August 30, 2012

Hiram Kinsey & Mary Ann Evans Coffey

Hiram was born to Campbell & Elizabeth Caroline Eads Coffey on Feb. 8, 1862 in Maries Co., MO.  He died Nov. 13, 1925 in that county and was buried there at the Vienna Public Cemetery.  He and Mary Ann, a daughter of Jesse and Nancy Evans were married on Jun. 13, 1886 in Maries Co.  She died Feb. 9, 1931 and is also buried at Vienna.

The Coffeys lived their entire lives in Jackson Township, Maries Co. and raised seven children there; 5 boys and two girls.

Of the boys, William Sidney was the only one known to have married.  He was the eldest, born Apr. 4, 1887 and died of pneumonia on Mar. 18, 1922.  His wife was Mary Catherine Weidinger, born in MO in Mar., 1890.  They were parents of two children, Marie Bernice, born c1915 and James Cellus, born c1917, both in St. Louis Co., MO.  William is buried in Vienna at the public cemetery.  Before his death, William was a street car motorman in St. Louis.

Linnie Gertrude was born second on Jul. 2, 1889, died in Feb., 1973.  She married Jesse Stirling Snodgrass, born Dec. 13, 1888 in Maries Co., and died there Sep. 22, 1969.  Both are buried at the public cemetery in Vienna.  They too lived their entire lives in Vienna.  There were no known children born to the union.

The other boys were:  Earl Rufus, born Jun. 13, 1893, died Apr. 14, 1968; Sherman James, born May 14, 1897, died Sep. 12, 1972; Jesse Lee, born Apr. 14, 1900, died Jul. 23, 1989 and Thomas Roy, born Feb. 13, 1906, died Dec. 12, 2001.  Jessie was the only one to serve during WW2.  He enlisted on Nov. 18, 1942 at Jackson Barracks in St. Louis  None of them are known to have married and all are buried at Vienna in the public cemetery.

For a brief time in the 1930's Earl was a Missouri Highway Patrolman.  He later joined his brother Sherman as a building carpenter.  Jess worked for an orphanage as a laborer before joining the Army and Tom was a truck driver for the WPA in the 40's.

Born between Earl and Sherman was a daughter, Caroline Elizabeth in Apr., 1894.  She married Francis Behm, born May 18, 1890 in MO, on Nov. 14, 1912 in Maries Co.  Together they had two sons, Harold N., born c1915 in MO and Woodrow F., born Apr. 14, 1918 in Illinois, died Dec. 4, 1997 in MO.  Caroline and Francis divorced before the 1930 census.  She and her two sons were living in Pacific, Franklin Co., MO in 1930.  She was still there in 1940 but only Woodrow remained at home with her.  Caroline died on Mar. 31, 1977 and was buried at Vienna.  Francis Behm died on Sep. 12, 1968 and is also buried at Vienna.

After her divorce, Caroline worked for a time as a hotel waitress and later as a restaurant cook.

August 20, 2012

Gilliam Wyatt & Sarah Jane Isenhower Coffey

In February of this year I wrote a short family history of Larkin and Sibby Wyatt Coffey. In that blog I touched on their son Gilliam Wyatt Coffey and his wife Sarah Jane Isenhower.

Sarah Jane was the daughter of Joseph Isenhour [sic] and wife Lettie, and was born in Jan., 1854 in North Carolina.  She and Gilliam were married on Jan. 10, 1875 in the Yadkin Valley of North Carolina.  Later that year, on Nov. 14, Sarah's widower father and Gilliam's widowed mother also married.

Gilliam and Sarah remained in and around Caldwell and Watauga Counties until sometime after 1900 when they headed west to Washington state.  Gilliam died in Omak, Okanogan Co., WA on May 22, 1914.  Sarah followed in 1928 and both are buried at the City Cemetery in Okanogan city.

Their children were:

Candes Lowellen or Candus, depending on which records you choose, was born in Watauga Co. in May, 1877 and died in Omak on Jul. 15, 1942.  She married Lee L. Cook c1897 in NC.  Lee was born in that state in Apr., 1871 and died in WA on Oct. 18, 1957.  There were no known children born to this union.  Very shortly after Candes' death Lee married a lady named Bessie.  She died shortly thereafter and he married a lady named Julia Ann, who outlived him and died in 1978.  All are buried the Okanogan City Cemetery.

The next three children of Gilliam and Sarah were:  Sidney, born 1878; Etta, born Feb., 1880; and Martha J., born Mar., 1882.  I have no further information on any of these children.

William Larkin was child number four, born in Jun., 1884.  William married Emma J. Lingle, a daughter of J. Monroe and Frances J. Sullivan Lingle, about 1907 in NC.  Emma was born in that state in Dec., 1886 and died in Okanogan Co., WA on Nov. 12, 1969.  William died Jun. 11, 1968 and both are buried at the Okanogan City Cemetery.  He and Emma had at least four children:  Ethel, born c1908 in NC; Edna Y., born 1912 in WA; John Albert, born 1915 in WA and James Edward, born 1919, also in WA.  Edna married Frances H. "Frank" Nickell, a son of David Franklin and Jaqueline Fulton Nickell, on Aug. 15, 1934 in Okanogan Co..  Frank died in 2002; Edna just a few days ago on Aug. 17, 2012 in Spokane.  In 1947, James Edward married Ellen J. Dinger, daughter of Anton and Mary Dinger.  James died Jul. 3, 1998 in Omak and Ellen died Feb., 28, 2006, also in Omak.  Both are buried at Okanogan Valley Memorial Gardens with their only known son, John Allen Coffey, born Dec. 8, 1951, died Aug. 7, 1980.

Child number five was Joseph Monroe, born Feb. 23, 1887 at Shulls Mill in Watauga Co., died  Jun. 5, 1958 in Okanogan.  He married a lady by the name of Neata [sic] E., born 1889 in TN, died on Okanogan Co. in 1927.  Their only known child, a daughter, Letha Mae was born May 19, 1920 in Washington and died Feb. 8, 2012 at Wenatchee in Chelan Co., WA.  Letha married Glenn Arthur Payne on Sep. 21, 1940 in Okanogan Co.  Glenn was born Jun. 26, 1917 in WA and died in Omak on Sep. 5, 1994.  Both are buried at Okanogan Valley.

Number six was Minnie Lee, born Jul. 31, 1890 at Blowing Rock, died Pateros, Okanogan Co. on Dec. 2, 1972.  Minnie was first married to Charles Martin Harrell on Jun. 30, 1911 in Okahogan and, he died 6 years later in 1917.  Their marriage produced two known children, Leda Ruby, born Apr. 26, 1912, died Oct. 6, 2002 and, Doris Jane, born Dec. 8, 1913, died Feb. 10, 1999, both in Okanogan Co.  Minnie's second husband was also twice married George Walter Brownlee.  His first wife was Pearl Best of South Dakota and who died in Pateros in 1909.  They were parents of David, Walter and Robert.  Minnie and George were married on Okanogan Co. in 1919 and are known to have had at least two children:  John Charles, born 1924, died 2003 at Wenatchee and, Grace, born c1928.

Gilliam and Sarah's last known child was Ethel M., born Oct., 1894 in NC.  No further information is known about her.

August 15, 2012

John Lockhart Coffey, 1898 TX - 1984 OK

John was a son of George Archelaus and Julia Gordon Lockhart Coffey.  He was born Feb. 4, 1898* in Alexander, Erath Co., TX and died in Oklahoma City, OK in 1984.  He is buried at Memorial Park Cemetery in that city.

Census records for 1930** tell us that his wife then was named Louise.  In 1940¹ his wife was named Ruth.  Louise gave him two children:  Maxine, born Apr. 22, 1918 in Broken Arrow, Tulsa Co., OK and George, born c1923 in OK.  Maxine married a Mr. Vickers and died on Jan. 17, 2000 in Grove, Delaware Co., OK.  She is buried at Memorial Park in Tulsa.

"John Lockhart Coffey² - A native of Texas, but a resident of Oklahoma throughout practically all of his life, Mr. Coffey was educated in the schools and colleges of this State.  Beginning to teach, when he was still a boy himself, at the age of sixteen years, he has devoted his life to that profession since then and in the various positions held by him has met with great success.  This is more to his credit, because he has held such responsible positions as high school principal, superintendent of schools, and member of the faculties of University of Oklahoma and of the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, at an age when most teachers are only beginning their careers.  Since 1927 he has been president of the Cameron State School of Agriculture at Lawton, and in this position, too, he has bet with great success and has done excellent work.  He is considered today one of the ablest men in educational work in Oklahoma and there is no doubt that he will accomplish even greater things in the years to come.
"John Lockhart Coffey was born in Alexander, Texas, February 4, 1898, a son of George and Julia (Lockhart) Coffey.  Having come to Oklahoma in his childhood, he received his early education in the grade school at Sentinel.  The family having removed later to the central part of Washita County, Mr. Coffey attended the rural school known as the Port and Spring Creek School.  He finished his grammar school education at Spring Creek and then attended the Sentinel High School, after which he he commenced his career as a teacher.  However, he continued his own education in later years and, in 1919, graduated from the Weatherford State Nornal School, at that time a junior college.  Still later he continued his studies at the University of Oklahoma where he was graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1921.  In 1925 he received the degree of Master of Science from the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, Stillwater.  All of his educational work has been done in the State of Oklahoma, his first position having been that of high school principal at Carter, which position he held during 1914-15.  Next he taught mathematics at the Junior High School at Broken Arrow, during 1915-1916, and then served as superintendent of schools at Bigheart during 1916-18.  During the summer of 1918 he taught in the training department of the Weatherford Normal School and then spent two terms as superintendent of schools at Tyrone, 1918-1919.  In 1919 and during 1920 he was connected with the University of Oklahoma in its high school department, and then again served as superintendent of schools, this time at Devol, during 1921-1922.  In 1922 he became a member of the faculty at the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College at Stillwater, remaining with this institution until 1927.  At first, during 1922-24, he was head of the department of secondary correspondence, and then, during 1925-27, he was professor of history.
"Since 1927 he has been president of the Cameron State School of Agriculture at Lawton, Comanche County.  This school is now a junior college authorized by the State Legislature. [I have omitted the details about the college.]
"During the World War Mr. Coffey was a student member of the Student's Army Training Corps at the Weatherford State Normal School.  He is now a second lieutenant in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps.  In politics he is a supporter of the Democratic party."
John Lockhart Coffey was also the author the The Five Civilized Tribes and Their Influence in Oklahoma History, Oklahoma A&M College Press, 1925.

* : accessed 15 Aug 2012), George Archillus Coffey in entry for John Lockhart Coffey, 04 Feb 1898.

**1930 OK, Comanche Co., Lawton, ED 16-24, Sheet 8A, Cameron State School Agriculture Line 31-50, dwelling 128, family 130, Coffey, John L., head, male, white, age 32, married at age 19, born TX, father born IL, mother born TX, president, Cameron State School [of] Agriculture; Louise M., wife, female, white, age 35, married at age 22, born IL, parents born IL, teacher; Maxcine [sic], dau., female, white, age 11, born OK; George C., son, male, white, age 7, born OK

¹1940 OK, Oklahoma Co., Oklahoma City, ED 78-83, Sheet 10B, 3104 NW 12th, dwelling 240, owns, $6000, Coffey, John L., head, male, white, age 42, married, college, 5 yrs., born TX, Jenks, OK in 1935, assistant county supervisor, farm security administration; Ruth I., wife, female, white, age 32, married, college, 5 yrs., born KS, Jenks, OK, public school teacher; George C., son, male, white, age 17, single, high school, 3 yrs., Jenks, OK, delivery boy for drug store; Nance M., son, male, white, age 2, born OK; Waldon, Vera, house keeper, female, white, age 27, single, 8th grade, born TN, Cleveland Co., OK in 1935

²Joseph B. Thoburn, Author, Oklahoma: A History of The State and Its People, Muriel H. Wright, Author (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Co., Inc., 1929), Vol. 4, Page 562.

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