February 18, 2005

Children of John Trousdale Coffee

Charles Franklin Coffee was the eldest son of John Trousdale and Harriet Weir Coffee. He was born in Dade County, Missouri of March 22, 1847, and died in December, 1935 in Chadron, Dawes County, Nebraska. He was 88 years old.

Charles was a veteran of the Civil War, and trailed cattle from Texas to Wyoming while working for the Snyder Brothers and their Coldwater Cattle Company. I do not know when or where he married Virginia Ashland Toney, but based on the birthdates of their first child, I can estimate the year to be 1880-81, and the place to have been Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyoming.

According to information found at www.nebraskahistory.org Charles Coffee was the founder of a large pioneer ranch headquartered on Hat Creek in Nebraska, and Rawhide Creek in Wyoming. Charles wanted to send dressed meat to Chicago so he and others arranged to have the Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad (that became the Chicago and North Western) siding built near his ranch on Hat Creek. The siding, called Coffee Siding is said to have been over 1000 feet in length with seven cattle pens.

Children of Charles Franklin Coffee and Virginia Ashland Toney were:

John Toney Coffee, born June 23, 1882 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and died 1959 in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska. He married Martha Sagert in 1910. John was a rancher and banker. In 1935 he was president of Sioux National Bank of Harrison, and held interests in several Wyoming ranches where he bred Hereford cattle. Unfortunately, I do not yet have a list of his children.

Blanche McLain Coffee, born March, 1884 in Wyoming, died unmarried in 1929.

Charles Franklin Coffee, Jr., was born October, 1887 in Wyoming. He married Catherine Morgan Richtly on October 9, 1912 in Chadron, Dawes County, Nebraska. I only know of one child, Charles Franklin Coffee III, born about 1914 in Dawes County.

The second child of John Trousdale and Harriet was Marietta. I have no information other than she married Hi Webb.

Third born was Arthur B. Coffee, born February, 1850, died 1880. I have found no other information.

Fourth was Samuel Buffington Coffee, born March, 1856. Samuel married May Elizabeth Tisdale (no dates). Together they had four children: Harry Buffington, born March 16, 1890, died 1972; Rexford T. Coffee, born February, 1892; Guy Hyman (Chick) Coffee, born Dec. 7, 1893; and Edna Coffee, born December, 1896.

Harry Buffington Coffee served in the US Army during World War 1, and from 1935-1943 was a US Representative from Nebraska's Northeast 5th Congressional District. He was also in real estate, and organized the Coffee Cattle Co., Inc. in 1915. Readers needing more information on Harry can find a short biography on the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress website:


Guy "Chick" Coffee was a Vice President and general manager of the Coffee Cattle Company and recognized as a specialist in registered Hereford cattle. He married Ila Florence Conn on October 12, 1915 at Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

Fifth was William F. Coffee, born about 1857, and died in 1944. No other information.

The last child was Lula Coffee, born about 1861. All I know of Lula is that she married Lum Bradford.

Some of the Coffee homes in Chadron can be found at:


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