date John Robert appeared in the Caldwell Co. census as a widower. Sarah had first married John's brother, James W. Gragg in about 1906, with whom she had ten children. James was born Oct. 19, 1883 and died Jun. 15, 1926 in Caldwell Co.

I have some descendant information for most of the children.

Please contact me at the e-mail address below to request more information or, to add to or correct any of this information.

August 19, 2007

The John Lewis Cook and Mary Anna (Polly) Coffey Family

John Lewis Cook was born in Lincoln Co., NC on Jan. 14, 1823 and died Jan. 27, 1883 in Eagleville, Harrison Co., MO. He and Mary Anna (Polly) married in Morgan Co., IN on Dec. 15, 1842. She was born Dec. 13, 1824 in Pulaski Co., KY, the daughter of Lewis Moses and Delilah Turpin Coffey. Polly died Nov. 23, 1878 in Harrison Co.

John and Polly were in Morgan county at least until the mid-to-late 1850s. Their first four children were born there. By the time of the 1860 census in June, the family was in Harrison Co., where they remained until death. Both are buried at the Hoffman/Hobbs/Edwards Cemetery in Harrison Co.

Over their 40+ years of marriage John and Polly became parents of 11 children, seven boys and only four girls.

They were:

Catherine, born 1843 in Morgan Co., IN and died Apr. 22, 1895 in Harrison Co. She married William Asberry Lack c1860. He was born Feb. 7, 1837 in Illinois and died Mar. 13, 1910 in Harrison Co. They are buried in the Hobbs Chapel Cemetery at Ridgeway in Harrison Co. I know of one child, Nancy Missouri, born 1862, died 1940. Nancy married James Buchanan Cook, born 1857 in Clark Co., IL, died 1927 in Harrison Co.

Nancy Ann, born 1846, married Daniel B. Miller.

John Lewis, Jr., born Jul. 27, 1848 in Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN and died Jan. 31, 1924 in Ridgeway. He married Sarah Margaret Riffen, who died Nov. 30, 1927 in Harrison Co.

Update Aug. 5, 2009

Many of the Cook family are buried at Hobbs Chapel Cemetery at Ridgeway, Harrison Co., MO.  This is the headstone for John, Jr. and wife Sarah Margaret Riffen Cook:

Philip, born Jan. 13, 1850 in Morgan Co., died Apr. 19, 1924 in Logan Co., KS. He married Lucinda O'Neal on Dec. 25, 1871 in Harrison Co. They had at least nine children: Ollie Arthur, Sarah Ann, Lawrence Matis, Bertha May, George Martin, Maude Francis, Lora Jane, Clarence Marshall and Jacob.

Christopher Columbus (Lum), born Dec. 5, 1852 in Indiana (probably Morgan Co.) and died Aug. 24, 1940 in Harrison Co., MO. He married first Rebecca Jane O'neal on Oct. 19, 1873 in Harrison Co. She was born in Indiana c1845 and died in Oct., 1882. His second wife as Jesse Belle Fowler, born May. 27, 1858 in OH, and died Apr. 11, 1892 in Harrison Co. His third wife was Mrs. Sarah Lacy Spurgeon to whom he was married c1903. She was born in Mar., 1843 in Missouri.

Delilah, born Mar. 7, 1855 in Marion, Harrison Co., married Alonzo Hugh O'Neal on Dec. 31, 1873 in Harrison Co. He was born c1851 in Marion. Their children were seven: Aden Lewis, born Mar. 6, 1875, died in Otoe Co., NE; Gilbert, born c1877; Charles, born c1879; George, born c1881; Annie, born c1883; Mary Alice, born Aug., 1886, died Oct. 3, 1957, and Ethel, born c1887.

Jacob Granville, born 1857, married Adelia Josephine Hughes.

William Martin, born 1859, married Mary Alice Gant.

Update Aug. 5, 2009:

Here is William's headstone:

George Washington, born 1862, married Ida Allen Cook.

James Thomas, born 1866, died 1950, married Fidella Florence Best, born 1868, died 1950.

In 1870 Polly's mother, Delilah Turpin Coffey, was enumerated as a widow in the Cook household. According to one source, Delilah died in Morgan Co., IN in 1873. Also in the household that year was Lewis Coffey, Polly's brother, age 25 and Susan C. Coffey, age 11. I have not yet identified the parents of Susan. Neither have I found the family in the 1880 census.

Please contact me with additions and/or corrections at the e-mail address above.

August 17, 2007

Jesse (Red Eye) Coffey

Jesse, whose middle name may be Cleveland, was born c1859 to Cleveland and Mary Ann Miles (Mills?) Coffey in Watauga or Caldwell Co., NC. He died Jan. 31, 1941 in Caldwell Co. Jesse married Lucinda Louisa (Lou) Coffey on Sep. 20, 1878 in Watauga Co. Lucinda was the daughter of Jesse Calton and Nancy Raines Coffey. Cleveland was uncle to Jesse Calton.

"Red Eye" and Lou had seven children:

Mary Elizabeth Coffey, born Aug. 23, 1877 in Watauga Co., died Aug. 1, 1956 in Blowing Rock, Watauga Co. She married Haywood Hatley in Caldwell Co. in 1899. Haywood is buried in White Springs Cemetery in Watauga Co. and, Mary is believed to also be buried there. They were parents of 11 children: Mancenie (Cenie), born Oct. 3, 1903, died May 28, 1974; Alice V., born c1905, died 1924; Omie Devada, born Apr. 3, 1907, died Mar. 26, 1972; Jannie Delana, born Feb. 27, 1909, died Sep. 22, 1988; Ernest C., born c1912; Robert Woodrow, born Mar. 15, 1915, died 1991; Beulah Doris, born Feb. 19, 1916, died Feb. 15, 1971; William Jay (Bill), born Jul. 18, 1918, died Jul. 19, 1988; Jessie, born c1919; Ethel Blanche, born Mar. 8, 1921; and Daisy Pearl, born Jan. 21, 1928, died Jan. 19, 1986

Sarah E. E., born Oct., 1881 in Caldwell Co., married first to James W. Gragg, a son of Leason and Martha Renie Coffey Gragg. James was born Oct. 19, 1883 in Caldwell Co., and died there in Jun. 15, 1926. They were married c1906 in Caldwell Co. There were 10 children born to this marriage: Stella Lou, born Apr. 17, 1906; Nancy Elizabeth, born May 11, 1907; Hester, born Feb. 2, 1909, died Mar. 14, 1948; Florence, born c1911; Columbus Newton, born Feb. 12, 1912, died Jun. 30, 1979; Albert Robert, born Jul 23, 1913, died Dec. 22, 1989; Piolet P., born c1916, died Jan. 16, 1939, married Joseph Monroe Coffey, a son of Julius Adore and Aston Jane Dellinger Coffey; Leason Obidiah, born 1916, died Feb. 23, 1986, married Nell Elizabeth Coffey, daughter of Julius Calvin and Clearcy Adams Coffey; Lue Cenia, born Mar. 25, 1918, died Oct., 1986; and Joseph, born c1920.

William Carlton (Will), born Jan. 1884, died Nov. 30, 1957. He married Bessie Mae Townsend, born Jan. 22, 1890, died Dec. 26, 1956, in Caldwell Co. in 1907. They were parents of 11 children: Lula, born Jul. 1, 1908, died 1989; Joe Cleveland, born Aug. 19, 1912, died Apr. 24, 1994; Rose Ellen, born Jan. 19, 1914, died 1914; Emma, born Apr. 24, 1915, died 1930; George Thomas (Pig Tom), born Aug. 29, 1917, died Jan. 3, 2007, married Cordelia Viola Coffey, daughter of Thomas Newton (Black Tom) and Ella Mae Loudeermilt Coffey. Thomas Newton and George Thomas were second cousins; Nancy Elizabeth, born Oct. 6, 1919, died 1989, married Dillard Green Coffey, a son of David William and Dessie Crump Coffey. Dillard and William Calton were distant cousins. John William, born Oct. 24, 1922, died May 31, 2007; Lillie Ruth, born Aug. 22, 1924, died Jan. 26, 2003, married Roby Clint Coffey, a son of Horance Clinton and Viola T. Cook Coffey. Roby and William Walton were close cousins. Troy Abner, born Apr. 27, 1927; Cora Lee, born Apr. 30, 1930; and Monroe Jackson, born Jan. 4, 1934.

Jesse Cleveland, born Dec. 1888 in Caldwell Co., married Eliza Loudermilt in 1910 in Caldwell Co. They were parents of at least six children: Annie Rivers, born 1911, died 1952; Nannie B., born c1912, married William Glenn Coffey, a son of Jesse Calton and Julia E. Hollifield Coffey. Nannie and William were close cousins. Lester Devarlin, born c1914; Zelma, born c1915; Nettie J., born Feb. 27, 1920; and Jerry Baxter, born 1923, died 1973.

James Perry, born c1885, died 1971 in Caldwell Co. He married Bertha Noblett c1905 in North Carolina. Their children were six: James Perry, Jr., born c1917; Jessee Logan, born 1917, died 1973; Troy William, born Oct. 29, 1920, died Feb. 16, 1995; Rosey, born c1924; Catherine, born about Jan. 1926; and George Thomas, born May 19, 1928, died Dec. 21, 1989.

Thomas Newton (Black Tom), born May 1890 in Caldwell Co., died there in 1940. He married Ella Mae Loudermilt in Caldwell Co. in 1909. She was born Oct. 1891 and died in Caldwell Co. in 1975. They were parents of 11 children: Mary, no dates' Missouri Ann (Zudie), born Nov. 10, 1910, died Aug. 4, 2003; Arizona (Zone), born 1912, married Harrison Thomas Coffey, a son of Willart T. "Iron Foot" and Eliza Alice Townsend Coffey; Epsey Magdelene, born 1916, died 1989; Arlie Clinton, born Jun. 24, 1918, died Sep. 25, 1974; Cordelia Viola (Cordie), born Aug. 14, 1920, died Jan., 1983, married George Thomas "Pig Tom" Coffey; Clinton (unsure of this one), born c1923; Rosie Annalee, born Sep. 30, 1924, died Feb. 9, 1971; Abner Willie, born May 9, 1925, died Sep 3, 1989; Lewis Monroe, born Nov. 5, 1929, died Dec. 5, 2004; and Spencer, born Nov. 6, 1930.

[Jan. 23, 2008: There were two other children born to this union between Thomas Newton and Ella Mae: Ruby Mae, born c1932 and Johnny Ray, born c1934. Two additional children may have been part of this family as well. They are Dolly Alwilma (Wilma, Lewilma?), and Ella May. No birth records have been found for them. Dolly married Leonard Dayton Coffey. A Dolly Coffey is listed as sister in the obituaries of several of Tom and Ella's known children. Please contact me if you can connect any of these children to the correct families.]

Rosa Bell (Rosie), born Sep. 1893, Caldwell Co., married Joseph Townsend. Their children were Mary, born c1914; Matilda Beatrice (Tilda), born 1916, died 1917; and Frank Lewis, born Oct. 14, 1919, died Mar. 28, 1999.

I have other spouses, children and dates. Please contact me at the below e-mail address for more information or, to add to or correct any of these data.

Lula married  Herbert Church on Aug. 13, 1932 in Boone.

August 15, 2007

Martin Coffey (1762-1867)

Martin Coffey is said to be a son of the so-far unfound Chesley and Jane Cleveland Coffey. Those of you researching Chesley know what I mean. He was allegedly born Sep. 15, 1762 in Essex Co., VA and died Nov. 27, 1867 in Wayne Co., KY.

A Martin Coffey is known to have married two or three times*. I know of two wives: His first wife was Nancy Phelps who he married on Aug. 17, 1798 in Madison Co., KY. There were at least six children born to this union:

Mary, born Sep. 16, 1799, died Aug. 24, 1881. She married Henry Meadows on Mar. 24, 1818 in Barren Co., KY. He was born Mar. 28, 1797 in Russell Co., KY, and died in Berwick, Warren Co., IL on Jan. 13, 1851. They had children: James V., born 1825, died 1911; Henry Winfrey, born 1831, died 1896; Althea, born 1834, died 1924; Artemesia, born 1836, died 1919, and Erastus, born 1842, died 1882.

Martin, born c1804 and Elizabeth, born c1811 - nothing known

Nancy Ellen, born c1813, married William Perry Meadows on Apr. 15, 1831 in Barren Co., KY. He was born Jun. 26, 1811 in Wayne Co., and died Apr. 24, 1870 in Warren Co., IL. I do not know of any children.

Artemesia, born c1817 in Wayne Co., married William Kelsay on Sep. 10, 1835 in Wayne Co. He was born c1810 in TN and died c1850 in Russell Co.

Joel, born c1818, married first to Permilia Haynes. She was born c1818 in Russell Co. They were married Jul. 31, 1836in Russell Co. There were at least three children born to this marriage: Martha Ellen, born c1838, Logan C., born c1843 and Quincy, born c1844. Permilia died sometime before 1855 when Joel married for a second time, this time to Mary Ann Mann. She was born c1835 in Virginia. Their children were: Baxter, born c1857, James W., born c1859, Theodore, born c1861; Viola O., born c1863, Ebenezer, born c1866 and Helen M., born c1870. Joel and his family were in Russell Co. at least from 1836 through 1880. I do not have a death date for him.

Martin's second wife is said to be Nancy Heriford (var). She was born 1795 in Jamestown, Russell Co., and died there in 1875. Their children were:

James, born Sep. 7, 1818, died Jul. 27, 1897. He married first on Jun. 30, 1836 to Martha (Patsy) Tucker, born Dec. 7, 1818 in Wayne Co., KY and died Mar. 7, 1877 in McKinney, Lincoln Co., KY. Their children were at least 12: James Washington, born 1837, died 1840, William Martin, born 1838, died 1890, Francis Marion, born 1840, died 1933, Moses, born 1843, died 1902, George Alfred (Dr.), born 1845, died 1919, Albert Galatin, born 1847, died 1929, Henry Jackson, born 1850, died 1929, Robert Blain, born 1852, died 1927, Mildred Ann, born 1854, died 1935, Nancy, born 1857, died 1928, Eliza Ann, born 1859, died 1861, and Sarah Elizabeth, born 1861. James' second wife was Clarinda Estes, born c1826 in KY. They were married Jan. 8, 1879. I do not know of any children.

Frances, born c1819 in KY, married George M. Brown Aug. 28, 1843 in Russell Co. I have not found any children yet.

Golson Wilson, born 1822 in Jamestown, Russell Co., married Rebecca Ann Shackleford Sep. 10, 1895 in KY. She died c1891. Their children were William F., born 1844, Ruben G., born 1847, Martin, born 1855, Nancy J., born 1856, James R., born 1858, Laura B., born 1859, and SarahF., born 1861.

Andrew, born c1823 in Jamestown, married there on Jun. 29, 1844 to Sarah A. Bernard, born c1826 in KY. Their children were: John W., born 1845, James W., born 1850, Golson W., born 1851, Lucinda Jane, born 1853, Frances A., born 1855, Walton N., born 1858, Elizabeth Ann, born 1860, Nancy, born 1862, Thomas A., born 1865, Edgar, born unknown, and Bryan A., born 1871.

John C., born 1828 in Jamestown, married Nancy LNU. Children were Martin A., born 1851, David F., born 1853, James W., born 1855, William Jefferson, born 1857, and Minerva E., born 1859.

Update, Feb. 9, 2013:

*Some researchers believe a third wife - actually his first wife - was Elizabeth Bronson (1762-1798).  I have seen some of those genealogies but, have not been able to confirm any information.  One proposed descendant of this marriage was Joel Coffey who married Ann Sharp[e] of Virginia.

August 13, 2007

Looking for help!

I have the following Coffey families from Caldwell Co., NC that I am unable to place with their parents.

  • Finley C. Coffey, m. Verdie Corpening - a child was Francis Nadine, born 5.18.1840

  • Finley C. Coffey, m. Sarah Pearson - a child was Magalener, born 3.1.1910

  • Henry C. Coffey, m. Ruth Ann Carter - a child was Frances Irene, born 7.27.1937

  • Jasper P. Coffey, m. Mary Jane Minton - a child was Ellis Lafayette, born 7.3.1888

  • Clarence M. Coffey, m. Bessie Simmons - a child was Peggy Jean, born 10.24.1930

  • Wm. H. Coffey, m. Mattie Maltba - a child was Albert Lee, born 6.9.1906 [Mattie could be d/o Wm. Zacharia and Mary Ann Maltba Coffey!?]

  • James C. Coffey, m. Etta Ann Barnette - a child was John Parlier, born 3.13.1896

  • Wm. Monroe Coffey, m. Polly Ann S. Coffey - a child was John Lee, born 9.23.1898 [Wm. Monroe Coffey and Mary Chandler Coffey also had a son named John Lee]

  • Margaret A. Coffey, no husband given - a child was Collis Ray, born 4.4.1911

  • Robert Lee Coffey, m. Jennie Celia Carlton - a child was Fanry [?] Isabell, born 12.18.1911

  • Amanda Coffey, no husband given - a child was Mattie Mae, born 1.9.1900

  • James William Coffey, m. Myra Sudderth - a child was Pearl Lucille, born 6.10.1912 [A Myra Sudderth also married Henry Coffey]

  • Geo. Wash. Coffey, m. Emma Rice - two children: Sidney Thomas, born 6.30.1914 and Auburn Zale, born 9.4.1927

  • Harrison Coffey, m. Wincie R. Teague - two children: Earl H., born 10.28.1907 and Grace Bell, born 11.1.1906

  • George G. Coffey, m. Ella Barnette - a child was Vernon Smith, born 11.17.1912

  • Thos. W. Coffey, m. Mary Lou E. Robbins - a child was Charlie Lee, born 6.14.1907

  • Robert Finley Coffey, m. Crettie Ritch - three children: Beulah Evelyn, born 8.22.1923; Lena Faye, born 5.26.1932, and Beadie Owen, born 2.27.1934*

Please contact me at the e-mail address below if you can help identify any of these people.

*Identified: Robert Finley was a son of Thomas Hall and Cora Ellen Tolbert Coffey. I have five children for them: Beulah Evelyn, born 8.22.1923; Thomas Henry, born 1925, died 1999; Lena Faye, born 5.26.1932; Beadie Oden, born 2.27.1934, and Robert Claude, born 1936. I have not found them in the 1930 census schedule.

August 11, 2007

Nettie Louise Coffey

Nettie was a daughter of Francis Richmond and Etta May Hayes Coffey*. She was born in North Caroliona, probably in Caldwell Co., on 8 Dec., 1896. She died in Watauga Co. on Aug. 7, 1979. Both her birth and death dates were found in the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) as well as in the North Carolina death records. She married Larkin Alberton Calloway in Watauga Co., but a marriage date has not been found. Based on birthdate of their first child, 1913 can be the presumed marriage year.

Larkin Alberton was born Apr. 1, 1885 in Watauga Co., and died Jan., 1966 in Banner Elk, Avery Co. His birthdate was found in the WW1 draft registration cards, and his death date was recorded in the SSDI. When he registered for the draft on Sep. 12, 1918 in Watauga Co., he was described as being of medium build and height with brown hair and eyes. Nettie was named as his nearest relative.

There were four children born to the marriage, but only two survived to adulthood. All were born in Watauga Co.

  • DeEtte, born Apr. 22, 1914

  • Nellie M., born Oct. 5, 1917, died at age 5 on Sep. 27, 1923 in Watauga Co.

  • MacDonald, born Sep. 20, 1919, died at age 15 on Jan. 22, 1935 in Avery Co.

  • Claude Coolidge, born Feb. 1, 1922

Francis Richmond was a son of Silas Carroll and Eleanor Green Coffey, and Etta was the daughter of Richard and Delphia L. Hayes Hayes.

Please contact me with additions and/or corrections. I would like to know when and where they married, and the parents of Larkin.

*Francis Richmond Coffey was a son of Silas Carroll and Eleanor Green(e) Coffey. Etta was the daughter of Richard and Delphia L. Hayes Hayes. Richard was in the Ransom and Sarah Greene Hayes line.

Ancestry.Com Census Errors

I've just learned a valuable lesson about census records.

I was searching for a particular Coffey family in 1840 North Carolina using the Ancestry census index. The index points to them in Wake Co.

That particular census (according to Ancestry) consists of 172 images. The family I was looking for, along with other families known to have been related, was found on image 144. The only problem is that the enumeration for Wake Co. ended at image 105 with Yancey beginning at image 106.

I was finally abe to figure out the problem, thanks to a sharp-eyed fact checker who questioned why this particular Coffey family would be in Wake Co. at that time.

August 10, 2007

William M. May

William M. May, an enterprising farmer and stock-raiser of this county, was born November 13, 1844 in Bloomington Township, this county, and is the second of ten children born to William R. and Eliza (Threslur) May, natives of Virginia, and of German descent. William M. was reared on a farm, and attended school part of the time. In November, 1864, he enlisted in Company G., Forty-third Indiana Infantry, under Capt. Moss. He was located at Indianapolis on guard duty for a time. Jun 14, 1865, he was discharged, and returned to farming, living with his father until his marriage. On November 29, 1866, Mr. May was wedded to Eliza A., daughter of William R. and Tabitha (Everman) Coffey. She was born January 23, 1851, in Monroe County. By this union there were five children - William R., Rosa Ethel, Frank N., Mamie Elsie and Walter E. Mrs. May's parents were among the earliest settlers of the county. Mr. May is the possessor of 206 acres of land in a good state of cultivation, well stocked, and ornamented with a good residence, barn and out-buildings, and a fine orchard. With a start of $2,300 from his wife, he has established his farm and home, worth about $6,000. Mr. May formerly belonged to the Sons of Temperance. They belong to the Christian Church, and are liberal in all charitable movements. He is a Republican.

William Riley Coffey was born Jun. 27, 1818, the son of James D. Coffey and Hannah Alloway Strange. He married Tabitha Everman c1849 in Indiana. He died Aug. 27, 1855 in Monroe Co. Tabitha was born Jun. 19, 1827 and died Feb. 25, 1901 in Monroe Co.

Please contact me with additions and/or corrections.

Source: Counties of Morgan, Monroe, and Brown, Indiana: Historical and Biographical [Bean Blosssom Twp.] Charles Blanchard, editor; F.A. Battey & Co., pub., 1884, Chicago, p619

August 9, 2007

Alva B. Coffey

Alva B. Coffey was a son of William and Corda S. Avery Coffey. He was born Apr. 5, 1887 in Morgan Co., IN and died in Martinsville, Morgan Co. on Jul. 10, 1910.

While browsing The Tribune Almanac and Political Register (Greeley and McElrath, 1911), I read that Alva was awarded a Carnegie Hero bronze medal for an act of heroism in Martinsville, IN. The incident was not described but he apparently died by drowning while attempting to rescue another person.

Please contact me at the e-mail address below if you know anything about the circumstances surrounding Alva's death.

Rev. Reuben A. Coffey

Reuben Coffey was born in North Carolina in 1790 [sic]1. In early life he learned the blacksmith trade. Soon after his majority he began to preach. In 1830 he moved to Owen County, Ind., and after living there for a short time he removed to Monroe County, and, having resided in the latter ten or twelve years, he returned to Owen County and abode there until his death, which occurred in 1854,

Brother Coffey was a pastor of the Bethel Baptist Church for a long series of years; also pastor of Macedonia Church for a long time. He never received pay for his ministerial services, except from missionary funds, which gives evidence that he was in full sympathy and missions. He was noted for soundness in doctrine and earnestness in his work. It is said that he was the first real "missionary: Baptist preacher in his section, and that he was looked upon with suspicion on account of his advocacy of missions and the right of those who preach "to live of the Gospel." In education he was personally deficient, while he saw its importance and did all he could by argument and the bestowal of means to promote it in the denomination by means of educational institutions. He was father of a family of ten children, and a very large number of Baptists in the State bear his name; and, as a family, they are strongly in favor of the college he aided in establishing, and several of them have been members of its classes.

Source: The Board of Trustees, Franklin College - First Half Century - Jubilee Exercises 1834-1884 (Cincinnati, OH: Journal and Messenger, 1884)

1 A birthdate of Sep. 15, 1785 was given in Tennessee Cousins by Worth S. Ray.

August 8, 2007

2008 Coffey Cousins' Reunion

Here it is!

The 2008 Coffey Cousins' Reunion will be held May 2-4, 2008 at Raphine in Rockbridge Co., VA. Headquarters for the event will be the Days Inn* at Raphine. Thirty rooms have been set aside and include smoking as well as non-smoking rooms. Cost per day for each room is $64.95 plus tax. Please contact the Days Inn reservations desk at 540-377-2604.

Be sure to let the clerk know that you are attending the Coffey Cousins' Reunion.

Because this area of VA is rife with Coffey descendants, and many likely to attend from NC as well, we recommend that you make and confirm reservations early to assure a room. The hotel has only 80 rooms and we are the first to book for that time of the year.

You must make reservations prior to Apr. 15, 2008.

We are currently working on a menu with the hotel restaurant for the Saturday night group dinner and meeting. At the moment we anticipate the price of each meal to be around $15.00 plus tax. We are also planning a convoy of private automobiles to Coffeytown where we will be given an overview of area settlers. There are no restaurants local to Coffeytown so we are making arrangements for sack lunches and drinks to be prepared by the hotel restaurant. We anticipate the lunch to be sandwich style with chips, drinks, etc. and the cost to be about $8.00 plus tax.

Additional details will appear here as they are finalized.

*For those of you who might have read the earlier announcement of the meeting at The Natual Bridge Inn, I can only say that the hotel was apparently sold during our negotiations with them. We had a contract but it was incorrect (dates, number of rooms, etc). We were promised a revised contract but it never arrived. Our contact person there has not returned calls.

Austin and Mary Blalock Coffey Reunion

Descendants of Austin and Mary Blalock Coffey, including the Dula and Wright families, or any other family connected to this couple are invited to attend a family reunion.

The reunion will be held at Davant Field at 11AM on Aug. 19, 2007 in Blowing Rock, NC.

Attendees are asked to bring a covered dish and a chair.

August 7, 2007

William Tarrance and Susan Rucker Coffey

William was previously mentioned in the blog on his parents, William Lemmie and Caroline Hopson Coffey.

William was born Jul. 26, 1893 in Washburn, Grainger Co., TN and died Jul. 16, 1946. He married Susan Maude Melissa Rucker on Sep. 7, 1919 in Washburn. Susan was born Oct. 9, 1897 in Grainger Co., the daughter of Claiborne and Mary Majors Rucker. Susan died May 11, 1991.

When William registered for the WW1 draft on Jan. 5, 1917, he was described as being tall and slender with dark brown hair and eyes. He confirmed his birthdate in this record, and reported that he was born "near Idol," TN. He was a farmer and still unmarried.

In 1920 he and Maude were living together in Grainger Co., and William was a farmer. By 1930 he had left TN and was living in Pontiac, MI with his brother James Nelson. James was a metal worker in an automobile factory while William (called Torrence in the census) was a truck driver for an automobile factory. That same year, Susan was residing in Grainger Co. with her children, Lillian, Alta, Kathleen and Wancida [sp]. Susan's brother Samuel and his wife Sarah were also residents in the household. William and Susan's last (known to me) child was Delta Lucille, born c1932 in Grainger Co.

Lillian, born c1921, married Elvin Lester Harrell, born c1918, died Feb. 28, 1994 in Thorn Hill, Grainger Co.

Alta, born c1923, married Conley Hubert Coffman on Dec. 21, 1945 in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN. Conley died Feb. 13, 1984. Alta died on Aug. 4, 2007 in Washburn. Her obituary appeared in the Morristown Citizen Tribune on Aug. 6, 2007.

Kathleen, born about Dec. 1925, married Landon Crow Rucker on Jan. 19, 1942 in TN. Landon died May 14, 2006 in Grainger Co.

Landon C. "Crow" Rucker died May 14, 2006, Grainger Co., TN. He was a Deacon at Bridgeport Missionary Baptist Church. Mr. Rucker was preceded in death by: Parents Landon and Clara (Coffman) Rucker; his wife, Kathleen (Coffey) Rucler; two sons, David Rucker and Dil Ray Rucker and wife Bonnie; two daughters, Anita Harrell and husband Clifton, and Kathy Coffey and husband Stanley all of Thorn Hill; brothers, Earl Rucker and Wayne Rucker and wife Evelyn of Morristown; sister, Mary Ratcliff of Knoxville, and sister-in-law, Edith Rucker of Corryton. Burial in McGinnis Harrell cemetery.1

Wancida, born about Jan., 1928 - no information.

Delta Lucille, born c1932, married James Leonard Dalton Jun. 6, 1950 in Grainger Co. He was a son of Joseph Thomas and Martha Hayes Dalton, born 1931 and died 1999 in Grainger Co. James served in Korea with the 82 Airborne Division.2 Their children are Charles Odell, Kathy, James Leonard, Jr., Dixie and Dana Lynn.

Please send additions and/or corrections to me at the e-mail address below.


1 Coffey Cousins' Newsletter, Dec., 2006, Issue 103, Page 7, submitted by Archie Dalton
2 Descendants of J. Hiram Dalton by Archie Dalton, Jul. 26, 2007

August 6, 2007

The Edward Coffey Project

I have updated the Edward Coffey Project webpages. Information is complete to Aug. 6, 2007.

Additions and/or corrections can be sent to me from the e-mail link on the Project's home page.

August 2, 2007

Salathiel and Elizabeth Gore Coffey

Salathiel, along with Joel, Chesley Jr., Nebuzaradon, Mary, Nathan, Martin and Jesse Cleveland are said by some to be children of a mysterious Chesley Coffey.

Tim Peterman, a Chesley researcher, has speculated that Chesley may have been a child of Edward and Ann Powell, with Ann expecting him at the time of Edward's death. That might be one explaination for the child not being mentioned in Edward's will. Another possibility is that he was born much earlier (c1716) and away from home, or doing so well that he was not mentioned as a heir with Ann died.

There is actually no evidence that Chesley, Sr. ever existed. Tim wrote that Eliza Porter, a descendant of Joel, left an "often cited note" in which she mentioned that Joel was a son of Chesley Coffey. I personally have never seen that note.

With that in mind, the following attempts to trace the descendants of Salathiel who married Elizabeth Gore.

Salathiel was born between 1750 and 1755, probably in Wilkes Co., NC. He and Sarah were apparently married before 1773 because their first child, Newton, is said to have been born that year.

Dates for Elizabeth, and her parents are not known to me.

Newton married twice. His first marriage was to Sarah Meridith (no dates) in about 1802 in Adair Co., KY.1 He and Sarah had at least seven children:

Cleveland Salathiel, born Jun. 24, 1803, married Harriet Louisa Greer Apr. 26, 1836 in Montgomery Co., IL.2 This family apparently lived out their lives and died in Montgomery Co. They were parents of at least 10 children: Artemisia, Newton, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Frances, Ritta, Sarah, John and Miller [?].

Martha (Patsy), born 1804 in Wilkes Co., died Jun. 11, 1873 in Illinois. She married John Reavis on Dec. 27, 1821 in Montgomery Co.3 I have not found any children. John was born c1800 in IL

Ruth Eliza, born 1808 in KY, died Jul. 5, 1888 in Montgomery Co. She married William Reavis on Oct. 6, 1825 in Montgomery Co. They can be found in the 1860 Montgomery Co. census. Children enumeraed that year were Martha, born c1837; Sarah, born c1838; Mary, born c1844; and Newton, born c1847.

Thomas L., born c1809 in KY, married Nancy Bradley Jul. 20, 1826 in Montgomery Co.4 Their children were Newton Henry, born c1828; Sarah, born c1830; Richard, born c1830 (said to be twins); Cleveland, born c1837; Thomas, born c1841; and Nancy, born c1845. Nancy was found in Jackson Co., IA in the 1850 census with those children. Thomas was not in the household and is presumed dead by that year.

Nancy, born c1810, married Thomas Wiley Feb. 7, 1831 in Montgomery Co.5

Colbert Larkin, born c1811 in Adair Co., KY, and believed to have died on Jun. 11, 1873. He married Catherine Ellis in KY in about 1829.6 They had at least two children, both born in Illinois: Elizabeth, born c1838 and Nancy, born c1842. Colbert's second marriage was to Milly Davis on Jul. 16, 1847 in Bond Co., IL.7 Colbert bought property in Bond Co. in 1838 and was enumerated in the 1840 census for that county. He purchased property in Montgomery Co. in 1850 and apparently died c1873. I found Milly remarried in Montgomery Co. in the 1860 census to Jacob Layerly (var.). With her was Andrew, her only known child by Colbert, born c1848. Milly had other children by Jacob, but I have made no attempt to sort them out. I have not found Colbert anywhere between 1850 and 1873.

Murry (var.), born c1812, died c1828.

I have more data for anyone researching these families. Please contact me at the e-mail address to add to and/or correct any of this information.

1 Coffey Cousins' Newsletter, Dec. 1991, Page 6; Newton Coffey (b. 1773, Wilkes Co., NC) married Sarah Meredith in 1802, Adair Co., KY. Newton's daughtger, Nancy (b. 1810, Adair Co., KY) married Thomas Wiley in Montgomery Co., IL.. 7 Feb 1831. Newton and family had moved to Montgomery Co. before the 1820 Federal Census. (Ruby Buck of Sacramento, CA)

2 Illinois Marriage Index 1763-1900, Book 1, Page 46, License No. 274

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7 Illinois Marriages 1790-1860, Family History Library, SLC, Utah, Microfilm 1317522

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