February 28, 2005

An Interesting Exchange

Within the last few days I had a slightly heated e-mail exchange with someone upset with me for not having all of their ancestors in the Edward and Ann Powell file on the Coffey Cousins' website. It seems that I had failed to make an internet search for, and had not used certain Bible records that are alleged to be on the internet pertaining to this person's family. The writer was also quite surprised to find that there were errors in some of the family information presented on my webpage.

I recalled, after some thought on the matter, that this same person had confronted me in a public forum some time ago about certain thoughts and ideas that I have concerning the John Coffey-Mary Joliffe (variously spelled) myth. This person attempted to dispel the myth of that couple being the parents of Edward Coffey, but failed to respond to my offer to publish any detailed research they might have completed to prove the opposite.

Not only was this person rudely confrontational, but to my knowledge has never presented any family data to the newsletter or to the website for others to share or critique. This person did claim to have been offended because Coffey Cousins' had failed to provide a source for some certain information, and had to search for the information elsewhere.

In this person's mind my credibility has somehow been affected by these failures!

For the record:

I do genealogy as a hobby.

All of the information presented on my website comes from others! I do not personally research each and every "fact" that someone else claims to have researched when they send the data to me. That's why users should only use the information as possible clues to further their own research. I think this is what a "clearinghouse" does; it collects and disseminates information. It's up to the user to prove the value of the information!

I try and help anyone asking for help.

I do not ask for money for my help.

If you need to complain about something I've done, or haven't done: Be nice! I respond better.

If you don't participate in the exchange of information on the website, don't complain to me about your family not being included!

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