September 30, 2010

Descendants of William and Catherine Campbell Ramsey

According to the Journal of the Clan Campbell, Vol. 17-19 (1990, page 52), Catherine Campbell, a daughter of James and Judith Fitzgerald Campbell, married William Ramsey in Amherst Co., VA.  Virginia marriage records report the date as Jan.. 10, 1805.

They were the parents of at least eight children; 5 boys and three girls. 

The first son was Joshua Madison, born Oct. 16, 1820 in Rockbridge Co., died Jan. 21, 1897.  He is buried at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., VA.  He married Nancy C. "Nannie" Steele on Aug. 5, 1839 in Nelson Co..  Nannie was the daughter of John and Mary "Polly" Coffey Steele.  Mary was a daughter of Edmond Stewart and Nancy Barnett Coffey and was born c1781.  Nannie died in Spottswood, Augusta Co., and is buried there at the Old Providence Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

Joshua's second wife was Elizabeth Coffey, a daughter of Reuben G. and Nancy Giles Coffey.  They were married on Sep. 30, 1850 in Nelson Co.  I haven't yet found Elizabeth's death date or burial place.

By his first wife, Joshua was the father of:

Melvina, born c1839

Delilah, born c1842.  She was twice married; first on Sep. 20, 1860 to Colston Harrison Coffey, a son of John W. and Margaret Susanna Coffey Coffey.  Colston died in the Civil War Dec. 2, 1862 at Lyndhurst in Augusta Co.  He was a member of Lamkin's Amherst-Nelson Light Artillery Regt.  He had enlisted in that regiment on Jul. 8, 1862.  Delilah's second husband was Cornelius W. Mahone, born 1842 in James City Co., VA.  They were married on Oct. 19, 1865 in Augusta Co.

Dabney Coleman, born Oct., 1842, married Feb. 9, 1864 in Augusta Co. to Lavenia E. Fauver, also born in Augusta Co. in 1842.

Andrew Jackson, born Jun. 2, 1846, died Mar. 23, 1889 in Nelson Co.  He married Lucy Ann Ham on Feb. 1866 in Augusta Co.

Mary Susan Ramsey, born c1848.

Susan Virginia, born c1849, married Jacob Hamilton.  Their daughter, also named Susan Virginia, was born Mar. 16, 1875 in VA, died Sep. 23, 1912 in Cairo, Allen Co., OH.  She married Allen P. Sherman Coffey on Jun. 24, 1891 in Rockbridge Co.  He was a son of Jesse C. & Nancy F. Allen Coffey.  Their children were:  John Henen, born 1892, died 1962; Jacob William, born 1894, died 1971; Susan Emily, born 1896, died 1964; Minnie Bell, born 1898, died 1960; Anna May, born 1903, died 1993; Forest Allen, born 1906, died 1959; Naomi Peark, born 1908; George Robert, born 1911, died 1967; Henry McDonald and Walter Lee.

Joshua and Elizabeth Coffey had at least one child, a daughter named Editha, born c1860 in Nelson Co.  Nothing more known.

Joshua's brother, Lewis Levi married Susan Jane Campbell on Feb. 1, 1838 in Rockbridge Co.  They were parents of at least 10 children:

Hezekiah, born c1837 in Nelson Co., married Susan Massie Fitzgerald, a daughter of Robert Alexander and Lucy Ann Coffey Fitzgerald.  Lucy Ann was a sister to Elizabeth, Joshua's second wife.

James M., born c1837, married Mary Sneed on Oct. 18, 1860 in Nelson Co.  Children were:  James, Jr., born c1862, married Sarah Jane Coffey Aug. 16, 1883, daughter of William Montebello and Cynthia Wood Coffey; Willie Jane, born c1867, married Henry B. Steele on Apr. 15, 1883 in Amherst Co.; Matthew Henry, married Delilah Coffey, sister to Sarah Jane, Aug. 21, 1887 in Amherst Co.; Stuart Lee, born c1871, married Annie Lee Coffey, sister to Sarah Jane and Delilah, Sep. 9., 1895 in Rockbridge Co.

Mary: No information

Elizabeth, born 1846 in Amherst Co., married Peach W. Cash on Aug. 28, 1878 in Amherst Co.

Richard Benjamin; Ambrose Coleman and Louisa:  No information

William Marshall, born 1851 in Amherst Co., married Mary E. Hamilton, daughter of James and Susan Hamilton, Apr. 4, 1877 in Amherst Co.

Leroy, born 1855 in Nelson Co., married Jun. 3,1878 to Mary "Mollie" Ramsey, a daughter of William F. and Fannie Tomlinson Ramsey.  William was a brother to Joshua and Lewis.
 Marcellus McDonald:  No information

September 26, 2010

Horace Justin Coffey

I recently received thess photos from Denise Herndon Risch, a descendant of Horace Justin and Maggie through their daughter, Virginia Rebecca who married Tom T. Herndon.

Horace Justin, born Feb. 27, 1882 in Nelson Co., VA, was a son of Andrew J. and Rebecca E. Campbell Coffey.  Horace died Feb. 18, 1953 in Goochland Co., VA and was buried in Sandy Hook at the Oak Grove Cemetery.
Maggie, Adell & Horace

His wife, Maggie May Haden was born on Jan. 6, 1882 and died in Goochland Co. on Dec. 17, 1961.  She is also buried at Oak Grove.

Their children were:

Adell Hallie, born Jan. 6, 1905, died Oct. 2, 1977 in Goochland Co.  She apparently never married.  She was also buried at Oak Grove.

Virginia Rebecca, born Feb. 20, 1908, married Tom T. Herndon on Jun. 4, 1929 in Goochland Co.
Virginia R. Coffey Herndon

Jackson Nelson, born Oct. 26, 1909, died Apr. 15, 1976 in Goochland Co.  He married Cecil T., born Oct. 2, 1915, died Apr. 23, 1987 in Goochland Co.  They too are buried at Oak Grove.  They had at least one son, Jackson Nelson, Jr., born Jan. 14, 1945, died Sep. 14, 1996 in Goochland Co., and was buried at Oak Grove.

Horace, Jr. was born May 1, 1911.  No other information.

Teddie Rosevelt, born Oct. 4, 1912.  No other information.

Twins - born Nov. 22, 1913; one died unnamed, one survived:  Wilbur Haden, died May 14, 1991.  He married a lady named Kathleen P. (Kitty), born Nov. 26, 1916, died Feb. 4, 1984 in Goochland Co.  They are buried at Byrd Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Goochland, Goochland Co.
Madge Justine, born Oct. 6, 1918.  No other information.

Helen Vera, born Jan. 27, 1920.  No other information.

More information coming on this family as it becomes available.

September 21, 2010

Noah Monroe Coffey

Coffey-Good Marriage License
Noah was a son of Perry L. and Sarah "Sally" Sanders Coffey.  He was born on Mar. 31, 1883 in Ozark Co., AR and died in Baxter Co., AR on Feb. 4, 1919.  He was buried there at the Conley Cemetery in Mountain Home.

His wife was Celia Veronica Gooden to whom he was married Mar. 28, 1909 in Baxter Co., AR.  Celia was born in Arkansas on Feb. 14, 1883 and died as Celia V. Boyd on Oct. 26, 1955 in San Mateo Co., CA.  Her second husband has not yet been discovered.

Noah and Celia had four children:

Olive Irene, born c1910 in MO.  She married Talmadge Young.

Eugene Frank "Bud", born Feb. 5, 1912 in Washington state, died Sep. 15, 1969 in Sutter Co., CA.  He married Elizabeth Pool, born c1922 in MO, died Jan. 13, 1974 in Sacramento Co., CA.

Edith Mildred, born c1916 in Arkansas.

Helen Juanita, born c1918 in Wyoming.  She married a Mr. Taylor.

I continue to search for more information about this family and will update when more information becomes available.

All people photos are courtesy of and remain the property of Juanita Coffey Daniel.

September 19, 2010

Who are these folks?

These copies were sent to me by a descendant of John and Rebecca Ragsdale Coffey with notes that they were photos of that couple.  Accompanying those was another photo of a young girl purported to be Jane Hopper, second wife of John Coffey.   They are copies of copies of copies!
Not Rebecca Ragsdale
Not John Coffey

John was born in 1798 and Rebecca c1811.  They were married Feb. 24, 1821 in Grainger Co., TN.  Jane was born c1823 and married John c1840.  It should be obvious that Rebecca died before 1840.  Both John and Jane died after 1870, the last year they appeared in the census record.  That year they were residing in White Rock, McDonald Co., MO.

Although poor quality copies, they still have enough detail for us to recognize they are too "modern" to have been taken of someone born as early as John and Rebecca and who appears in this photo to be in their late 30's, perhaps early to mid-40's.  That applies to Jane as well.  She appears to be perhaps 12-15 year old meaning the photo was taken c1835-1838.  The fact that John's photo seems to have been taken in Rotterdam and Jane's somewhere else doesn't lend any credence to the claim that they are of the folks they are said to be.
Not Jane Hopper Coffey

Cameras capable of taking photos of this quality were simply not available at the time John, Rebecca and Jane were of the ages depicted by the people in the photos. The invention of photography is generally agreed to have been in 1839 when the French chemist,Louis J.M. Daguerre was recognized by his Government for his invention.  If these photos were taken at the times each of the persons they purport to depict was at that age, they would have been Dauguerre types and not of very good quality.  Jane's photo would probably not exist.  These are what I would call "postcard type" photos, printed on paper and mounted to something like cardboard stock.  They were probably taken during the latter part of the 19th century-early 20th. and in Europe, not the US.

As a favor to the person who sent the photos, I have agreed to post them here in case anyone should recognize them.

September 14, 2010

Armstead Armstrong Coffee

Armstrong sometimes appears in the census record with his first name only and sometimes with only his middle name.  He was born to Nathaniel and Nancy Clarke Coffee in July, 1836, and married Catherine Cannon, born in Jan., 1841 in North Carolina in 1866.  I do not have a death date or burial place for Armstrong or Catherine.

Their children were:

Newton Asbury, born c1867 in Lower Creek Twp., Burke Co..  He married Ella D. Baker c1892 and died of pneumonia on 3 Feb., 1941 at Morganton in Burke Co.  Ella also died of pneumonia on 21 Jan 1943 at Grace Hospital in Morganton and both are buried there at Forest Hill Cemetery.

Their children, all born in Morganton, were Essie M., born c1900; Grace M., born c1902, Rosa E., born c1906 and Homer D., born c1910.

Emma C., born c1869 in Lower Creek, married George Matlock c1898.  Emma and George are known to have had at least one child, Walter, born Oct., 1898.

Louisa, born c1874.  No further information.

Samuel Wesley, born Oct., 1878 in NC, married the widow Mable Moses.  He died of uremia at Grace Hospital in Morganton on 20 Sep., 1945 and was buried at Forest Hill.  I have not found a death record for Mable.  She was young enough to have remarried and had other children after Sam died.

Lula Jane, born c1880 in Caldwell Co., married first to George Wortman and second to Waid Preston Raby.  She died of third degree burns on 28 Aug 1930 in Hickory, Catawba Co., NC.  She was burned while attempting to start a fire using kerosene.  Her grave site is also at Forest Hill.  She is thought to have had at least one child by each of her husbands.

Update Mar. 17, 2012 - Armstead served with the 26 Regt., NC Infantry, CSA, during the Civil War. Catherine died before the 1910 census because Armstead appeared then as a widower in Morganton, Burke Co., NC. His son Samuel still lived with him and Sarah Carpenter was a cook for the pair. Homer D., son of Newton Asbury and Ella D. Baker, married Willie Eloise Hines c1930 and they had a son named Homer H. Coffey, born Apr. 19,1931.

September 11, 2010

Lawrence Lasenby Coffey (1841-1912)

Lawrence was the ninth child and third son of Archelaus and Jane Dean Coffey.  His middle name is a puzzle - at least to me.  He was born in Gallatin Co., IL on Aug. 20, 1841 so I looked in that state for someone of prominence with that surname.  The only one that shows up in IL was Jeremiah Lasenby in the 1840 Johnson Co., IL census.  Jeremiah was a slave holder and probably was not the model Archelaus wished to honor when he named his son.  So, the mystery remains as one that I'll look at out of curiosity sometime in the future.

 In his family book describing the ancestors and descendants of James Bluford Coffey, Dr. Marvin Coffey wrote that Lawrence married Susan Melvina Barker in Hamilton Co., IL on Nov. 20, 1862.  In 1870 they appeared in the Montgomery Co., KS census with only initials for first names.  This fact has created a lot of confusion over the true names of his children born in those early years of his marriage.

1870 Montgomery Co., Fawn Creek Dist., Montgomery city PO, Page 3, dwelling/family 28, Coffey, L., age 29, male, white, farmer, $400, born IL; S., age 24, female, white, keeping house, born IL; J., age 6, female, white, born IL; A., age 4, male, white, born IL; J. S., age 3, female, white, born KS; A., age 1, male, white, born KS.
We don't fare much better in 1880:

1880 Saline Co., Long Branch Dist., ED109, Page 41, dwelling/family 383, Coffee, Lesenly [sic], white male, age 39, married, farming, born IL, parents born IL; Melvina, white female, age 35, wife, married, keeping house, born IL, parents born IL; Riley, white male, age 16, son, single, born IL; Harmon, white male, age 14, son, born IL; Ethen, white female [sic], age 12, son [sic], born IL; Edith, white female, age 7, dau., born IL; Alley, white female, age 4, dau., born IL; Maude, white female, age 6 mos., born IL; Barker, Emit, white male, age 17, single, hired hand, born IL, parents born IL
 Emit Barker was a hired hand in the census but likely related to Melvina.

If we chart out the children from the available census records, ages of the entire family progress as expected but, there are some missing or mis-identified:

  • Lawrence: 29 in 1870, 39 in 1880 and 58 in 1900
  • Susan:      24              35                   54
  • J.               6              16 (Riley)        Gone
  • A.               4              14 (Harmon)   Gone
  • J.S.            3              12 (Ethen)      Gone
  • A.               1               Gone
  • Edith                          7                     Gone
  • Alley                          4                      Gone
  • Maude                         6/12              Gone
  • Eva E.                                               14
In addition to these eight, there was Orilla Jane, born Sep., 1863 and is the 6-year old female in 1870.  She married William Ezell in 1884 so should have been but was not included in the 1880 census  Shelby Carr was born in 1882 and may have died young.  He would have been old enough in 1900 to have married but I have not found him in a census record for any year.  And, we are missing Ollie or Clemma Grace, born in 1871 who should have but did not show up as a 9-or-10-year old in 1880.
L-R Four Generations

A descendant of Clemma, who recently contacted me, reports that Clemma married Grigg or Gregg Madison Morris c1906.  Their children were Albert Amon (there's Amon again), born Jan. 27, 1908, died Jun. 17, 1995; E. S., a son and J. D., a daughter. The oval photo is thought to be one of Grigg/Gregg on the left, baby Albert and Clemma.  The elder gentleman in the rear may be Grigg/Gregg's father; otherwise he is unknown.

Updated 9-14-2010: L-R in the photo is Amon Hume Coffey (1865-1953), Lawrence Lasenby Coffey (1841-1912), Baby Albert Amon Morris (1908-1995) and Grace Coffey Morris, daughter of Amon Hume. Note that Amon Hume has not been positively identified as the man on the left in this photo, but all indications are that he is. It appears then that Lawrence did not have a daughter named Clemma Grace - perhaps why there isn't one with the family in 1880 - but that he did have a grand-daughter by that name.

Albert Amon Morris Family
Albert, according to my contact, married Katie Lee Elam and had sons Douglas, Robert and Morris.  They were married in OK on Dec. 4, 1927 and appeared for the first time as a family in the 1930 South Cimarron Twp. of Logan Co., OK. He was buried at the Duncan Municipal Cemetery in Stephens Co., OK. Katie was born Nov. 17, 1909 in Coleman Co., TX and died in Ardmore, Carter Co., OK on Apr. 18, 2000.  She is buried next to Albert in Duncan.

Albert & Katie Headstone
 As always, corrections and/or additions are welcomed!

Archelaus Coffey (1806-1883)

In the ancient world there were a number of men named Archelaus.  Diogenes wrote in The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers (translated by C.D. Yonge) that four men had lived with such a name.  One such man lived before Socrates and was the son of Apollodoras.  He is considered the last of the natural philosophers.  The other three were: a geographer who described the travels of Alexander the Great; a poet and the third, an orator.

There was one other: Herod Archelaus, son of Herod the First, ruler of Judea.  Herod Archelaus was ruler of Judea from 4BC to 6AD.

Wikipedia mentions others - one a deacon and 3d Century Saint - and they can be read about here.  I think it would be safe to say that those in the Edward Coffey genealogy - at least - were named for the 3d Century martyr rather than the one who crucified Jesus Christ.

Other researchers with an Archelaus in families not even remotely associated with the Edward Coffey line of descendants have noted the name found spelled various ways; sometimes as Archilles, Achilles, etc.
Elder Archelaus Coffey
The Archelaus of this blog was a son of James M. & Frances Lane Coffey.  He was born on Jul. 30, 1806 in Wayne Co., KY and died in Saline Co., IL on Mar. 10, 1883.  His wife was Jane - perhaps Jennie - Dean who he married on Apr. 23, 1824 in Hamilton Co., IL*.  At some point in time he too became known as Achilles Coffey.

At around the age of 19 or 20 years, Archelaus was commissioned a 2nd Lt. on Dec. 19, 1825 and fought in the Black Hawk Indian wars beginning on May 12, 1832.  He was promoted to Captain and given command of "Captain Coffey's Company" of the 1st Regiment, 1st Brigade, Illinois Mounted Volunteers. He somehow managed to lose his horse, saddle and other tack during a forced march in August 1832 and was subsequently furloughed and mustered out on Sep. 25, 1832.  In 1851 he received 40 acres of land for his service and, another 120 acres in 1855.

He and Jane initially lived in Gallatin Co., IL but for the most part, lived out their lives in Saline Co., IL.  They were for awhile (1860) in Humboldt, Allen Co., KS, but returned to Saline Co. by 1870.  Archelaus died there on Mar. 10,1883.

In 1877 Achilles was encouraged by his fellow churchmen to "write a history of the Baptists, principally of Southern Illinois..."  When the book was completed, Richard Fulkerson Golconda of IL was asked to prepare the forward.  Instead, he wrote a short biography of "Elder A. Coffey."

Having been intimately acquainted with Elder A. Coffey for the last forty years, and believing that it will not be amiss, I will therefore give a short history of his life.

He was born in Wayne County, Kentucky, July the 30th, A. D. 1806.  In the year 1813, the time of the British war, his parents moved to the territory of Indiana, Jefferson County, and settled four miles from the fort.  Here they suffered many privations and fears, insomuch that they remained only one year.  Thence they removed to Washington County, and settled near the town of Salem, where they remained three years.  In the fall of 1817, they moved back to Wayne County, Kentucky, but stayed there only the short space of one year.  In 1818, they went to Alabama, where they remained two years.  On 30th July they started for Illinois, and in the fall of 1820 landed in what is now Sangamon County, where they were again among the Red Men.  Here they stayed two years, and them moved to what is now Saline County, Illinois, which was then a very wilderness country.  During all this time they were almost entirely destitute of any means of education.

It may be rather strange that a man who has been raised among the savages and wild beasts, could write a history, but when we consider that the most talented and useful men have been what is termed self-made, the mystery is solved.  Elder Coffey took a great deal of pains to gain an education, and is a tolerably fair scholar.  He made a profession of religion in his youth and attached himself to the Baptist Church before the division of the Missionary question.  Believing the Bible and the Bible alone to be the only rule of faith and practice, and being utterly opposed to the inventions of men in the affairs of religion, he stood firm on the principles upon which the church was founded.  And by his unswerving fidelity to the Apostle's doctrine, he rendered much service to the Regular Baptists of this country.  Taking the Bible alone for his guide, and finding that the church of Christ was set up on earth and was to stand forever, his inquiring mind led him to search history to find out where she had been in the dark ages, and the Baptists having such implicit confidence in him, have repeatedly requested that he write a history of the Baptists, principally of Southern Illinois, which he with a great degree of reluctance consented to do.  Having examined his manuscript, I, with all my heard, recommend his little volume to the Regular Baptists, and to all enquirers after truth.

There is no man that stands higher among the Regular Baptists than does Elder Coffey, not only among them, but he is a man of good report with them that are without.  Having laborer to the best of my ability in the same gospel field the the last thirty years, I know whereof I speak.

Respectfully, Richard Fulkerson, Golconda, Illinois, January 1, 1877
Note how often this family moved and how busy Archelaus remained throughout most of his life:
Born 1806 in Wayne Co., KY; 1813 in Jefferson Co., IN; 1814 in Washington Co., IN; 1817 back in Wayne Co., KY; 1818 in Alabama; 1820 Sangamon Co., IL; 1822 Saline Co., IL; 1824 married in Hamilton Co., IL; 1832 in Black Hawk War; mustered out in 1832; 1833 joined Bethel Church in Saline Co.; 1834 chosen moderator of Church; 1836 Ordained to preach; 1844 on list of Presidential electors; 1877 wrote a book and died in 1883.
 Archelaus and Jane were parents of at least 13 children.  I have chosen however, to write first about their ninth child, a son, Lawrence Lasenby, born Aur. 10, 1841, died Jun. 9,1912.  He will be the subject of the next blog.

Dr. Marvin Coffey wrote in his book that the court clerk mistakenly entered his name as Nicholas Coffey.

September 5, 2010

Coffey Cousins' Clearinghouse Newsletter

Bonnie Culley has been publishing this quarterly newsletter for more than 25 years.  It circulates to libraries, historical and genealogical societies as well as to individual Coffey researchers.  She has also recently published issues 1 through 93 to CD.

Contact Bonnie at 4012 Cambridge Circle, Jefferson City, MO 65109, or via e-mail for subscription and CD purchase information.

Bonnie is also hosting the 2011 Coffey Cousins' reunion to be held at Independence, MO from Aug. 28-30.  More details about this event can be found by clicking on the link at the top of this page, captioned appropriately enough, "2011 Coffey/Coffee Reunion."

September 4, 2010

James Coffey, bc1862

The James Coffey I am searching for was born c1862 in Hancock Co., TN.  His father may have been William Coffey, born c1831 in TN to Caswell and Annie Jordan Coffey. I do not yet know who William married and I do not know all of his children.

James is said by some researchers to have been married at least four times.  By one he was the father of Tilmon, born c1883 in TN, died Nov. 27, 1970 in Claiborne Co., TN.

Tilmon married twice.  His took his first wife Bealey Ferguson, c1904.  She was born Jun. 4, 1890 in TN, died July 21, 1989 in Hancock Co.  Following Tilmon's death in 1970, Bealey married Tilmon's brother Matthew with whom she had at least one child, a daughter named Laura.  I find this difficult to believe because Bealey would have been close to 80 years old when Tilmon died.

If Tilmon did not die until 1970, then he and Bealey must have divorced because Tilmon married Susan Parker c1918.  If there was a divorce then Bealey could have married Matthew early in the century and been the mother of several more children.*

The marriage by Tilmon to Susan produced at least four children:

Stella, born Jul., 1918; Clester or Cluster, born 1919; Ethel M., born c1925 and Joseph, born Feb., 1927.

His obituary, which appeared in the Claiborne Progress on Nov. 26, 1970 related that he was survived by half-brothers Clint Barnard, Kyle Coffey, Meb Coffey, Ott Coffey and Nan Coffey, all half-siblings.  I does not mention living or deceased full siblings.  He was also survived by children Lonnie, Floyd, Cluster, Joe, Lloyd, Carson, Lee, Harrison, Pearl, Ethel, Bertha and Adra.

So, from this we know that one of James' marriages - probably the second - was to Nancy Barnard with whom he had at least one child Hamilton, born Apr. 2, 1870, died Dec. 30, 1953.  In fact, Hamilton's death certificate from Middleboro, Bell Co., KY, tells us that his parents were James and Nancy.  It also appears that Nancy was not born Barnard but was previously married to one with whom she had Clint.

I cannot find  the first wife of James.  She would, as I calculate, have been the mother of Tilmon, Matthew, Charles H. "Charlie", William Caswell and Laura.  Charles married Emily Dalton on Jun 16, 1906 in Grainger Co. and they had at least two children:  Dovie, born c1907 and Herman, born c1909, both in Grainger Co.

The 1951 obituary for William Caswell tells us that he had one brother, Tilmon and two half-sisters, Cordy and Nan Coffey, and half-brothers Kyle, Albert, and Arthur Coffey, Clint Barnard, Milburn, Mat, and Hamilton Coffey.

Coffey-Wolfe Marriage License
The TN State Archives tells us that a James Coffey married Mattie Wolfe in Grainger Co. on Aug. 13, 1898.  The 1900 census found this family in Hancock Co.  Mattie and John had been married for two years.  Mattie was 21 and James was 40.  They had two children: Charley, born Jun., 1888 and Laura, born Feb., 1892, neither of which was Mattie's.  The only child she had until then was lost at birth.

The 1920 enumeration for Hancock Co. reports that Mattie and James had been married 13 years and that she was the mother of four, three living.  Children were Nan, age 6, Rena, age 3 and Elbert, age 1 year, 6 mos.

So, we have a Nan that could be the half-sister from William Caswell's obituary.  Was Elbert really Albert? Was Charles H. really Charles Hamilton?

Charles Coffey-Emily Dalton Marriage License
The problem with Charles H. and Hamilton being the same person arises when we remember that Charles "Charlie" married Emily Dalton in 1906.  This does not eliminate the possibility that Emily died and he then re-married.  They did appear together in the 1910 and 1920 census.  In the latter enumeration they had children Dovie, age 13, Herman, age 10, Lillard, age 10, Louie (?), age 8 and Ruby, age 4 mos.

The problem is compounded when we learn that Hamilton married Sarah Purkey c1900, and had two children, John and Viola.  Sarah apparently died because Hamilton then married Louisa Howerton and they had at least one child, Martha born June, 1919.

The last wife of James' may be Margaret, who we find in the 1910 Grainger Co. census, a 52 year old widow with daughters Vernie, age 21, Bettie, age 19, and Oma, age 17.  Next door was Charles and Emily Dalton Coffey with their children, Dovie and Herman.  Margaret and Charles were also neighbors in the 1920 Grainger Co. census.  The same three daughters were in the home with Margaret and were joined by Stella Shockley, Margaret's eight year old granddaughter.  Charlie and Emily's children were Dovie, Herman, Lillard, Louis (?) and Ruby.

So, was Margaret really Mattie [Margaret Martha?] and, was she James' last wife, or was she one somewhere in between the others?  Were the 1910-20 women with Margaret her daughters or, one of his other wives?

I will send a free Edward Coffey Project DVD to the first** researcher who can satisfactorily sort this out for me while also providing sources to backup their conclusions.

*I can imagine how reunions went if both families showed up!
**You do not have to be the first to submit information; just the first with the most accurate information that can be substantiated.  If your information is substantial, with photos, etc., then contact me before sending anything via e-mail.  Of course, I will be the judge of what is satisfactory. This offer ends at midnight, Sep. 30,2010.

September 3, 2010

Jackson Lafayette Coffey Family

Continuing from previous blog with descendants of Lafayette Jackson Coffey.

After George, the next child was Lillie Mae, born May 2, 1892 in TN.  She was the bride of James Alexander "Jim" Covington, a brother to Ella Mae who married George Clinton.  Jim was born Feb. 25, 1886 in GA and died Sep. 26, 1972 in Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX.  Both are buried at Hamilton-Beeman cemetery in Retreat, Navarro Co.  Their children were:  Dorothy, born c1918; Winford C., born c1920; Verdie (?), born c1924; and Edith, born c1929, all in Navarro Co.

Lillie was followed in Sept., 1895 by Nellie, born TN.  Nothing else has been found.

William Dewey was born May 25, 1898 in TN and died Mar. 29, 1974 in Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX.  William married but his wife's name is unknown to me.  He is also buried at Hamilton-Beeman.

Julia Anne followed William, born Nov. 11, 1900 in TN, died Apr. 16, 1996 in Navarro Co.  Her husband was Chester Erthur [sic] Duke, a son of W. G. & Arabell High Duke, born Oct. 18, 1893 in Carthage, Panola Co., TX, died Nov. 16, 1972 in Corsicana.  They too are at Hamilton-Beeman.

Robert Lee was born c1904 in TX and was married.  I believe he fathered at least one child, a son Robert E., born c1927.

James Cornelius followed on Dec. 29, 1907, also in TX, died Mar. 17, 1989 in Navarro Co.  He married a lady by the name of Lorene on May 31, 1931.  No other information.

DeWitt Clinton was the tenth and last child of Jackson and Ellie.  He was born Apr. 5, 1911 in TX and died Mar. 6, 1982 in Navarro Co.  His wife was Ethel Idell Woodard, born Jun. 20, 1913 in Navarro Co., died May 5, 1970 in Levelland, Hockley Co., TX.  They too are buried at Hamilton-Beeman.

I realize that these children are rather "modern" and that most researchers of this family will already be aware of these children and their descendants. 

Please feel free to add to or correct any of this information.

Interesting to me is the fact that I have in my family a Lafayette Jackson Coffey, born 1866 in AR, died 1950 in Angelina Co., TX.  I do not know the hair color of my Lafayette, but I have been told by other/older family members that his father had red hair.

September 2, 2010

Jackson Lafayette Coffey

Jackson Lafayette Coffey
Jackson was a son of Alfred Alphonso and Julia Ann Dawkins Coffey and was born on Jan. 28, 1865 in TN and died Nov. 24, 1946 in Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX.  Apparently, sometime in his life he was a policeman as seen in this photograph, credited to Madlyn Dill Simkulet.  Madlyn is very likely a descendant of Jackson's daughter, Clara who married Orand Edwil Dill.  It appears - if colors are accurate - that Jackson was a red-headed Coffey.

Ellie Horton Coffey
Jackson married Ella Mahle "Ellie" Horton c1886.  Ellie was the daughter of W. A. and Annie Gibson Horton, and was born Jan. 30, 1868 in GA and died on Dec. 22, 1956 in Corsicana.  Both are buried at the Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery in Retreat, Navarro Co.  This photo of Ellie was also credit to Simkulet.

The 1900 census found the couple in Marion Co., TN.  By 1904 they were in Texas.  The following census they were in Navarro Co. and in 1920 in Henderson Co., TX.  In 1930 they were back in Navarro where they continued to live until death claimed them both.

I recently received the following e-mail from John Thompson, a great-grandson of Jackson and Ellie:

Good morning Jack. My name is John Thompson. I am Lillie Coffee Covington"s grandson. 'Ella' Coffee was my great grandmother. She was my mother's grandmother. We knew her as Ellie. That's what my mother and grandmother called her.

I read, with interest, your information and I have to say I am impressed by the work that you have put into the site. I was looking for information about Lillie's parents when I ran across your site.  Very good job!

Thank you for the excellent information.

I knew Ellie. She lived with my grandmother for the last several years of her life. In fact my grandfather James, 'Jim', Covington built a room on their little house in Corsicana for her. Since we lived in Corsicana and were at my grandmother's house every day, I remember Ellie very well. She was a sweet and kind woman. I can remember playing in her room and under her bed as a little boy. I was born in 1950 so I was around her until I was six.

Ellie was a strong Christian woman with a rock solid faith in her Lord and God. She passed this down to us. My whole family is now saved and serving God in various capacities because of this woman. I want you to know that she changed the course of my brother's and my life by her prayers for us as babies and little children. She was a great woman. I thought you would enjoy knowing some firsthand information about Ellie's later years. She was full of life and was healthy until the very end of her days. She passed her longevity on to her daughter. My grandmother Lillie lived to be 98 and was also healthy until the very end.

Well, I trust that this is a blessing to you. Keep up the good work.  And again, thank you so much for this excellent site. I will be passing the site information to my family.

Sincerely, John Thompson
There were at least 10 children born to Jackson and Ellie:

Clara, born Dec. 17, 1884 in TN, died Sep. 6, 1956 in Houston, Harris Co., TX.  Clara was the wife of Orand Edwin Dill to whom she was married c1902.  Orand was born Jun. 22, 1875 in TX and died May 11, 1951 in Terrell, Kaufman Co., TX.  He is buried at Dresden in Navarro Co. while Clara is at Forest Park in Houston.  They were parents of at least five:  Duna Winnifred, James Shannon, Lee Roy, Norma Geline and Orand, Jr.

The second child was Charles Clifton, born Dec., 1887.  No further information.

George Clinton "Clint" was next, born Dec 1, 1889 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN, died May 12, 1965 in Corsicana.  Clint married Ella Mae Covington on Dec. 28, 1913 in Jester, Navarro Co.  She was born Mar. 6, 1889 in GA to Elias Haskell and Mary M. Martin Covington and was a sister to James Alexander "Jim" Covington that married George's sister, Lillie Mae and to John Elias Covington who married Tennie Pearl Hunt.  Ella Mae died Jun. 22, 1983 in Corsicana.  She and Clint are buried at Hamilton-Beeman.

Their children were at least six in number:

Beauford Clinton Coffey
Beauford Clinton, born 1917 in Navarro Co., died 1982 in Montgomery Co., PA.  Beauford married a lady by the name of Miriam and were parents of at least two children, Wayne and Bryan.  He was a veteran of WW2, having enlisted in the US Army on Mar. 12, 1942 at Camp Walters, Palo Pinto Co., TX.

Margaret Ellen, born 1919 in Jester, married Charles Willie Cooper, born 1918, died 2002 at Corsicana.

Gracie Fay, born 1922 at Purdon in Navarro Co., married Joe Pierce Woodard.  He was born in 1918 and died in Fort Worth on Feb. 26, 1979.  He is buried at Hamilton-Beeman.

Alfred G. Coffey
Alfred G., born 1925 in Purdon, died Nov. 3, 1967 at San Angelo in Tom Green Co., TX.  He married Helen Emily Hinrich and was the father of at least three:  Beverly Kay, Emily Lisa and Alfred, Jr.  He was also married a second time to a lady named Reba but I have no information about her or possible children.  Alfred is buried at Lawnhaven Memorial Gardens in San Angelo.  He was also a veteran of WW2.  He enlisted into the US Army in Dallas on Jun. 23, 1943.

The next child born to Clint and Ellie was Oneida Mae "Johnnie," born Nov. 10, 1926 in Wood Co., TX, died Nov. 3, 1999 in Garland, Dallas Co., TX.  Johnnie married Charlie Lee Bascam Caskey on Feb. 9, 1946 in Corsicana.  Charlie was born in 1917 in Dawson, Navarro Co., and died Dec. 5, 1998 in Garland.  Both are buried at Restland Memorial Park in Dallas.  They had at least one son, John Carl, born 1955, died 1997.

The last child of Clint and Ellie was Betty Jo, born Feb. 10, 1931 in Corbet, Navarro Co., died Nov. 13, 1985 in Dallas.  She married Willie Pete Thompson, born Jan. 31, 1930, died Dec. 25, 1983 in Dallas.  Both are buried at Hamilton-Beeman.

Corrections and additions are welcomed.

More on this family to follow.

My appreciation to Madlyn Dill Simkulet for making the photographs available and, to John Thompson for his kind remarks.  Clicking on The Farm to Mkt Road link below will show the location of the Beeman-Hamilton cemetery.

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