May 30, 2005

Coffee/Coffey in Hempstead Co., AR

From my personal files:

Thomas Coffee - 1835, Hempstead Co., AR List of Lands, 1868, p280, Section 10, TS13S, Range 25W and Section 11, TS13S, Range 25W

Lilburn Coffee - 1853, Hempstead Co., Marks, Brands, and Estrays, 1819-1959, Hempstead Co., Gen. Soc., (HCGS) 1991 (MB&E) - Principal on bond, Lilburn Coffee; Security, Martin Mouser; Appraisers, L. D. Lawrence, Martin Mouser, James Jones; JP, Eugene Block

John T. Coffee - 1854, Hempstead Co., MB&E - Principal on bond, John T. Coffee; Security, Joseph R. and Wm. Bennight; Appraisers, John Tyree, Wm. Bennight and Joseph Bennight; JP, James S. Jones

Jesse Coffee - 1854, Hempstead Co., married Polly Rogers Dec. 10, 1854 by James S. Jones, JP. Marriage Book A, page 222

Jesse Coffee - 1855, Hempstead Co., Original Purchasers of Land in Southwest Arkansas from 1826, Book 1, HCGS, 1990, Township 1, Range 23, page 17, tract book 3, roll 1302825

Lilburn Coffee - 1855, Hempstead Co., MB&E, Principal, Eliza Lawrence; Security, L.D. and A.B. Lawrence; Appraisers, John Taylor, Lilburn Coffee, George Mouser; JP, J. M. Phillips

Jessee Coffee - 1855 Hempstead Co., Arkansas List of Lands, 1868 Index, page 135, Section 31, Township 12S, Range 23W

Jesse Coffee - 1855 Hempstead Co., Jesse and wife to John T. Coffee, Dec. 8, 1855, Book M., page 345, NW of Sec. 31, TS 12S, R23W; Jesse Coffee and wife to Joseph B. Bennight, Dec. 8, 1855, Book M, page 346, Section 31, TS12S, R23W

John T. Coffee - 1856 Hempstead Co., MB&E, Principal, Joseph Bennight; Security, John T. Coffee; Appraisers, John T. Coffee, L. N. Kirk and Asbury Coffee; J.P., T. J. Purtell of Caruse Twp.

Lilburn Coffee - 1856 Hempstead Co., Original Purchasers of Land in Southwest Arkansas from 1826, (OPL) Book 1, page 186 by HCGS, 1990, tract book 3, roll 1302825

Lilburn Coffee - 1856 Hempstead Co., List of Lands, 1868, index, references to "see Hardin, Daniel." That reference names Abraham Hardin; p376, and pertains to Section 24, Township 9S, Range 27W, 1851 with further reference to Daniel Hardin (assign Coffee, Lilburn, p210, S16, TS13S, R24W in 1859 and (assg) Logan, John, same property.

Joel Coffee - 1856 Hempstead Co., OPL, TS12, R23W, page 18, tract book 3, roll 1302825

Franklin Tribble Coffee - 1860 Hempstead Co. marriage records, to Vitumna Jane Milson, 23 Sep. 1860

Hannah Coffee - 1860 Hempstead Co., Arkansas Mortality Schedule, age 38, female, married, born TN, died Mar. 1860 of Typhoid Fever (This was Hannah Taylor, wife of Lilburn Coffee)

Henry Wesley Coffee - 1867 Hempstead Co., marriage records, married Rosa Moss Dec. 26, 1867

Mary E. Coffee - 1869 Hempstead Co., marriage records, married Finis Ames, Sep. 5, 1869 (daughter of Lilburn Coffee)

James R. Coffee - 1889, Arkansas Gazette, Washington Telegraph, Aug. 16, 1889 edition relates story of "Jim" Coffee confined in county jail for murder of cousin Fred Coffee near Howard Co line. Indicates that evidence was circumstantial. Mob threatned to hang "Jim". Jan. 29, 1904 Washington Post article reports escape of "Jim" shortly after trial, and had been living in Bakersfield, CA under assumed name. Recaptured in 1904 and escaped again while transferring trains in Fort Worth. He was never recaptured.

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