May 30, 2005

Coffee/Coffey in Texas

From my personal files:

Minerva A. Coffee, spouse James H. Slaughter. James born Apr. 8, 1812 in KY, in TX in 1853. Father was Matthew Slaughter, born VA, and an early settler of Lincoln Co., KY. Married Polly Huston, daughter of Stevenson Huston of VA. James H. was their 3d child. Married Minerva, daughter of Col. Jesse A. Coffee of KY who was a member of legislature for many years. (Biographical Souvenier of the State of Texas (976.4 B6156); Southern Historical Press, Chicago, FA Battey & Co., 1889)

Ella Josephine Coffee, spouse John Francis Yearwood, son of Thomas and Lavinia Yearwood, married Ella Coffee and settled in Georgetown, TX. (Tennessee Cousins, a History of the Tennessee People, Worth S. Ray, Jul., 1950, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1960-1989, and The Mecklenberg Signers and Their Neighbors, originally published as Lost Tribes of North Carolina, Part III, reprint 1993 by Gen. Pub. Co., Baltimore, Md.) John was born 1859, died c1942. Ella was daughter of Capt. John Coffee

James Burl Coffee married Alma Wahene Christopher, Big Spring, Howard Co., TX, Marriage Book 12, page 97 (date not recorded)

John S. Coffey, member of TX State Police from 1870-1871 from Texas Adjutant General Service Records

Catherine Jane Coffee, spouse of John Wesley Snyder; John born 1837, died 1922, rancher and Civil War veteran. Married Catherine, daughter of John T. Coffee of Georgetown and father of 8 children. (The New Handbook of Texas Online)

A. B. Coffee, member of TX Frontier Batallion which was in existance from 1874-1878, and again in 1901. Also a member of TX Special Rangers in existance from 1916-1934. From Texas Adjutant General Service Records

James Coffee, member of TX State Police which was in existance from 1861-1865

W. Coffee, member of TX Loyalty Rangers which was in existance in 1918

Hooper Coffey, to Mr. S. F. Austin, Empesario: "I have emigrated to this name is Hooper Coffey, 50 years of age. My wifes name is Mary, 37 years. I have five children of which 3 are male and 2 female. Moved from the state of Alabama." From Character Certificates in the General Land Office of Texas, compiled by Gifford White, 1985 (976.4 Whi)

Evener Coffee, married Lois Noonkoster , Haskell Co marriage book 5, page 147 (date not recorded)

J. E. Coffee, married Clara Dungan, Haskell Co marriage book 5, page 186 (date not recorded)

Mary Coffee, spouse of Philip Martin. See above link to The New Handbook of Texas Online

James D. Coffee, first arrived in Texas 29 Sep 1837; class 2 land grant of 640 acres; conditional certificate issued 10 May 1839 in Galveston Co. (Texas Land Records)

James Coffee, first arrived in TX Jun 1839; class 3 land grant of 320 acres; unconditional certificate issued 2 Aug 1845 in Houston Co. (Texas Land Records)

James S. Coffee, migrated to Peters Colony as a family man prior to Jul. 1, 1848. Issued Fannin Third Class Certificate No. 588 for 640 acres which he sold (unlocated) and later patented in Grayson Co. Listed on 1850 census in Grayson Co. as family 251 as a 27-yr old farmer with three children, born in IN. First migrated to MO, then to Cherokee Nation, then to TX (The Peters Colony of Texas by TX State Historical Assn., 1959)

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