July 6, 2005

Coffee/Coffey in Mississippi

From my personal files:

H. M. Coffey, Will Book B, Page 286, Mississippi Index of Wills, 1800-1900

A. B. Coffee, married Annie Amelia Willis, 1859, Adams Co. From Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers, Vol. 4, Page 133, The Mississippi Free Trader (Natchez), in the Mar. 2, 1859 edition reported the marriage of Mr. Coffee of New Orleans and son of the late General Washington Coffee of Mississippi, to Miss Willis, youngest daughter of Joseph and Caroline Willis, late of Jackson, Mississippi

Daniel P. M. Coffee, born 1849 in Shelby Co., to Cleveland and Malinda Coffee. In 1860 Marshall Co. census

E. N. C. Coffey, married Rachael A. Isaacs Jun. 27, 1839 in Natchez, Adams Co., Mississippi and reported in the Mississippi Free Trader and Natchez Weekly Gazette. From Physicians and Surgeons of Natchez, MS, as compiled by Bob Shumway, Vidalia, LA

Hiram Coffee, will recorded in Book 1, Page 66, Hinds Co., MS

George C. Coffey, born May 18, 1893 in Myrtle, MS. Became a doctor and resided in Hot Springs, AR

John Coffee, died Oct. 11, 1858 in Natchez, Adams, Co., Vol. 4, Page 162, Marriages and Deaths From Mississippi Newspapers. Appeared in The Natchez Weekly Courier, edition of Oct. 13, 1858.

J. K. Coffey died 1899; will found in Holmes County Will Book 3, Page 73

Eueginia Coffee married E. E. Galloway, 1846, from Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers (Betty Couch Wiltshire, Heritage Books, Inc.,Vol. 3, 1813-1859, published 1989, page 12): Sentinel and Expositor (Vicksburg) on May 19, 1846 reported the marriage at Fort Washita of Eugenia of Jackson to E. E. Galloway of Winchester, VA. Page 81, same edition: The Southroon (Jackson) edition of May 13, 1846, reported the same marriage

Mary Coffee married F. E. Plummer, 1846 (Wiltshire source, Vol. 3, Page 82) The Southroon, August 5, 1846, reported the marriage in Brandon on "the 28th ult. by his honor Judge Finley, of Hon. F. (Franklin) E. Plummer to Mrs. Mary C. Coffee, both of Jackson"

Michael Coffee (Wiltshire source, Vol. 4, Page 222) The Woodville Republican, edition of Oct. 8, 1860, Sextion's Report, listed the death of Michael, age 25, on Oct. 1 of "consumption."

B. F. Coffee (Wiltshire source, Vol. 1) Holly Springs Gazette, Oct. 31, 1846, killed with the Tennessee Regiment, Capt. Northcutt's Company. The Nashville Whig, dated Sat. Oct. 24, 1846 wrote, Private B. F. Coffee was killed in the battle of Monterey with the Mexicans on September 21"

Hiram Coffee (Wiltshire source, Vol. 2) The Mississippian (Jackson) reported the death on the "30 ultimo of Major Hiram Coffee, in the 41st year of his age. He left behind him a wife and numerous family by a former marriage."

From: Vol. III, Mississippi Genealogical Society Cemetery and Bible Records

Julia Coffee, died Jul. 25, 1835 in Hinds Co. at age of 4 years and 10 months, buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Hinds Co., Jackson, Mississippi

Joseph Coffee, died July 30, 1835 at age of 1 year, 3 months and 13 days, buried Greenwood Cemetery.

Hiram Coffee, died Jan. 29, 1836 at age 40 years, buried Greenwood Cemetery

Same publication, Vol. XX:

Sallie Olive Coffey, born Jan. 11, 1865, died May 12, 1933, buried Fayette Cemetery, Fayette, Jefferson Co., Mississippi

Melissa M. Coffee, born 1826, died 1899, buried Fayette Cemetery

Edgar N. Coffee, born Oct. 13, 1848, died Jul. 17, 1863, buried Fayette Cemetery

N. Coffee, son of N. & M. Coffee, born Oct. 13, 1848, died Jul. 17, 1868, buried Fayette Cemetery

Chesley S. Coffey, Goodspeed Biography, pages 564-566: A native of Maury Co., TN, moved to Mississippi at age 15; shoemaker; purchased plantation near Fayette at state of Mexican War. Went to war, and on return opened a shoe factory in Fayette. Was a wealthy man; wounded at Williamsburg, VA on May 5, 1862; member of Episcopal church; married Miss Mississippi S. Davis in 1849, daughter of resident of Yazoo Co., Mississippi; seven children: 4 sons and 1 daughter. Died Feb. 1869 and wife died Nov. 1844; both buried at Fayette.

Jonathan Coffee, died Oct. 11, 1859, race and age not listed. Cause of death was "yellow fever from a relapse." Buried in Catholic Ground (Shumway's "Sexton's Records, Natchez, Mississippi)

Charles C. Coffey, born 1853, Jefferson Co., father was Che. S., mother's maiden name was Daves, father born in TN (from Hollingsworth Genealogical Card File, Reel 1, 10 cards [library shelf number: 929.376 B615, Vol. 1, page 564]

John Coffee, 22nd Mississippi Infantry, born 1833 Warren Co., died 1897; buried Warren Co. (Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations A-l, by Betty Wiltshire, Heritage Books, Inc., 1991)

Chesley S. Coffey, died 1868, Jefferson Co. (from Confederate Grave Registrations by Wiltshire, page 76), born Maury Co., TN 1816, member 18th MS Inf., died 1869, buried Jefferson Co.

Dallis P. Coffey, Jefferson Co. (from Confederate Grave Registrations by Wiltshire, page 76), born 1836 in South Carolina, died 1881, buried Webster Co.

Hiram Coffee (News from Rodney, 1834-1840 by Gordon A. Cotton, privately printed, 1987, page 84) "A man by the name of Cameron, a brick layer from Tennessee or Kentucky, was found dead on Wednesday morning, the 11th inst., in the road near Mr. Hiram Coffee's, in the vicinity of Jackson. Marks of great violence were found upon his body, and the supposition is that he had been murdered. The opinion of the jury of inquest was, that he came to his death by falling on the ground, and that being intoxicated at the time, he may have frozen to death. Suspicion does not appear to rest on anyone [Hinds county, Feb. 25, 1835]

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