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Rev. Theodore Cornelius Coffey (IN1847-AZ1930)

The Rev. Theodore Cornelius Coffey was born the third child and second son of Cornelius and Margaret Smith Coffey. Cornelius was the son of the Rev. Reuben A. and Martha (Polly)Dowell Coffey.

Copernicus Coffey, Cornelius and Margaret's eldest son, died in Jun., 1864 while serving with the 22d Missouri Regiment (Union) during the Civil War. Susan, second born married C. W. Ives, and fourth born, Sarah B., is said to have married Everett Blood. I have only found family information on Theodore.

Theodore married Julia Ann Valette on Jan. 28, 1875 in Upper Alton, Madison Co., IL. She was the daughter of Frederic Augustus Vallette and Marcy Ann Field. Frederick was born Feb. 9, 1817 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH and died Jun. 25, 1890 in Glen Elder, Mitchell Co., KS. Marcy Ann was born Mar. 15, 1816 in South Scituate, Province Co., RI. She and Frederick were married Jul. 23, 1845. The book Bronsdon and Box Families* by Lucius B. Marsh, published Lynn, MA, 1902, had this to say about Frederick:

"Frederick A. Vallette was employed by his brother Henry in the hat and fur trade until 1855, when he removed to Belleville, Ill., and engaged in the lumber business. He sawed the lumber on an eighteen-acre tract of land north of Cairo, Ill., and made cracker boxes to send hardtack into the soldiers of the Union Army. he was much annoyed by attacks from a band of guerillas led by the noted Jeff Thompson. Twice his mill was burned. Mr. Vallette much resembled his mother in many of her finer traits. He belonged to the Baptist Church. His widow resides at Glen Eldere, Kans., with her son, Thomas Bronsdon Vallette."
Within a year or so of their marriage, Frederick, a Baptist preacher, relocated to Appleton in Outagamie Co., WI where Marion Grace, the first of their five children was born on Jul. 5, 1878.

Grace remained with her parents until she married in c1917 to Clifton F. Ward. There is some indication that she may have married prior to Clifton but I have not found that marriage. She was nearly 40 at the time of her marriage to Clifton, who was then 47 years old. However, they did have one child, a daughter named Marjorie, born c1918.

Grace and Clifton remained in Vermillion, LaSalle Co., IL probably their entire married life. At first, Clifton was a farmer but later was in the business of making stoneware. Grace was first a school teacher then a music teacher.

Roy Valette, second born saw life on Oct. 25, 1879 in Spencer, Owen Co., IN. He was with his family through 1900. Sometime after that he married Hazel Buckey.

Roy and Grace were members of the 1897 class at Pittsville High School in Pittsfield, Pike Co., IL.

I found Roy in St. Louis, MO on Sep. 12, 1918 when he registered for the draft. He was described as being tall and slender, unmarried and employed as a school teacher in St. Louis, MO. He was married to Hazel about 1919 and they continued to live in St. Louis until at least 1930. There were apparently no children born to the marriage, effectively ending any male descendancy of Theodore and Julia.

In 1914 Roy wrote and published a book on education with the fantastic title of:

Preparatory educational requirements for collegiate training in business: With special reference to articulation between the high-school and college courses

The book is currently out of print.

Margaret Ruth was third, born Aug. 28, 1883 in Sabetha, Nemeha Co., KS. She married Frank Allen Cutler.

Fourth was Carrie Laura, born Jul. 20, 1886. No further information.

The last child born to Theodore and Julia was May Alice, born Griggsville, Pike Co., IL on Jun. 15, 1890. She died on Dec, 27, 1891 in that state.

In 1850, Theodore moved from Owen Co. to Monroe Co. where he was found at age 12 in the household with the Lum Mayfield family. After he and Julia married in 1875 they moved to Madison Co., WI. five years later they were in Burlington, Coffey Co., KS where they remained for a number of years. In 1900 they were in Eden, LaSalle Co., IL. By 1910 they were in Macoupin Co., IL; first in Virden Twp., then Bunker Hill by 1920.

In 1920 Theodore was 72 years old but apparently continued to preach. I don't know when Julia died, but Theodore died in 1930 at age 83 in Tucson, Pima Co., AZ. The Chicago Tribune reported his death in a one line paragraph:

Pana, Ill. - News was received here of the death at Tucson, Ariz., of the Rev. T. C. Coffey, widely known Illinois Baptist preacher.

I continue to search for the other children of Theodore and Julia. Corrections and or additions re requested.

Update July 23, 2010

Sarah, born Apr. 11, 1850 in Indiana was married late in life to Everett Judson Blood.  Everett was born in IL in Mar., 1846 and died in 1932 at Ottawa, Franklin Co., KS.  Sarah preceded him in death on May 24, 1917 at Ottawa.  Both are buried there at Highland Cemetery.  In the 1900 census, Sarah said that she was the mother of one living child.  However, the only child in the household was 11-year old Caleb, born in KS, parents in IL.  It appears then that she clearly accepted Caleb as her son, but he probably was the result of an earlier Everett marriage to someone else.

Sarah's older sister Susan married C.W. Ives but nothing is found about him.  There was a C.W. Ives who fought for the Union during the CW but he was still living in 1923 and probably isn't the C.W Ives to whom Susan was married.

Susan may have married earlier than Sarah but by 1900 was a widow living with Sarah and her family in Allen Co., KS.  Sarah died in 1917 in Ottawa and was buried at Highland.  Susan and Everett remained together at least through Jan., 1920. 

*This book contains much more information on the Vallette [sic] families that may be useful to other researchers of this line.

February 28, 2008

Joyce Coffey (KY1934-2008)

The link to Joyce Coffey in the sidebar will take you to her obituary.

Joyce was the daughter of Walter Othel and Mamie Matilda Baltimore. Walter was born Mar. 26, 1913 in Scott Co., TN and died in Lexington, Fayette Co., KY on Dec. 5, 1974. I have not yet searched for information on Mamie.

Walter was the son of Captain Dick and Lettie J. McBride Coffey. Captain was born Jan. 19, 1872 in Flat Rock, McCreary Co., KY, and died Oct. 25, 1950 in Scott Co. He married Lettie on Mar. 19, 1901 in Scott Co. She was born c1881 in Oneida, Scott Co., and died there in Jan., 1926.

In addition to Walter, Captain and Lettie were parents of Maude, born 1901, died 1974; Ada, born 1903, died 1984; Jeff, born 1907, died 1930; John, born 1907, died 1976; Emily, born 1911, died 1930; and Ome, born 1916, died 1937. Walter is the only one for whom I have descendant info.

Captain was the ninth of 12 children born to Joseph and Bethada Strunk Coffey. Joseph and his family arrived in Kentucky - probably Wayne Co. - sometime before 1816. His father, James, and mother, Sarah Sumpter, both natives of North Carolina, were married in Burke Co. in 1810. The first two of their 10 (at least) children were born in North Carolina. The third child, Elizabeth, and all subsequent children, was born in Kentucky. Some of their children were born in Pulaski Co.

Corrections and/or updated info can be sent to me at the above e-mail address.

February 26, 2008

James Madison Coffey (VA, 1836-1923)

James Madison Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA on Sep 15, 1836* to Charles B. and Theodora Everette Coffey. He was the eldest of nine children born to Charles and Theodora. [The obituary for his brother Peter Virgil names their mother as Ophelia]

On Feb 3, 1920 he was found as a widower in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his son Robert. He died in Virginia on Aug 15, 1923, and was buried in the James M. Coffey/ Cox's Creek Cemetery, Nelson Co., VA.

James and Esther Jane Smith were married on Nov 2, 1865** in Nelson Co, VA. They appeared in the census on Jun 14, 1880, the census on Jun 23, 1900, and the census on May 2, 1910, in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA. Esther Jane, a daughter of John Smith, was born in Virginia on Feb 9, 1843, and died in Nelson Co, VA on May 11, 1917.

A source*** for Esther's death indicates that her birth date was in Oct., 1884. This is unlikely, since she appears in the 1880 census as James' wife in Nelson Co., VA.

She was buried in May 1917 in Cox's Creek Cemetery in Nelson Co., VA.

Her headstone indicates that she was the mother of 11 children.

Her name is spelled Easter in most census records, but spelled Ester in 1910.

James Madison and Esther Jane Smith Coffey had the following children:

- Lucy Alice Coffey, born about 1867, Nelson Co, VA; married James Sterling Claiborne Snead, on Jan 5, 1888 ; died in 1931, Nelson Co, VA.
- Robert J. Cofffey, born on Jan 18, 1869, Nelson Co, VA; married Mary S. Wood, on Oct 30, 1895, Nelson Co, VA ; died in 1948, Virginia.
- Mary Elizabeth Coffey, born in Mar 1871, Nelson Co, VA; married King Daniel Nash, on Jan 30, 1890, Nelson Co, VA ; died in 1952, Nelson Co, VA.
- James Alexander Coffey, born in Jan 1872, Nelson Co, VA; married Selina B. (Lina) Fitzgerald, on Jan 12, 1893, Nelson Co, VA ; died on Apr 3, 1959, Virginia.
- Henry Lafayette Coffey born in Oct 1873, Nelson Co, VA; married Ethel M. Ramsey, on Jul 26, 1914, Nelson Co, VA; died on Jul 22, 1943, Virginia.
- Easter (Jennie) Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1876. On Jun 14, 1880 she lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with her parents.
- Charles Franklin Coffey, born on Jul 27, 1878, Nelson Co, VA; married Lacy M. Campbell; died on Feb 3, 1966.
- William Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA in Feb 1880. On Jun 14, 1880 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents. On Jun 23, 1900 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents.
- Odius V. (Ody) Coffey, born on May 5, 1882, Nelson Co, VA; married Ester Line Coffey+; died on Oct 1, 1954, Virginia.
- Lacy M. Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA on Jun 6, 1884. On Jun 23, 1900 she lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with her parents. She died on Jan 23, 1976 .

- Lucy Alice Coffey (James Madison-1) was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1867. On Jun 14, 1880 she lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with her parents. On Jun 2, 1900 she lived in Rockfish Dist., Nelson Co., VA.

In 1900 Lucy had two Snead children and was a widow. In 1910 her husband was back, they had been married for 22 years and there were eight more children in the family.

She died in Nelson Co, VA in 1931, and was buried in 1931 in Jonesboro Baptist Church, Roseland, Nelson Co., VA.

Lucy Alice and James Sterling Claiborne Snead were married on Jan 5, 1888. They appeared in the census on Apr 19, 1910 in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA.

[This family needs additional research. Lucy is found in the 1900 Nelson Co., Rockfish dist. as a widow with Walter O., age 19, and Woody, age 8 in the household.]

James Sterling Claiborne Snead (son of John M. Snead and Lucinda __________) was born in Virginia about 1857. On Aug 12, 1870 he lived in Augusta Co., VA in the household with his parents. He died in Nelson Co, VA in 1937, and was buried in the Jonesboro Baptist Church, Roseland, Nelson Co., VA.

Lucy Alice and James Sterling Claiborne Snead had the following children:

- Walter Operton Snead was born in Nelson Co, VA on Jul 18, 1880. He registered for the WWI draft on Sep 12, 1880 in Nelson Co, VA. [Update:  Walter was a son by James' first wife, Margaret, last name unknown]
- Woody Snead was born in Nelson Co, VA in Dec 1891. On Jun 2, 1900 he lived in Rockfish Dist., Nelson Co., VA in the household with his mother. He registered for the WWI draft on Jan 5, 1918 in Nelson Co, VA.< br /> - Mary J. Snead was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1892. Married Linday O. Evans, Dec. 6, 1911, Nelson Co.
- Matty A. Snead was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1894.
- Oda Snead, born Dec., 1892 - Robert Luther Snead was born in Nelson Co, VA Nov., 1896.
- Otha Snead was born in Nelson Co, VA on Aug 15, 1897. He registered for the WWI draft on Aug 24, 1918 in Nelson Co, VA.
- Willis Snead was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1900.
- John Mason Snead was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1901.
- Lacy P. Snead was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1902.
- Caskie G. Snead was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1903.
- Juanita N. Snead was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1906.

- Robert J. Coffey (James Madison-1) was born in Nelson Co, VA on Jan 18, 1869. On Jun 14, 1880 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents. He died in Virginia in 1948, and was buried in Jonesboro Baptist Church, Roseland, Nelson Co., VA.

Robert J. Coffey and Mary S. Wood were married on Oct 30, 1895 in Nelson Co, VA. They appeared in the census on Jan 30, 1920 in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA. Mary S. (daughter of R. D. WOOD and Sarah __________) was born about 1873.

[Is this the correct name for Robert's wife?]

Robert J. and Mary S. Wood Coffey had the following children:

- Jesse Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1900.
- Elizabeth Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1904.
- Myrtle M. Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1906.
- Charley Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1908.
- Jenny Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1910.
- Cedcey[?] Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1915.

- Mary Elizabeth Coffey (James Madison-1) was born in Nelson Co, VA in Mar 1871. On Jun 14, 1880 she lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with her parents. She died in Nelson Co, VA in 1952, and was buried in Jonesboro Baptist Church, Roseland, Nelson Co., VA.

Mary Elizabeth Coffey and King Daniel Nash were married on Jan 30, 1890 in Nelson Co, VA. They appeared in the census on Jun 15, 1900, the census on May 2, 1910, the census on Jan 29, 1920,. And the census on May 1, 1930, all in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA. King Daniel,(son of Daniel NASH and Ann M. __________) was born in Virginia about 1867. He died in Nelson Co, VA in 1953, and was buried in 1953 in Jonesboro Baptist Church, Roseland, Nelson Co., VA.

- James Alexander Coffey (James Madison-1) was born in Nelson Co, VA in Jan 1872. On Jun 14, 1880 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents. He died in Virginia on Apr 3, 1959, and was buried in Apr 1959 in Jonesboro Baptist Church, Roseland, Nelson Co., VA.

James Alexander and Selina B. (Lina) Fitzgerald Coffey were married on Jan 12, 1893 in Nelson Co, VA. They appeared in the census on Jun 12, 1900, the census on Apr 25, 1910, the census on Jan 12, 1920, and in the census on Apr 2, 1930, all in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA. Selina B. (Lina) FITZGERALD (daughter of Reuben P. FITZGERALD and Amelia __________) was born in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA about 1873. She died in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA on Oct 24, 1968 .

Her Obituary, Lynchburg News, Lynchburg, VA, Oct. 26, 1968

Mrs. J. A. Coffey MASSIES MILL-Mrs. Selina Fitzgerald Coffey, 95, of Massies Mill died Friday morning at Liberty House Nursing Home in Lynchburg. Born in Nelson County, she was a daughter of Rueben P. Fitzgerald and Emelia Campbell Fitzgerald. She was a member of Jonesboro Baptist church and the widow of James Alexander Coffey. Surviving are two sons, J. K. Coffey of Lynchburg, and Robert B. Coffey of Detroit; four daughters, Mrs. Frank Williams and Mrs. Frances Kemp, of Roanoke Rapids, N. C., Mrs. H. H. Good of Richmond, Mrs. Leo C. Frank of Laurel, Md.; a brother, Conrad D. Fitzgerald of Staunton; six grandchildren and seven great- grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Sunday in Preston-Parr Funeral Chapel by the Rev. Hugh Boyd. Burial will be in Jonesboro Cemetery.

She was buried on Oct 26, 1968 in Jonesboro Baptist Church, Roseland, Nelson Co., VA. James Alexander COFFEY and Selina B. (Lina) FITZGERALD had the following children:

- James Kimbro Coffey was born in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in Apr 1893. On Jun 12, 1900 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents. On Apr 25, 1910 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents. He registered for the WWI draft on Jun 5, 1917 in Nelson Co, VA. On Jan 12, 1920 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents.
- Ruby L. Coffey was born in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in May 1895. On Jun 12, 1900 she lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with her parents. On Apr 25, 1910 she lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with her parents.
- Ora A. Coffey was born in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in Sep 1896. On Jun 12, 1900 she lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with her parents. On Apr 25, 1910 she lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with her parents.
- Jincy M. Coffey was born in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in Sep 1898. On Jun 12, 1900 she lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with her parents. On Apr 25, 1910 she lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with her parents.
- Robert Bruce Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1902. On Apr 25, 1910 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents. On Jan 12, 1920 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents.
- Mary S. Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA about 1906. On Apr 25, 1910 she lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with her parents. On Jan 12, 1920 she lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with her parents.
- William K. Coffey was born in Nelson Co, VA on Dec 1, 1908. On Apr 25, 1910 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents. On Jan 12, 1920 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents.

- Henry Lafayette Coffey (James Madison-1) was born in Nelson Co, VA in Oct 1873. On Jun 14, 1880, and on Jun 23, 1900 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents. He registered for the WWI draft on Sep 2, 1917 in Amherst Co., VA. He died in Virginia on Jul 22, 1943, and was buried in Jul 1943 in Jonesboro Baptist Church, Roseland, Nelson Co., VA.

Henry Lafayette Coffey and Ethel M. Ramsey were married on Jul 26, 1914 in Nelson Co, VA. Ethel M. was born in Nelson Co, VA on Oct 15, 1888, and died in Nelson Co, VA on Oct 22, 1918 . She was buried in Oct 1918 in Mt. Paran Baptist Church Cemetery, Montebello, Nelson Co., VA.

- Charles Franklin Coffey (James Madison-1) was born in Nelson Co, VA on Jul 27, 1878. On Jun 14, 1880, and on Jun 23, 1900 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents. He registered for the WWI draft on Sep 17, 1918 in Albemarle Co., VA. He also registered for the WWII draft on Apr 27, 1942 in Nelson Co, VA. He died on Feb 3, 1966.

Charles Franklin and Lacy M. Campbell were married. Lacy was born in Nelson Co, VA on Jun 6, 1884, and died there on Jan 23, 1976.

- Odius V. (Ody) Coffey (James Madison-1) was born in Nelson Co, VA on May 5, 1882. On Jun 23, 1900 he lived in Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA in the household with his parents. He registered for the WWI draft on Sep 12, 1918 in Nelson Co, VA. He died in Virginia on Oct 1, 1954, and was buried in Oct 1954 in Jonesboro Baptist Church, Roseland, Nelson Co., VA.

Odius V. (Ody) and Ester Line Coffey appeared in the census on Jan 15, 1920 in Nelson Co, VA. They were married. Ester Line (daughter of John COFFEY and Roxanna J. (Roxie) NASH) [No further information is known]

Odius V. (Ody) and Ester Line Coffey had the following children:

- Flossie A. (Flo) Coffey, born about 1910, Woodson, Amherst Co., VA; married Byron Roman, in 1928; died on Jan 19, 2005, Lynchburg, VA.
- Bernice R. Coffey was born in Virginia about 1913.

- Flossie A. (Flo) Coffey (Odius V.-2, James Madison-1) was born in Woodson, Amherst Co., VA about 1910. She died in Lynchburg, VA on Jan 19, 2005 .

Her Obituary, News Advance, Lynchburg, VA, Jan. 20, 2005

Flossie (Flo) Coffey Roman

Flossie (Flo) Coffey Roman, 95, of Lynchburg, passed away on Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2005.

Born in Woodson, she was the eldest of four children born to O.V. and Ester Coffey.

She was a resident of Nelson County, and was the oldest surviving member of the Fleetwood School System. In 1928 she married Byron Roman of Sidney, Ohio. He was supervisor of the Southern Minerals Plant in Piney River. From 1943 until 1998 she and her family resided in Lewiston, N.Y. She moved to Virginia in 1998 and since October 2004 had lived at the Summit in Lynchburg.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Byron and brother, Ody William Coffey of Massies Mill.

She is survived by a son, Donald Coffey Roman and his wife, Jill, of Indianapolis, Ind.; and six grandchildren, Kimberly Krakower of Centerville, Blair Roman of Sausalito, Calif., Wendy Conner of Quincy, Mass., John Roman of Quincy, Mass., Michael Roman of Plymouth, England, Scott Roman of Newport, R.I.; and one great-granddaughter, Chelsea Walsh of Sausalito, Calif. Also surviving are her two sisters, Bernice Taylor of Monroe and Kathleen Taylor of Springfield; and five wonderful nieces she adored.

Flossie loved fishing, camping, gardening and was a proud member of the NRA. She was fearless in her approach to life’s challenges. She was well known for her culinary skills and loved to entertain with dinner parties. Mrs. Roman was a lifelong antique collector, dealer and appraiser. She and her husband were active members of the Lasalle Yacht Club in Niagara Falls, N.Y. They were competitive bridge players and active in several historical societies. Flossie reached out with energy for every life experience within her power; if you ever met her you would never forget her.

Mrs. Roman elected to be cremated with a memorial service to be held at a later date. Her remains will be interred at the Jonesboro Cemetery in Nelson County.

Heritage Funeral Service & Crematory, 427 Graves Mill Rd., (434) 239-2405.
Flossie A. (Flo) and Byron Roman were married in 1928.

Please contact me at the above e-mail address is you can add to or correct any of this information.

*Rootsweb [http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/va/nelson/cemeteries/c-cof05.txt]
**ibid [http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/va/nelson/vitals/marr0001.txt]
***ibid [http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/va/nelson/cemeteries/c-cof05.txt]
+Esther was the daughter of John and Roxanna J. Roxie Nash Coffey

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King Daniel and Mary Elizabeth Coffey Nash

King Daniel Nash
Margaret Coffey Nash
King was born c1867 in Virginia and died in Nelson Co. in 1953. He was a son of Daniel Webster and Ann Marie Hatter Nash. Daniel was born c1826 in Virginia and died before the 1920 census. Ann was born c1833 in Virginia.

King married Mary Elizabeth, the daughter of James Madison and Esther Jane Smith Coffey, on Jan. 30, 1890 in Nelson Co. James was born Sep. 15, 1836 in Nelson Co., and died Aug. 15, 1923 in Virginia. Esther was born Feb. 9, 1843 in Virginia and died May 11, 1917 in Nelson Co. Elizabeth was the third of their 10 children.

Their children, as I have them, were:

Daniel Webster Nash
Mildred, born Jul., 1890. This is the name of the first child enumerated in the 1900 census. In 1910 the child in this position was named Salome E., age 19.

Lottie L., born Jul., 1892. She was second born in both the 1900 and 1910 census.

Esther Salome. She first appeared with this name among the children in the 1910 census at age 19.

Delia A., born Feb., 1897. She appeared fourth in 1900 and fourth in 1920. In 1920 she was enumerated as Dilly A., age 13.

In 1910 there appeared a male child by the name of Boson [sic], age 8.

Leland appeared for the first time in 1920 at age 15. At this age, he should have appeared in the 1910 census.

There were no children with King and Mary in the 1930 census.

King and Elizabeth remained in Massies Mill, Nelson Co. their entire lives, and all of their children were born there. Both are buried at the Jonesboro Baptist Church Cemetery at Roseland in Nelson Co.

Please contact me to correct or add to this information.

February 22, 2008

John Cleveland Coffey

This death certificate is for John Cleveland Coffey who married Martha Jane Hopper. He was born Aug. 22, 1860 in Russell Co., KY, the son of John Coffey and Elizabeth Popplewell.

Please contact me at the above e-mail address if you know who John the father descends from?

February 21, 2008

William J. and Mary Lou Coffey Austin

Mary Lou was the fifth child and second daughter of Thomas and Rachel M. Coffey Coffey. She was born in Feb., 1882 in North Carolina, and probably in Caldwell Co. Her father was the son of William and Margaret Robbins Coffey while her mother was the daughter of McCaleb and Elizabeth Collett Coffey. William was a nephew of McCaleb as well as a first cousins, once removed.*

Siblings to Mary Lou were:

- Louis McWill, born Apr. 27, 1874, died Apr., 1960; married Annie Pernell. There were no children born to this union.

His obituary:

Unknown, undated newspaper
Caldwell Native Buried Today

Funeral Services for Dr. L. M. Coffey, 86, retired Lincolnton dentist and a native of Caldwell county, were conducted at Warlick Funderal Home chapel at Lincolnton this afternoon. He had been a dentist in Lincolnton for more than 50 years.

A member of an early Caldwell county family, he was the son of Thomas and Rachel Coffey. His father operated the toll gate on the Lenoir - Blowing Rock road for many years.

He passed away on Sunday night. His widow, Mrs. Annie Coffey survives.

Nephews serving as pallbearers were Clarence P. Coffey, Collett Coffey, Bill Martin, James Mills, and Louis and Carl Wellborn.

In addition to the pallbearers local nephews and nieces are Mrs. Bill Martin, Mrs. T. Hamp Robbins, Mrs. Hugh Edmisten, Mrs. James Mills, Earl J. Austin and Ed Austin.

- James Larkin

- Carrie Elizabeth, born c1878, married Joseph Harrison Wellborn. He was born c1873 and died before 1920. They were married in Caldwell Co. in 1896. Eight children were born to this union. Jennie Beatrice, born 1900, died 1978; Carl Coffey, born Aug. 6, 1902, died May 15, 1986; Alma M., born c1904; Annie L., born c1906; Robert Louis, born Dec. 11, 1908, died Dec. 29, 1990; Carrie, born Sep. 13, 1910, died Feb. 28, 1985; Joseph Dale, born May 14, 1913; and Blanche Gertrude, born Nov. 19, 1914, died Mar. 8, 2004.

- Columbus Clarence, born Mar. 29, 1879, married Mitty Jane Davis, born c1875. Their children were Minnie, born c1905; Velma, born c1906; Haskel, born c1907; Donald, born c1909; Howard, born c1911; Maggie, born c1913; and Bessie Templeton, born Mar. 19, 1915.

Mary Lou died sometime before 1920, and most likely closer to 1913 when her last child was born.

Sometime later William remarried to Rosie LNU.

According to this WW1 draft registration, William Jefferson Austin was born Apr. 4, 1874. He was the son of Julius J. and Celia I. Harris Austin. Julius was born in Caldwell Co. in 1850 and died there on Mar. 3, 1947. Celia was born in 1852 and died Aug. 16, 1946 in Caldwell Co. They were Married Jun. 24, 1871 in that county.

William died in Morganton, NC in about 1960. I have his obituary but not a date for the publication therefore I do not know the exact date of death.

Two versions of his obituary:

Austin Rites are Conducted

Funeral services for William Jefferson Austin, 86, retired farmer of 215 Spruce Street, who passed away Wednesday morning in a Morganton hospital were conducted at 11 o'clock this morning at Greer Funeral Home Chapel. Rev. H. R. Crocker, pastor of First Advent Christian Church, was in charge, and burial was in the Austin family plot at Harper's Chapel Cemetery at Patterson.

Pallbearers were Ben Eller, Lex Hartley, Sam Hartley, Collett Coffey, Louis Welborn and Clarence Coffey.

Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Roxie Barlow Austin, four sons, a daughter, a brother, three sisters ten grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

News Item, unknown publication, unknown date

W. J. Austin Taken By Death

William Jefferson Austin, 86, well-known retired farmer who has made his residence at 215 Spruce Street for a number of months, passed away in a Morganton hospital at four o'clock this morning. He had been seriously ill for the last four months and had been in failing health for the last several years.

Funeral services will be conducted at Greer Funeral Home Chapel at 11 o'clock Thursday morning with Rev. H. R. Crocker, pastor of First Advent Christian Church, in charge. Interment will be in the Austin Family plot at Harper's Chapel cemetery at Patterson.

A member of an early Caldwell county family, Austin had spent most of his life farming in the Patterson section of the county. He was born at Patterson on April 4, 1874, the son of Julius Jefferson Austin and Celia Harris Austin. He was a member of the First Advent Christian church.

Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Roxie Barlow Austin, and the following children by a former marriage to Mary Coffey: Thomas Lester Austin of Hickory, Herbert William Austin of Morganton, Earl Jefferson and Ned Austin, born ot Lenoir, and Mrs. Lawrence McMillan of Lenoir.

Also surviving are a brother, George Austin of Lenoir, and three sisters, Mrs. Nell Hartley, Mrs. Rose Bean and Mrs. Jennie McGhinnis, also of Lenoir. There are ten grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

The children of Mary Lou and William Jefferson were:

Thomas Lester, born May 24, 1906, died Apr. 30, 2000. Thomas married Katherine Arminta Earney. They had at least one child, a son Thomas Earney Austin, botn c1932.

Earl Jefferson, born Jun. 12, 1908, died Aug. 24, 1944. Married Mildred Doris Earney - probably a sister to Katherine. They had at least two children: William David, born c1929 and Earl, Jr., born c1934.

William Herbert, born May 10, 1911, died Jan. 2, 1997

Ned, born Apr. 15, 1913, died Aug. 25, 2002

Please contact me at the above e-mail address if you can add to or correct any of this information.


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February 20, 2008

James Larkin Coffey

James was born in Nov., 1875 to Thomas and Rachel M. Coffey in North Carolina. He married Rachel Elizabeth Robbins on Apr. 22, 1896, a daughter of John Pickens and Sarah Louise Pipes Robbins. She was born Mar. 19, 1878 in Caldwell Co., NC and died in 1958 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL.

Her obituary:

Lenoir News-Topic, date unknown

Coffey Rites Set Friday

Funeral services for Mrs. Rachel Elizabeth Robbins Coffey, 80, of Chicago, Ill., and Lenoir, who died Tuesday in Chicago following an extended illness, will be held Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at Central Advent Christian Church. Officiating will be the pastor, the Rev. W. F. Preslar, and interment will be in Belleview Cemetery. The body will not lay in state.

Serving as active pallbearers will be Bernard Olson, Robert Olson, Grayson Annas, Hal Sherill, Wallace Clontz and Deitz Rudisill.

Born March 19, 1878 in Caldwell County, Mrs. Coffey was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Pickens Robbins. Her husband, James L. Coffey, died in 1941. She was a charter member of Central Advent Christian Church and a member of the local chapter of the Order of Eastern Star.

Surviving are a daughter, three sons, nine grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, four brothers and two sisters.
James and Rachel spent their first 15 years or so in Caldwell Co. before moving to Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. James worked for sometime at the Willard Storage Co. as a "battery worker." Most of their children also went to work at an early age to help support the family. In 1920 Collet, age 21, reported that he was unemployed. Fred, age 17, worked as a deliveryman for a retail grocer; Clarence, age 16, worked as a stenographer in an auto factory while Frances, age 23, worked as a general clerk in an advertising office.

I'm not sure that the census taker didn't make a mistake and transpose the occupations of Clarence and Frances.

In 1930 James was still in the watchman business but worked for a hardware company in Chicago, Cook Co., IL. Collett was married by then and was an accountant at Nut and Boles - whatever that might be. Frances Reid Coffey, his wife, was also a member of the family. Also in the family was William P. Frye, the husband of Frances Amelia, and their two children, Helen and Mary. Frances Amelia was not enumerated and perhaps was deceased.

Collett Columbus died in Jan., 1917 in Catawba Co.

His obituary:

Unnamed, undated newspaper

Collet C. Coffey, 80, formerly of Lenoir, died today in a Hickory hospital.

He was born Nov. 30, 1899, in Caldwell County, a son of the late James and Rachel Robbins Coffey.

He was the retired office administrator at Appalachian State University, a deacon and elder of the First Presbyterian Church in Boone, and a member of the Masonic Lodge in Lenoir.

Survivors include his wife, two daughters, 11 grand-children, a great-grandchild, plus two aunts and many cousins in Lenoir.

A memorial service will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church in Boone.
I have not found any further information on Fred and Clarence.

Please contact me at the above e-mail address if you can add to or correct any of this information.

February 19, 2008

Robey James and Nelia Joan Moretz Coffey

Robey James was born Jul. 16, 1888 in the Globe Twp, Caldwell Co., NC. He was a son of Henry Kelly (Caleb) and Sarah Jane Gragg Coffey.

The given name of Robey was a somewhat popular name for boys in NC in the 1800's, and can be found spelled many ways; e.g., Roby, Robey, Robie, etc. I am not sure why the name was so popular in many Coffey families in western NC. Perhaps there was a well loved preacher, doctor or other prominent person with that name in that time. It's rather like some other popular names such as Finley and Avery, names of politicians and pioneers, given I suppose to boys in all families, not just Coffeys. I can only wish that more pioneers, politicians and people of note had been honored, and not so many named Jesse, James, Edward, Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth.

Be that as it may, Robey married Nelia Joan Moretz on Mar. 11, 1907, probably in Watauga Co. She was born Dec. 5, 1888, again probably in Watauga Co., to Jerome C. and Epsie E. Hagaman Moretz. Moretz ancestors were some of the early settlers in western NC.

Robey died Oct. 19, 1957 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co., and Nelia died Dec. 22, 1979 in Watauga Co. He is buried in the Pisgah Chapel Cemetery in Lenoir, Caldwell Co. I do not know where Nelia is buried, but presume that she lies adjacent to Robey.

When he registered for the draft on Jun. 5, 1917, he was 29 years old, and described himself as being stout with a medium build, blue eyes and was partially bald with light colored hair. He gave his occupation as farmer and blacksmith. There were five children in the household. A sixth child was born not too long after he registered.

I have found six children born to them:

Clarence Alexander, born Dec. 7, 1907, died Jul. 27, 1995. Clarence married Sarah Verlee Bryant, a daughter of Wilson Bradshaw and Nora Townsend Bryant. She was born Jul. 27, 1906 in Caldwell Co., and died Jun. 7, 2006 in Lenoir. Both are buried as Pisgah. Their children are: James Wilson, Walter Wayne, Charles Alex, Donald Raymond and Roy Lee.

His obituary:

Clarence Alexander Coffey, 87, of Route 13, Lenoir, died Thursday, July 27, 1995 at Valdese General Hospital.

He was born Dec. 7, 1907 in Caldwell Co. to the late Roby James Coffey and Nealie Hagaman [sic] Coffey. He was also preceded in death by one brother, Linny Coffey.

Mr. Coffey was a retired sawmiller and member of Harrisburg Baptist Church.

Survivors include his wife, Sarah Verlee Bryant Coffey of the home; five sons, Ray lee Coffey of Granite Falls, James Wilson Coffey, Walter Wayne Coffey, Donald Raymond Coffey and Charles Alex Coffey, all of Lenoir; one brother, Frank Coffey of Lenoir; two sisters, Epsie Greene and Gracie Smith, both of Lenoir; 12 grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

The funeral is 2 p.m. Saturday at Pendry's Funeral Home Chapel with the Revs. Ted Williams and Tommy James officiating. Burial will be in the Pisgah baptist Church Cemetery.

The family will receive friends tonight from 6 until 8:30 at the funeral home.
Gracie Jane, born Oct. 6, 1909 in Mulberry, Caldwell Co. and died in that county on Jul. 8, 1996. She is thought to have married a James E. Smith but, I have found no records. Gracie is buried at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Lenoir.

Her obituary:

Gracie Coffey Smith, 86, of Pope Place, Lenoir, died Monday, July 8, 1996 at Quality Care Rest Home.

She was born Oct. 6, 1909, in Caldwell County to the late Roby J. and Nelia Moretz Coffey. She was also preceded in death by two brothers, Clarence and Linney Coffey, and one sister, Eula Greene.

Mrs. Smith was a retired hosiery mill employee and a member of Shiloh United Methodist Church.

Survivors include her husband, James E. Smith of Lenoir; one brother, Frank Coffey of Lenoir; and one sister, Epsey Greene of Lenoir.

A graveside service will be Wednesday at Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery at 11 a.m. with the Rev. James Evans officiating.

Mackie-High Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.
Eula Ruth, born 1912, died 1980. No further information.

Henry Frank, born Aug. 13, 1914 in Caldwell Co., and died there on Jul 13, 2003. He married Carlue (Charlene?) Hamby c1942. They had at least four children: Judy Elaine, Joseph Edward, Bonnie Kaye and Lynnie Jean.

His obituary:

Henry Frank Coffey, 88, of Churchview Lane, Lenoir, died Sunday, July 13, 2003, at the residence.

He was born Aug. 13, 1914, in Caldwell County to the late Roby Coffey and Nelia Moretz Coffey. He was also preceded in death by two brothers, C. A. Coffey and L.J. Coffey, and two sisters, Eula Greene and Gracie Smith.

Mr. Coffey was a member of Mulberry Baptist Church and was a U.S. Army veteran.

Survivors include three daughters, Judy Tripeltt of Lenoir, Bonnie Dodson of Robinsville and Lynnie McLoud of Trinity; two sons, J. E. Coffey of Lenoir and Joey Coffey of Boone; their mother, Charlue Greene of Robinsville; a sister, Epsie Greene of Lenoir; seven grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held at a later date.
Memorial contributions may be may made to: Caldwell County Hospice, 902 Kirkwood St., Lenoir, N.C. 28645.

Pendry's Lenoir Funeral Home and Crematory is in charge of arrangements.

Linney James, born in Watauga on Aug. 21, 1916, died in Caldwell on Dec. 1, 1995. He married Margaret Myrtle Walsh and they were the parents of Brenda Joyce, Patricia Ann and Kathy Sue.

Epsey Lou, born Oct. 13, 1918 in Boone, and died oct. 6, 2003 in Lenoir. She married Arvil Hansford Greene, a son of Alexander and Mollie Church Greene. He was born Jan. 2, 1917 in Watauga. I have not found a death date for him. Their children are: Otis Hubert, Juanita Dare, Treva Ann, and one unnamed child.

Her obituary:

Epsey Coffey Greene, 84, of Hollywood Ridge Road, Lenoir, died Monday, Oct. 6, 2003, at Lenoir Healthcare Center.

She was born Oct. 14, 1918 in Watauga County to the late Robey J. and Nellie Moretz Coffey. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by three brothers, Clarence Coffey, Lenny Coffey and Frank Coffey, and two sisters, Gracie Smith and Eula Greene.

Mrs. Greene was a homemaker and a member of Yadkin Valley Baptist Church where she was a former Sunday school teacher.

Survivors include her husband, Arvil H. Greene of the home; two sons, Otis H. Greene and Maynard C. Greene, both of Lenoir; two daughters, Ms. Juanita Dare Sparks and Mrs. Allen (Treva) Hennessee, both of Lenoir; nine grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. at Greer-McElveen Funeral Home Chapel conducted by the Revs. Bobby Pritchard and Paul Dula. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens.

The family will receive friends Wednesday evening from 7 until 8:30 p.m. at the funeral home.

Serving as pallbearers will be: Lonnie Greene, Henry Sutton, Clayton Watson, Dean Barrett, Mark Dula and Dylan Faulk.

Memorial contributions may be made to: Caldwell County Hospice, 902 Kirkwood Street, Lenoir, N.C. 28645.
Marriage dates for some families are difficult to come by. Please contact me at the above e-mail address if you can add to or correct any of this information.

February 18, 2008

Elijah L. and Martha Ellen Coffey Moore

Elijah L. Moore was born Jan. 22, 1839* in the Globe, Caldwell Co., NC to David and Sarah Caroline Moore Moore. he died on Mar. 1, 1903.* He married on Oct. 12, 1858 in Caldwell Co. to Martha Ellen Coffey, a daughter of Daniel Boone and Clarissa Estes Coffey. Martha was born Sep. 5, 1839 in Burke Co., NC.

Elijah and Martha appeared in the Caldwell Co. census records from 1860 through 1900. From 1860 to 1880 they resided in Patterson Township; in 1900 they were in Johns River.

Their children were:

- Israel Willard, born c1867 in Patterson Twp., Caldwell Co. He married there in 1884 to Eliza Callie Greene. Their children were Martha Alley, born Jul. 29, 1890, Helen Joyce, born 1896, and Amos Brawley, born 1899. No other records have been found.

- Charles Leonard, born c1869 in Patterson Twp., married Alice Drusilla Green. Their children were Charles B., born 1889 and Jack1 (Jay?) Shula, born 1895. This family moved to Riley Co., KS sometime before 1905 when they appeared there in the Kansas state census for that year.2

The family was also in the May 1910 Federal census and the 1925 Kansas state census.3 Charles apparently owned a department store in Manhattan. No further information has been found.

- Walter E., born Sep. 24, 1879 in Caldwell Co., married in 1899 to Mary Elizabeth (Bettie) Moore. No further information has been found.

Please contact me at the above e-mail address if you can fill in any of the blanks.

*no source available
1Caldwell Co. birth records give his name as Jack; subsequent census records give his name as Jay.
2Name: Charles Leonard Moore Township/City: Manhattan City Age: 36 Gender: M (Male) Race: White Birth Place: NC Previous Residence: NC Occupation: Merchant
3Kansas, Riley Co., Manhattan PO, dwelling 112, family 122, Charles Leonard Moore, age 36, male, white; Alice Drucilla Moore, age 36, female, white; Charles B. Moore, age 16, male, white; Jay S. Moore, age 9, male, white

February 17, 2008

Rufus Gamewell Coffey [Update]

This is an update to a previously written article about Rufus Gamewell Coffey and his wives, Florence Fay Houck and Minnie Ann Welch.

I have been searching for his children by Florence: Forest Jerome, born Apr. 1, 1897; Robert Vanburen, born Aug. 22, 1900; Beulah May, born Oct. 28, 1904; Jack, born c1907; and Mary Edna, born Jan. 22, 1908.

There was a Forrest G. Coffey, born Apr. 1, 1897 who registered for the draft in WW1 in Bryson City, Swain Co., NC on Jun. 5, 1918. He was described then as being tall and slender with brown eyes and dark hair. He was a resident of Almond, Swain Co., where he was self-employed, but did not specify his occupation. Clyde L. Coffey of Almond was given as his nearest relative.

Prior to that, in 1900, he was at home with his parents in Nantahala, Swain Co. In 1910 he was found, along with his brother Robert V., as boarders in the household of the John A. Marr family in Jackson, Cullowhee Co., NC.

I have found no other records for For[r]est.

Neither have I found any records for Robert after the 1910 census.

As mentioned in the earlier article, Florence and Rufus were divorced. Florence returned to Caldwell Co. where she was found with her parents, Robert C. and Belle Houck in the Apr., 1910 census. With her were Beulah May and Jack. Her fifth child, Mary Edna, born Jan. 22, 1908 in Caldwell Co., must have died young or was residing elsewhere. I have not found her in the 1910 census record. Florence on Apr. 5, 1943 in Brunswick Co., NC.

In 1910 Gamewell was divorced, and a resident of Forneys Creek in Swain Co. and was employed as a drug store merchant. Shortly thereafter he married Minnie Ann Welch.

Minnie and he were parents of at least five children: Roby Elbert, born Apr. 1, 1912, Mabel Alberta, born Dec. 6, 1914, died Dec. 30, 2005 (never married), Dora Helene, born Sep. 8, 1918, died May 15, 1989 (never married), Nellie Ruth, born c1920, and Lyle Welch, born May 6, 1926.

Except for Mabel and Dora I have found no futher information on the other children.

Mabel died in Bryson City. Her obituary reports that he graduated in 1935 from Mars Hill College and in 1927 from Carson Newman College in Jefferson City, TN with a BA in English. She and her sisters, Helene and Ruth, operated the Waynesville Hardware Co. in Waynesville, NC.

According to the obituary, brothers Jack, Roby and Rufus Gamewell, Jr. as well as sister Dora Helene all preceded her in death. At the time, one sister, Nellie Ruth Coffey Rogers, and brother Lyle Welch were still living in Waynesville. Except for his mention in the obituary, I have not found a birth record or any othere document for Rufus, Jr.

Dora died on May. 15, 1989 in Haywood Co., NC.

Clyde L. Coffey is a mystery to me. I do not have him as part of this family.

Please contact me at the above e-mail address with additions and/or corrections.

February 14, 2008

Coffey Cousins' Reunion

New information about the 2008 Coffey Cousins' Reunion has been posted at the Coffey Cousins' website.

Anyone planning to attend should read the update ASAP.

Click on the title link to go to the website.

February 7, 2008

Mary E. Coffee Ames

Mary E. Coffee was the sister of my great-grandfather, James M. Coffee and the wife of Finis E. Ames. She was born c1848 in Tennessee and died Apr. 21, 1916 in Hope, Hempstead Co., AR. She and Finis were married on Sep. 5, 1869 in Hempstead Co. in a ceremony officiated by H. D. McKennon, MG.

Finis is believed to be the son of Sylvester C. and Delila Brown Ames. He was born Apr. 27, 1844 in Mississippi and died Jan. 19, 1916 in Hope. His siblings are thought to have been: Brother O., born 1845, Mary E., born c1847; Sylvester, born 1851; George Washington, born 1856, and Jonathan Ashmore, born 1857.

Mary and Finis were found in the 1870 Hempstead Co., Ozan Twp. census. In 1880 they were in Bowie Co., TX, and were neighbors of the William Watson family. The 1900 census found them back in Hempstead Co. Finis reported that his parents were born in Michigan. Finis was also on the Hempstead Co. voter rolls for the years 1892-1893, and 1897-1898. The family apparently moved several times between Texas and Arkansas.

Of the few remaining burial sites that can be identified in the old Hanegan-Robinson cemetery near Old Washington, Hempstead Co., is that of Finis and Mary.

The newspaper, Star of Hope, the forerunner of the present day Hope Star, wrote on Jan. 19, 1916, page 4:

"AMES, F. E., one of the oldest and best known citizens of this section, died this morning at his home about 1 mile north of Hope."

The same newspaper wrote on Apr. 29, 1916, page 4:

"AMES, Mrs. F. E., at an advanced age, died at the home of her son, E. E. Ames, near this city last Friday. Her death was preceded by that of her husband only recently."

Children of Finis and Mary were:

William W. (Willie), born May., 1872. He married Emma, last name unknown, c1894. They had at least three children: Fred C., born Nov., 1896; Clara J., born Dec., 1897; and Hazel, born Jan., 1900.

Albert Alexander, born Jan. 29, 1874 in Hempstead Co., and married Marie, last name unknown, who was born in Louisiana c1887.

Everett Edward, born Jul. 5, 1876 in Hempstead Co., and died there on Sep. 29, 1930. He married Ollie Herrin c1906. She was born in Texas on Feb. 13, 1887 and died Sep. 5, 1980 in Hempstead Co.

Their children were:

- Pauline, born c1907, died Jul., 1912;

- Hernand0 (Uncle Bub), born Dec. 20, 1908, died May, 1982; Jewel Edward, born Nov. 22, 1914, died Nov., 1967; and William, who died c1943. Hernando married Cathleen G., last name unknown, c1929. She was born in Arkansas on Aug. 24, 1907 and died Nov. 20, 1999 in Sour Lake, Hardin Co., TX. There was at least one child, Jimmie D., born Sep., 1929.

- Jewel Edward, born Nov. 22, 1914, died Nov., 1967; and

- William, who died c1943
Everett Edward Ames registered for the draft in Hempstead Co. on Sep. 12, 1918. He was described as having of medium height and build with blue eyes and light colored hair. He was 41 yrs. old; born July 4, 1876. He was a self-employed farmer at RFD #4, in Hope where he resided with his wife Margaret Olive Ames.

Harry, born Nov., 1879

John, born Jun., 1885

I would really like to hear from any descendants of Sylvester and Delila Brown Ames. I can be reached at the above e-mail address.

February 4, 2008

The Watson & Courtney Families, Part II

William & Mary Eliz. Bowman Watson Family
The second child of William and Mary Elizabeth Bowman Coffee Watson was Mary Elizabeth, born Aug. 28, 1883 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX. She married George Washington Davis who was born May 17, 1875 in Arkansas, on Jan. 13, 1904 in Natural Dam, Crawford Co., AR.

George died in Sep., 1945 in Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., AR. Mary died Feb. 20, 1942 in San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co., CA. He is likely to have been the son of James Davis whose family appears in the 1880 census for Jasper, Crawford Co.

George Washington Davis registered for the draft in Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., AR on Sep. 12, 1918. He was described as being tall and slender with black hair and blue eyes. He was age 43 yrs., born May 17, 1875, and was a laborer at the Fort Smith Furniture Co. in Fort Smith. He named Mary Davis of Fort Smith as his nearest relative. The registration card was signed with his mark.

The children of George and Mary were:

- James Ather, born Nov. 17, 1904, died in 1923

- Harrison Claborn, born Aug. 6, 1906, died Jun. 28, 1985 in Harbor City, Los Angeles Co., CA. He first married Blanch C. Chaffin, and second Maxine Viola Ashmore. Maxine was the daughter of Charles Elmer and Effie Daisy Patton Ashmore and was born Apr. 9, 1911 in Iowa. She died on Jul. 7, 1965 in Long Beach, Los Angeles Co. Their children were James Edward, born 1930, and Joanne Fay, born 1932.

- Lue Irene, born Mar. 7, 1910 in Natural Dam, and died Apr. 16, 1997 in Calimesa, Riverside Co., CA. Lue married four times. Her first marriage was to Eldon Lowell Ashmore (perhaps some relation to Effie who married Harrison). He was born c1908 in Page Co., IA and died Jul. 1, 1969 in Wilmington, Los Angeles Co. There were no children.
Lue Irene Watson
Lue Irene Davis
Lue's second marrige was to Charles Rainwater. There were no children. Her third was to Elmer F. Basinger on Nov. 8, 1924. He was born Sep. 11, 1905 in Arkansas and died on Nov. 7, 1965 in San Bernardino Co.

Two children resulted from this union: Beverly Jean and Richard Elmer.

Dwight Warren Cunningham was her fourth and last husband. Dwight was born Jul. 5, 1921 in Arkansas and died Feb. 11, 1996 in Earp, San Bernardino Co. They were married on Apr. 14, 1961 in Winterhaven, Imperial Co., CA. There were no children. Dwight was a WW2 veteran who served in the US Navy and was at Normandy on D-Day in support of the invasion of Allied Forces.
Dwight Warren Cunningham
Dwight Warren Cunningham
The fourth child of George and Mary Watson Davis was Luther Ambers (Bill) Davis. he was born Oct. 12, 1912 and died Dec. 2, 1982 in Apple Valley, San Bernardino Co.

Next was Lathie Cleo, born Feb. 12, 1915, and last was George Elwood, born Feb. 9, 1919 in Fort Smith, AR. He died Dec. 24, 1997 in Long Beach, Los Angeles Co.

Please contact me at the above e-mail address to add to or correct any of this information.

February 3, 2008

The Watson & Courtney Families, Part I

William Watson was a son of Jerry John and Susanah Lyles Watson. He was born c1848 in Perryville, Perry Co., AR. He is thought to have first married Martha L. Stevenson but nothing is known of this union.

He became part of my Coffee family when in 1879 he married Mary Elizabeth Bowman Coffee, the widow of James M. Coffee, my GG-Grandfather. Mary was the daughter of Joseph T. and Naphania Hardin Bowman.

Joseph, and his father Jesse are well known in the history of the Texas Revolution. Jesse died at the Alamo on Mar. 6, 1836. Joseph was born in Illinois and came to Texas with his parents in 1835. He married Naphania on Jan. 26, 1843 in Hempstead Co., AR.

Mary was the third of the 10 children known to have been born to Joseph and Naphania. She was born Mar. 5, 1846 in DeKalb, Bowie Co., TX. As the wife of James M. Coffee, Mary gave birth to my grandfather, Albert Lilburn Coffee in 1873. Her first child was Sarah Ellen Coffee, born Sep. 19, 1869.

She and William were married and remained in Texas until 1883 when Mary died. She is believed to have died shortly after the birth of her second child. She and William had two daughters, Lillie Wes, born Feb. 10, 1880, and Mary Elizabeth, born Aug. 28, 1883.

William is said to have served on the Confederate side during the Civil War, and either lost an arm or had one that was severely injured.

The family was in Bowie Co., TX in 1880, and both Sarah Ellen and Albert Lilburn were enumerated as step-children of William. Next door to the Watson family was the Finis Ames family. Finis was the husband of Mary E. Coffee, sister to James M.

At the death of Mary Bowman Coffey Watson, William desired to return to NW Arkansas. The Coffee children were turned over to the Ames family and William departed with his two daughters for Crawford Co., AR. His mother was still living in the Lee Creek area of Crawford Co., and this is where he is believed to have temporarily settled. He later moved into the Sequoyah Co., OK area and died in Adair Co. c1918.

His daughter Lillie married William Joseph Courtney on Dec. 23, 1896 in Crawford Co., AR. William's various records throughout nearly his entire life spelled his name Coatney. He was the son of James George and Mary Jane (Polly) Yancey, and was born Dec. 14, 1872 in Lee Creek. He died in Crawford Co. on Apr. 10, 1946.

Lillie and William had twelve children, several of which are thought to still be living:

- Willie Mae, born Dec. 10, 1898, died 1899

- Mary Lela, born Jun. 8, 1899, died Apr. 20, 1999. Mary married Jackson S. Summerlin, a son of Leander A. and Sarah Jane Lewis Summerlin. They were the parents of nine children.

- William Herbert, born Sep. 13, 1901 in Sallisaw, Sequoyah Co., OK, died May 24, 1993 in Muskogee, Muskogee Co., OK. He married a lady by the name of Ellen, and I have no additional information.

- James Virgil, born Dec. 11, 1903, married Jan. 20, 1924 to Essie (Pete) LaBass on Jan. 20, 1924 in Vian, Sequoyah Co. Essie died on Aug. 27, 2001 in Baton Rouge, LA. They were the parents of five children.

- Frankie Mae, born Feb. 15, 1905, died Jul 20, 1934

- George Lester, born Apr. 24, 1908, died Aug. 19, 1979. George married Wilma Carol and they were parents of 10 children.

- Ethel Evelyn, born Jul. 17, 1910, married Albert Clifton Young on May 13, 1928 in Sallisaw. They were parents of six children.

- Meredith Raymond, born May 27, 1912 in Greenleaf, Seequoyah Co., and died Aug. 14, 1999 in Seminole, Seminole Co., OK. he married a lady name Florence who was born Oct. 10, 1914 and died Jan., 1986 in Seminole.

- Garland Clifford, born Jul. 21, 1914, died Jn. 25, 1917

- Cecil Leonard, born Jun. 10, 1917 in Greenlead and died Mar. 26, 1990 in Box, Sequoyah Co. He married Verna Tynes.

- Samuel Harden, born Mar. 3, 1921 in Box. Married a lady named Katherine (Katy). I have no other information.

- Verlin Lorraine, born Sep. 17, 1923, died Dec. 4, 2000 in Glendora, Los Angeles Co., GA. She married Elmer C. Murray, born Jun. 27, 1897, died May, 1974 in San Diego, San Diego Co., CA.

Check out Angela's Attic for more photographs of this and collateral families.

February 2, 2008

The Henry Stoneman Family

Susan Stoneman entered the Coffey family when she became the second wife of Adolphus Coffey on Mar. 12, 1874 in Owen Co., IN. See the Homer Ernest Coffey, and the Anna Lois Coffey Mossman blogs for more information about this Coffey family.

Susan's parents were Henry and Fanny Stoneman. The family arrived in New York from Bidford, England on May 31, 1836 aboard the ship Lord Ramsey. Included on the passenger list were three of their children, George S., born c1832; Henry B., born c1834; and Charles G., born c1836. Their other children, all born in New York were John R., born c1838; Richard J., born c1841; and Susan, born c1844.

Update Jun. 14, 2013:  Fanny is probably Fanny Strong who married Henry Stoneman on Dec. 23, 1930 in Bedminster, Somerset, England.

There was another Stoneman family on board the Lord Ramsey, but I have not established a family connection. That family consisted of John Stoneman, age 45, his wife Ann, age 40. Children were Mary, Phillip, William, Ann, Joseph, Thomas, and John. Children ranged in age from 19 to 6.

The Henry Stoneman family worked its way west, landing on a farm in Greencastle, Putnam Co., IN in 1850. I have not found them in the 1840 census. In 1860 they are found in Spencer, Owen Co., and in 1870 in Clay Twp., Owen Co. By 1880 Fanny was deceased and Henry was confined in the Owen Co. Asylum. He died on Mar. 8, 1882 in Gosport, Owen Co.

The 1860 census shows the child Anna E. Coffee [sic], age 4, born in Indiana, as a resident in the Henry and Fanny household. This was about 14 years before Susan would marry Adolphus.

At least three of their sons, George, Henry B. and Richard served on the Union side during the Civil War. They were all members of the 14th Indiana Infantry Regiment, and all appear to have survived that struggle.

In addition to Susan, I have looked at the family of Henry B., second eldest son of Henry and Fanny. Henry B. married Rhoda R. Dale on Mar. 8, 1866 in Owen Co. They had at least two children: Jennie, born c1867 and Walter E., born c1872. After the war Henry seems to have lead the typical life of a farmer. He and Rhoda moved to Washington Twp. in 1880 where she apparently died before 1910. In that year Henry B. was a widower and resided in the household with Jennie and her family.

Jennie married James Ahern, a son of Irish emigrants, who was born in Indiana in c1863. He and Jennie were married in Owen Co. on May 14, 1890. James was a locomotive engineer and the family later moved to Indianapolis in Marion Co. They were in that city in 1910 when Henry B. came to live with them.

Jennie and James had at least four children: William, born 1892; Ileen, born 1895; Rhoda, born c1899; and Katherine, born c1902.

Please contact me at the above e-mail address if you can identify Anna Coffee, or if you can add to or correct any of this information.

Wadsworth (Watt) Goode

Wadsworth ties into my Coffee family through Margaret, his daughter who married Lilburn Warren Coffee.

Wadsworth F. (Watt) Goode was born Jan. 1825 in Alabama. His parents were born in South Carolina. He married Nancy Emmeline Moore in Fayette Co., TX on Aug. 15, 1851. She was born in Mar. 1834 in Mississippi. Her parents were natives of North Carolina.

In 1860 Watt and Nancy were residing in Austin Co., TX where Watt gave his profession as "trader." They were already parents of five children:
- Josephine, born c1852
- Frances (Fannie), born c1854
- Margaret, born May, 7, 1855, died Mar. 16, 1946, married Lilburn Warren Coffee
- Unnamed male, born c1857. The 1860 census referred to him by the initial R. He apparently did not survive to the 1870 census.
- Madison, born c1859

Watt's application for pension shows that he enlisted on the Confedrate side at Yoakum, TX in Apr., 1864 with Capt. Clay Davis' company and was stationed at Rancho Davis, TX. He was discharged in Apr., 1865.

According to the Handbook of Texas Online, Rancho Davis was established on the Rio Grande in 1847 by Henry Clay Davis. After the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican War in 1848, the area became part of Nueces Co. It is now part of Starr Co., and is known as Rio Grande City.

The family relocated to Travis Co. after the Civil War, and then to Hays Co. by 1880. By then, four additional children had been born into the family:

- H. Richard (Dick), born Aug., 1865
- Louisa, born c1866
- Jeremiah (Jerry), born c1868
- Joseph, born c1871

In 1870 Watt had given up trading because he was listed as retired from the grocery business, and worked as a farmer. The family once again relocated, this time to Yoakum in DeWitt Co., TX. Watt was 75 years old by then. Emmeline must have died in DeWitt Co., because she is missing in the 1910 census. By the time of that census Watt was a widower and was found living in the household with his widowed daughter, Frances Goode Wilson in DeWitt Co.

Watt died in 1914 in Lavaca Co., and was buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery at Yoakum. I presume that Emmeline was also buried there, but I have no first hand knowledge of that.

In addition to Margaret, I have found a few of Watt's other children:

Frances married Jason Antonio Wilson in about 1875. He was born in Jan., 1845 and died before the census in 1910. They had 12 children, 10 of which survived to become adults. They were: Frances, born c1879; Jason, Jr., born Oct. 1880; W. Sam, born Aug., 1882; H. Joseph, born Aug., 1884; Clyde, born Apr. 1887; William, born Mar. 1889; Nancy, born Nov., 1891; Thomas, born Jul., 1892; Rosa, born Aug., 1894; and Dixie, born Dec., 1896.

Jason Jr. is the only person that I have ever found in any record who gave his occupation as "cowboy." He listed that as his occupation when he registered for the WW1 draft in Hallettsville, Lavaca Co. on Sep. 5, 1918. by 1920 he was a "hired hand" on a ranch in Coconino Co., AZ.

Madison married but I have not yet found his wife's name. He was a widower in the household with his parents at the time of the 1900 census. With him were his children: Olga, born May., 1884; Nate or Wate, a daughter, born Apr. 1885; Nellie, born Aug., 1889; and Jeremiah (Jerry), born Jun., 1891.

Richard (Dick) married Julia c1894 in Texas and in the 1900 census was the father of Mamie, born Sep., 1895; Emma, born Sep., 1897; and a then unnamed daughter, born Mar., 1900.

I would like to hear from anyone researching the Watt Goode family and his ancestors. Please write to me at the above e-mail address.

Everette M. (Jack) Coffee

Everette M. Coffee was a son of Louis Edwin and Lula Belle Nichols Coffee. He was born Jan. 15, 1918 in Texas and died on Jan. 29, 2004 in Anaheim, Orange Co., CA.

The first record in which he appears is the Jan., 1920 Eastland Co., TX census with his parents. By the time of the 1930 census his parents had divorced, and his mother had remarried. Her second husband was Floyd H. Cook to whom she was married in about 1923 or 1924. Both Everette and his brother Orval* were in the new household along with their half-sister, Betty Floydada Cook**, born c1924.

By 1946 Everette was a resident of Los Angeles Co., and believed to have been unmarried. In 1948 he was married Shirley I. Snell in Orange Co. They lived in Orange Co. at least until 1979 when Shirley and Everette divorced on Dec. 20 of that year.

When Everette died on Jan. 19, 2004 in Anaheim, his obituary named his wife Virginia and daughters, Deborah Kerns and Marsha Bugg, and a son Kyle Follars as survivors.

Please contact me if you can add to or correct any of this information.

*Orval never married.

**Betty is believed to have assumed the first name of Antonia. There is a marriage record in Broward Co., FL for Antonia Floydada Cook to Melvin H. Williams in 1945. He is thought to have been only one of her several husbands.

February 1, 2008

Homer Ernest Coffey

Homer Ernest Coffey was a son of Adolphus and Susan H. Miller Coffey. He was born in Oct., 1863 in Illinois and died May 21, 1941 in Los Angeles, CA. Somewhere between Illinois and California he married Ina Sproul, a daughter of Henry and Melissa Jane Grainger Sproul. The marriage probably occurred in California because their first child was born there.

Adolphus was a native of North Carolina where he was born Sep. 16, 1836 to Larkin and Catherine H. Wilson Coffey. Adolphus married Susan H. Miller on Sep. 16, 1860 in Owen Co., IN. Susan was born on Jan. 26, 1838 in New York and died in Owen Co. on Oct. 10, 1873. They were the parents of five children. Adolphus was married a second time to Susan F. Stoneman on Mar. 12, 1874 and fathered three additional children.

Homer was the second of the five children born to Adolphus and Susan. In 1880 he was a resident in the Owen Co., IN household of his cousin Asbury Coffey. By 1900 he and Ina had been married for 11 years, and resided in Ventura Co., CA where Homer worked as a carpenter. By 1910 they had moved to Los Angeles where Homer continued to work as a carpenter, and by 1920 the family was living in Orange Co. where Homer went to work in the oil fields. Ina died on Dec. 7 of that year in Placentia, Orange Co. and was buried on Dec. 9, 1920 in Loma Vista Cemetery at Fullerton.

Homer had apparently retired by 1930 because he did not provide an occupation in the census taken in April of that year. He died on May 21, 1941 in Los Angeles and was buried on May 24, 1941 in Loma Vista.

There were eight children born to the union of Homer and Ina:

- Walter Floyd, born Oct. 27, 1889 in Santa Paula, Ventura Co., and died in San Francisco on May. 20, 1947. He was buried in the Golden Gate National Cemetery at San Bruno in San Mateo Co. Walter married Bernice Alameda Holbert who was born Jul. 6, 1898 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN. She died on Nov. 23, 1958 in San Francisco and was also buried at Golden Gate.

In 1930 he and Bernice resided in Orange Co. where he worked as a warehouseman for an oil company. By 1936 they had relocated to Los Angeles where Walter worked as a carpenter.

Their children were: Walter Keith, born Jun. 14, 1929, died Feb. 22, 1978; Mary Ellen - no dates; and Robert Sidney, born Jul. 17, 1936, died Aug. 21, 1961.

- Fred Everett, born Mar., 1891, died Apr. 21, 1947. He apparently remained a bachelor for sometime. He was employed in the motion picture business in Santa Monica in 1920.

- Harley Adolphus, born Apr. 12, 1893 in Santa Paula, and died Jun. 14, 1973 in Medina Co., OH. He married a Hungarian born lady by the name of Christine. She emigrated to the US in 1900 and was naturalized in 1917. In 1928 they resided in Los Angeles. According to voter rolls, they remained in Los Angeles as a couple until about 1937 or 1938. From 1938 until about 1945 they resided at different addresses in Los Angeles Co. By 1946 however, they were again living as man and wife in Los Angeles Co. I believe they had only one child, a daughter named Evelyn J., born c1921. When Harley registered for the WW1 draft in Orange Co. on Jun. 5, 1917, he described himself as being of medium height with slender build, blue eyes and light colored hair.

- Leonard O., born Jul., 1895. By 1930 Leonard was a prisoner in the state penal farm at Angola, Louisiana.

- Agnes R., born Aug. 26, 1898. Agnes married George Walter Bowen, born Dec., 1898 in Louisiana to Samuel and Victoria A. Bowen. George was an oil field hand in 1920 Orange Co. By 1930 the family resided in Huntington Beach, Orange Co. where George worked as an oil field draftsman. I know of one child, a daughter Beverley Agnes, born Oct. 12, 1925 in Los Angeles Co. Prior to her marriage Agnes was a stenographer in Fullerton, Orange Co.

- Avis, born Jul. 6, 1901. In 1922 she was also a stenographer in Fullerton.

- Donald Keith, born Jul. 6, 1904, died Apr. 23, 1984 in Ventural Co. He married Ora P. c1928 in California. Their children were Donald Homer, born Jun. 28, 1928 and, Edith Lorraine, born Oct. 6, 1929.

Additions and/or corrections can be sent to me at the above e-mail address.

Privacy matters?

There has long been a concern by many that published genealogies are a threat to privacy when data on living people (e.g., birth date and place, marriage date and place, etc.) are included.

In many on-line genealogies family researchers include their personal family information, right down to grandkids. They make no effort to hide information such as their birth and marriage dates and places. Even data about their sibling's families and their living parents are included. Others are more astute and omit any reference to living persons.

Researchers often include on-line their own home address and telephone number. Want to find out more about where they live? Plug the address into Google maps and receive directions to their home.

I try to be discrete when publishing genealogical information sent to me by others. I will not use any information when I am asked to withhold it. Still, I cannot help but wonder why someone would believe it is OK to send me their "family secrets," but not OK for those who might read about it in a published genealogy!?

In my opinion, a thorough dissertation on Aunt Jane's three affairs and six illegitimate children - all of whom are still living - should not be shared outside the family. Although Aunt Jane's personal affairs may be common knowledge in her family and, perhaps to some extent around her home town, it is not something that I would be comfortable writing about. To me that is a real privacy issue.

Why is it a concern that including "Aunt Jane's" name, birth date and place on a web page is a threat to her privacy? Chances are that the personal check she wrote to Macy's included her address, her birth date, and her drivers license number. If not, she will freely provide it upon request of the store clerk with little regard for who might see that information, or its proper use.

We happily publish the birth of our children in the local newspaper. We publish a lot of family detail in obituaries for our loved ones. Newspapers publish the names, ages and addresses of marriage license applicants. We then proudly publish photographs and detailed information about the families of the bride and groom on society pages. There we tell everyone where the couple went to school, where they are employed, and where they will reside after returning from the honeymoon.

After death, our social security numbers and other detailed information - through the Freedom of Information Act - are available. Even our tax records are available. They are more difficult to come by, but for a price almost any of our life records can be purchased or stolen, irrespective of where they are stored. Former Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger has shown this to be true.

Many families publish blogs that are open to anyone who wants to read them. They describe in detail their daily lives, and most often include photographs to prove it.

Families respond to publishers who want to print and sell county histories. They generally include everyone in the family, right down to the newborn. Sometimes they even include a secret or two!

Public records such as divorces and property transfers are available on a daily basis in most print and on-line newspapers. School graduation photographs are published that include not only the student's name but also the names of his/her parents. Sometimes siblings names are included.

Many counties around the country publish on-line indexes to all public records. Want to find out the details of someone's divorce? Just jot down the file index numbers and visit the courthouse. Too far from the courthouse? Find out what the costs are and send for the complete file.

For a few bucks you can find out where anyone lives, their telephone number, credit history and much more. Take a look at any of the more popular search engines like switchboard.com if you have doubts.

In my local Sunday paper there is a "featured family." They are presented in nearly full page photographs. Typically, they are standing outside their home. Sometimes however, they are pictured inside the home alongside a treasured antique, or something else of great value. The accompanying article not only reveals names and relationships, the photograph shows exactly what they look like, where they live and what they do for a living. Information such as this can directly lead anyone bent on compromising the privacy of these families to the source.

Once a young man wrote to me asking that I remove him from a genealogy that another family member had submitted. The reason given was that the he worked in a "sensitive position" with a law enforcement group. There was nothing in the genealogy that even hinted at his occupation. I removed his name, but was amused when I found a link at the bottom of his e-mail that led me to a web page containing his wedding photographs, as well as photos of many who had attended this young man's recent wedding! No matter to whom he wrote, chances are the link was automatically included in every e-mail he sent.

So, what do you think?

With more and more newspapers now publishing on-line where people around the world can read the details, do you believe that personal information is too easily available?

Should on-line family historians not include names, birth and marriage dates and places for living family members?

Has anyone in your family had their privacy compromised by information taken from a genealogical website, or other publically available website?

If you publish on-line, what is your practice?

Write to me at the above e-mail address.

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