The Edward Coffey Project

Mar. 29, 2019 (I call it Apr. 2019) Update: 

Please Read All So That No Misunderstandings Occur!

The price for a 16GB flash drive containing this data is still $35, postage and tracking paid.

If you want to check if your family is represented in the ECP please contact me at 

This work mainly presents families and their descendants.  Family histories, for the most part are not included.   Events are births, deaths, marriages, etc. Multimedia items include newspaper articles describing engagements, weddings, deaths and some "black sheep" articles as part of my project. Those also include photographs, wills, death certificates, photos of headstones, birth certificates, marriage documents and the like. In many cases I have included copies of obituaries gleaned from old newspapers.  Those give great clues to help you continue your own research. 

It will be up to each user to describe their own family history stories. No one knows them better than you.

If you have any questions/reservations about this project before deciding to purchase, feel free to write to me.  I will tell you if your particular ancestor's family is represented.

Free but limited research assistance will also be provided via e-mail whether or not you accept this offer. That is, I will try to help you with questions you might have about your family that might get you on the correct research path.  

No Refunds Offered
 The information is easy to copy then return the files to me, requesting a refund.

You are certain to find some errors in the work; hopefully, they will be very minor.  One major error has been found and corrected in the previous compilation.  Please let me know if you find any in your genealogy and I will correct them in my master file.

My work in the format found on the USB drive is copyrighted.  If you feel disposed to break my copyright and I find it anywhere on the web, that will create a problem.  Thanks for understanding.

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