October 16, 2005

Descendants of John Jack, son of Jordon Coffey

According to current research, John Jack was the third child and son of Jordon and Elizabeth Rippetoe Coffey. He was born about 1809 in Virginia, and died Dec. 14, 1888 in Amherst Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Susan "Betsy" Duff on Jan. 18, 1830 in Amherst Co. Elizabeth was born about 1807 in Madison Co., VA, and died June 1, 1880 in Amherst Co. John Jack, Sr. married a second time to Virginia Campbell on Apr. 1, 1873 in Amherst Co. There are no known children from this marriage.

They appeared in every Amherst Co. census from 1840 through 1880. In 1830, his father was the first Coffey to be enumerated in Amherst Co.

John Jack and Elizabeth had six children:

  1. Charles Edward, born Nov. 30, 1832, died Feb. 13, 1924. Charles married Sarah Jane (Jane) Ogden, born Oct. 22, 1833 in Virginia, died Jan. 17, 1904 in Amherst Co., VA. They had 9 children: Pittward (Pitt), born about 1855; Irvin, born about 1857; John, born/died about 1858; Charles Edward, Jr., born Nov. 9, 1859, died May 29, 1921; Edwin Horsley, born Mar. 1862; Mary Jane, born about 1864; Elianna (Eleanor?), born about 1867; Editha, born about 1870, and Hiter Webster, born about 1873.
  2. Mary Colston, born about 1834
  3. John Jack, Jr., born May 8, 1836, died Dec. 1, 1907. John married Patra Tyler, who was born Nov. 5, 1838 in Amherst Co., and died Mar. 8, 1921 in that county. They had eight children: Marcia M., born about 1861; Henely, born May 1862; Helena, born about 1865; Emma Jane, born May 11, 1868, died Apr. 22, 1910; John E., born Jun. 22, 1870, died Nov. 21, 1933; Lutie V., born Sep., 1873; Elizabeth, born Dec. 31, 1875, died Dec. 17, 1926; and Ambrose Rucker, born Dec. 1879.
  4. Sarah Jane, born about 1838 in Virginia, married William Webster Davis, born Jan. 26, 1837 in Amherst Co., bird Apr. 10, 1909 in that county. There are no known children. William later married Avarilla Coffey, daughter Henry F. Coffey, a brother to John Jack.
  5. William Henry, born May 23, 1840 in Amherst Co., married 1868 to Virginia Lawman, born about 1852 in Virginia. They had eight children: Willie Ann, born about 1811; Lillian, born about 1873; Frank Anderson, born Sep. 16, 1880, died Nov. 5, 1936; Irvin, born about 1878; Laura May, born May 7, 1875, died Dec. 16, 1911; Minnie; Nellie; and Hattie.
  6. Daniel Rufus, born Aug. 17, 1846 in Virginia, died Nov. 18, 1921 in Amherst Co. Married Mildred J. Lawman, born about 1848 in Virginia, died Mar. 1880 in Amherst Co. They had five children: Ellen, born about 1869; Alice Loving, born about 1871; Cora, born about 1875; Bascom Walker, born about 1878, and Melissa, born/died Mar. 1880. Daniel married a second time to Sallie Cole Black, daughter of Cole and Sophia Black, on Aug. 30, 1880 in Amherst Co. They had 10 children: Nannie Lou; Daisy; Myrtle Shepard; Massie Johnson; Early Brown; Talmadge Ivey; Robert Mahood; Helen McClung; Mary Melissa; and Farrow Lawton.

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