January 28, 2005

More Data from my Files

The following information is from my files, and was extracted from The History of Gwinnett County Georgia, Vol. II, 1818-1960, authored by James C. Flanigan.

Morris Coffee, listed as a child of J. A. Coffee, no dates mentioned

Edmond Coffey, spouse Sarah (no maiden name), charter members of Suwanee Baptist Church, founded 13 Sep, 1828

William Coffy and wife (no name provided), members of Suwanee Baptist Church, sometime between 1828 and 1835

Gilbert Coffey, sheriff of Gwinnett Co. in 1833

Webster Coffey married L. M. Young, 1846

M. G. Coffee married Z. Guffin, 1865

Zemelia Coffee married F. F. Reynolds, 1872

J. B. Coffee married Mary Womack. J. B. listed as JP in years 1874 and 1878. (This could be John B. Source references "farm known as John B. Coffee place."

Tennie Coffee married W. L. Harris, 1880

Yancy Coffee married C. C. Connor, 1899. Yancy was the bride.

Joshua A. Coffee married Cora Lee Holland, 1900; children were Morris and William

Maurice Coffee, listed as member of 1919 Senior Class of Lawrenceville High School and member of Lawrenceville First Baptist Church

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