January 5, 2005

Coffey, MO

In Coffey, Missouri the temperature is 23 degrees with freezing rain this morning. This week, the temperature is expected to drop to as low as 6 degrees, and reach a high of 41 degrees by the weekend! This little town is located in the northwestern part of Missouri in Daviess County, and likely named for some families that settled in the area.

My database of random Coffee/Coffey information contains 18 entries (some duplicates) for individuals who were in Daviess County, the earliest dated 1842. That was when Elijah Coffee married Margaret Armstrong on August 8 of that year.

The other unique (non-duplicated) entries are:

Bailee H. Coffey married Catharine Harbord Apr. 29, 1851
Fielding Coffee married Sarah Jane Chapman on Apr. 6, 1854
Louisa L. Coffee married John Armstrong on Sep. 24, 1863
Mary Ellen Coffey married Francis L. Read on Dec. 27, 1866
Lucinda Ann Coffey married William B. Vandervort on Jan. 27, 1870
Catherine B. Coffey married Jno. W. Weldon on Mar. 25, 1875
Phebe A. Coffey married James O. Ellis on Dec. 18, 1876
Sarah B. Coffey married Elijah Ellis on Feb. 24, 1876
James B. Coffey married Janie E. Meloney on Mar. 17, 1878
Harvey B. Coffey married Maggie Glaze on Mar. 9, 1884

Fielding Coffey was born June 26, 1827 in Kentucky, and married Sarah Jane Chapman on April 6, 1854 in Daviess County, MO. Sarah was born Oct. 20, 1838 and died Oct. 30, 1908. Fielding had siblings, Ike, Martha and Elizabeth. He and Sarah had a number of children including:

- Calvin, born Mar. 6, 1855, married Mary Jackson
- Elizabeth Catherine, born Jul. 25, 1857 in Gentry Co., MO
- Meredith (Mel), born Mar. 18, 1859
- Jane, born Mar. 12, 1863
- George W., born Nov. 6, 1864
- David C., born Nov. 25, 1866
- Martha B., born Nov. 11, 1868
- Mary A., born Sep. 18, 1872
- Lulu S., born Apr. 19, 1875

The June 1992 edition of the Coffey Cousins' Clearinghouse newsletter reported that Fielding and Sarah are buried in Atchison, Kansas.

The second reason for this particular BLOG entry is to tell you about the Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter. If you haven't read any of Dick's newsletters, you can read them at:


Dick reported on a new search engine that he has found. It apparently is not a competitor of such resources as Google.com - where you might receive thousands of links should you enter Coffey as a search item, but rather provides "who is," or "what is" answers.

For example, I visited the site at:


entered the word "coffey", and in return received facts about Coffey, MO. I then entered "Audie Murphy" in the search block, and received a short biography and photograph of that American Hero.

Visit the site and see what you can find.

Also, please let me know if you have any connection to the Daviess Co., MO Coffee/y families.

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