September 21, 2005

William H. and Mary Faulkner Coffey

William H. Coffey was a son of Reuben and Sarah (Sally) Scott Coffey. He was born c1789 in the Globe district of Caldwell Co., NC.

Little is known of William except that he married Mary Faulkner and had at least one child, Hodge Raymond Coffey, born c1812 in NC.

Sometime in the early 1830's - perhaps around 1834 - William and his siblings moved to Owen Co., IN where many of them remained and are buried there.

The 1850 census for Owen Co. lists a Silas K. Coffey, age 25, and unmarried. In the same household is Mary, age 62 and Mary, age 16. I believe, without proof, that Silas is a son of William and Mary, and that the elder Mary in this census is his mother. Both she and Silas were born in NC while the younger Mary was born in IN. She is likely Mary's granddaughter, but her parents are not yet know.

On the same page with Silas is 60-yr. old Rebecca Falkner, born NC, and children Marion, Washington, Tipton, Leander, Marsha, Newton and Leroy.

Further down the page are additional Coffey families:

Abraham Coffey, a grandson of Reuben and Sally, and son of James D. Coffey.

James Wilson Coffey, a great-nephew of Reuben and Sally, and son of John Franklin Coffey and Hannah Wilson.

Wiley H. Coffey, son of Elijah and Mary Abby Dyer Coffey, and a grandson of Reuben and Sally.

Other names that appear close to these Coffey families, and which were associated over a long period of time with the Reuben Coffey family include:

James L. Dowell, thought to be the brother of Martha who married Reuben.

William Basket, perhaps related to Susan who married Allen Coffey. Allen was a son of Elijah and Mary Abby Dyer Coffey.

Anyone who can add to the William and Mary family, or confirm that Silas is one of their children is invited to contact me.

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