September 14, 2005

Roots Magic 3 Problem Solved!

I wrote about Roots Magic v3 on Sep. 5, and again on Sep. 9.

On Sep. 5 I recommended the software to anyone who might be in the market for new or replacement software with which to maintain their research. I made the recommendation based on my satisfaction with previous versions, both from a design and support standpoint. RM v3 comes with several important upgrades, including the ability to create shareable files and write them to a CD.

The very first new feature I tried was to burn a CD. The software created the files, but never gave me the opportunity to write them to a CD. I made a couple of inquiries in the Roots Magic forum but did not receive a satisfactory response.

On Sep. 9 I resinded my recommendation to buy this software until the developers had an opportunity to investigate and correct my problem. Although several other users of the new version indicated they too had problems, it did not seem to affect all users. There are always differences between computer models (age, memory, harddrive space, processor, etc.)so I figured that was the problem, rather than buggy software.

After contacting RM Tech Support via e-mail I was given a very non-technical method for assuring that the module within the software that does the CD burning was properly installed on my computer. After I followed the simple instructions and ran RM, I was able to properly create the files and burn them to the CD!

I now stand behind my Sep. 5 recommendation. If anyone is ready to upgrade their genealogy software I highly recommend Roots Magic, Version 3.

I do not work for Roots Magic, nor am I in anyway compensated for this endorsement. I am just a very satisfied user of the software.

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