December 8, 2004

Three Moore Women

Mary "Mollie", Mildred "Millie", and Bidant "Biddy" Moore, all daughters of Jesse Moore and wife Alley Johnson, married Coffey brothers.

Mollie, born 2 Jun 1766, married James Coffey, Jr. on Aug. 30, 1794 in Wilkes Co.,NC.

Some researchers claim that James never married. Some report that Mollie married Abraham Alloway Strange. The Moore Family of the Globe, published in the Lenoir Topic of Oct. 7, 1891, and reprinted in Gleanings from the Heart of the Corn Belt, Vol. 4, No. 1, 1970, pp18-22 are two publications that make the argument for the Strange marriage. The only Abraham Strange that I have any information on was born 1808, and died 1866. He was a son of Archelus Alloway Strange and Elizabeth Coffey. Because of the age difference, I doubt that this Abraham is the one claimed to have married Mollie.

But, on the otherhand, a marriage record for James and Mollie has not yet been found. There is a marriage record dated Aug. 30, 1794 in Wilkes Co., NC for a James Coffey to a Sarah Coffey, but so far I have't placed these with a definite family.

Research hasn't been sufficient yet to separate this James in records of NC from the James, son of Thomas and Delilah Ferguson Coffey. There is a James, Jr., mentioned in Wilkes Co. Court of Pleas, and in the Yadkin Baptist church in 1790 is probably the son of Rev. James Coffey.

This James Jr. lived next to his father in in Wilkes Co., and later moved to Wayne Co., KY in the early 1800. He returned to NC and traded his land in KY to his brother Lewis Russell Coffey. James, Jr. hasn't been definitely identified in the 1800 or later census records of Wilkes Co., nor in Wayne Co. Perhaps we went with Rice and others to Bedford Co., TN. There was a James there in 1830 who is of the approximate age, and another in Jefferson Co., TN, listed on the 1800 and 1807 tax rolls.

So, we can only say that James and Mollie are placed here more out of tradition than any proven research.

Mildred's marriage to Ambrose is more certain, although we only have an approximate year (1788) for their union. Millie was born Mar. 31, 1770 and died in 1812, probably in Pulaski Co., KY.

Mildred gave birth to at least 12 children; five daughters, and seven sons. All were born between about 1788 and her death in c1812. More information on these children, and their descendants can be found at the Coffey Cousins' website by clicking on the link to Edward and Ann Powell Coffey.

Bidant was born May 3, 1775 in Albemarle Co., VA, and died Jan. 13, 1857 in Wayne Co., KY. She and Lewis Russell were married Dec. 10, 1795 in Wilkes Co., NC. Lewis' will was made April 13, 1850, and proven on Nov. 25, 1850. Lewis was a slave owner, and willed a number of them to his wife and children. A copy of his will can also be found at the Coffey Cousins' site.

If any reader has more information that will add to the accuracy of the genealogy of the Coffey and Moore families should write to me at my published e-mail address, or leave messages in the discussion site at Coffey Cousins'.

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