September 1, 2005

More misc. Info

Some of these may be repeated from earlier blogs.

Agnes Coffey died Mar., 29, 1679 in MA; spouse of Richard Knight who died in 1683. See CCC, Dec., 1988 and Mar., 1991

John Coffee came to VA 1637, perhaps as a crewmenber, maybe returning immediately from whence he came. Some believe this was father of Edward Coffey. See CCC, Mar., 1993, and Early Immigrants to Virginia 1623-1666 from records of the land office in Richmond

Rebecca Coffee found in Liber 18, Folio 311, transported 1675.
Robert Coffee, found in Liber WC2, Folio 140, 142; Immigrated 1680. Shoemaker in Somerset Co. See The Early Settlers of Maryland by Gust Skordas, Asst. Archivists, State of Maryland. See also CCC, Mar., 1991 and Sep., 1991

Peter Coffey, Virginia, apprenticed to John Snoe in Jamacia for four years beginning 1 May 1679. See CCC, Mar., 1993

Robert Coffee, 1680 MD, from index of the book They Lived in Somerset (17th Century Marylanders) by Wilmer O. Lankford, Manokin Press, Princess Ann, MD. Copies were available from Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture, Salisbury, MD

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