October 20, 2008

Susan Barsheba (Bob) Fletcher

This will be my last blog for about two weeks.  We are heading out tomorrow for a two-week camping trip down around Lafayette, Louisiana.  That area is the heart of Acadiana.  I hope to enjoy a few Cajun dinners in one of the many fine restaurants in that area.  So what if the cholesterol is high...you gotta die from something  so might as well have a full belly when you go!

I'm still searching for some associate editors to write an occasional blog.  You can write about your Coffey/Coffee family or any of those lines that connect to them.  If interested, contact me via e-mail.  My address is above right.
Susan Barsheba (Bob) Fletcher was a daughter of James Nelson & Rebecca M. O'Quinn Fletcher.  Her father was brother to George William Fletcher who married a sister to my 3G-grandfather, James R. Bishop.  She was born in Mississippi, and probably in Lawrence or Copiah Co. 

The Bishops first settled in Lawrence Co. after leaving Georgia.  My earliest Bishop ancestor was William Bucner who was in that county at least by 1818 when he purchased land in the SW part of S22, T7W, R19W comprising 160 acres.  He paid a total of $320 to the US Government for the property.  William sold the property on Jan. 1, 1834 and began moving west.  He was 66 years old at the time and made it only as far as Union Co., AR where he died in 1852.

William's son, James R. Bishop was my ancestor.  His daughter, Adaline Amanda married George William Fletcher.  As mentioned above, Susan's (Bob) father was brother to George.  That's why I have a drawer full of Fletcher family information.

Bob was the ninth of 14 children born to James and Rebecca.  There were six boys and eight girls, all born between Nov., 1838 and Oct., 1864!  Rebecca likely didn't remember what it was like not to be pregnant!  She died in 1880.  James died in 1864, worn out I reckon from trying to feed all those kids!

Bob married William Caswell Crocker on Nov. 9, 1873.  He was born Aug. 5, 1844 in Mississippi. and died Jan. 15, 1901 in Texas, probably Anderson Co.  Bob died there on Jan. 1, 1916 and is buried in the Tennessee Colony* Cemetery.

William Caswell is probably also buried here, but I have not yet found his headstone.

He and Bob had at least seven children:

Eugenia Alice, born Jan. 2, 1875
Toy Crawford, born Sep. 29, 1877
Allen Baxter, born Jul. 5, 1879
Savannah Ida, born May 25, 1882
Oliver Arnold, born Nov. 29, 1887, died Jan. 17, 1928.  He is also buried at Tennessee Colony.
Hanna Jane, born Apr. 8, 1890
Ebon Nealy, born Mar. 29, 1895, died Mar. 29, 1899.  He is also buried at Tennessee Colony.

As usual, I can be reached at the above e-mail address if corrections to this info are needed.

*Yes, there is a town in Texas with that name!
Photo of gravestone courtesy of Kristen Merritt on FindAGrave

William Thad & Ocia Bell Coffee Buchanan

William Preston (Pres) Buchanan constructed and operated the Louisiana & Arkansas Railway in 1898.  William had been a timberman and owned the Bodcaw Lumber Company whose primary office was at Stamps, AR.  He was also a large land owner in southwest Arkansas and northwest Louisiana.

William, a son of Charles Clayton and Mary Abernathy Tarpley Buchanan, was born in Tennessee in 1844.  It's not clear when he came into the lower part of Arkansas or, when he married Helen, whose maiden name may also have be en Buchanan*, but it was likely sometime in the late 1860s, early 1870s.

Their known children were:

Mary L., born c1871 in Arkansas.  She married J. A. Billingsley on Oct. 7, 1894 in Nevada Co., AR.

William Thad, born Aug. 29, 1874 in Arkansas, married Ocia Bell Coffee on Dec. 20, 1906** in Nevada Co.  Ocia was born Sep. 25, 1882 in Hempstead Co., and died Dec. 6, 1959 in Nevada Co.  She and Thad are buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Prescott, Nevada Co.

His obituary from the Prescott Daily News, Nevada Co., AR, February 11, 1938:

Prescott lost one of its real pioneers when Thad Buchanan died here last Tuesday.  Mr. Buchanan was the son of W. P. (Press) Buchanan who came to Prescott in the fall of 1873 to work on the Cairo & Fulton Railroad. This railroad was built through here in July, 1873.

Thad Buchanan was the first child born in Prescott, and his father's house is the oldest residence of the city.  It is located on West Third Stret, between Hazel and Walnut next to the home of Mrs. George Kizer and is now occupied by John Smith.
 Their known children were:

Floyd Fields, born 1908, married Florence (LNU)

Ota Albert, born Mar. 29, 1910, married Claudy Woodard

Clyde Curtis, born Nov. 11, 1914, died Jan. 8, 1991 in Nevada Co.  He married Margaret L. (Peggy) Barnard, born Jan. 7, 1918 in Prescott, died Aug. 27, 2003 in Prescott.

John Preston, born c1915, died before 1930

Edmond Louis, born c1923
 Joe Pledger, born Dec. 24, 1876, died Oct. 8, 1961.  He married Lillie (LNU), born Oct. 3, 1888 in Arkansas, died Oct. 14, 1972 in Prescott.

Esther, born c1879.

Please contact me if you can share any information about these families.

*BUCHANAN, WILLIAM PRESTON--born 11-2-1833 in TN; married Miss Helen Buchanan; had 9 children; died 10-27-1928; buried at Old Smyrna Cem; marker has death date of 10-24-1928 (Obituary Index, Nevada News; 12-20-1928)

 **William Thad may have been previously married.  There is a marriage record for a W. T. Buchanan to Kate Hawkins in Nevada Co., dated Mar. 3, 1895.

October 18, 2008

Sarah Frances Stewart Maddox

Sarah was my second cousin and the daughter of William Lafayette and Lucia Edna Coffee.  An earlier blog about William and Lucia can be read here.

She was born on Jan. 29, 1898 in Hope, Hempstead Co., AR and died on Mar. 28, 1986 in Erath Co., TX.   Sarah married Emmit Carl Maddox c1920 in Texas.  He was born Aug. 8, 1897 in Karnes Co., TX to Phillip Berry and Lucy C. Reece Maddox.  He died on Feb. 1, 1962* in Big Spring, Howard Co., TX.  He and Sarah were divorced sometime after 1938 following the birth and death of twins.

Emmit was working as a heavy equipment operator in Big Spring at the time of his death, and was buried there in the City Cemetery. 

Their known children were:

Carl Allen, born c1922, died Aug. 11, 1986 in Harris Co., TX

Clyde, born c1923

George W., born c1927

Robert Francis, born Jul. 28, 1929

Charles Phillip, born Oct. 12, 1935, died Sep. 3, 1949.  This child was born in Sonora, Sutton Co., TX and died in Strawn, Palo Pinto Co.  His death resulted from injuries received in an automobile accident.  He was buried at the cemetery in Gordon, Palo Pinto Co.*

Tiny Ann and Emmit Carl, Jr. were twins, born prematurely.  Tiny was born on Nov. 24, 1938 and died Dec. 1, 1938.  Her twin was born on Nov. 25 and died after a few hours.  Both of these children are buried at Bakersfield in Pecos Co., TX.*

Based on his occupation at time of death, I suspect that Emmit and Sarah moved around Texas quite a bit, following work.

Sarah had at least two siblings: 

Edna Ellen Stewart who was born Nov. 23, 1899 in Hope, and died Jul. 26, 1901 in Stephenville, Erath Co.  I do not believe that Edna ever married.  She is buried under her maiden name at West End Cemetery in Stephenville.

William Ellery (Willie) Stewart, born Jul. 29, 1901 in Stephenville, and died there on Nov. 18, 1976.  William was a veteran of both WW1 and WW2.  He is buried at East memorial Cemetery in Stephenville. 

Please contact me if you have more information on this Stewart family.

*Death certificates in my files

October 16, 2008

Lorenzo Dow

A friend, after reading my blog about Bailey Eliphalet Chaney, wrote to me about the eccentric preacher Lorenzo Dow who labored in the continental wilds shortly after the Revolutionary War.  Lorenzo Dow  lived from 1777-1834.  At one time his autobiography was second only to the Bible in sales.   According to Wikipedia, Lorenzo was one of the most popular names in America in the 1850 census.

Looking through my Edward Coffey Project files, I found only one Coffey with given name of Lorenzo Dow.  This Lorenzo was a son of William Wiley and Mailnda Emeline Little Coffey, born Sep. 12, 1852 in Indiana.  He married Martha J. Wilson, born Oct. 28, 1854 in Gentry Co., and died May 13, 1938 in Stanberry, Gentry Co.  Lorenzo died on Mar. 20, 1920 in Cooper Twp., Gentry Co. 

Martha was the daughter of Sidney and Mary Cooper Wilson.  She and Lorenzo are both buried in the High Ridge Cemetery at Stanberry.

There is another Lorenzo Coffey in my file, but I do not have a middle name for him.  He was born in 1832 in North Carolina, a son of Larkin and Catherine H. Wilson Coffey.  He married Eliza Corder and had at least two children; Wayland and Nora.

Lorenzo Dow Carr, born c1832 in Virginia, married a lady by the name of Margaret who produced at least three sons, one named Alexander D. Carr, born Feb., 1861.  He married Alice E. Coffey on Apr. 17, 1884 in Nelson Co., VA.  Alice was the daughter of Joseph C., Jr. and Nancy Jane Coffey Coffey.

Then, there's Langston Lorenzo Estes, a son of Elijah and Zebiah Walker Wentworth Estes.  Langston was born in Nov., 1839 in North Carolina.  Langston received his name - at least the Langston part - from his grandfather, Langston Estes who married Mary "Polly" Moore.  The only reason these Estes families are in my file is because of a marriage between Lance Estes, a son of Reuben and Delphia Atkins Estes and Elizabeth Coffey c1803 in North Carolina.  Elizabeth was the daughter of James Coffey, Jr., and Mary "Mollie" Moore.

Lorenzo does not seem to be a popular name in a population of nearly 4000 Coffey men in my file, plus a few thousand other male given names in colateral lines.

The Estes and Moore families, along with the Coffeys were some of the earliest settlers in the Globe Valley of western North Carolina, in the shadow of Grandfather Mountain.

October 15, 2008

Bailey Eliphalet Chaney

I know...this is a Coffee/Coffey blog!  But, sometimes I like to write about other families that appear in my own family line.  So, please bear with me while I ramble a little on Bailey Eliphalet Chaney, an early Baptist preacher in the Mississippi and Louisiana Territories.

According to the Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature (John McClintock, pub. Harper and Brothers, 1889) Bailey was a Baptist minister, born in South Carolina.  He was in the Natchez area of Mississippi around 1790 and found himself - along with other non-Catholic religious leaders - subject to Spanish persecution as well as prosecution. 

When the area "came under the protection of the government of the United States, the people assembled in large numbers, a brush arbor was constructed, and he was sent for; and, while the flag of the United States floated over him, he preached the Gospel of Christ unawed by the minions of Rome."

In 1798 he was run out of Louisiana after being arrested for preaching.  He was forced to leave that state and return to Mississippi, where he died in 1816.  However, in 1818 there was a Bailey E. Chaney in Franklin Co., MS who had been elected by the legislature to be a "chief justice."*

Another source, A History of the Baptist Churches in the United States (Albert Henry Newman, Christian Literature, 1894) Bailey and his family moved from Cole's Creek, MS to East Feliciana Parish in Louisiana in 1798 and began to preach.  He was arrested and released on his promise to cease preaching in that jurisdiction, and seems to have returned to Mississippi.

Elizabeth Ratliff
It is a good bet that Bailey is the ancestor of most of the Chaney families who still reside in the parishes of East Feliciana, East Baton Rouge, Saint Helena and perhaps other surrounding parishes.  He married Elizabeth Ratliff in Franklin Co., MS in 1798.  She was born on Aug. 14,1779 in that county and died on Jul. 4, 1855 in East Feliciana Parish.  Elizabeth is buried at the Bluff Creek Community Cemetery in East Feliciana Parish.  There are other Chaney and Chaney relatives resting in this old burial ground and Bailey may be there as well, but in an unmarked grave.

I know of at least ten children born to Bailey and Elizabeth between 1700 and 1816.

Sarah, born Apr. 27, 1799, died Oct. 30, 1843.  She married Joshua Howell Rollins.

Mary Ryan, born Feb. 19, 1801, died Feb. 21, 1852.  She married first James Hope Allison but I do not believe there were any children from that union.  She married second to Hugh Pinkney Montgomery on Sep. 28, 1821.  He was born on Feb. 3, 1792 in South Carolina, died Feb. 18, 1836 in East Baton Rouge Parish.  She and Hugh had at least six children.

Elizabeth Norris, born May 26, 1802.

William, born Feb. 14, 1804.

Bailey Franklin, born Feb. 16, 1896, died May 8, 1844.  He married Sarah Ann Hooper on Feb. 2, 1833 in Saint Helena Parish.  she was born Apr. 17, 1816 and died Nov. 19, 1897.  She and Bailey may have had as many as six children, but I have found only three.  After Bailey Franklin died, Sarah married Hiram Williams on Nov. 4, 1877 in East Baton Rouge Parish.

James Eliphalet, born Mar. 10, 1808.

David Madison Chaney
David Madison, born May 19, 1809, died Feb. 5, 1859.  David married first to Margaret Newson on Sep. 10, 1829 in East Feliciana Parish.  She was born May 6, 1815, a daughter of Abraham and Lowanzy [sic] Kirby.  At least four children were born to that union.  He married for a second time to Mrs. Winnifred Watson (Winnie) Vincent on Aug. 29, 1837 in Livingston Parish, La.  Winnie died Aug. 23, 1846 but not before presenting David with at least three additional children.  His third wife was Susan Bankston who he married on Oct. 13, 1846 in East Feliciana Parish.  Susan presented David with an additional five children.  David is also buried at Bluff Creek.  I do not know where his three wives are buried.

Olivia Jemima, born Sep. 27, 1812, married John Harrison of Feb. 4, 1834 in East Feliciana Parish.  John died prior to 1860 when Olivia appeared as head of household in the East Feliciana Parish census for that year.  I believe they were parents of at least eight children.

Roxana Mariah, born Sep. 27, 1812.

Olympus Octavia, born Apr. 27, 1816.

Please contact me at the above e-mail address if you can add to or correct any of this information.  I also have additional information on some of the grandchildren of Bailey and Elizabeth.

*Mississippi: Comprising Sketches of Counties, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form, Southern Historical Publishing Association, 1907, p986

Roby Monroe Coffey Family

Roby Monroe Coffey was a son of George Washington "Wash" and Matilda "Tilda" Coffey Coffey.  Wash and Tilda were distant cousins.  Roby was the ninth of the 11 children born to Tilda, and first saw light on Mar. 20, 1881 in Ashe Co., NC.  He died on Oct. 1, 1955 of a coronary occlusion and was buried in the Boone Fork Baptist Church Cemetery in Watauga Co., NC.

On Sep., 12, 1918, Roby registered for the draft in WW1 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co.  He was described as being 37 years old, tall with blue eyes and dark colored hair.  He was a farmer and resided at Shulls Mill in Watauga Co. with his wife.  He did not mention the number of children in his household, but by that date, should have been the father of at least six children:

Roby Monroe Coffey Family
Lena, born Dec. 13, 1903, died 1979, married George Norvell Fox Aug. 10, 1927 in Carter Co., TN.  George was born May 7, 1902 in Watauga Co., the son of John Lee and Jodie Ella Shook Fox.

Lelia Nancy, born May 20, 1906 in Caldwell Co., died May 7, 1969 in Lenoir.  She married Ralph Washington Jones on Jul. 31, 1926 in Watauga Co.  He was born Jun. 1, 1906 in Caldwell Co., and died there on Jul. 14, 1987.  Both she and Ralph are buried at Harris Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery in Hudson, Caldwell Co.  They had at least three children, all now deceased:  George Sylvester, born Jun 3, 1927, died Jun. 9, 1946; Thelma, born Jan. 29, 1930, died Dec. 14, 2006 as Mrs. Claude D. Payne, and Peggy Ann, born Dec. 4, 1948, died Apr. 5, 1960.

Bina Lee, born Jun. 29, 1909 in Caldwell Co., died Jul. 10, 1999 in High Point, Guilford Co., NC.  She married her distant cousin, Troy Talmadge Coffey, on Nov. 3, 1928 in Carter Co., TN.  Troy was the son of George Calvin and Louisa Elizabeth Curtis Coffey.  Troy and Bina had at least one child, a son Wayne Lewis, born Oct. 9, 1929, died Sep. 24, 1999.  Troy was born Mar. 4, 1906 in Watauga Co., and died Apr. 18, 1995 in Thomasville, Davidson Co., NC.

Lottie Merle, born Feb. 12, 1912 in Caldwell Co., died May 3, 1998 in Culpeper, Culpeper Co., VA.  She married Ralph James Moore on Jan. 21, 1928 in Watauga Co.  Ralph was born Apr. 4, 1908, a son of Wiley Hill and Ellen Hodges Moore.  After Ralph died, Lottie married Herbert Hensley who also preceded her in death.

Cora Lee, born Oct. 18, 1914 in Caldwell Co., and died there on Dec. 31, 1990.  She married Earl Boyd Miller, a son of Daniel Lafayette and Emma Coleman Miller, in 1932, Caldwell Co.  Earl was born Dec. 24, 1911 in Caldwell Co., and died in Hudson, NC on Oct. 15, 2006.  Earl was buried at Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery in Hudson.  Cora is also presumed to be buried there.

Ruth, the sixth child, was born Dec. 31, 1916 in Caldwell Co.  she married Edward R. Cook on Aug. 29, 1936 in Watauga Co.  No further information is known.
It is not clear to me where the other children in the family were when this family-style photo was taken.  Because the first six children were only girls, the children in the photo have to be:

Frank E., on the right, born c1919

Boyd Ray, on the left, born Mar. 26, 1923.  Boyd married Mary Elizabeth Hayes.

Margaret Allena, the "babe in arms," born Apr. 7, 1926, died Feb. 10, 1990.  Margaret married John Wellington Ford on Jul. 12, 1941 in Watauga Co.  John was born in North Carolina on Jan. 8, 1925 and died in Lenoir on Sep. 7, 1980.  According to his obituary, John was buried in the Ford Cemetery in Caldwell Co., white Margaret was buried in the Bolick Family cemetery in the Globe, Caldwell Co.  There were at least two children born to them:  John, Jr., born Sep. 20, 1945, died Dec. 9, 1996; and Della Mae, born Dec. 23, 1947, died Mar. 12, 1995.
Please contact me to add to or to correct any of this information.

The headstone and church photos are courtesy of Connie Coffey Dorsey.  The Roby Coffey family photo is courtesy of Margaret Coffey Farley.

Leonard Carlyle & Mary Elsie Coffey Coffey

Leonard, born May 13, 1903 in Virginia, was a son of Arthur & Virginia Ann (Jenny) Davis Coffey.  He died in Virginia on Aug. 23, 1959.  He was married to  Mary Elsie Coffey, a distant cousin, both descending from William and Elizabeth Osborne Coffey.

Elsie was the daughter of Hiter Webster & Mary Fannie (Mamie) Higginbotham Coffey.  She was born Sep. 5, 1913 in Amherst Co., and died on Nov. 6, 2002 in Vesuvius, Rockbridge Co., VA. 

I do not have their exact marriage date, but it was after 1930.  That year, Elsie was age 16 and still living with her parents in the Pedlar District of Amherst Co.  Leonard, age 26, was still living with his parents in the same area.

This is the last known photo of Elsie before she died in 2002.  Both she and Leonard are buried in the Green Hill Cemetery at Buena Vista, VA.

These families were natives of Coffeytown in Amherst Co.

Please contact me to add to or to correct any of this information.

October 12, 2008

Rhodes Gregory

According to his WW1 draft registration, Rhodes Gregory, a son of Frank and Isabelle Gregory, was born in Kentucky on Apr. 4, 1892 in Slavans, KY.  He was 24 years old at the time, and described as being tall and slender with black eyes and brown hair.  He was married and had two children at that time.

A few birth records for his children have been found, and each names the mother as Mattie Bell.  It is not yet clear to me that Bell was her maiden name.  I do know from the 1920 and 1930 census record that her given name was Mattie.

He and Mattie had at least eight children, two of which married into the Coffey family in Wayne Co., KY.

Lula, their third child, was born Jan. 18, 1918 in Wayne Co., and died there on Mar. 28, 1991.  She married Roscoe Coffey, a son of Joseph and Luvada Martin Coffey.  Roscoe was born Apr. 24, 1907 in Kentucky and died in Coopersville, Wayne Co., on Nov. 10, 1988.

Dina, the sixth child of Rhodes and Martha, was born c1925.  She married Inman Coffey, a brother to Roscoe.

Rhodes died in Wayne Co. on Dec. 15, 1969.  I have an unsourced death date for Mattie as Jun. 8, 1950.

Other children born to Rhodes and Mattie were:

Ethel, born Aug., 6, 1914
Lena, born abt Jul., 1916
Marion F., born Jan. 22, 1920
Herman, born Feb. 6, 1925
Nina, born c1926
Leonard, born Oct. 15, 1931
Corrections and/or additions can be sent to me at the above e-mail address, or entered below as comments.

October 10, 2008

The Collettsville [NC] Historical Society

 The Collettsville Historical Society Website is off-line!

The following by John O. Hawkins appeared in the Lenoir, NC "News-Topic," Sep. 26, 2008:

Life around Collettsville

The Collettsville Historical Society has only been organized a few years, and during the time, they lost their stalwart leader, Sandra Coffey, to cancer. But they are determined to carry on the legacy that she began.

One of the first things they did was to mark several historic sites in the Collettsville area. They have marked places of interest not only in Collettsville but also Wilson Creek, Edgemont and Globe.

Another project they have initiated is the publishing of a series of books entitled "Life Around Collettsville." Each of these books has one or more oral histories as related by people who live in or who know about Collettsville.
Click on the title link to read the remainder of the article, including information on the new publications.  I believe the website only archives articles for a short period.  If interested in that area of North Carolina, you might want to check it out ASAP.

October 8, 2008

More of Me

A small collage of more photos of me.

At the upper left is me and my rabbits. Below that is me on "safari" in the woods behind our house. Both were taken during the summer of 1950.   I will eventually edit the photos to show the correct dates.

The center photo was taken the night of my high-school graduation in 1958. I still have the jacket.

Bottom right is me and sis again. We must have been on our way to a neighborhood Christmas party.

The photo above right is one of me and my wife when we were in the fourth grade. This November we will have been married 49 years.

Me and my sister

Me and my sister

I found this shot while organizing family photographs. It is me and my sister Betty, taken in the summer of 1950.

Betty is holding my cat "Midnight" and I my dog "Ricky." Betty had a dog named "Toto" and I'm not sure why he isn't in the photo.

She is now a widow, mother of two and grandmother of three.

Life was simpler in the 50s.

October 7, 2008

Spainhour Coffey

Spainhour Coffey was a son of Larkin and Lessie Bauguess [sic] Coffey, born Feb. 28, 1912 in Wilkes Co., NC.  He died on May 30, 1981 in Yakima, Yakima Co., WA.

Spainhour, as a given name, is unusual.  I suspect that it comes from Catherine Spainhour who married Israel Boone Coffey in Caldwell Co. on Sep. 19, 1867.  Israel was a very distant cousin of Spainhour, their common ancestor being Thomas Coffey, a son of John and Jane Graves Coffey.

Spainhour married "Toots" Norman on May 31, 1934 in Benton Co., WA. So far, I have not been able to locate any information on "Toots," and would like to know more about her.

Please contact me if you can tell me more about "Toots."

Milton Carter Dalton Family

Milton Carter Dalton was a son of Carter and Nancy Elizabeth Whitsett Dalton. Carter was a son of Tandy Witcher and Matilda Coffey Dalton while Nancy Elizabeth was a daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth Coffey Whitsett.

Matilda and Elizabeth were double first cousins, descendants of Benjamin Coffey and Mary Hayes as well as Colby Rucker and Sarah Roberts.

Milton was the seventh of at least eight children born to Carter and Nancy. He was born Dec. 20, 1879 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN. I believe that he married Elizabeth Jane Owens, born Aug. 4, 1876 and died Nov., 1941.

According to the 1920 census [not yet found in 1900 or 1910], their children were Cassie, born c1904; James C., born c1906; Andrew, born c1907; and Fred, born c1914.

The photograph - source unknown - is said to be one of Nancy Elizabeth Whitsett Dalton, Cassie, Milton Carter and Elizabeth Jane with James C. on her lap.

Please contact me if you are the source of the photograph, or can add to or correct any of the family information.

October 6, 2008

Benjamin Franklin & Martha Cecelia Dobbs Coffey

Benjamin was born Feb. 10, 1851 in Wayne Co., KY to Nelson N. & Kissie Watters Coffey. His wife, Martha Cecelia Dobbs, was born Mar. 18, 1850 in Wayne Co. to George Washington & Lurany H. Strunk Dobbs. They were married on Dec. 5, 1872 in Whitley Co., KY.

Martha Cecelia Dobbs Coffey with unidentified grandchildren
Photo Courtesy Charles Gilbreath 

Benjamin died of nephritis on on Apr. 6, 1918 in McCreary Co. and is buried in the Coffey Cemetery at Yamacraw. Martha died there of pneumonia on Mar. 5, 1938 and is also buried in the Coffey cemetery.

Their children were:

Nelson, born c1874

Benjamin, Jr., born Wayne Co. on Feb. 16, 1876, died McCreary Co. on Nov. 15, 1855. He married Sallie Belle [?] [May?] Clark on Nov. 11, 1902 in Kentucky. Both are buried in the Coffey cemetery. They were parents of at least 11 children. Some additional information is available.

Tolbert Nelson, born Feb. 5, 1878, died Jul. 15, 1907. He married Sarah Roberts c1899 in Wayne Co. After Tolbert died, Sarah married Andrew Cader Worley on Feb. 9, 1914.

Nettie, born Jun. 10, 1881, died Feb. 20, 1973 in McCreary Co. She married George Phillips on Jan. 24, 1906. He was born c1884 in Wayne Co., and died Jul. 25, 1974 in McCreary Co.

L. Henderson, born Mar. 29, 1886 in Kentucky, died Jan. 5, 1909 in McCreary Co. He married Alice Sims Clark c1905 in Kentucky. She was the daughter of Henry and Rebecca Morrow Clark, born Dec. 5, 1887 in Kentucky, doed Oct. 26, 1979 in Wayne Co. She married second to Alex Blane Tucker in Jan., 1911.

America Florence, born Mar. 11, 1889 in Wayne Co., died Nov. 29, 1993 in Stearns, McCreary Co. Her husband was Sherman L. Corder, born c1891 in Kentucky, died Dec. 25, 1981 in McCreary Co. They were married c1922.

Maggie, born 1893, married James E. Keith.

James Perke, born Aug. 24, 1895 in McCreary Co., and died there on Feb. 14, 1929. He married Clara May Correll, a daughter of William and Rose M. Simpson Correll. They were married Jan. 16, 1924. Both are buried in the Coffey Cemetery at Yamacraw.  Clara died on Sep. 25, 1995 in Sidney, Shelby Co., OH.

Contact me for additional information on ancestors and descendants of this family or, to make corrections.

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