GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation


This is to notify any European visitors to this blog of the following efforts to comply with  GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation). I am not an expert in that law and do not pretend to understand it.  However, I think I'm supposed to give warning to you about certain "things" should you continue to use this site.

+ I do not employ the use of cookies to identify any visitor to this blog.

+ Google provides the web space for this blog.

See for an explanation of how Google uses Cookies.

+The Stat Counter that I use and which can be found at the bottom of each of my blog pages, also places cookies. Their privacy policy reads:

" respects the privacy and rights of its visitors. No effort is made to identify individuals without their knowledge.
  • When a visitor requests pages from the site, our Web servers automatically log the browser's domain name, and IP address. This information is collected solely for statistical purposes and is not used to identify individuals.
  • Personally identifiable information such as visitor's name, telephone number, postal address and email address are technically impossible for StatCounter to collect and no attempt is made to do so. The information that is recorded consists of the date and time of visit, ip address, browser (e.g. Firefox 3.5), operating system version (e.g. Windows XP), screen resolution (e.g. 800x600), referring link, the current page url and the current page title.
  • To enable to track whether a visitor has been to your website before (i.e. a first-time or returning visitor) we send a cookie to your visitors' computer. This information is collected solely to improve the service we offer to you and statistical purposes and is not used to identify individuals.
  • maintains a strict "no-spam" policy. Your e-mail address will not be sold to a third party."
+ If you have a problem with cookies then I suggest you leave this site and delete all cookies referencing this site.

+ I cannot answer questions about cookies as I have no technical expertise on that subject.

+ Please contact or for more assistance.

Thank you for your understanding!


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