September 11, 2005

Jasper Hill Coffey

Jasper Hill Coffey was born Aug. 6, 1838 in Monroe Co., IN, and was a son of Lewis and Harriet E. Powell Coffey. He married China Frances Culp on Dec. 13, 1862 in Albany, Gentry Co., MO.

His father was a son of Thomas Coffey and Sarah (Sally) Fields, himself a son of John and Jane Graves Coffey. Lewis was brother to Larkin and McCaleb whose descendants were subjects of previous blogs.

Lewis and Harriet were parents of at least eight children:

- Martha C., born c1831
- Mary J., born c1833
- Richard L., born c1835
- Harriet A., born c1836
- Jasper Hill, born Aug. 6, 1838
- Saphronia E., born c1843
- Amanda, born unk.
- Sarah, born unk

Jasper became a minister and was a student of the gospel at Franklin College from 1856-58, and Indiana University in 1859.

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