October 28, 2010

Jemimah Coffey

According to a source*, William and Margaret (LNU) Giles of Virginia were the parents of James, Nancy, Elizabeth "Betsy", Mary "Polly" and William. James was born c1775 and is the only one for whom I can estimate a birth year.

Two of James' sisters married Coffey men:  Elizabeth married William Coffey (born c1775) on Apr. 18, 1800 in Amherst Co. and Nancy married Reuben G. Coffey (born c1777) on Sep. 5, 1801 in Amherst Co.  Both men were sons of Edmond Stewart and Nancy Barnett Coffey.  Edmond was a son of John and Jane Graves Coffey and John was a son of Edward and Ann Powell Coffey.

James Giles married Jemimah T. Coffey in Amherst Co. on Dec. 19, 1797.

So far, none of my Edward Coffey contacts have ever heard of Jemimah.

I speculate that she was a sister to William and Reuben.  Their father, Edmond died in 1808.  I have not found a birth or death date for their mother, Nancy Barnett.  She may have died early and may have, as many old men of all eras are wont to do, married a younger woman with whom he had at least one more child, it being Jemimah.

So, I am stuck with an unknown Coffey (not the first by any means) but this one intrigues me by her presence in Amherst Co., and the fact that no one has heard of her outside of the cited source.

I am going back to the books to see if I can learn more about the Giles family.  In the meantime however, please leave a comment or, drop me an e-mail if you have solved the mystery.

*My Virginia kin : comprising the Hamlett, Witt, Giles, Wills, Eubank-Fortune, Mullenix, Lynchard, Talbot, and Kight families : with a short treatise on the Loving family, Strawberry Point, Iowa: Press-Journal Pub. Co., 1958, 253 pgs., p 64.

October 15, 2010

Thomas Franklin Coffey

Thomas was a son of Bartlett "Bart" and Mary Hicks Coffey.  This relatively modern family has been difficult to follow through the census years.  I know that Thomas was born on Mar. 13, 1877 in Buffalo Twp., Caldwell Co. and died in that county in 1942.  He married Mary Kathryn Lingerfelt c1895.  She was born in Dec., 1877 in North Carolina.

I have found them in the 1910 census living in Patterson Twp., Caldwell Co. and Thomas' WW1 draft registration in 1918, but after that...no trace!  I know Thomas' death year from the Caldwell County Register of Deed's website.

There were at least seven children born to their union:
Robert Gaither, born Jul., 1897, married Bertha Lillian Herman.  I know of only one child, Robert Ivey, born 1917, died Jul. 15, 1977.  In 1943, Robert Ivey married Mabel Margaret Lackey, a daughter of Carl and Bertha Ward Lackey.  She was born Feb. 12, 1926 in Caldwell County and died there on Oct. 3, 2005. I know of only two children for them:  Duke Delano, born and died in 1949 and, Robert Anthony, born 1963, died 1977.

Frank Bynum, born 1900, died 1960 in Caldwell Co.

Mattie May, born Jun. 1900.

Henry Columbus, born Oct. 23, 1903, died Jul. 18, 1949 in Catawba Co.  He married Ruth Ann Carter, born Dec. 3, 1904, died Dec. 9, 1994 in Caldwell Co.  They had children:  Annie May, born 1922, died 2009 in Seattle, King Co., WA. Annie May married Kenneth Jefferson Holverstott on Apr. 29, 1950 in King Co.  He was born Oct. 5, 1925 in OR and died in King Co. on Oct. 6, 1982.  Their other children were Lois, Van, Marilyn Miller, Harold Thomas, Gary Cooper, Frances Irene, and Billy Joe, born Mar. 2, 1940, in Caldwell Co., died May 2, 2010 in Burke Co.

Annie Lee.

Cloyd Finley, born Jun. 30, 1912 in Caldwell Co.

Thomas Howard, born 1921 in Caldwell Co.
Please drop me an e-mail if you can fill in the blanks.

Opinion - Find A Grave

The following represents my opinion of the Find A Grave website.

According to Who is Behind Find A Grave the site was founded in 1995 by Jim Tipton.  It claims to have 500,000+ contributors who "submit new listings, updates, corrections, photographs and virtual flowers every hour."  I can believe that!  There have been times when I entered a burial and within minutes someone will have contributed a flower or other comment.  Among the top contributors is someone who has averaged 250 entries per day for the last nine years!

One very welcomed and extremely useful feature has been added:  Contributors can now add links to the burial place of other family members (spouses and parents).

To me and thousands of others, this website has become a very useful and important tool in our family research.  I have contributed to it a few hundred times and have used it more than a few hundred times to locate burials.  It is, for the most part maintained by very dedicated contributors who pay close attention to the information they enter.

On the other hand however, there are users who contribute without apparent thought to how someone will locate the info.  Sometimes cemetery names are misspelled, surnames and/or given names are misspelled, and birth dates/death dates are reversed.  Obituaries have been entered without reporting the name and date of the publication from which it was retrieved.  One of my pet gripes is the addition of a cemetery by someone who omits the name of the nearest town or does not provide simple driving directions or geo coordinates.  It can be frustrating at times when a county might have several cemeteries with the same name and no information is provided that would help distinguish one from the other.  I have found photos of signs which clearly show the name of the cemetery, yet whoever created the page misspelled the name or gave it a completely different one!

Another of my pet gripes is when a contributor abandons their creation.  There are many reasons for that I suppose; e.g., they pass away themselves or otherwise lose interest and never return to maintain the page they created.  Find A Grave has a policy which prohibits "mass transfer" of a cemetery site to anyone else.  I suspect the policy has resulted in the many duplications of grave sites and cemeteries that can be found there.  No doubt some logic is behind that policy, but it escapes me at the moment.  The administrators really need to find a convenient way for users to make corrections.

Find A Grave also has a policy of not allowing "copyrighted" photos of persons or headstones, etc. to be posted.  Sometime ago I created a large cemetery with photos of every headstone.  I added a "photo by" with my name as a watermark before uploading.  I had no idea that was considered a "copyright" but Find A Grave apparently did.  The administrators removed at least 50 hours of work, by not only deleting the photos but also the graves that I had entered.  It seems to me that the administrators should have given me an opportunity to upload fresh photos before merely deleting everything!

There is also a policy that prohibits anyone from uploading a photo of the cemetery; e.g., gates, adjacent church, etc.  All such photos have to first be submitted to Find A Grave administrators who will then post the pix... if approved.  However, there is no such prohibition against uploading photos of individuals or their headstones.  I do not know if it has ever happened, but conceivably, someone could create a false grave and upload pornographic photos which would then be immediately viewable to any visitor.

And finally:  The flash ads are annoying.  Thankfully, I found  "Adblock," a Firefox browser add-on that puts a stop to all that nonsense.

October 13, 2010


Elmer C. Gilbreath compiled the Coffee-Gilbreath-Turnbow Families in 1958.  It was placed on microfilm and retained in the LDS library at Salt Lake City and later reprinted by Gene Brewington (dec'd).  The following is from Gene's reprint and the website Gilbreath-Morrow Cemetery.

 I began transcribing information for the Gilbreath-Coffey family with Andrew Gilbreath and his wife Nancy Hicklin.  Andrew is said to have been born c1735 in Pennsylvania, married Nancy c1767 in South Carolina and died c1783 in Tennessee. Of interest to Coffey researchers are two of their children, John (Jun. 6, 1768 - Nov. 24, 1850) and Elizabeth (c1777-June 18, 1846).

John Gilbreath was born in Virginia and died in Maury Co., TN.  He married Mary "Polly" Coffey c1788 in Kentucky.  Polly was the daughter of Chesley Coffey, Jr. and his wife, Margaret Baldwin.  She was born in Sept., 1758 in Wilkes Co., NC and died Aug. 24, 1843 in Maury Co.  Both she and John are buried in the Gilbreath-Morrow cemetery and their graves are marked with headstones.

Their children were Andrew, born c1791 in SC; James, born Apr. 2, 1792 in SC, died Sep. 26, 1845 in Maury Co.; Jane, born Oct. 2, 1795 in SC, died Apr. 22, 1842 in Maury Co., and John, born Sep. 26, 1799 in Green Co., KY.  His death date is unknown. 

Of these, James married Elizabeth Baker in KY n 1816.  She was born there on Mar. 24, 1798 and died in Maury Co. on Apr. 6, 1879.  Both are buried in the Gilbreath-Morrow cemetery and their graves are marked with headstones.  Their children were Minerva, born Nov. 30, 1819, died Sep. 28, 1875; John B., born Dec. 2, 1823, died Oct. 3, 1855; Isaih R., born Dec. 1, 1828, died Nov. 21, 1864, and Absalum M., born Mar. 9, 1830, died Nov. 22, 1858. 

Isaih married Mary L. Coffey on Aug. 19, 1862 in Maury Co.  She was the daughter of Calvin and Elizabeth Fine Coffey.  Calvin was a son of Nathan and Elizabeth Gilbreath Coffey.  Their children were Martha, born Jun 21, 1863, died Feb. 22, 1864 and, William James, born Aug. 29, 1864.  Isaih and Martha are buried at Gilbreath-Morrow.  After Isaih's death, Mary remarried to J. J. Fleming and died May 8, 1896 in Maury Co.  Mr. Fleming died Mar. 4, 1926 in Maury Co.  Both are buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Columbia, Maury Co.

Absalum married Emily E., born Nov. 25, 1831, died Sep. 1, 1855 in Maury Co.  They had at least one child, Elizabeth Jane, born Aug. 20, 1855, died Nov. 30, 1855.  All are buried at Gilbreath-Morrow and their graves are marked with headstones.
John and Polly's third child Jane, married John Leonard Morrow on Oct. 13, 1821 in Maury Co.  John's grave site is unmarked; Jane's headstone is intact.  John was born Apr. 30, 1797 in the Pendleton District of SC and died Jan. 21, 1863 in Maury Co.

Their children were:

Mary Ann, born Jun. 3, 1828, perhaps in Giles Co., died Aug. 20, 1902 in Collin Co., TX.  She married Coleman William Wilcoxson on Mar. 26, 1851 in Maury Co.  He was born there on Sep. 26, 1828 and died in Collin Co. on Oct. 12, 1902.  They had at least two children:  Martha Asia, born Jan. 27, 1858 in TN, died Apr. 3, 1947 in Collin Co.; and Mary Alice, born Jul. 15, 1865 in Farmersville, Collin Co., died in Victoria Co., TX on Apr. 3, 1954.  These sisters respectively married brothers Isaac Fountain Coffey and William Daniel Coffey, sons of William Fine Coffey and Priscilla Howard.  Both had large families and, more information is available.

Susan P. was their second child.  She was born Mar. 10, 1834 in Maury Co., and died Apr. 7. 1852.  She is buried at Gilbreath-Morrow and her gravesite is marked by a headstone.

Andrew Alexander was next, born Feb. 6, 1836, died Jun. 18, 1898 in Maury Co.  Andrew married Martha S. Coffey, another daughter of Calvin and Elizabeth Fine Coffey, on Mar. 4, 1880 in Maury Co.  Martha was born Sep. 13, 1842 and died Jan. 14, 1899 in Maury Co.  Both grave sites are marked by headstones.  Before Andrew, Martha was married to Martin V. West of Giles Co. He was born Apr. 15, 1841 and died Jun. 14, 1872 in Maury Co. and was buried at Gilbreath-Morrow.

John William is the last known (to me) child of John and Jane.  He was born Nov. 4, 1853 in Farmersville, Collin Co., and died in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK on Jun. 26, 1925.  He married Rebeca Jane Bottoms, born May 9, 1858 in IL, died Jun. 4, 1936 at Pauls Valley.  Both are buried at the Paoli Cemetery in Garvin Co.
John Gilbreath, born Sep. 26, 1799 in Green Co., KY is the last known (to me) child of John and Mary Coffey Gilbreath.

As written earlier, Andrew and Nancy Hicklin Gilbreath had two children who married into the Chesley Coffey, Jr. family.  His daughter, Elizabeth, born c1777 (very questionable, considering Nathan's birth date!) in VA married Nathan Coffey, a son of Chesley, Jr.  Nathan was born Aug. 13, 1790 in NC and died Jun 3, 1858 in Maury Co.  He is buried at Reece Chapel Cemetery at McCains in Maury Co.  Elizabeth died on Jun. 18, 1846 and is also buried at Reece Chapel.  I wrote an earlier blog about Nathan and Elizabeth and it can be read here.  Not much was included about their 14 children however, and I'll do that in a future blog.

After Elizabeth died, Nathan married  Eupheme Stockard, and I know almost nothing about this union.

Wayne Austin has created an excellent website containing links to roughly 400 Tennessee cemeteries, some with photographs of the graves and headstones.  To view photos of the Coffey-Gilbreath graves, use this link.  Use this link to view a menu of available cemeteries.

October 10, 2010

Webster Abbott

Webster Abbott was born in Hopkinton, St. Lawrence Co., NY on Nov. 18, 1821 and died on Dec. 31, 1878 in Clark Co., WA.  He married Mary Louisa Coffey, a daughter of Joel and Sarah Mackey Coffey,

Joel was a descendant of Chesley Coffey, Jr.

He and Sarah were married on Apr. 9, 1818 in Maury Co., TN.  The first four of their 8 children were born in TN; the last four in Booneville, Cooper Co., MO, which includes Mary Louisa, born Aug. 9 1833.

Although I have not yet found a marriage record for Mary Louisa and Webster Abbott, they very likely married in MO before the families headed west to the Oregon Territory.  Their first child was Alice Ella, born Oct. 16, 1856 in Colorado* and died Nov. 21, 1863 in Camas, Clark Co., WA.

The remainder of their children were born in Washington Territory/Washington State and upon death are thought to have been buried at Fern Prairie Cemetery in Camas:

Malinda C., born 1858, died young
Lucetta Caroline, born May 15, 1858, died Nov. 19, 1863
Flora May, born Sep 1, 1861, died Nov. 18, 1863
Mary Alabama "Minnie", born 1864, died Jul. 22, 1880
Robert Edward, born 1867, died 1868
Henrietta Mackay, born Jan. 24, 1869, died Nov. 18, 1940 at Portland, Multnomah Co., OR.
Webster G., born Oct. 2, 1871, died Aug. 20, 1942 at Steilacoom, Pierce Co., WA
Mary Louisa Coffey Abbott died on Aug. 19, 1922.
Mrs. Mary L. Abbott

Funeral services for Mrs. Mary L. Abbott were held this afternoon at the St. Luke's Episcopal church at 2 o'clock, Rev. Charles Powell, officiating. Interment was made in the Fern Prairie Cemetery.Mrs. Abbott, aged 89 years, was born in Boonesville, MO., in 1833, and came West with her husband in 1858. In 1859 the family homesteaded a tract of land in the Mill Plain district. She went to the Blanchett home for the Aged about two weeks ago and she died here Saturday afternoon.The surviving relatives include a daughter, Miss Henrietta Abbott of Portland and a son, Webster Abbott living on the home farm in the Mill Plain district.

Vancouver Evening Columbian (Vancouver, WA), Monday 21 Aug 1922 Page 6**
I haven't yet found any descendants of Henrietta or Webster.  The line may have ended with their deaths. And, I am not certain that all of the Abbotts are buried at Fern Prairie.  Alice has her own headstone while Lucetta and Flora share one.  Malinda does not have a headstone.  The remainder of the family appear on a single stone, which may indicate their actual burial site within the cemetery is unknown.

Photos by Bonnie at Find-A-Grave 
*1860 Wash Terr Census

October 7, 2010

Peter Jordan Coffey

There were two men with this name, each born and died in Nelson Co., VA around the same time.

One was born c1836 to William W. and Sarah Jane Coffey Coffey.  William was a son of William and Elizabeth "Betsy" Giles Coffey.  Sarah Jane Coffey was the daughter of Reuben and Nancy Giles Coffey.  Because Nancy and Betsy were sisters and William and Reuben were brothers, Sarah and William were double-first cousins.

Peter Jordan was the fourth of at least nine children born to William and Sarah.  Peter's first wife was Elvira C. Wood, the daughter of George W. and Martha Ann "Patsy" Coffey Wood.  Patsy was the daughter of William Benjamin and Mary F. "Molly" Demasters Coffey.  William was a son of Edmund F. & Elizabeth Burger Coffey.  Edmund was the son of William and Elizabeth Osborne Coffey.  Edmund's sister was Jane, thought to be the mother of Jordan, the "founder" of Coffeytown at Alto in Amherst Co.

Groom's Name: Peter J. Coffey Groom's Birth Date: 1836 Groom's Birthplace: Nelson Co. Groom's Age: 23 Bride's Name: Alvira C. Wood Bride's Birth Date: 1840 Bride's Birthplace: Nelson Co. Bride's Age: 19 Marriage Date: 29 Aug 1859 Marriage Place: Rockbridge, Virginia Groom's Father's Name: Wm. W. Groom's Mother's Name: Sarah Bride's Father's Name: Geo. W. Bride's Mother's Name: Dicey Groom's Race: Groom's Marital Status: Single Groom's Previous Wife's Name: Bride's Race: Bride's Marital Status: Single Bride's Previous Husband's Name: Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M86879-0 System Origin: Virginia-EASy Source Film Number: 32734 Reference Number: pg 7 ln 27 Collection: Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940

His children by Elvira were:

Andrew Jack, born c1861.  He married Signora L. "Nora" Stinnett on Feb. 17, 1881 in Amherst Co.  I do not know when Andrew died, but his widow - naming her parents as Peter and Nancy Elizabeth Coffey - married Daniel B. Henson on Aug. 15, 1885 in Amherst Co.

Mahalia Coffey, born c1865, married W. S. Stinnett on Feb. 17, 1881 in Amherst Co.  W. S. was a brother to Signora.

Eliza Ann, born c1868, married Marian G. Stinnett on Jan. 7, 1886, a brother to Signora.

The Stinnetts were children of Benjamin R. and Lucy F. Stinnett.  I haven't found a maiden name or marriage date for Benjamin and Lucy.

Norben Lee, born c1870, married Nellie B. Camden on Jun. 11, 1891 in Nelson Co., VA.  She was the daughter of William Sydney and Letitia Black Hight Camden.  Nellie was born Jan. 12, 1869 and died Apr. 26, 1956.  Norben died on May 1, 1941.  Both are buried in the Camden Family Cemetery at Woodson in Nelson Co.  Their children were:  Frank, Connie, Annie, Nellie, Sidney, Edward, Bettie and Virginia.

Some genealogies put a son named Eldridge in this birth position.  However, I cannot independently confirm that.

Their last child was Mildred Frances, born Jan. 9, 1872, died unknown. She married twice; first to the oft married Marion Lewis "Tip" Humphries on Oc. 14, 1887 in Amherst Co.  He did not die until 1909, but there is a marriage record for her having married Jefferson Kenneth Massie on July 26, 1896 in Nelson Co.  Her children with Massie were Horace, born 1897 and Jeanette, born 1898.

Peter's second marriage was to Nancy Elizabeth Fitzgerald in Lyndhurst, Augusta Co. on Jan. 1, 1874.  Nancy was born in 1856 and died Apr 29, 1939.
Groom's Name: Peter J. Coffey Groom's Birth Date: 1838 Groom's Birthplace: Nelson Co., Va. Groom's Age: 36 Bride's Name: Nancy E. Fitzgerald Bride's Birth Date: 1856 Bride's Birthplace: Augusta Co., Va. Bride's Age: 18 Marriage Date: 01 Jan 1874 Marriage Place: Greenville, Augusta, Virginia Groom's Father's Name: Wm. W. Coffey Groom's Mother's Name: Sarah F. Coffey Bride's Father's Name: Sam'L. Fitzgerald Bride's Mother's Name: Lovella Hite Groom's Race: Groom's Marital Status: Widowed Groom's Previous Wife's Name: Bride's Race: Bride's Marital Status: Single Bride's Previous Husband's Name: Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M86847-3 System Origin: Virginia-EASy Source Film Number: 30416 Reference Number: No 3278 Collection: Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940
I do not have a confirmed death date or place for Peter or Nancy.  One genealogy that I have seen reports that Nancy died on Apr. 29, 1939.

There were at least 11 children born to this union, all in Amherst Co:
Laura, born c1877

Rose Forest, born Mar., 1878.  In the 1880 census the child was recorded as a 2-year old male.  The relationship to the head was "daughter" but, that was struck out.

Henry Loving, born Apr 16, 1882, died Nov. 27, 1951. Married Sarah "Sallie" Campbell.  Had at least one child, Lucille, born Mar. 30, 1923, died Mar. 4, 1924.  Lucille is buried at Bridge Hill cemetery in Alto [Coffeytown]m Amherst Co.

Elvira Catherine, born c1884, married Mel. [sic] Ponton on Apr. 22, 1903 in Nelson Co.

Lelia F., born May, 1887

Maggie B., born Jan., 1889

Nina Belle, born Mar., 1891

Chester Berry, born Apr., 1897.  Said to have married Ruby Monique Fitzgerald and had children:

Monnie May, born Jan. 11, 1922, died Oc. 26, 2003.  Married Woodrow D. Campbell, son of Aylett and Arminda Coffey Campbell.  He was born Apr. 24, 1916, died Jun. 25, 1976.  Arminda was a daughter of Floyd Lee Coffey through his marriage to Mrs. Mary Jane Weaver.

Swanson James, born May 27, 1923 at Montebello in Nelson Co., died Sep. 2, 2009 at Stuarts Draft in Augusta Co.  He married Magdelina Lucy "Madge" Campbell, born Jan. 13, 1924 at Montebello, died Feb. 3, 2008 at Stuarts Draft.  One known son, Fred James "Freddie", born Nov. 26, 1946 at Waynesboro, VA, died at Stuarts Draft on Aug. 9, 2008.  His parents are buried at the Mennonite Church Cemetery in Stuarts Draft; he at Augusta Memorial Park in Lyndhurst.
Van and Bernard.  No further information.

The last three children of Peter and Nancy are said to have been Minnie, Ella and Ollie.  However, I have not yet found them in any record.

Peter Jordan died before 1900. Nancy Elizabeth appeared as a widow in the Temperance, Amherst Co. census that year.  The children in the household at that time were Rosa F., born Mar., 1878; H. L., born Apr., 1882; L. F., [Lelia], born May., 1887; M. B., [Magie], born Jan., 1889; Nina, born Mar., 1891; M. A., a daughter, born Feb., 1894 and C. B., [Chester Berry] a son, born Apr., 1897. 

There is a gap of about six years between the birth of Nina and Chester where Minnie, Ella and Ollie could have been born and perhaps die in infancy.  I do not yet know!


The other Peter J. Coffey was born in April, 1840 at Massies Mill, Nelson Co. to Benjamin J. and Candis W. Coffey Coffey.  Benjamin's parents haven't been identified yet, but may be William and Betsy Giles Coffey.  Candis was one of three daughters born to Nancy Coffey, another sibling of Jane, Jordan's mother, without benefit of marriage.

This Peter was a member of Co. B, 52d Infantry Regiment, Virginia.  He enlisted on Jul. 10, 1861 at Fairfield in Rockbridge Co.  On Sep. 28, 1861 he the 2d Rockbridge Light Artillery Regiment.  He apparently never married and lived with his parents at Massies Mill, Nelson Co. through the 1870 and 1880 census and then as a single man living alone in the 1900 Lovingston, Nelson Co. census.  He is said to have died in Sep., 1925.

October 2, 2010

Joshua B. & Mary "Polly" Campbell Allen

Joshua was a native of Nelson Co., VA; born there on Sep. 23, 1809.  Polly was probably born in Nelson, but could have been born in Amherst c1815.  They were married on May 12, 1832 in Nelson.  I have no death dates or burial sites for them.

They were parents of at least seven children, all of whom seem to have been born in Nelson, probably in the Montebello area.

Robert Hall was born Feb. 2, 1833, died Dec. 27, 1908.  He married Mary M. Fauber or Fauver on Dec. 12, 1855 in Nelson.  She was born Jul. 12, 1840 in Nelson and died Apr. 22, 1937 in Montebello.

The second child was William B., born c1836, died Aug., 1861.

George Givens was their third child and third son.  He was born Jan. 6, 1838 and died Apr. 5, 1906.  He married Jane Wood on Dec. 24, 1857.  She was born c1841 in Augusta Co.

Nancy F. was the first daughter.  She was born Jan. 6, 1840 in Montebello and died Apr. 30, 1915 in Tipp City, Miami Co., OH.  She was married to Jesse C. Coffey, a son of Garland G. and Nancy Coffey Coffey, on Dec. 21, 1853 in Nelson Co.  Jesse died Aug. 5, 1887 in Waverly, Pike Co., OK.  Nancy is buried at Maple Hill Cemetery in Tipp City; Jesse's burial place is not known to me.  This couple lived for a short time in Nelson before moving to Rockbridge Co., then to Augusta.  By 1880 they were back in Nelson but by 1900 they had moved to Augusta Co. and then to Ohio.  They were parents of 12 children, some of whom have been written about in this blog.  I expand on them later.

Mack was the next child, born c1843.  No further information.

Margaret Sarah was child number six.  She was born c1845 and married Martin H. Lotts on Feb. 6, 1862 in Nelson Co.  Martin was born in Nelson c1840.

The last child was Malinda, born Jun. 27, 1853.  I have no further information about her.

Drop me an e-mail if you can add to or correct any of this info.

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