October 16, 2005

Harden Coffey 1846-1937

Harden was a grandson of Jordon Coffey, and son of William (Billy) Coffey and Sarah G. Crawford. He was born May. 10, 1846 in Virginia, and died Oct. 22, 1937 in Amherst Co.

Harden married Elizabeth, daughter of James and Susan Crawford, on Jan. 16, 1867 in Amherst Co. Elizabeth "Betsy" Crawford was born Sep. 22, 1849 in Amherst Co., and died Dec. 19, 1935 in that county.

She and Harden were the parents of nine children:

  1. Nathan, born Feb. 4, 1869, died Feb. 8, 1954; married his first cousin, Luella Davis, daughter of Bennett Hudson and Roxsinia Belle Coffey, a daughter of William (Billy) Coffey. William was the sixth child of Jordan, and fifth son.
  2. Sarah Catherine, born Sep. 30, 1871, died Aug. 17, 1909. She married Harding Lewis (Tip) Humphreys, and had three children: Hardin Lewis, Jr.; Sophia; and Turner B.
  3. Hugh Nelson, born Jul 4, 1876 in Amherst Co., died Dec. 20, 1957 in that county. Married Ora Wills Crawford, born Jul. 28, 1881 in Amherst Co., died Dec. 20, 1976 in that county. Together they had five children: Robert H., Henry (Harvy?); Effie Gladys; Hersey Carter; and Bessie R.
  4. Nora, born about 1873 in Amherst Co., married Champ Lee Ogden, born about 1869 in Amherst Co., on Feb. 7, 1894. They had three children: Cora L.; Hugh O.; and Bernard.
  5. Indianna, born Jul. 30, 1879 in Amherst Co., died Sep. 1, 1966 in that county. She married William O. Fitzgerald, born May 24, 1890 in Amherst Co., died Jul. 26, 1916 in Amherst Co. They had at least one child, a daughter, Lottie born about 1913.
  6. Pidgie, born about 1833 in Amherst Co., married about 1901 to John Cole Camden, born about 1868 in Virginia. They had at least one child, a son, Rucker V., born about 1901.
  7. Sophia, born Mar. 13, 1885 in Amherst Co., died Sep. 15, 1967 in that county. She married Isaac G. Taylor, born Mar. 22, 1885, died Sep. 18, 1945 in Amherst Co. They had at least one child, a daughter, Flarie Taylor, born 1907, died 1975.
  8. Flora, born 1888 in Amherst Co., died 1970 in that county. She married about 1916 to Luther M. Taylor, born Nov. 9, 1892 in Amherst Co., died Aug., 1967 in that county. There are no known children.
  9. Bertha Lee, born about 1891 in Virginia, married Donald Grant about 1914 in Amherst Co. He was born about 1891 in Virginia, and died before April 15, 1930, the date of the 1930 census. They had seven children: Ruby, born about 1913; Jessie, born about 1915; Frank B., born Jun. 12, 1917, died Oct. 13, 1917; Henry, born about 1919; William, born about 1921; Larry, born about 1923; and Lois, born about 1927.

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