October 1, 2005

Joshua Elmo Coffey [Updated 7/19/2008]

Joshua Elmo (Jerry) Coffey was a son of Jesse C. Coffey and Nancy F. Allen. Jesse, born Jan. 12, 1833 in Nelson Co., VA was a son of Garland and Nancy Coffey Coffey, who were the parents of 12 children:

Mary Jane, born Jun. 8, 1855, married John A. Harris Feb. 26, 1874 in Augusta Co., VA

Joshua Elmo

Beatrice Ann, born Apr. 24, 1860, Nelson Co., married Thomas Mays, Sep. 25, 1877

William Garland, born Jun. 3, 1862, Rockbridge Co., VA

Nancy Elizabeth, born May 21, 1864 in Rockbridge Co.

Allen F. Sherman, born May 27, 1866, died Apr. 13, 1913, married Susan V. Hamilton Jun. 4, 1891, Rockbridge Co.

George Robert, born Mar. 16, 1869, Augusts Co., married Sarah Emma Lotts, Feb. 10, 1891, Nelson Co.

Jacob W., born Jun. 4, 1871 Augusta Co., married c1921 to Stella Hite

John Franklin, born Apr. 20, 1874, Augusta Co., died Dec. 21, 1944, married Willie Winsor, Aug.19, 1908, Rockbridge Co.

Emily Susan, born Jul. 9, 1876, died Dec. 9, 1876

Rosa Belle, born Jul. 21, 1878, died Jun. 14, 1920, married Robert O. Nuckols Oct. 14, 1899 in Augusta Co.

James Rucker, born Feb. 22, 1881 in Nelson Co., married Martha Rebecca Anderson Jun. 10, 1900 in Augusta Co.

Joshua Elmo was born May 13, 1857 in Augusta Co, and died Oct. 23, 1934 in Lima, Allen Co., OH. He married Emma Bridenbaugh (or, according to the title link website, Emma Breitenbach) on Mar. 31, 1881 in Pike Co., OH. Together they had at least six children:

Elmer, born Mar. 28, 1883, died Dec., 1929. Elmer married Grace LNU, born c1887 in Michigan. Their children were Vera, Thelma, Elmer, Jr., Vivian, Wenouah (female), Jack and Robert E. According to his death certificate, Elmer Sr. died on accidental Novocaine poisoning. He was buried at Tecumseh, Lenawee Co., MI.

Edythe B., born Jun. 27, 1885, died Dec. 10, 1960, married Jul. 27, 1905 in Wabanusee Co., KS to Benjamin D. H. Hartman, born Jul. 9, 1886 in Pike Co., died May 19, 1948 in Montgomery Co., OH. She is buried at Cairo, Allen Co., OH.

Asa, born May 1, 1889 - nothing found after 1917 when he registered for the WW1 draft in Lima, Allen Co., OH.

Patrick, born Sep. 10, 1890 - ditto

Grover, born Aug. 22, 1892 - nothing found after 1920 when he was living with his brother Elmer in Detroit, MI.

Hazel, born Mar. 29, 1897, died May 19, 1975.  She married Gurney C. Spurlock on Apr. 9, 1917 in Hardin Co., OH.  He was born Aug. 14, 1892 in OH and died Jul. 22, 1971 in Allen Co.  Gurney was the son of Cyrus and Margaret Spurlock.  Cyrus was the son of Levi and Eliza Williams Spurlock.

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