The Edward Coffey Project

Note Changes as of Oct. 1, 2017 

I have compiled a new database that includes roughly 43,352 people, 14,616 families,  104,982 events (births, marriages, etc); 2,231 sources with 5,076 citations and 11,684 multimedia items (photos, death certificates, marriage records, news articles, etc.)

I rely on my own original research as well as that of trusted Coffey researchers who have sent to me much of their personal family history.

This work mainly presents families and their descendants.  Family histories, for the most part are not included.   You will find many newspaper articles describing engagements, weddings, deaths and a few "black sheep" articles. There are photographs, some wills, death certificates, photos of headstones, birth certificates, marriage documents and the like.

I leave the description of your ancestor and his/her descendants daily life for you to complete.

If you have any questions/reservations about this project before deciding to purchase, feel free to write to me.  I will tell you if your particular ancestor's family is represented.

This updated project will still be available for distribution.  Making the DVD has become problematic so I have changed distribution medium to an 8GB flash drive. As a result of this change, the price of the data will necessarily increase to $30.00 + postage (total of $32.80) to recover the cost of the flash drive. It will still come to you via first class mail in a bubble pack envelope.

I have updated much of the project to include obituaries and some other news items such as weddings, engagements, and census records through 1940.  Anything after that year should be pretty well known to anyone compiling their personal family genealogy.  I have exhausted many of my sources of information and details about our very early ancestors.  

Free but limited research assistance will be provided via e-mail whether or not you accept the offer. That is, I will try to help you with questions you might have about your family that might get you on the correct research path.  

I do not offer refunds but in very exceptional cases.  The information is easy for someone to copy then return the files to me.

You are certain to find errors in the work but hopefully, they will be very minor.  Please let me know if you find any in your genealogy and I will correct them in my master file.

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E-mail me if you prefer some other form of payment.


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