October 17, 2005

John James Coffey

John James Coffey - County Superintendent of Highways for Clinton County, John James Coffey, of Plattsburg, is also active as a member of the Democratic party and an outstanding member of the Grange.

John James Coffey was born in Schuylar Falls, May 7, 1904, son of James Martin and Mary (Dwyer) Coffey. James Martin Coffey, who was born at Saranac, established himself as a farmer, a calling which he followed until the time of his death. Mary (Dwyer) Coffey, his wife, is a native of Palmer Hill, Clinton County.

After passing through the public schools of Schuyler Falls, John James Coffey entered the Peru High School, Clinton County, graduating as a member of the class of 1923, and then, selecting a career as an engineer, he attended Union College, Schenectady, for four years, in civil engineering with the class of 1927. His first employment after graduation was with the New York State Highway Department, following which Mr. Coffey spent two years with the Nassau County Highway Department, leaving his work in 1932 to spend a year engaged in farming. However, on May 5, 1932, he was given the appointment as acting superintendent of county highways for Clinton County, an office to which he was permanently appointed in November of 1932, being then but twenty-eight years of age and thus the youngest man to be appointed to the responsible post of county highway superintendent in all New York State. Retaining this position through the present time, Mr. Coffey, who takes a deep and abiding interest in civic and community problems as well as being concerned with county questions, has served two years as a member of the Clinton County Democratic Committee and taken an active interest in the school affairs of School District No. 1 of Schuyler Falls. A member of St. Augustine's Catholic Church, John James Coffey is a member and Past Master of Schuyler Falls Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, and belongs to Plattsburg Lodge, No. 621, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, and Plattsburg Council, No. 255, Knights of Columbus. Mr. Coffey, who is devoted to the twin sports of hunting and fishing, finds in their enjoyment a means of recreation from his public duties and responsibilities.

John James Coffey married, June, 1937, Jane Ryan, who was born in Clintonville, Clinton County. Mrs. Coffey is a member of St. Augustine's Catholic Church and of various Plattsburg organizations.

Source: The Lake Champlain and Lake George Valley New York: The American Historical Co., 1940, 1620 pgs.

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