July 26, 2005

Genealogy Exchange

I've been thinking that perhaps I would end this blog, and expand/improve on it by creating a "Genealogy Exchange" blog to which anyone can post questions, or write public responses. I could also decide to continue this blog just to share with readers the miscellaneous Coffee/y data that I have in my personal files.

This "Genealogy Exchange" would be limited in scope to those families who descend from Edward and Peter Coffey lines. Otherwise there would be no limits. All families within the descendants list of those two men can be discussed. To be a bit more clear: All peripheral families can be discussed.

Everyone would HAVE to recognize at the outset that any information posted without verifiable sources sould be considered speculation. For the most part, any information that I post will NOT have been independently verified by me unless it is from my personal family file(s).

The "Genealogy Exchange" is by invitation only. Everyone will have to register with Blogger.com in order to participate. Send me your name, e-mail address, USPS address, and the particular Coffee/y line being researched, and I'll see that an invitation is sent.

In the meantime, visit the above link to Coffey Cousins', then click on the "Genealogy Exchange" link near the bottom middle of the page.

Comments appreciated.

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