June 29, 2005

Coffee/Coffey in Alabama, Part II

From my personal files:

Wyatt Coffee - 1839 Marshall Co., State of AL vs Wyatt Coffee and Hudson Peters, charge of "gaming." "It was found that on 12 April 1839 the defendants did play at cards at a store house for retailing spiritous liquors...". A warrant for the arrest of the defendants was issued 4 Jan. 1840 and executed 2 Aug. 1840. Peters posted a $500 bond. In Sept. he pleased not guilty and a jury found him not guilty. Nothing further about Wyatt.

James Coffee - 1839 Marshall Co., Fourth Monday in Mar. 1839 Grand Jury returned a true bill against 11 men, including James Coffee on a charge of "gaming [playing at cards] on 10 Jan. 1839 in the county of Marshall at a public house for spiritous liquors." Warrants were issued for the arrest of the defendants and several were arrested and posted bond. James was not among them. Warrants were again issued for James and one other on Nov. 12, 1839. They were found and arrested in Jackson Co. and both posted bond. Trial was held 4th Monday of Mar. 1840 in Marshall. Marshall Co., but James wasa not mentioned in list of those tried.

Mary Coffee - 1841, Lauderdale Co., AL, spouse of Andrew Jackson Hutchings. Will mentions wife, dau. of Gen. John Coffee. Also mentions Alexander D. Coffee.

Absalom Coffey - 1848 Jackson Co., Documents found in basement vault of Jackson Co. courthouse. Item 1, Box 21, 8 Jan. 1869, a petition stating that Absalon, Sr., died intestate and that the estate sill had property unadministered. The petitioner, Absalom, Jr., represented heirs of Absalom Coffey, dec.; Breny Coffey, Rithy Coffey, Thomas J. Coffey, all of full age and reside in Titus Co., TX near Daingerfield, and Absalom and Narcisa Coffey who reside Jackson Co., AL and of full age. Also George Coffey, a minor under the age of 21 and resides in Jackson Co., AL. Also the heirs of Hugh Coffey, dec., who reside at Daingerfield, TX and of Lankston Coffey, dec. who reside near Daingerfield, TX, the name of which at present are not known to petitioner... 6 Aug. 1869, a petition by Absalom, Jr. to prove that the estate no longer needs an administrator; property was sold at public auction for $110 to Mr. A. Morgan. Petition further stated that Mrs. Nancy Coffey resides in the County of Etowah, in this state, is the widow of decedent; and that the heirs of deceased are children and grandchildren. Absalom Coffey, petitioner; George W., Narcissa, the widow of Thomas Davis, Brinton Coffey, Hugh, Ritha, the widow of George Freeman. The heigs of Langston Coffey: William and Nathan, both of whom are minors under the age of 21; Thomas Joseph of full age; all of whom reside in Titus Co., state of Texas.

James R. Coffey - 1848 Jackson Co., married Nancy A. Shields, born 29 Apr. 1827 in Jackson Co., married Unknown Coffey and had Elizabeth J. Coffey, born about 1848, and Martha and Mary Coffey, born about 1851. Nancy Shields later moved to Fulton Co., IL, and married Amos B. Lawrence. James was born about 1825 in AL. This family is in the 1850 census for Jackson Co., AL. [Source for apparent conflicting info: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/p/a/r/Ken-Parker/index.html]

William Coffee - 1850 Morgan Co, later in Gun Town, Lee Co., MS in 1870. In 1880 was in Franklin Co., AL and then to TX. In 1890's moved into Indian Territory near Ardmore and Tishimongo, OK

Daniel W. Coffey - born 1858 in AL, married Maggie Leann Coates; known as "Uncle Dan" when he lived in Ravia, OK and was a lawman in Dexter, TX and Ravia, OK

Eliza Coffee - 1860 Morgan Co.; married George Washington Reeves about 1852. In 1860 in Somerville, Morgan Co., AL. Children were Mary Emerilla, Ruth Catherine, George W., Jr., John labon Thomas, and Henry Oscar Everett.

Weightstill Avery Coffee - 1863, state of AL; in an extract of a will cited by the source, WA Coffee is listed as the son of Alexander H. Coffee. Mary Hudson Coffey Howland believed to be daughter of Weightstill, born 27 Aug 1837, doed 20 Jul 1898 in Scottsboro, AL. Weightstill married Mary Ann Harris and was a grandson of Rice Coffey (Tennessee Cousins)

Julia Coffee - born 1868 in AL, died 27 Nov. 1923 in Memphis, TN. Daughter of William and Sarah (Sally) L. Fortune Coffee. William born 1798 in SC.

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