August 30, 2011

Eli Coffey (1825-1899)

This Eli was a son of James M. & Frances Lane Coffey.  He was born Oct. 6, 1825 in Gallatin Co., IL and died in Hamilton Co., that state, on Oct. 7, 1899.  I believe that in his 74 years, Eli was married at least three times.

The first wife that I am aware of was Nancy Russell, born c1827 in TN to James and Margaret McCarter Russell.  She and Eli are thought to have married on Jun. 17, 1852 in Hamilton Co.  They were there for the 1860 census of that county.  Eli was 32, Nancy 23 and their children were Frances M., age 7, Malvina J., age 5, Louisa E., age 3 and James A., age 5 months.  Another child credited to them was Thomas R., born in 1863 and died in 1864.
Melvina Jane was born Jan. 15, 1856 and died Apr. 20, 1932 in Hamilton Co.  She married Alexander Franklin "Frank" Laswell, born Oct., 1857 in IL, died in Hamilton Co. in 1905.  Their children were James Frank; William A.; Dalton; and Walter.  Frank, Melvina and son James Frank are known to be buried at the Rector Cemetery in Walpole, Hamilton Co., IL
James A. was born c Jan 1860 in IL and died Mar. 3, 1929 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO.  I believe he was twice married, his first wife's name unknown.  The 1900 census finds James and then wife Henry Etta [sic] in Benton Twp., Fulton Co., AR.  He and Henrietta had been married for only six years yet the oldest child in the home was Saloma [sic], age 13.  Children who I believe were born to James and Henrietta were: Ora, c1898; Rosa D., Feb., 1900 and Lora A, c1903.  James' death certificate gives his full name as James A. Chiless Coffey, born Oct. 6, 1855.  However, we see from the 1900 census that he was born in Oct., 1859.  I choose to believe the census record to be more correct.  Henrietta's death certificate named her parents as Jack Thomason and E. Blackshire.  She died Mar. 14, 1929 in Kansas City, MO, 11 days following the death of James.  Both are buried at Maple Hill Cemetery, Kansas City, Wyandotte Co., KS.
In the 1870 record for Hamilton Co., Eli was enumerated with a wife (apparently) named Melbonia [sic], age 40.  Children were Louisa and James A., from his first marriage, and Mary E., age 4; Samuel, age 2; and Nancy, age 11 mos., all seemingly from this second wife.  The only child that I have any info about is Mary.  She is said to have married James William Holland in IL c1889 and given birth to at least four:  John, Henry, Ella J. and Nellie.

Eli's third wife was Nancy Ellen Foster to whom he was married on Oct. 10, 1872 in Hamilton Co.  Nancy was born Nov. 10, 1845 in IL and died in Hamilton Co. on Apr. 15, 1879.  Their children known to me were: Modesty Ann, Sarah, and John Eli.
Modesty was born in Oct.,1874 and married c1899 to Thomas Warren McKay, born Jan.,1860 in IL.  Their children were:  Anna Beulah, Dora E., Melvina, Sarah E., James, William E., and Louis Elton.
Sarah, born Feb., 1876, married  Samuel Lloyd Holland, born c1861 in IL and very likely to be close kin to James William who married Sarah's half-sister, Mary E.  Their children were:  Riley, Jessie, Samuel, Charlie, James, and Sarah.
John Eli was born Jan. 25, 1878 in IL and died in Hamilton Co. on Mar. 22, 1952.  He married Sarah E. Shaptaw on Oct. 21, 1900 in Hamilton Co.  Sarah was the daughter of Valentine and Lucinda Whitsett Shaptaw and was born in June, 1883, died 1953 in Hamilton Co.  Both are buried at the Rector Cemetery.  Their children were: Lucinda, John Elvis, Janie Evelyn, Mamie Ellen, Alvin Floyd, Resia [sic] Ethel; Newman Arthur; Othel Leman, and Roy Lee.  The only on that I have additional info about is Alvin.  He married a lady named Hazel c1927 n IL and they had Grace, born c. Nov., 1927.
Hopefully, I have the wives and children sorted correctly.  Please e-mail any corrections and/or additions.  I would especially like to know who "Mebonia" was.

The Rector Cemetery appears to be about 2.5 miles due east of Walpole at coordinates 37.93385, -88.59622. Cut and paste into Google Maps for exact location. Or, visit Find A Grave to see burials.

August 29, 2011

Samuel Monroe Austin

Samuel Monroe was a son of Samuel and Sarah Bolch (Bolick?) Austin and, was born Mar., 1824 in Watauga Co.  He was first married to Mariah Reed on Sep. 30,1854 in Caldwell Co. with whom he fathered six children:
Samuel M. & Mary Rich Austin
Sarah, born Dec. 25, 1849 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co., died Apr. 15, 1947 in Blowing Rock, Watauga Co. Sarah married Anthony Granville Keller c1881. He was born Feb. 11, 1854 in NC and died in Watauga Co. on Mar. 4, 1927. He was a son of James Wilborn and Margaret Eveline Turner Keller. Their children were George Jefferson; Elsie N; Sallie Marie; James W., Pantha E.; John L.; Granville A.; and Mary J. Sarah and Anthony are buried at Winkler Cemetery in Boone.

Mary, born Jun. 14, 1857 in Watauga Co., died Sep. 19, 1934 in Gragg, Avery Co., NC. She married Eldelano "Lano" Coffey, a son of Jacob Zachariah "Zack" and Margaret "Peggy" Coffey Coffey. Lano was born in 1857 and died May 27, 1927 in Wilson Creek Twp., Avery Co. More about Jacob and Peggy here, and here.*

Louisa, born Jan. 17, 1858 died at Kings Mountain in Lincoln Co., KY on Sep. 26, 1929. She married James Monroe Holsclaw, born Mar. 15, 1858 in Watauga Co., died Jun. 14, 1927 in Lincoln Co. They are both buried at Gooch Cemetery in Kings Mountain.

Melinda, born Mar. 2, 1858 in Watauga Co., died there on Jan. 24, 1895. She married Jonas Keller, brother to Anthony who married Sarah, Melinda's sister. Jonas was born in Aug., 1847 in Caldwell Co., died in Watauga Co. in 1930. He and Melinda were married on Oct. 31,1879 in Boone. Both are buried at Winkler. Their children were: Margaret Louise; Roe Wilborn; Charlie; Samuel and Arthur.

Adaline, born Dec., 1859 in Watauga Co. No further information. She apparently died quite young.

Celia M., born Sep. 21, 1864 in Watauga Co., died May 29, 1939 at Shulls Mill. Celia married Sim Penley. She is also buried at Winkler. No information on her spouse.

Samuel Monroe married his second wife, Mary Elizabeth Rich (var.) c1866. Mary was born Jul. 30, 1843 in Cherokee Co. to John and Rebecca Tomson [sic] Rich and died Oct. 13, 1922 in Blowing Rock. Mary is also buried at Winkler. Before he died on Mar. 28, 1912, Samuel fathered another eight (at least) children with Mary.

Their children were:

Martha M., born Apr. 28, 1869 in Watauga Co., died Jun. 26, 1948 in Lower Creek Twp. She married W. J. Putnam. Martha is buried at Belleview Cemetery in Lenoir. No further information.

William Levi, born Aug. 31, 1870 in Watauga, died Aug. 12, 1946 in Blowing Rock. His wife was Della Greene. William is buried at Winkler.

Julia Ann was born Sep. 24, 1871, died Apr. 18, 1964 at Belmont in South Point Twp., Gaston Co., NC. Her spouse was a Mr. McMillian. Julia is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Belmont.

Samuel Monroe, Jr., born Feb. 14, 1873 in Watauga Co., died Apr. 23, 1959 in Boone. He married Minnie Belle Payne, daughter of John Milton and Eliza Jane Downs Payne, c1907. She was born Feb. 28, 1880 and died in Boone on Sep. 2, 1969. They too are buried at Winkler. Children were: Lewis Milton; Ella Mae; Daisy Virginia; one unnamed male child and Ned Payne.

Emma, born c1876, died Feb. 2, 1967 in Blowing Rock, married Benjamin Greene, a son of Amos and Sena Estes Greene. Ben was born Aug. 1, 1844 in Watauga Co. and died in Lenoir on May 7, 1921. Ben is buried at the Reform Church Cemetery in Blowing Rock; Emma is at Woodlawn Cemetery in Blowing Rock.

Cordelia, born c1878, also married a Greene, first name unknown. Cordelia died Dec. 27, 1969 in Obion Co., TN. No other information.

Carrie Naomi, born Sep. 26, 1881 in Boone, died Feb. 17, 1939 in Lenoir. Her spouse was William Lee Robbins, born May 14, 1877 to Rufus and Eliza Story Robbins. William died Oct. 7, 1955. I know of one child, Mary W., born Nov., 1899 in Boone. William is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery; Carrie is at Winkler.

The last of Samuel and Mary's children was George Washington, born Oct. 30, 1884 in Watauga Co., died Mar. 18, 1972 in Mocksville, Davie Co., NC. His wife was Lillie Victoria Moody, born Jan. 23, 1887 in NC, died at Shulls Mill on Feb. 27, 1940.

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Photo via Margaret Coffey Farley

August 26, 2011

William Riffe & Jane L. Bell Coffey

William was the oldest son of Osborn Nightingale and Jane L. Bell Coffey.  He was born Feb. 4,1807 in Kentucky and died in Santa Barbara Co., CA in 1903.  He married Orilla Hill, the daughter of a Mr. Hill who married a Miss Wood.  Orilla was born on May 31, 1856 in IA and died in Santa Barbara on Aug. 3, 1943.  Both are buried at the Goleta cemetery in Santa Barbara Co.

It is unclear to me if William married late or was perhaps married prior to his marriage to Orilla, c1885.  He was 54 years old then and Orilla was 29.  William last appeared in a census with his parents in 1850, Lincoln Co., MO.  I next find him in the 1900 Santa Barbara Co. census with Orilla and their four children:

Minnie Belle, born Aug. 6, 1885, died Mar. 9, 1972.  She never married and is buried at Goleta.

George William, born Jan. 7, 1888, died Nov. 16, 1967.  He apparently never married and is also buried at Goleta.

Lelia J., born Feb. 22, 1892, died Dec. 4, 1964 in Santa Barbara.  She married Jesse R. Hill, perhaps a relative of Orilla, c1920.  Jesse was a widower and brought two sons, Richard, born c1912 and, Clifford, born c1918 to the marriage.  I have not yet found Lelia and Jesse in the 1930 census.  Neither have I found a burial site for them.

Update - May 2, 2012

 Jesse Reason Hill and Lelia J. Coffey were married on Jul. 27, 1910 in Santa Barbara Co., CA.*  The two children, Richard M., born c1912 and Clifford, born c1918, should then be his children by Lelia. The 1920 census**  names Jesse's wife as Lydia and that her father was born in MO and mother in IA. I suspect the 1920 census to be in error vis-à-vis Lelia.

*California County Marriages, 1850-1952, "California, County Marriages, 1850-1952," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 2 May 2012), Jesse Reason Hill, 1910.

**Mar. 18, 1920 Santa Barbara Co., La Patera, ED101, Sheet 7A, Fair View Road

Osborne Delano, born Sep. 19, 1894 in CA, died Aug. 7, 1981 in Santa Barbara.  He married c1921 to Josephine E. Lessett, daughter of a French born father and a California born mother.  They were in the 1930 Santa Barbara census with two children:  Helen J., born c1922 and William K., born c1924.  Osborne is buried at Goleta; I have not found death information for Josephine.

August 24, 2011

William Richard & Maude Matilda Coffey Dodd

William Richard was a son of Alexander and Mary Alice Anderson Dodd and was born at Massies Mill, Nelson Co., VA in 1874.  He married Maude Matilda Coffey, a daughter of Ryland and Martha Wyatt Fortune Coffey on Nov. 26, 1899* in Nelson Co.  William died there on Nov. 4, 1965; Mary on Apr. 22, 1963.  Both are buried at Hebron Baptist Church cemetery** in Afton, Nelson Co.

William and Maude had at least four children, two of whom married into the Farrar family, also of Nelson Co.

Clark Hampton Dodd, born Oct. 15, 1902 married Russie Farrar on Dec. 22, 1929* in Staunton, VA.  Russie was born Aug. 28, 1912 and died Sep. 6, 2005.  Clark died Nov. 27, 1986.  Both are also buried at Hebron.

Russie was the daughter of Samuel Thomas and Lillie Myrtle Critzer Farrar.  Samuel was the son of Seaton and Mary M. Orfliter Farrar.  The Farrars are buried at Rodes United Methodist Church*** in Afton.

William and Maude's daughter Roxie, born Apr. 30, 1904, married Russie's brother, Henry Thomas Farrar (date not known).  Henry was born Mar. 28, 1904 in Nelson Co. and died Sep. 19, 1959 in Washington, DC.  Roxie died in Nelson Co. on Dec. 31, 1968.  They too are buried at Hebron.

Ryland Coffey, Maude's father was a son of George Washington and Rachel A. Campbell Coffey.  I have not been able to locate details on George or Rachel, but believe he was born c1814 in VA, she c1821 in Nelson Co.

George goes back to Edward through William and Elizabeth "Betsy" Giles Coffey; Edmond S. & Nancy Barnett Coffey; to Edward's son, John and wife Jane Graves.

Seaton Farrar was a son of William H. & Esther Farrar.  Mary Orfliter was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Orfliter. Seaton and Mary were married Dec. 31, 1856* in Lovingston, Nelson Co.  In the 1850 census, The Farrar and Orfliter families were neighbors in Nelson Co.

*, Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940,
**Cut and past coordinates into to locate this cemetery: 37 59 19.02, -78 50 3.37
***Use these coordinates to locate Rodes:  37 59 14.08, -78 50 5.68

August 22, 2011

John M. & Mary Ellen Ragland Coffey

John was a son of Hugh and Mary Roman Coffey, born Dec. 11, 1848 in Scottsboro, Jackson Co., AL.  Mary Ellen was a daughter of Burrell & Matilda Gentry Ragland, born Jan. 6, 1853 in Omaha, Morris Co., TX.  She and John were married on Jan. 19, 1871 in Omaha.

To them were born at least eight children, all in Omaha:

William Edgar, born Apr. 17, 1872, died Apr. 1, 1948 in Quanah, Hardeman Co., TX.  William married Nora M. Thigpen on Dec. 27, 1894 in Morris Co.  She was a daughter of John and Harriet A. Thigpen.  Nora died Feb. 22, 1902 and William Apr. 1, 1948 in Quahah.  Nora is buried in the public cemetery at Omaha while William was laid to rest in Quahah Cemetery, Hardeman Co., TX.
Update:  William Edgar was married at least three times.  Nora was his first.  Second was Ella May Johnson, born Mar. 5, 1873 in TX, died Apr. 20, 1924 in Hardeman Co., TX.  She is also buried at Quanah Cemetery.  I have a third for him named Anna who appeared with him in the 1930 Hardeman Co. census.  I have found no children for him with either wife.
Thomas Jefferson, born Oct. 14, 1874 in TX, died Jan. 19,1920 in Omaha.  He married Lillian R. Ray on Mar. 6, 1901.  Lillian was born date unknown in Archer Co., TX and died in Omaha in 1971. I have two children for them:  Thomas Ray, born 1909, died 1985 in Shawnee, OK and, Evelyn Lucille, born 1911.
Update:  Still searching for their burial site.  Thomas Ray married Edna Mae Poindexter, c1935, who was born Jul. 26, 1914 in TX, died Nov. 6, 1986 in OK.  Both are buried at Resthaven Memorial Park in Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co., OK.  They had at least two children but, I can find only one:  Thomas Ray, Jr., born Sep. 22, 1936, died Jun. 23, 2010.  He is also buried at Resthaven.  The other was Evelyn Lucille, born c1911 in TX.
Robert Novel, born Jan. 9, 1877, died Nov. 10, 1951 in Dallas.  He married Della S. Barrier on Dec. 27, 1896 in Morris Co.  Della was the daughter of Columbus C. & Dartha E. Cason Barrier.  She was born Feb. 26, 1879 in Omaha and died Nov. 20,1957 in Dallas.  Both are buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery in Dallas.  I know of one son, John Columbus, born Sep. 15, 1900 in Omaha, died in Dallas on Mar. 1, 1971.  John married a lady by the name of Inez B.  She was born Oct. 25, 1902 and died May 5, 1996 in Tarrant Co., TX.  They are also buried at Mount Calvary.

Hugh Burrell, born Jul. 4, 1879 in Omaha, died Apr. 19, 1944 in Fort Worth.  He first married Vassie Alberta Lewis on Jul. 22, 1900 in Morris Co.  Together they had at least  two children:  Vanita Ann, born May 19, 1902 in Omaha, died Feb. 24, 1997 in Fort Worth.  Vanita Ann married Sebia Ambrose Bell on Aug. 31, 1910 inDallas.  He was born Jul. 21, 1899 in Odell, Wilbarger Co., TX and died Apr. 7, 1962 in San Francisco, CA.  Vanita Ann died Feb. 24, 197 in Fort Worth and is buried in Dallas at Greenwood Cemetery.  Hugh and Vassis's second known child was Tom H., born Sep. 14, 1903 in Omaha and died there on Oct. 4, 1904.  Hugh's second marriage was to Ella Hood on Apr. 16, 1905 in Omaha. Ella apparently died or, they were divorced for sometime after 1910 he married Josephine Angela Blackmon. She was born Dec. 19, 1898 in Dallas; died Jan. 18, 1952 in Fort Worth and was buried at Hillcrest Cemetery in Dallas.

Odia L., a son, born Nov. 27, 1881, died Feb. 18, 1901.  He is buried at Concord Cemetery in Omaha.

Lillie May, born Sep. 11, 1884, died Jan. 30, 1941.  She married George Edward Kimmel on Morris Co. on Nov. 2, 1902. George was born Jul. 7, 1879 in TX and died in Naples, Morris Co. on Sep. 16, 1959.  They had at least three children:  John Edward, born 1903, died 1959; Sibyl Meadow, born 1904, died 1999 in Omaha and, Alice Marie, born 1907, died 1953 in Ajo, Pima Co., AZ.  George and Lillie are both buried at Concord Cemetery.

Mary Ann "Annie," born Jun. 7, 1889 in Omaha.  Annie was married three times.  Her first husband was James Marvin Glass, a son of James W. & Alberta Farrier Glass on Dec. 25, 1907 in Omaha.  James was born Jan. 2, 1884 in TX and died Feb. 23, 1934 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.  He and Annie apparently divorced sometime prior to 1915 because c1914 he was married to Gertrude Malone, a daughter of George W. and Florence Evans Malone.  Gertrude was born in TX on Dec. 30, 1885 and died Oct. 23, 1964 in San Antonio.  She was a retired public school teacher.  Gertrude is buried with her folks at Mount Vernon cemetery in Franklin Co., TX.  James is buried at Omaha but I do not know which cemetery.  Annie's second marriage on Oct. 20,1932 was to Dr. Wm. Carl Ledbetter.  He died in Bristol, TX in 1950.  They apparently also divorced because Annie married Benjamin Harrison Ledbetter on Oct. 20,1939.  I presume without proof that the Ledbetters were close kin.  I have found no children born to her with any of her husbands but she apparently had at least one.  She died Jun. 4, 1966 in Bristol, Ellis Co., and was buried in Dallas

Mrs. Ledbetter Services Held

Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Ann Ledbetter, 76 , of Bristol, were held at 2p.m. Monday at Bristol Baptist Church, with the Rev. William Biggs officiating. Interment followed in Restland Memorial Park, Dallas,  with arrangements by Bunch Funeral Home.

Pallbearers were E. E. Ray and Noble Willis, Bristol, Tex; Thomas Beasley, Omaha, Tex.; Fred H. Bell, Arlington, Loyd Legg, Mt. Pleasant, and Willie Carl  Beasley, Dallas.

Mrs. Ledbetter was born June 7, 1889, at Omaha, Tex., daughter of John M. and Mary Coffey.

Her husband, Dr. W. C. Ledbetter of Bristol, died in 1950.  Mrs.Ledbetter had lived in California and Dallas prior to moving to Bristol,Tex.  in 1942.

She was a member of the First Baptist Church of Bristol, Tex.

Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Nora E. Leeves of Dallas; a niece, Mrs.Walter Cox Johnston of Fort Worth, and several other nieces and nephews.
Mrs. Mary A. Ledbetter

BRISTOL,-Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Ann Ledbetter, 76, who diedSaturday in Ennis, will be held at 2 P.M. Monday in the First Baptist  Church here.  Burial will be in Restland Memorial Park in Dallas.*

Among her survivors is a sister, Mrs. Nora Leeves of Dallas.


Mrs. Mary Ann, Bristol, Tx.  Survived by sister, Mrs. Nora E. Leeves, Dallas; niece, Mrs. Walter Cox Johnston, Fort Worth; several other nephews and nieces.  Services 2 P.M. Monday, First Baptist Church,Bristol.  Interment, Restland, Dallas.  Bunch Funeral Home, Ennis.
John and Mary Ellen's last child was Nora Eva, born Jun. 1, 1892 in Omaha.  She married George Virgil Leeves, a son of A. J. and Dora McDaniel Leeves on Jun. 21, 1914 in New Boston, Bowie Co., TX.  George was born Feb. 15, 1888 in Naples and died Nov. 6, 1941 in Dallas.  Nora Eva died Apr. 11, 1979 in Fort Worth.  George is buried at Restland in Dallas.  Nora is probably there as well, but I have not found any evidence.


Office Manager of Dairy Concern Succumbs to Heart Attack

George Virgil Leeves, 53, of 5738 Vanderbilt Avenue, office manager for the Triangle Dairy Company, died of a heart attack at this home Thursday. Dr. George W. Truett, pastor of First Baptist Church of which Mr. Leeves was a member, will officiate at funeral services at 2 P.M. Friday at the George A. Brewer Funeral Chapel.  Burial will be in Restland Memorial Park. Mr. Leeves was a native of Morris Co..  He came to Dallas eighteen years ago from Naples and had been associated with the Triangle Diary Company for many years. He is survived by his widow, a brother, E.J. Leeves of Naples, and two sisters, Mrs. C. L. Smith of Port Neches and Mrs. Lloyd Legg of Paris.

Pallbearers will be A.N. Phillips, Paul C. Ledbetter, Elmer Adams, George Short, R. Schenkel and R. L. Pou.

G.V. Leeves Died In Dallas

G. V. Leeves died at about one o'clock Thursday morning at his home in Dallas.

Virgil was born and raised near Naples and left here about thirty years ago making his home in Dallas since.

He is survived by his wife, one brother, E.J. Leeves of Naples, and two sisters, Mrs. Clayton Smith of Port Neches and Mrs. Lloyd Legg ofMarshall

Funeral will be in Dallas at 2o'clock this afternoon.

Deaths and Funeral Notices

LEEVES-George Virgil, are 53, died at the residence, 5738 Vanderbilt,Thursday.  Surviving are his wife, one brother, E.J. Leeves, Naples,Tx.;two sisters, Mrs. C. L. Smith, Port Neches, Tx. and Mrs. Lloyd Legg, Paris, Tx.  Services at the Geo. A. Brewer Funeral Chapel 2 P.M. Friday, Dr. George W. Truett officiating.  Interment Restland Memorial Park. Pallbearers:  A.N. Phillips, Paul C. Ledbetter, Elmer Adams, George Short, R. Schenkel, R.L. Pou.

*"Mary Ann (Coffey) Ledbetter is buried at Restland Memorial Park in Dallas, Tx.  in Section T, Blk 19, Row M, Space #1

"Mary Ann was married to a Mr. J.M. Glass Dec. 25, 1907 (Glass Lake in Omaha, Tx.).  They divorced and her last marriage was to Dr. W. C. Ledbetter. She was his 3rd wife and theirs was a rocky marriage according to his grandson.

When he died in 1950 Mary had to sue his 1st wife for part of the estate as he left her nothing.  Mary got widow's rights to the house and a small settlement.  I have returned  Dr. Ledbetter's doctor's bag to Vaughn as it belongs to his family, not mine."  by Vaughn (Joan) Sims, Madison, MS

August 21, 2011

Ethel Coffey Martin (1884-1967)

Ethel M. Coffey was the second to youngest child and last daughter of Rev. Jasper Hill and China Frances Culp Coffey.  See here and here for earlier blogs about this family.

She was born Sep. 10, 1884 and died in Gentry Co., MO in 1967.  Ethel married John W. Martin, born 1882 in IA on Apr. 9, 1908 in Gentry Co.  John died in 1945 in Gentry Co. and was buried at Grandview Cemetery in Albany, Gentry Co.  Ethel lived until 1967 and died in Gentry Co.  She is also buried at Grandview.

I have found only three children for them:  Jasper Daniel, born Apr. 14, 1909 in Gentry Co., died there on Feb. 4, 1973 and was also buried at Grandview.  Second was Omar B., born Mar. 8, 1911, Gentry Co., died on Jun. 18, 1986 and was buried at Grandview. Their third child was Margaret Frances.  I have no further information about her.

August 18, 2011

Jane Redwine

Jane Redwine

This beauty was the daughter of James Wesley Redwine and Sarah Elizabeth Coffey.  She was born in Texas in 1899.

Her siblings were Olia, Allie, Charlie, George and Essie Dee.

A previous blog about James Wesley's family can be found here.

August 12, 2011

Keltner and Coffey in Adair Co., KY

The Keltner and Coffey families have a history in Adair County. , KY.  I have not attempted to assemble all of the Keltner Clan but have tried to connect them to the appropriate Coffey families.  Corrections to this blog will likely be required as I did a bit deeper.  Reader comments are welcomed.

I believe it was Michael and Sarah Rogers Keltner, originally of Virginia, who are primarily responsible for the Adair Co. Keltners.  They had at least three children, two of which married into the Coffey Clan of Adair Co. and a granddaughter of the third who also married a Coffey.

Their first was Sarah who married Robert W. Price on Nov. 9., 1824 in Adair Co.  Their daughter, Lucy W., born Jan., 1841 in that county, and there married Thomas G. Coffey on Mar. 24, 1864.  Thomas was a son of Zidner and Margana [sic] Keltner Coffey.  Morgana was a daughter of Michael and Sarah and was born c1809 in VA.  Zidner and Morgana were married on Jan. 20, 1831 in Adair Co.

John Richard Keltner is the second child I found who married a Coffey.  He married Mary "Polly" Coffey, a daughter of Ananias and Jane Hindman Coffey on Dec. 2, 1829.  Mary died on Feb. 15, 1901 in Adair Co.  I have not yet found a death date for John, who was born c1804 in VA.  They had at least one son, Curtis Luther Keltner, born Dec. 6, 1851, died Mar. 26,1943 in Adair Co.  Zidner was a son of Ananias and Jane.
Obituary, Adair County News, Feb. 27, 1901
Mrs. Mary Keltner (nee Coffey) was born in Green county, Ky., on Dec. 14, 1815. At the age of 14 she was married to John Keltner and removed to Adair county where she lived until her death, which occurred on 15th day of Feb., 1901. Her husband was born in With [sic] [Wythe] county, Va., and at the time of his death lacked only a few days of being 96 years of age.

Mrs. Keltner was the mother of eleven children, five of whom died when they were quite small.  At the time of her death she had 48 grandchildren, 147 great-grandchildren, and 12 great-great-grandchildren, making a total of 218, including her own children. "Aunt Polly," as she was familiarly called, was a member of the M. E. Church South, and during her long and eventful life lived a consistent Christian. Her last years were spent at the home of her son, C. L. Keltner, who cared for her as a loving son should. She was near 86 years old, and will be greatly missed.
Morgana is mentioned above.  She and Zidner had a number of children;12 in alI I believel.  One of their daughters, Sarah Ann, born c1835, married Joseph Price on May 13, 1853 in Columbia, Adair Co.  Joseph was born c1828 and is likely some relation to Robert W., also mentioned above.

Keltner Chart No. 1

A daughter of Robert W. and Sarah Nancy Keltner Price was Lucy who married Thomas G. Coffey, another son of Zidner.  Thomas G. was born Jan., 1841 in Adair Co., and died there on Mar. 10, 1924.  Lucy was born in Jan., 1841 and died in Adair Co. on Feb. 16, 1916.  The town listed on their death certificates was Keltner.

Lucy and Thomas G. Coffey are buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery in Columbia, Arair Co.

Keltner Chart No. 2

Curtis Luther Keltner is buried at Morris Chapel UMC Cemetery in Weed, Adair Co.  His death certificate reports burial at Morris    Chapel in Columbia.

Keltner Chart 3

August 11, 2011

Families of McCreary County Present & Past

This Facebook group may be of interest to researchers with families in or from this Kentucky county.  Click here to visit the site.  Membership is by request.

August 9, 2011

Jason Coffey (1874-1936)

Jason, a son of James Knox P. and Ann S. Williams Coffey, was born Nov. 26, 1874 in Middleburg Twp., Casey Co., KY.  From census records he was a dry goods salesman and/or merchant in that part of Kentucky for most of his life.

His first wife was Deva Dell Cox, a daughter of M.E.. and Eniza McClure Cox, born Dec. 16, 1881 in Casey Co.  They were married on Nov. 14, 1904* in Liberty, Casey Co. and remained together until Deva's death from Influenza on Jan. 12, 1923 in Yosemite, Casey Co.  She was buried at Middleburg Cemetery.

I can find three children born to this union:
James McClure, born May 28, 1907 in Casey Co., and died there on Jul. 18, 1907.  He is also buried at Middleburg Cemetery.

Maurine, born 1910, died 1977 in Middleburg.  She married George A. Elliott, born 1913, but I have not found a marriage record.  George died in 2004; Maurine died in Middleburg in 1977.  Both are buried at Middleburg Cemetery.

The last child was Alice Maxine, born c1916.  No further information.
Following Deva's death, Jason married Wanda Hatter, c1924.  She was a daughter of Fountain and Sarah Angeline Black Hatter.  I have seen her given name reported as Wauda and Wauda Wanda in several on-line genealogies.  The SSDI and the 1930 census records her name as Wanda.  In the 1900 census, while still in her parents household, was recorded as Wandy, born May, 1890.  The SSDI reports her birth year as 1889.  I have not seen her headstone but, she is recorded on Find-A-Grave (FAG) as Wauda H. Black Coffey**  with a birth date of Mar. 18, 1889 and a death date of Mar. 26, 1972.    I do not believe she was married prior to her union with Jason.  In the 1930 census she gave her age as 38 and married at age 32.  She is buried at Green River Christian Church Cemetery in Yosemite.

Jason died on Jun. 22, 1936 in Yosemite and was buried the following day at Middleburg Cemetery.

*Groom's Name: Jason Coffey Groom's Birth Date: Groom's Birthplace: Groom's Age: Bride's Name: Deva Dell Cox Bride's Birth Date: Bride's Birthplace: Bride's Age: Marriage Date: 14 Nov 1904 Marriage Place: Liberty, Casey, Kentucky Groom's Father's Name: Groom's Mother's Name: Bride's Father's Name: Bride's Mother's Name: Groom's Race: Groom's Marital Status: Groom's Previous Wife's Name: Bride's Race: Bride's Marital Status: Bride's Previous Husband's Name: Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M01529-8 System Origin: Kentucky-EASy Source Film Number: 1942721 Reference Number: P. 240-41

**Many FAG contributors are known to add more information to their entries than appears on the headstone.

August 4, 2011

Benjamin Franklin & Louisa Caroline Coffey Green

Benjamin was born Mar. 14, 1857 in MO to Levi and Mary Elizabeth Russell Green.  Louisa was a daughter of Eli and Louisa Caroline Storie Coffey, born Sep. 12, 1856 in NC.  Louisa and Ben were married c1877.

There were at least 10 children born to Ben and Louisa, all in Camden Co., MO.

Authelia (sometimes seen as Othello), a daughter, born Oct. 2, 1878, died Mar. 25, 1956 in Camden Co. She married William Allen Creach c1896 in Camden Co.  He was born there on Oct. 18. 1875 and died Jun. 17, 1943.  Authelia died Mar. 25, 1956 in Camden Co.  I know of one child, Dewey E., born Mar., 1890.  William and Authelia are buried at the Creach Cemetery in Macks Creek, Camden Co.

Millie Ann, born Aug., 1881, married Charles Hicks on Feb. 19, 1902 in Macks Creek.  No other information.

Delia Frances, born Nov. 30, 1883, died Jan. 8, 1884.  She is buried at Green Cemetery in Macks Creek.

Charles Edward, born Dec. 31, 1884, died Mar. 19, 1942 at Roach, Camden Co.  His wife was Mary A. Arnhold [sic] and, they were married Feb. 10, 1909 in Bannister, Camden Co.  Charles is buried at Green Cemetery; no info on death or burial place for Mary.

Sarah Jane, born May, 1887.  No further information.

Fred Arthur, born Nov. 4, 1889 in Camden Co., married Della V. Salmer on Feb. 28, 1912 in Camden Co.  Fred and Della had at least two children, daughters Opal H., born c1914 and Annie, born c1920.  Fred went from farming in 1920 in Camden Co. to being a loader for a motor co. in Jackson Co., MO in 1930.

Eliza, born Aug. 4, 1892, was married c1911 to James Clark Wallace, born Apr. 16, 1891 in Macks Creek.  The family lived in Hickory Co., MO through the 1930 census before moving to CA.  James died Mar. 19, 1970 in Riverside Ca., and was buried at the Desert Lawn Memorial Park in Calimesa, CA.  Eliza died Jan. 26, 1972 and was also buried at Desert Lawn.  Their children were Charles R., Lula Mae, Edna J. and Jessie O.

Chester Levi, born Jun., 1895, married Blanch Turner Mar 24, 1916 in Camden Co.  No further information.

William M., born Aug., 1897, died Jun. 22, 1964 at Banning, Riverside Co. CA.  His wife was Ada Frances Osborn, born Aug. 11, 1903 in Camden Co., died Jun. 7, 1988 at Rialto in San Bernardino Co., CA.  Both are buried at Mountain View Cemetery at Beaumont in Riverside Co.

The last child was Lula E., born Jan. 18, 1900, died Oct. 7, 1977.  Lula married Soud W. Dowell on Feb. 17, 1919.  He was born Jun. 22, 1895 in MO and died May 20, 1987 in Camden Co.  Their children were Hazel N., born c1921; Hellend (?) V., born c1922 and Fem (?), a female, born c1925.  Help with the children's name would be appreciated.  Both Soud and Lula are buried in Camden Co. at Macks Creek Cemetery.

A little bit about Eli and Louisa Caroline Storie Coffey:  Eli and Louisa married Nov. 7,1852 in Caldwell Co., NC.  Between that date of Oct. 8,1860 they had at least five children.  Caroline's parents, Eli and Mary Carlton Storie left North Carolina shortly before or perhaps right after the Civil War.  They are not found in the 1870 census.   They are found in the 1880 census in Russell Twp., Camden Co., MO and daughter Caroline and four of her five children are with her.  James, her first son was married and farming in Auglaise, Camden Co. that year.  In the 1880 Caldwell Co. census, Eli Coffey reported himself as married and divorced.

In addition to Louisa Caroline, Eli and Louisa Caroline Storie Coffey had:

James H., born c1853 in NC, married Nancy, LNU, and had at least two sons, Columbus F., born c1879, died 1918 in Vernon Co., MO; and John M., born c1887 in MO.

Joshua, born c1854 in NC, no further info.

Isaac Milton, born Nov. 15, 1858 in NC, died Jan. 20, 1919 in Payette Co., ID.  He married Susan Frances Brook (surname not confirmed) c1879 and lived in MO until sometime after Dec., 1887 when their third child, Edna was born.  They then relocated to Idaho where the remainder of their children were born.  First born was Sarah in Jan., 1882 married Charles Ayers in 1901, Payette Co., ID.  Second was Benjamin L., born 1885, died 1920 in Payette.  Edna was third followed by Ella in 1893.  Elsie was next, born 1900 in ID, married Benjamin Belding in Payette Co. on Sep. 17, 1917.  Glen was next, born c1903 in ID, married Elizabeth (LNU) c1929.  In 1930 they lived with his widowed mother in Payette Co.  Last born was Ida, c1904.  Ida married Zack Greene in Payette Co. on May 27,1 920.  Susan reported in the Canyon Co., ID census of 1920 that she was the mother of 12 but only seven were living.  Isaac and Susan are buried at Riverside Cemetery in Payette, Payette Co., ID.

The last child of Eli and Louisa Storie Coffey was Lewis Jasper who married Alice Ann Josephine Moulder on Jan. 7, 1886 in Camden Co., MO.  More about them later.

August 1, 2011

William Henry Harvey & Martha L. Coffey Clark

William Henry Harvey Clark
William Henry Harvey Clark was born Dec. 25, 1845 in North Carolina, perhaps Caldwell or Avery Co.  I suspect Caldwell based on the mere fact that he and Martha Coffey were married there.

Martha L. Coffey was the sixth child and fourth daughter of Enoch and Martha Calloway Coffey and was born to them in Sep., 1846 in Caldwell Co.  I believe Martha Calloway was the second wife for Enoch.  His first was Prudence Gragg; third was Fannie Sims.

The Clark-Coffey marriage occurred on Apr. 15, 1866.*  William and Martha, like many families in the south following the Civil War who were trying to live through reconstruction, carpetbaggers and other petty officials, seem to have avoided the 1870 census.

[Update 8/4/2011 - Thanks to Lloyd Coffey of Taylorsville, NC I now know that William and Martha did not miss the 1870 census.  They, along with first child Charlotte were in  Johns River Twp., Caldwell Co. (Collettsville Post Office) that year.]

Their first known child was Charlotte L., born Sep. 15, 1869 in Caldwell Co., died Feb. 21, 1958 in Banner Elk, Avery Co.  Charlotte Married George W. Bowman but I have no further information on their family.  Charlotte is buried at Jonas Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery in Burke Co., NC

Joseph Enoch was their second child and first son.  He was born after the family moved from Caldwell to Avery Co. and entered the world on Mar. 12, 1871.  Joseph married Edna Ann Coffey, a daughter of Margaret A. Coffey who was the daughter of Jesse Patterson and Elizabeth M. Coffey Coffey.  Edna was born July 4, 1887 and died Aug. 28, 1959. Joseph died Dec. 3, 1965 in Crossnore, Avery Co.  Both are buried at the Tate Family Cemetery** in Linville, Avery Co.

[The family probably did not physically move.  They likely lived in that part of Caldwell that was taken to form Avery Co. in 1911]

Rebecca followed Joseph.  She was born May, 1874 in Avery Co., and died there on Sep. 13, 1943.  She married a Mr. Tilley but nothing more is known of their family.  Rebecca's death certificate reports her burial at Clark Cemetery at Pineola, Avery Co.**

Della May was child number 4, born Jun. 30, 1875, died Sep. 18, 1950 at Marion in McDowell Co., NC.  Della married Elam Gather Barrier c1896 and had a number of children, including William Seth; Inez; James Gudger; Gladys Susan; Tom Harvey and Myrtle Chloe.  Della is buried at the Tate Family cemetery while Elam is buried at Jonas Ridge Baptist Church cemetery in Burke Co.

Willard F. was next, born c1877 in Caldwell Co., died Jul. 27, 1927 in Linville.  He was buried at Calloway Cemetery in Jonas Ridge.  His wife was Bettie Kates.

Douthard "Douth" Charlie was born Apr. 15, 1879 and died Dec. 12, 1957 at Crossnore.  He is also buried at Tate.

Martha Ann was born May 12, 1881 and died May 25, 1964 at Crossnore.  She married Walter Puett.  Martha is buried at Jonas Ridge.

William Elgie was born May, 1883.  No further information.

Pinkney was born Jul. 31, 1886 and died Oct. 27, 1973 in Morganton, Burke Co.  He married Mary Jane Webb, born Jan., 1894, daughter of Theodore M. and Sarah Elizabeth Coffey Webb.  Sarah Elizabeth was a daughter of Bryce Brisco and Susannah Gragg Coffey.  No further info on Pinkney and Mary Jane.

Dovie Jane was the last known child of William Henry and Martha.  She was born Sep. 15, 1890 and died Jul. 3, 1968 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co.  Her husband was Monroe Coffey, a son of Thomas M. & Martha Cordelia Gragg Coffey.  Monroe was born Jan. 26, 1883 in Avery Co. and died Nov. 3, 1955 in Collettsville, Caldwell Co.  He and Dovie Jane were married in Caldwell Co. in 1910.***  Monroe was the first US Forest Ranger in the Globe and "...oversaw the fledgling agency’s activities in an era just before the Civilian Conservation Corps ended it efforts at forestry and went off to fight WW II."¹

Dovie Jane and Monroe had at least eight children:  Ruby, Ruth, Bruce, Sarah Nell, Jack; Blanche, Martha Louise and Clyde Hedrick.  More information is available.

Corrections and additions welcomed.

Update  Aug. 2, 2011 - Rebecca Clark's husband was John A. Tilley, born c1860 in NC.  They were married c1892.

*North Carolina Marriages, 1759-1979 , digital images, FamilySearch.Org (, Marriage Register, Book 3, Page 157.

**This cemetery has been called by various names; e.g., Tate-Love and Clark Family Cemetery, and has appeared in several places in genealogy reports as one or the other.  It can be found on Find-A-Grave as Clark Cemetery as well as Tate.  The official name is Tate Family Cemetery and it is located at Linville. Enter coordinates 36 2 37.14, -81 54 8.69 (copy and paste) into for exact location.  The resulting map repeats the error by referring to it as Clark Cemetery.

***Caldwell County, North Carolina Register of Deed's Index Search, Wayne L. Rash, Register of Deeds online, Marriage Register, Book 22, Page 180.

¹Tracing Timber’s History in the Globe, by Randy Johnson, High Country Press, on-line, Jul. 28, 2011

Thanks to Bradley Ingels for his wonderful headstone photos and additional information on some of these families.

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