August 31, 2009

Marvel Coffey

As long as I've been researching Coffee/Coffey families I've read that other researchers who are interested in the Marvel Coffey who married Rachel Boone, have concluded that he was named Asbury Marvel Coffey. As one who has taken those researchers to be accurate (for the most part), I continued the search for Marvel's father without any success.

Just recently, with thanks to Janet de la Peña and Bonnie Culley, I received a copy of the Jesse Boone will. Jesse was the father of Rachel. In his will Jesse divided his estate between Daniel Boon [sic], Israel Boon, Jonithan Boon, Marvel Coffey, Jonithan [sic] Wilson, Smith Coffey, William Gregg [sic] [Gragg], and William Coffey. The will was written on Nov. 23, 1829 and recorded in McMinn Co., TN.

Jonathan, Daniel and Israel were his sons. Smith Coffey was his son-in-law, husband of Hannah, Jesse's daughter. William Coffey was also a son-in-law, husband of Anna Boone. William "Buck" Gragg was a son-in-law, husband of Celia Boone and Marvel Coffey, a son-in-law, husband of Rachel.

Jonithan Wilson may be the John Wilson who married Rebecca Coffey. Rebecca was the daughter of John Franklin Coffey, another son of Thomas Coffey and Elizabeth Smith.

Jesse appointed Asbury M. Coffey and his son Israel as executors of his will.

It is likely that many people reading this will believe that Asbury M. Coffey was the son-in-law, Marvel. However, Asbury M. was really Asbury Madison Coffey, an attorney in McMinn county at that time and believed to be the son of Eli and Hannah Allen Coffey. Asbury Madison later achieved fame in Kansas and Missouri.

In 1830, the McMinn county census lists only two Coffeys as head of household: Asbury M. and Marvel. We know that both Marvel and Asbury Madison relocated to McMinn county, so this - in my opinion - proves that the two of the Boone will were different people.

Now, how do we determine who the father was of Marvel? I can only speculate and offer the following:

Thomas Coffey, a son of John and Jane Graves Coffey, was twice married. His first wife was Elizabeth Smith with whom he had six children:

Elizabeth "Betsy", born 1763, died 1850 in Indiana, married David Allen.

John Franklin, born c1765, died c1812 in Wilkes Co., NC, married Hannah Wilson. Parents of Rebecca who married John (Jonithan?) Wilson. Several of John Franklin's children married children of Reuben Coffey, another son of John and Jane Graves Coffey.

Thomas Jr. born c1767, married first Margaret Coffey (parents not yet known) and 2) Nancy Pendley. born c1800. There were two Nancy Pendleys, both married Coffey men. However, the two were born about 18 years apart. The second Nancy was born c1818 in NC and married a Marvel Coffey who was the son of James Coffey and Delilah Ferguson. This Marvel remained in NC throughout his lifetime. Thomas, Jr. and his Nancy named one son James Asbury Coffey.

James, born c1772, died c1840 in Wilkes Co., NC is the son who married Delilah Ferguson and were parents of Marvel who married Nancy Pendley. James and Delilah's other children were Thomas, Lovancy, James, Jr., Eli, Myra and Louisa.

Mary, born c1775, died c1828 in NC, married William Coffey, born c1775 in Burke Co., NC, and a son of Benjamin Coffey and Mary "Polly" Hayes. Benjamin was a brother to Thomas making Mary and William first cousins.

Thomas' last child with Elizabeth Smith was Smith Coffey, born c1776, died 1839 in Cherokee Co., NC. He married Jesse Boone's daughter, Hannah.
It is interesting to note that James and Delilah named a son Marvel, and Thomas, Jr. and wife Nancy named one son James Asbury.

It is also interesting to me that of the nine children born to Thomas Coffey and second wife, Sarah Fields, the first four were born pretty much like clock work; e.g., every two years between c1780 and c1788. The next five were also born more or less like clock work, every two years. There is a gap between Elijah - fourth child, born c1788 - and Sarah, the fifth child, born c1792, that Marvel, born c1790 would fit into pretty well.

All of this assumes, of course, that the given approximate birth years for these children are somewhat accurate.

So, let me see if I can sum this up correctly!

- James Coffey was a son of John Coffey and Jane Graves

- James and wife Elizabeth Cleveland were parents of Eli, who married Hannah Allen and were parents of Asbury Madison Coffey.

- Thomas Coffey, also a son of John Coffey and Jane Graves.

- Thomas married 1) Elizabeth Smith and were parents of Smith Coffey. Thomas married second to Sarah "Sally" Fields.

- Thomas and Sarah "Sally" Fields Coffey were parents of William Coffey who married Anna Boone.

- William Coffey, Smith Coffey and Marvel Coffey, along with Asbury Madison Coffey all involved in the Jesse Boone will.

- A gap exists between the first four and last five of Thomas and Sally Fields Coffey's children; a gap that Marvel could fit into given that birth years are somewhat accurate.

Could it then be concluded from this somewhat preponderance of evidence that Marvel Coffey was a son of Thomas and Sarah "Sally" Fields Coffey?

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated!

August 27, 2009

Campbell Coffey

Campbell Coffey was born in TN c1831 to Asbury Marvel and Rachel Boone Coffey.  He died on May 8, 1892 in Maries Co., MO.  He is probably buried with other members of his family in the Vienna cemetery in Maries Co.
Update:  Click on the struck thru Asbury to read my theory about Marvel.  Campbell is buried at the Coffey Cemetery in Vienna.*
He was married in MO c1850 to Elizabeth Caroline Eads.  I believe they had seven children, all born in Maries Co.:

Update:  Elizabeth Caroline Eads was born Mar. 1, 1834 in Osage Co., MO and died in Maries Co. on Sep. 11, 1900.  She is buried at Vienna.
William, born c1853 - No further info.

Benjamin Irven., born c1857, died in 1912.  The only marriage record that have found for Ben is the one issued for his marriage to Mrs. Martha Murphy on Mar. 5, 1885 in Maries Co.  Mrs. Murphy had at least one child, Ella, by her previous husband.  Ella, born Jan., 1874.  Martha and Ben had at least one child, a son Floid R., born May 16, 1890, died Apr. 23, 1894.
Update:  Martha Murphy was born Martha Ann Moss, in Oct., 1852 to Edward and Mary Roberson Moss.  Martha died Jul. 13, 1922 in Vienna, Maries Co., MO.  She and Ben as well as Floid are buried at the Vienna Public Cemetery.
Mary F., born c Apr 1860 - No further info.
Update:  Mary Frances married William Noah Copeland on Sep. 14, 1879 in Maries Co.  William was born to John and Nancy Copeland on Jul. 19, 1858 in Maries Co. He died in Jefferson City, Cole Co., MO on Jun. 5, 1931.  The Copelands had Eva Jane; Etta Jane; Charles B.; Campbell; and James. All were born between 1881 and 1888.  William Noah's death certificate reports that he was killed by a shotgun blast through his bedroom window.  Please contact me if you know the back story!
Hiram Kimsey, born Mar. 8, 1862, died Nov. 13, 1925.  He married Mary A.Ivens on Jun. 13, 1886 in Maries Co.  She was born in MO in April, 1865.  Their children were William, born Apr., 1888; Linnie G., born Apr., 1889, married Oct. 29, 1911 to Jesse S. Snodgrass; Earl R., born Jun. 14, 1890, died Apr. 14, 1968; Elizabeth "Lizzie", born Apr., 1894, married Nov. 14, 1912 to Francis Behne; Sherman James, born Apr., 1897; and Jessie (male), born Nov., 1899, died Jul. 23, 1989.
Update:  Hiram's wife was Mary Ann Evans, daughter of Jesse and Nancy Evans. Both are buried at Vienna as are all of their children, and some of their children's spouses.
 Isabella, born Sep., 1864, married John H. Copeland Mar. 19, 1886.
Update:  Isabella married Thomas Monroe Balance in Maries Co. but I have not found their marriage record. He died on Sep. 17, 1930 in Vienna and is buried in the Vienna cemetery.  I would like to determine if he was her first or second husband.
James Sherman, born May., 1867, married Sarah M. Cope on Jun. 5, 1892 in Maries Co.  I've found three children:  An infant born and died in 1893; Olive J., born Oct., 1895 and Willard J., born Apr., 1898.  Sarah Cope was born in March, 1873 in MO.
Update:  Sarah's complete name was Sarah Malinda Copeland, daughter of Andrew Jackson and Charlotte Rachel Holeman Copeland.  Sarah was born Mar. 10, 1873 in Vienna and died in Dixon, Pulaski Co., MO on May 4, 1940. James was born May 14, 1867 in Maries Co. and died in Waynesville, Pulaski Co., MO on Jan. 20, 1947
John M., born c1869 - No further info.
Lots of information is still missing on the remainder of Asbury and Rachel's family.  If you can help fill in the blanks, write to me at my e-mail address found over there: ----->


*Original data: Card Records of Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, ca. 1879-ca. 1903; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M1845, 22 rolls); Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General, Record Group 92; National Archives, Washington, D.C.  Another source [Berg & Frank Families] reports his buried "in a cemetery on Bill Buschman's Farm in Maries Co."

August 24, 2009


On July 24, 2009 I wrote an e-mail to the editor of the Sedalia, Missouri "Democrat" asking if they could confirm that Peter Baugh Stratton had been the Editor of that newspaper in 1918.

The editor wrote only one line back - after I prodded him with a second e-mail on Aug. 22, 2009, advising me to "Check with the Sedalia Public or Boonslick Regional libraries."

How arrogant is that?

You'd think they'd know the history of their newspaper!

William Harrison & Sara Zerilda "Relda" Coffey Parmley

Sara Zerilda "Relda" Coffey, born Dec. 28, 1858 in Monticello, Wayne Co., KY, died of cancer on Sep. 9, 1940 in Kingsville, Kleberg Co., TX, was the daughter of Andrew Jackson and Martha Jane Spann Coffey.

"Relda" was the wife of William Harrison Parmley to whom she was married on Aug. 18, 1880. William was born Sep. 13, 1858 in Wayne Co., KY and according to his death certificate died on Jan. 10, 1933 in Kingsville.

William is buried at Chamberlain Cemetery in Kingsville, and "Relda" is presumed to be there as well.

Their children were:
Robert Edward, born in Texas, died Nov., 1955, place unknown. He was a resident of Guadalupe Co., NM when he registered for the draft on Sep. 12, 1918. In that record he was reported to be of medium height and build with gray eyes and light colored hair. He was then a self-employed stock raiser and farmer, age 36, born Jun. 26, 1882. He lived with his wife, Vada C. Parmley in Pastura, Guadalupe Co. In 1920 he was residing with his family in Vaughn, Guadalupe Co. In that census he reported his place of birth as Kansas.
Update: Sep. 22, 2012:  Robert Married Nevada "Vada" Webb, c1903.  She was born Apr. 21, 1882 in AR and died Sep. 30, 1933 in Bryan Co., OK.  She is buried at  Bennington Cemetery, Bennington Bryan Co., OK.  Robert married a second time to a lady named Laura, married name probably Chambers.  In 1940 the family lived in Bryan Co. and there were two Chambers boys living in the household as "boarders."
Lenora, born Aug. 12, 1884 in Texas, died Nov. 20, 1884.

Charles Leroy, born in Nocona, Montague Co., TX, died Jun. 14, 1980 in Wood Co., TX. He registered for the WW1 draft on Jun. 5, 1917 in Union Co., NM. He was of medium height with slender build, blue eyes and brown hair. He was 30 years old, born Jun. 4, 1887. He listed his residence then as Centerville, NM where he farmed. He was unmarried at the time of registration. He is said to have married and divorced Minnie Lee Conckle between 1908 and 1910.

Thaddeus McCall was born in Bonita, Montague Co. He married Lizzie Williams on May 28, 1915, probably in Hartley Co., TX where he registered for the WW1 draft on Jun. 5, 1917. He was also of medium height and build with gray eyes and brown hair. He was 26 years old, born Jun. 28, 1891 in Nocona. He was married with one child, and a resident then of Channing, TX where he was a stock man. According to his death certificate, Thaddeus died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Wichita Co., TX on May 12, 1941. He was buried at Dumas in Moore Co., TX.

William Frank, born Oct., 1892 in Texas, died Jun. 6, 1982. He married Ella Pearl Parman of Missouri in March, 1914. No other information.

Manna Netta, born Jun., 1896 in TX, died Nov. 5, 1930 in California. Married John Hamilton. No other information.
Update Sep. 22, 2012:  John Tomlinson and Manna Neta were married in 1920.  He was born Jan. 28, 1897 in GA and died in San Bernandino Co., CA on Jan. 25, 1980.  Manna died Nov. 5, 1930 in CA.  After Manna died, John remarried to a lady named Madeline M., born c1892 in PA.  No further info.
Dosia Ann, born Oct., 16, 1897 in TX, died Jan. 5, 1994 in Kleberg Co., TX. She apparently died unmarried since her death is recorded as Dosia Parmley.
Update Sep. 22, 2012:  She was unmarried and lived with her mother in Kleberg Co., TX in May, 1940.
Lula Serilda, born Aug. 14, 1899, probably in TX, died Jan. 12, 1984. She married Frank John Elzik on Jun. 24, 1922 in Kleberg. He was born Jan. 10, 1901 and died Jun. 20, 1967. 
Update Sep. 22, 2012:  Lula and Frank had at least two children:  Frank, Jr., born Aug. 1, 1923 in Kleberg Co., died there on Jul. 6, 1973 and was buried at Chamberlain Cemetery in Kingsville, Kleberg Co.  Their second child was Wilma Jean, born Mar. 24, 1926.  No further information on her.

Andrew Jackson Coffey was born c1825 in Wayne Co., KY and died Oct. 25, 1899 in Montague Co., TX.  He and Martha Jane were married on Jan. 8, 1850 in Wayne Co.  She was born c1834 in Wayne Co., and died there c1876.  Andrew was a son of Nathaniel and Louisa Durham Coffey.  Nathan was a son of Joel who was a son of James and Elizabeth Cleveland Coffey.  James was a son of John Coffey and Jane Graves.

Elizabeth Cleveland is said by some to have been a daughter of Edward Coffey and Grace Cleveland; Edward being a brother to John.  I've seen no proof of this.

Both Edward and John were sons of Edward and Ann Powell Coffey.

Corrections and/or additions can be sent to me at the above e-mail address.

August 23, 2009

The Edward Coffey Project Stats

The following are the stats from the Edward Coffey Project:

20565 individuals - 10266 males; 10225 females; 74 unknowns

5727 marriages - 2787 males; 2940 females.

Total number of individuals is just about equally split between males and females. There are 74 unknowns and that typically represent children with ambigious given names, and sex has not been found elsewhere. Some of them are, of course, infants who died without being named.


Average age at marriage:  Males 22.9 yrs.; females 24.7 yrs.

Average age at death (out of 8203 individuals with a death date):  Males 63.3 yrs; females 62.7 yrs.  This is surprising!  I figured that females easily outlived males.  I guess that can still be true, considering how old some men were when they married teenage brides.

There are 11120 individuals for whom I have a marrige date.  Average number of marriages for males:  1.06; females, 1.08  Average children per family: 2.9.

The CD is still available.  See sidebar for info on how to obtain one for yourself.  Let me know if you prefer not to use Pay Pal and I'll send you my USPS address.

You won't find a better compiled, better sourced or more photos than the work I have completed on this project.  I work on this project almost daily, adding, correcting, amending, etc.

It's worth a lot more than $10!

A case of two Kelleys

In my records - which translates to The Edward Coffey Project - I had Killey "Kill" Massey Coffey as a son of Peter William and Mattie A. Demastus Coffey.  That was an error.  Killey - real name Kelley - was really a son of Henry Lee and Mildred Ann "Millie" Campbell Coffey.

That Kelley was born on Apr. 1, 1901 and died on Jul. 9, 1970 in Nelson Co.  He married Lena Gaynell Fitzgerald.  She was born May 18, 1905 in Whiterock, Nelson Co., VA and died in VA on Jan. 22, 1997,

Both are buried at Mountain Top Christian Church Cemetery in Nelson Co.  This church is located off the Blue Ridge Pkwy at the Love Road.  If you use a GPS, the coordinates are 37° 52' 56.00" N and 79° 0' 57.00" W.

I discovered the Kelley Massey error while searching for other Coffeys in Staunton, VA and stumbled over the headstone for Kelley Elwood Coffey.  A little research showed that Kelley Elwood was the son of Peter William.

Kelley Elwood was born Jul. 17, 1903 in Augusta Co., VA and died Feb. 17, 1977 in Staunton.  He married Ada Lavell Hyden, born Feb. 8, 1903, died Jan. 31, 1971. 

To add a bit of confusion to this, there are two headstones for Kelley Elwood in the Sherando Methodist Church Cemetery at Staunton.  He shares one with Ada but his death date is not engraved.  He shares another with  Blanche Hyden and it is engraved with his death date.

I am thinking perhaps the two Hyden girls were related, but were not sisters.  If you can provide a connection, drop an e-mail to me at the above address or, leave a comment here.

Headstone photos courtesy JLB and

August 21, 2009

Finley Luckey and Anna Belle Coffey Coffey

Update: 3/22/2010: Some facts need re-checking. Use with caution!

Finley Luckey Coffey was born in Missouri in Jul., 1849 to Osborn Nightingale and Jane L. Bell Coffey.  Osborn was a son of Jesse and Elizabeth Riffe Coffey.  Anna Belle was born Feb. 10, 1855 in McKinney, Collin Co., TX to Jesse P. and Tabitha Slaughter Coffey.  Jesse and Osborn were brothers.

Osborn was born in Casey Co., KY but was in Missouri by 1835 when he settled in Louisville, Lincoln Co. on property in TS51, R2W, S27.*  Jesse and his wife Tabitha, were in Collin Co. by at least 1855 when their daughter Anna Belle was born.  The family appeared there in the 1860 census.

Finley Luckey was in Texas at least by 1873 when he married Anna Belle.  The family moved around Texas a little:  they were in Collin Co. in 1880, Liberty Co. by 1900 and Jefferson Co. by 1910.

Their first child was Gertella "Gertie", born Jun. 21, 1876 in Anna, Collin Co., and died Oct. 25, 1950 in Beaumont, Jefferson Co., TX.  Gertie married Ernest C. Setliff c1896 in TX and had at least one child, Guy Clifton, born Jan. 12, 1898 in Anna and died May 25, 1961 in Beaumont.  Ernest and Gertie are buried in Magnolia Cemetery while Guy is in Forest Lawn Memorial Park.  Both cemeteries are in Beaumont.

Second child, first son, was Lewis Dennison, born Mar. 7, 1878 in Texas, and died Mar. 21, 1942 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co.  I do not have any information on Lewis's family.  His death certificate reports that he was removed from that city to Beaumont.  He is likely buried in either Forest Lawn or Magnolia.

Robert Lee was next born on Jul. 22, 1880 in Texas.  He died on Dec. 4, 1918 in Port Arthur, Jefferson Co., TX.  Cause of death:  Influenza!  He is buried at Magnolia.

Jesse Sanders was next, born Oct. 2, 1883 in Texas.  He died Jun. 19, 1975 in Houston, Harris Co., TX and is buried at Forest Park - Lawndale cemetery in Houston.

Houston Ernest was number five.  He was born May 8, 1994 in TX and died from influenza on Mar. 10, 1926 in Beaumont.  He too is buried at Magnolia.

Slaughter Bell, a son, was born Apr. 10. 1887 in Anna, Collin Co., and died Aug. 20, 1962 in Beaumont.  Slaughter married Hazel and they had at least three children:  Jesse Lee, Lorris and Erma.  Slaughter is at Forest Lawn in Beaumont and Hazel is likely there as well.

Myrtle May, the only other daughter born to Finley and Anna, came along on Aug. 17, 1889 in Anna.  She died Feb. 15, 1976 and was buried at Magnolia.  Myrtle married a Mr. Ebner.

Finley Luckey, Jr. was born Jun. 17, 1892 in Collin Co., and died Apr. 21, 1948 in Jefferson Co., TX.  He is also buried at Forest Lawn.

Henry Stanley, born Aug. 7, 1894 in Collin Co., died of influenza on Apr. 2, 1926.  He is also buried at Magnolia.

The last, number 10, was John Fielden, born Dec. 14, 1896, died Dec. 27, 1795 in Vidor, Orange Co., TX.  He is buried at Forest Lawn.  In the 1920 census he was newly married to Ruby and had no children.

I have the death certificates for most of the children of Finley, Sr. and Anna.  In many cases they do not agree with the birth order that the children appeared at the various census years.  As with most records of that sort (death certificates) I think I can depend on the death date as reported, but not the birth date without additional sources.  I checked the WW1 draft records for the sons and used those birthdates instead of the ones recorded on the death certificates.

Please send me a note at the above e-mail address to add to or to correct any of this information.

*History of Lincoln County, Missouri (Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1888), Page 66.

August 18, 2009

Edward Coffey and Peter Coffey Descendants DNA Analyzed


We have been working with two major lines of Coffey/Coffee ancestors, and DNA tells us that they are clearly related. There is a MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestor) back there somewhere. We are of course talking about the "Edward Group" and the "Peter Group".

Do we have information on when this MRCA might have lived? Yes we do, but our perception has changed as new information develops. I want to lead you through the following exercise, exploring the development of our understanding:

Consider two of the tested individuals: We have "Luther Coffey" who descends from Edward, and we have "Carol Coffee" who descends from Peter. Both of these individuals have 67-marker tests, and they differ from each other at only two markers – a "genetic distance" of two. There is no doubt that they are related.
These three paragraphs begin an analysis by Fred Coffey, the Coffey Cousins' DNA guru.  Click on the title link to read the entire article.

DNA Can be Fabricated

This doesn't look good!

New York Times
DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show

Published: August 17, 2009

Scientists in Israel have demonstrated that it is possible to fabricate DNA evidence, undermining the credibility of what has been considered the gold standard of proof in criminal cases.

Click on the title link to read the complete story.

August 17, 2009

Shelton and Dicy Sanders Coffey

Janet Amtower documented the travels of her ancestor, Rev. Reuben A. and his wife, Polly Dowell Coffey.  I wrote about them in Dec., 2006  I also wrote about their son Shelton and his family in a subsequent blog.

Now, Janet has posted many family photographs and some biographical information about Shelton and his descendants at Find-A-Grave.

A word about Find-A-Grave.  If you haven't discovered this treasure yet, give it a try.  I have found literally hundreds of headstones and other information for the Edward Coffey Project CD using this resource!  While you are visiting, take some time to upload your own headstone photos.  They can be extremely helpful to the next researcher, who might be a long lost cousin with just the info you need to break down your personal "brick wall."

Shelton Coffey
These are cropped versions of Janet's photo of Shelton and Dicy together.  I chose to crop so that I could add a photo to their individual data pages in my file.  Visit her FAG site at the above link to see all of the photos she has uploaded.

Dicy Sander Coffey

August 15, 2009

Davis Finley Coffey [Revised Aug. 17, 2009]

Some months ago I wrote a short blurb on Davis Finley Coffey as part of a blog on his parents, John Calvin and Nancy Caroline Tuttle Coffey. At that time I did not have much on Davis and his wife, Rose Amanda Grant.

Davis was born Oct. 3, 1883 in Risden*, Caldwell Co., NC and died Dec. 17, 1970** in Goldendale Klickitat Co., WA. Rose Amanda was born in Jan., 1888 in Wisconsin to Barton H. and Nellie Cook Grant. She died Apr. 24, 1972** in Spokane, Spokane Co., WA. I have not yet discovered their burial place. They were married in March, 1912 in Ritzville, Adams Co., WA.***

I know of eight children born to this union, all born in Washington state:

Helen M., born c April, 1913, died Mar. 31, 2007 in Yakima Co., WA. She married George Hitzler. Washington state death records contain an entry for two men with this name. The likely spouse of Helen is the one born in 1897 and died March, 1977 in Yakima Co. No children identified so far.

Vera Pearl, born Jan. 9, 1915 in Marengo, Adams Co., died Feb. 19,1998. She married a Mr. Morgan. No further information.

Byron W., born Dec, 15, 1916, died Nov. 14, 2000 in Granger, Yakima Co.

Ralph Calvin, born Nov. 11, 1918, died Dec. 7, 2003 in Yakima Co., married Bonnie LNU.

Gladys, born c1921, said to have married Larry Sybouts.

Edith, born c1923, died Jun. 24, 2004, said to have married a Orville C. Jauhola.

Robert, born c1925, Married Wanda LNU

Barbara, born c1929, said to have married a Mr. Swett.

If you can add to or correct any of this info please drop me a note at the above e-mail address. I would especially like to know where Davis and Rose are buried.

*I have not found a town by this name in Caldwell Co.
**SSDI and Washington State Death Index
***IGI (International Genealogical Index)

August 13, 2009

Hice Frederick Coffee/y - Revised

In the census record and on their headstones, this family and their descendants spelled their surname with the double-E ending. The change seems to have come after the descendants of John W. and Rebecca Ragsdale Coffey moved from Grainger county in Tennessee to McDonald county in Missouri.

Did they really change their name?

In the past I have discussed these "name changes" with other researchers who insist that the change was a conscious decision. I maintain that when the Coffey families moved from Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, or from anywhere in the south and southeast to middle America and the southwest, the surname was not a familiar one to county officials. Therefore, records for these families, which were being created by those officials, had their names spelled like the drink those officials were familiar with!

Many of our ancestors who lived in the 19th and early 20th centuries could not read or write. Consequently, they did not really know how their names were being recorded. The double-e ending then became more or less official as younger children started attending school and learned how to read and write (incorrectly) their names.

All one has to do is look at the majority of those families who remained in the south and southeast to see that their surname spelling never changed from the ey-ending. It did happen, but you have to look at where it happened. Even in a state so populated with Coffey families as Tennessee and Kentucky, if the families ended up in some "remote" county in those states where no one with that surname ever lived before, chances are the spelling changed!

So, I repeat: I do not think any name change (spelling) was intentional and that it just occurred as families moved into unfamiliar surroundings.

Back to Hice

Some researchers report that Hice was a nickname.  However, his WW1 draft registration card shows his name as Hice F. Coffee.  He apparently struggled to sign his name at the bottom, and it ended up looking like this:

Hice was a son of David and Miriah (Mariah?) Paralee Clark Coffey, born Jun. 28, 1883 in McDonald Co..  He was married c1903 in Missouri to Nora Gertrude Ford, a daughter of Harvey Lafayette and Elizabeth Jackson Clark.  Nora was born Feb. 17, 1884 in McDonald Co., and died in Bentonville, Benton Co., AR in Dec., 1977.  Hice died in 1953 in Jane, McDonald Co.  Hice and Nora are buried in the cemetery in Jane, McDonald Co.

Their children, all born in McDonald Co, were:

Lillie Fern, born c1904, died Dec. 25, 1925, buried in Jane Cemetery.

Maude, born c1906 - no further information.

Vaud (?), born c1906 - no further information.

Fred, born Jul. 15, 1908, died Jan. 1, 1910, buried in Jane Cemetery.

Earl Owen, born Apr. 25, 1913, died Jun. 26, 1984.  He married Lillian Sparkle Yeargin (var.) on May 21, 1932 in McDonald Co.  Lillian was born Dec. 20, 1913 in MO and died in Jane on Jul. 1, 1970.  Both are buried in the Jane Cemetery.

Price C., born Mar. 29, 1915, died Mar. 12, 2001, buried in Jane Cemetery.

Cleo Ralph, born May 13, 1918, died Apr. 27, 1992, buried in Jane Cemetery.

Harvie N., born c1921 - no further information.

Nora V., born c1923 - no further information.

Leta O.(?), born c1925 - no further information.

Truman E., born c1927 - no further information.

If you would like to change or add to this information, drop me a line at the above e-mail address.

August 10, 2009

A Few Blog Stats

Over the last 5 years, 8 months I have written 873 Coffey/Coffee Call blogs. Thats an average of 12.8 blogs per month; one every couple of days or so.

A total of 25,851 visitors have read 63,961 pages. This week alone, 253 readers have read 667 pages.

There have been a few "nasties" who have berated me with caustic e-mails, but 99.9% of comments and e-mails that I have received over that period of time have been extremely supportative.

Not too shabby for a small time blog.


More readers need to become involved by submitting photos and family histories.  This is what makes the blog work.  Also, please tell your friends and fellow Coffey/e researchers about the blog.  Perhaps by the end of the year I can report 30K+ readers.

Lester B. Coffey 1894-1954 Laurel Co., KY

In the 1900 Fariston, Laurel Co., KY census, Linville Coffey named one member of the household as Lester Coffey, born Jun., 1894, age 5, as his grandson. He also named Lula Brown, born Apr., 1898, age 2, as a granddaughter.

Linville's oldest child was Samuel Madison Coffey who had married c1894, had two children of his own by 1900 and also resided in Fariston. Sam's wife Sarah reported that she was the mother of two children and that both were living at the time. Those two were Russell, born Dec., 1896 and Lucy, born Jan., 1898.

So, it appears then that Lester was not a son of Samuel Madison Coffey.

Linville's next oldest child was his daughter, Edna. She was born c1876 and was not in the family household at the time of the 1900 census. Edna may have been the mother of Lula and/or Lester. I have not found an Edna of any surname in 1900 Laurel Co. that could be Linville's Edna.

Lester married c1916 Arretta "Retta" Jones, a daughter of James M. and Mary Jones of Laurel Co. She was born Jun. 17, 1896 in Kentucky and died Aug., 19, 1987 in Laurel Co. "Retta" and Lester were the parents of Opal M., born Sep., 1917 and Earl M., born Oct., 1919.

In 1930 Lester and "Retta" were enumerated in the Rough [Rouge?] Creek Pct., Laurel Co. A member of the household was David Coffee [sic] who was named as a brother to Lester. Also in the household was David F., a son of David, age 1, whom Lester named as his nephew.

David was David Ira, and a son of Linville, born Jun. 13, 1882, died Apr. 1, 1944 in Laurel Co. He married Maggie Epperson c1922 and they had four children before Maggie died on Nov. 16, 1928 in McHargue, Laurel Co.

So, for lack of any better evidence to the contrary, I have attached Lester to Linville though his daughter Edna, father unknown.

Linville and his wife Mary Jane Stansberry Coffey are buried at the Campground Cemetery in Boreing, Laurel Co., KY

Earl E. Coffey, a son of Samuel Madison and his wife Sarah died in 2001 and is buried at Pottawatomie Co., OK in the Tecumseh Cemetery.

Lester and his wife Arretta are buried at London, Laurel Co. in the Whitaker Cemetery.

Lester's son Earl M., married Emma Kathleen Burnett. They and their son Donald R. are also buried at Whitaker.

Please contact me at the above e-mail address if you have information concerning this family, especially Lester's parents.

August 9, 2009

Children of William Brownloe and Mary Young Coffey

A couple of days ago I wrote about this family. William was a son of John C. & Martha White Coffey of which I wrote about earlier today. Mary "Mollie" was the daughter of George and Sarah "Sallie" Lee Young.

Today I decided to add a little more info about the children:

Walter Chandler, born c1920 in Thorn Hill, Grainger Co., died Aug., 28, 2001 in Johnson City, Washington Co., TN.

His obituary:

Chandler Coffey, 82, 700 Milligan Highway, Johnson City, died unexpectedly Tuesday, August 28, 2001, at Johnson City Medical Center.

Mr. Coffey was a native of Grainger County, Tenn. He was of the Protestant faith and was a retired worker from the Dawn of Hope Workshop.

Survivors include a sister, Bonnie Coffey, Greeneville, and a niece, Vickie Smith, Greeneville.

Tetrick Funeral Home, Elizabethton, (423) 543-4917, is in charge of arrangements. Visit our Web site at

COFFEY -- Graveside services for Chandler Coffey, 82, 700 Milligan Highway, Johnson City, who died Tuesday, August 28, 2001, will be conducted at 11 a.m. Friday, August 31, at Coffey Ridge Cemetery, Unicoi, with the Rev. Ross Lindley officiating. Active pallbearers will be selected from family and friends. Honorary pallbearers will be Jerry Correll and David Morrison. Everyone will meet at the cemetery at 10:55 a.m. Friday for the graveside service. Friends may call from noon until 8 p.m. Thursday, August 30, at Tetrick Funeral Home, Riverside Chapel. Those who prefer memorials in lieu of flowers may make donations to ARC of Washington County, 2700 S. Roan Street, Suite 300 B, Johnson City, Tenn. 37601, Attn: Lorie Copas. Tetrick Funeral Home, Elizabethton, is in charge of arrangements.

Cecil G., born c1922, died young.  No other information.

John Henry, born c1924 in Morristown, Hamblen Co., TN, died Mar.  1, 2008 in Grainger Co.

His obituary:

John H. Coffey, age 84, of Bean Station,Tennessee went to be with the Lord on Saturday, March 1, 2008. He was a member of Yellow Springs Baptist Church. He was a good husband and father and will be greatly missed.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Bill and Mollie Coffey; brothers, Kyle and Chandler; and sisters, Viola (Rick) (Ralph) Hatfield and Martha Sloan.

He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Susie Howerton Coffey; sons, Danny Coffey and Earl (Charlotte) Coffey; brother, Rhisteen of Morristown; sisters, Vioma McKinney of Indiana, and Fern Manning of Ohio; four grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and one great great-grandchild.

Funeral services will be 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at Westside Chapel Funeral Home, Morristown,Tennessee with the Rev. Vance Dennis Johnson, the Rev. Bill Johnson, and the Rev. Ray Seal officiating. Graveside services will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday, March 5, at First Independent Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery. The family will receive friends from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, prior to the services at the funeral home. Arrangements by Westside Chapel Funeral Home in Morristown, Tennessee.

Addie Viola "Rick" Coffey Hatfield, born Mar 25, 1925, died Jun. 2, 1989.

Her obituary:

Addie Viola (Coffey) Hatfield, 64 of 7923 Shartz Road, Franklin, died June 2 at her home. She was a native of Thornhill, Tennessee. Born in 1925 to William and Molly (Young) Coffey. Survivors include two daughters, Lisa Hatfield, Springboro, and Sharon Seabald, Dayton; two brothers, Chandler, Knoxville, TN; John, Bean Station, TN; three sisters: Cecil, Knoxville, TN; Vioma (Oma) (Floyd) Mckinney, Marion,Indiana and Martha Sloan, Bellefontaine, Ohio; one half-sister, Fern McQueary, Franklin; four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She was preceded in death by her son Dale Hatfield in 1970 and her husband, Ralph in April 1988.

Services were June 5 at the Eaton-Anderson Funeral Home, Franklin with the Rev. Delbert Dawes officiating. Burial was in Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin, Warren County, Ohio.
 Martha Vioma "Oma" Coffey, born c1927.  No other info.

Martha Jean "Marty" Coffey Sloan, Jul. 27, 1929, Harlan Co., KY, died Dec. 5, 1989 in Bellfonatine, Logan Co., OH.

Her obituary:

Martha J. Sloan,1177 Erie St.was born on July 27th,1929 to Bill Coffey and Mollie Young Coffey in Harlan County, Kentucky.

Mrs.Sloan died Tuesday, Dec. 5th,1989 in Bellefontaine,Ohio,at age 60.

She married John M. "Hank" Sloan on June 11, 1966 in Bellefontaine,Ohio.

Funeral services will be conducted at Eichholtz Funeral Home Friday at 10:30 a.m. The Rev. Keith McNeill will officiate and burial will be at the Rushsylvania Cemetery.

Friends may call at the funeral home from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m.

Mrs. Sloan was a former employee of Westinghouse Corporation in Bellefontaine. She was a member of the BPOElks 132 and the auxiliaries of F.O.E. 2166 and Frank Castle Post 1066, VFW.

She was the sister of Walter Chandler Coffey, Cecil G.Coffey, John Henry (Susie) Coffey, Viola (Rick) (Ralph) Hatfield ,Vioma (Oma) Coffey (Floyd) McKinney, Fern Young (Bill) McCeary (George) Manning, Mary Francis Young (Ben) Scearce, Paul Bunch and Ruth Bunch.

Survivors include two sons, Richard Dearwester of DeGraff and Craig Dearwester of Bellefontaine; two daughters, Mrs. Donald (Connie) Cardwell of Marysville and Mrs. Joseph (Valerie) Wise of Bellefontaine; and eight grandchildren.

Thanks to Barbara Rushing of Bradenton, FL for permission to use these.

John C. Coffey

John C. Coffey was a son of Richardson "Richard" Coffey and his wife Orenna (var.) Coffey who married on May 3, 1860 in Grainger Co.  Richardson was a son of Benjamin Coffey and Nancy Hayes while Orenna, or Renie in some genealogies, was the daughter of Caswell Coffey and his wife Annie Jordan.

A recent e-mail exchange with a descendant of John C. Coffey, born Jul. 14, 1861, died Aug. 27, 1931, raised some questions. Some genealogies name his wife as Martha Wyatt while others name her as Martha White.

John and Martha were married about 1883.  Their first child, Evaline was born in March, 1885.

1900 census:

This particular family is a little difficult to read on the census page that I consulted.  However, it seems pretty clear that the couple had been married 17 years (i.e., married in 1883), that their eldest child was born in March 1885, and that Martha was born in August, 1861.
1900 Grainger Co., Dist. 10, ED25, Sheet 1B, dwelling/family 17, Coffey, John, head, white male, born Jul. 1861, age 38, married 17 yrs., born TN, parents born TN, farmer; Martha, wife, white female, born Aug., 1861, age 38, married 17 yrs., mother of 8, 7 living, born TN, parents born TN; Em(?)aline, dau., white male [sic], born Mar 1885 (?), age 15 (?), born TN; James Monroe, son, male, white, Jan. 1888, age 12, born TN; Coria [sic], dau., white female, born 1890, July, age 9, born TN; E?aline, dau., white female, born 1892, Aug., age 7, born TN; Charles, son, male, white, born 1895, May, age 5, born TN; Orrena [sic], dau., white female, born 1897, Dec., age 2, born TN; William Brownlo [sic], son, white female [sic], born 1900, Mar (?), age 2 mos., born TN

There was only one Martha Wyatt in the 1870 Grainger Co. census, and she resided in Bean Station.  She was 22 years old meaning that she was born c1848.  There were none in 1880 Grainger Co.  This appears to eliminate her as a potential wife for John C. Coffey.

There was a Martha White of the correct age (age 9, born 1861) in Thorn Hill, Grainger Co in the 1870 census.  She was the daughter of Peter White and his wife Mary.  Others in the household with Peter were: John, age 21; William, age 19; Meredith, age 17; Bettie Ann, age 15, and Wiley, age 13.

We know that Orenna, or Renie, married the Rev. John W. White, born Apr. 23, 1843, on Sep. 24, 1871 in Grainger Co., some six years following the death of Richardson.  Richardson is said to have died that year from wounds received while serving with the 12th TN Cav. Regiment. *

The 1880 census of Grainger Co. shows the family thusly:

1880 Grainger Co., ED102, 10th Civil Dist., Page 15, dwelling/family 137, White, John W., white male, age 33, married, farmer, born TN, parents born NC; Lorena [sic], M., white female, age 34, wife, married, keep house, born TN, parents born TN; John C., white male, age 18, son, single, laborer, born TN, parents born TN; Margaret, white female, age 7, daughter, single, born TN, parents born TN; Willey [sic] P., white male, age 4, son, single, born TN, parents born TN

We can deduce that John C., age 18 (born 1861), was not a White because John W. White and Renie had not been married long enough to have a son his age.  We know that she did have a son with Richardson who was born in 1861.  I think it safe to say that in the 1880 census, he was John C. Coffey.

Next door to John W. and his family that same year is the family of Peter White and two of his children, Wiley and Martha J., age 18.  So, it's safe to assume that Martha and John C. Coffey knew each other.  The only thing that we do not know is when they were married.  It must have been sometime around 1883 or 1884 because their first child was born in 1885 (see 1900 above).

Based on all this, it appears that John C. Coffey married Martha White and not Martha Wyatt.

Hopefully, this has been presented in a somewhat cogent manner.  If not, drop me an e-mail at the above address.

*I've looked for info on this Regiment, but haven't been successful.  He doesn't appear in any of the scant info that I have found on the 12th.

August 7, 2009

William Brownloe Coffey

The following family information and photographs are courtesy of Barbara Hutchinson, Bradenton, FL

William Brownloe Coffey was a son of John C. & Martha Wyatt Coffey.  John was a son of Richardson, and he a son of Benjamin and Nancy Hayes Coffey.  William was born on March 7, 1900 at Bean Station in Grainger Co., TN and died in Mooresburg, Hawkins Co., TN on Mar. 31, 1977.  He is buried at Meadow Branch Cemetery in Bean Station.

His wife, Mary "Mollie" Young, a daughter of George and Sarah "Sallie" Lee Young, was born March 14, 1905 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN and died in Middletown, Butler Co., OH on Feb. 19, 1944.  She is buried at Woodhill Cemetery in Franklin, Warren Co., OH.

I do not have a marriage date for William and Mollie, but probably around 1918 to 1919.

Together they had six children:

Walter Chandler, born 1920 in Thorn Hill, died Sep. 28, 2001 at Johnson City in Washington Co., TN.  He is buried at Coffey Ridge Cemetery in Unicoi, Unicoi Co., TN.

Cecil G. - no information

John Henry, born 1924 in Morristown, Hamblen Co., TN, died Mar. 1, 2008 in Grainger Co.  He is buried at the First Independent Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery in Bean Station.  His wife was Susie Howerton.

Martha Vioma "Oma" - no information.

Addie Viola "Rick", born May 25, 1925 in Thorn Hill, died Jun. 2, 1989 in Franklin, Warren Co., OH.  She married Ralph Hatfield and had two children, Paul and Ruth.  "Rick" is buried at Franklin, Warren Co., OH in the Woodhill Cemetery.

Martha Jean "Marty", born Jul. 27, 1929 in Harlan Co., KY, died Dec. 5, 1989 at Bellefontaine, Logan Co., OH.  She is buried in the Rushsylvania cemetery in Logan Co.  "Marty" married John M. "Hank" Sloan.

More on this family in a later blog.

August 6, 2009

Coffey & Coffee at Timber Ridge

I wrote earlier about Henry "Big Hill" Coffey and some of his family who are buried at the Timber Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery near Bedford, Bedford Co., VA.  In addition to his family, there are other Coffeys and a few Coffees buried there:

 Bessie J. Coffey, born May 23, 1884, died May 24, 1976

 J. Corbin Coffey, born Oct. 15, 1897, died May 15, 1942

 J. Corbin was a son of Henry Coffey and his wife Mary.  They appeared in the 1920 census at Goodes in Bedford Co.  Henry was born c1885 and Mary c1872 [Yes, she was older].  In addition to Corbin they had children:  Hillery, male, age 9, Laura, are 6, Ida, age 5, Henry, age 4, Adolphus, age 3.  Corbin was seven months old.

Lillie B. Coffey, born Jun. 1, 1856, died Feb. 12, 1956

Rhoda Ann Coffey, born Apr. 13, 1927, died Nov. 18, 2004.  The SSDI reports that she came from or had some folks around Salem in Salem Co., VA
The Coffees are:

H. C., born Apr. 5, 1845, died Jun. 25, 1922

Ida H., born 1874, died 1934

Laura B., born 1872, died 1916

Mary B., born 1840, died 1915
This family could almost be Henry and his wife Mary, J. Corbin's parents!  This Mary is older than H. C. and, both families had daughters named Laura and Ida, and J. Corbin is in the same cemetery.  Differences seem obvious but, I cannot discount errors by whoever inventoried this cemetery!

Can you help identify these families?  Drop me a line at the e-mail address in the upper right.

Albert Raymond and Caroline Gills Coffey

Albert was a son of Henry Landon "Big Hill" Coffey and his wife, Lillie Belle Burch.  These are Amherst Co., VA (Coffeytown) Coffeys, part of the Jordan Coffey line.  Albert was born on July 31, 1887 in that county.  His date of death and place of burial is so far unknown, but probably at Timber Ridge near Bedford city.

Henry was born Nov. 18, 1848 in Virginia and died July 17, 1926 in Bedford Co.  Lillie was born June 1, 1856 and died Feb. 12, 1956, also in Bedford Co.  They are both buried in the Timber Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery.
Their headstone:

Caroline was the daughter of Edward A. and Adelia R. Gills.  She and Albert were married c1922 in Bedford Co., and for years were proprietors of a small country store near Lowry in Bedford Co.  She was born on Sep. 30, 1901 in that county and died there on May 19, 2004 at age 102.  She was also buried at Timber Ridge along side other Coffey families yet to be identified.

I found her obituary on-line at The News & Advance of Lynchburg, VA, dated May 20, 2004:

Caroline Gills Coffey journeyed to her heavenly home May 19, 2004. She was born in Bedford County, Sept. 30, 1901. 
She was preceded in death by her husband, Albert R. Coffey; her grandson, Alan R. Olson; and her son-in-law, Carl Olson Jr.

Surviving are her daughter, Delia B. Olson; her granddaughter, Carolyn Blevins and her husband, Jack Blevins; her granddaughter-in-law, Susan Olson Kilcup and her husband, Dan Kilcup; her great-grandson, Michael Olson and his wife, Cindy; two great-granddaughters, Alaina Roselle and Christina Caroline Blevins; and a special friend, Sue Byrne who for 30 years brought her lunch everyday.

She was a member of Center Point United Methodist Church which she joined in 1926. For years she played the piano and she continued to take an avid interest in all the activities there, being sure that her monthly dues were taken to the United Methodist Women’s Meetings even though she could not attend.

She continued to run the general merchandise store in Lowry, after her husband’s death until the present time. They moved to the store in January 1927.

During her lifetime, she taught school after graduating from Blackstone College for Girls, and was postmaster at Lowry for 31 years. When she reached mandatory retirement, she remained very active in the store until she had a stroke five days before being reunited with her loved ones who preceded her in death. She loved, and was loved, by all who know her and left a legacy of goodwill to everyone.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Center Point United Methodist Church Building Fund, c/o Delia Olson, General Delivery, Lowry, VA 24570, or the Goode Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 178, Goode, VA 24556.

Services will be conducted Saturday, May 22, 2004, at 2 p.m. at the Carder-Tharp Funeral Chapel, with the Rev. Paul Greer and the Rev. Garry J. Shelton officiating. Burial will follow in the Timber Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery, with a reception following at Center Point United Methodist Church.

The family will receive friends Friday, May 21, 2004, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Carder-Tharp Funeral Home & Crematory, Bedford, 586-3443.

August 5, 2009

John Lewis Cook, Jr.

This blog was updated today, Aug. 5, 2009.  Click on the title link to view changes/additions.


Rant on!

Some people write and begin their request for assistance by telling me they are new to genealogy; they already have their ancestry back to Adam and Eve, but still need some help to fill in the blanks.

Helping to fill in the blanks isn't a problem for me.  That's what I try to do for Edward Coffey researchers. 

The problem comes when the writer begins his Coffey genealogy with "my GGGG,etc Grandparents were John Coffey and Mary Jolieffe (or however it's being spelled today).  They know he was born in Cork, or Meath, or one of the other 26 counties outside of Northern Ireland.

The two statements referring to John and Mary as well as being "new to genealogy" tell me they haven't done any more "research" than downloading someone's GEDCOM.

Some other minor irritants for me are that Edward and Anne Powell Coffey's two sons, John and Edward are "twins."  How would they know that?  As far as I know that info is not recorded anywhere except in someone's imagination .  It's recorded in some genealogies that they were born "c1700," but most of us know that "Circa 1700" doesn't mean they were born in that year; merely that they were born "around" that time.

Then, they tell me that Edward's son, Edward had a middle name.  Again, how would they know that?  No real researcher that I know of has found a middle name for any of Edward's children in any record ever created by or for them in the time that they lived.  This by the way includes Ann "Ester" Powell and her daughter "Ann Ester" Coffey.  Anne was Anne and "Ann Ester" was Annister.

My response to the novice researcher points out the errors in his or her "research."  Most often, I never hear back from them.  But, I know they have repeated the same errors found in whichever GEDCOM they've taken, and to which they've added their immediate family research and uploaded it again for some other novice to download and repeat the same errors, ad nauseam.

Some years back I had a "discussion" with someone on genforum at about the above.  That person insisted that she had proof of John Coffey and Mary Joliffe were the parents of Edward Coffey.  Her proof was - naturally - some other genealogy on  She became so agitated with me that she accused me of wanting to stifle the research of others so I could claim that I had found his parents.  If she continued to do research, I hope she looks back now on that exchange and realizes how foolish she was.

Rant off! 

Hopefully, I'll be able to do some more Coffey blogging in a few weeks.  I've taken a break from commissioned research for a couple of weeks and am doing some work on my own family for a change.

If you are having a problem finding some of your Coffey folks, drop me a line.  I may be able to help, but no promises, just a "perhaps."

August 3, 2009

Everette M. (Jack) Coffee

Who was Everette M. (Jack) Coffee?

I know who his parents were and, I know who his wife was.  But, who was he really?

He was born on Jan. 15, 1918 in Texas to Louis Edwin and Lula Belle Nichols Coffee.  What few records are available show that in 1920 he lived in Eastland Co., TX and from 1946 until his death on Jan. 19, 2004 he was a resident of California.

He married Shirley I. Snell in California in 1948 and after 31 years, they were divorced in 1979.

"Jack" apparently remarried sometime after he and Shirley divorced.  His very terse obituary names a survivor as Virginia, his wife.

His obituary:

"Everette "Jack" Coffee, 86, of Anaheim, an appliance salesman, died Jan. 19, 2004, of natural causes. Services have been held. Arrangements by Pierce Brothers Anaheim Mortuary Daly-Spencer-Baggott-Schacht.

Wife, Virginia; daughters, Deborah Kerns, Marsha Bugg; son, Kyle Follars; seven grandchildren; four great-grandchildren."
Surely this man accomplished something during his lifetime to warrant more than these few lines in a newspaper announcing his death!

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