October 17, 2005

Schylar Coffey (bc1806-dc1870-80)

Schylar may have been the second son of Jordan and Elizabeth Coffey, born around 1806. The marriage records do not list his parents, and death records have not been found for him. Schylar and Nelson (and Henry) are the only ones of the original 9 for whom no specific listing of parentage has been found. When Nelson married in 1833, Schylar gave permission, not Jordan and Elizabeth, although they were alive and living in Amherst County at the time.

The ancestry of Nelson and Schylar is not firmly established. Both of these names relate directly to Nelson County geography. Nelson was born approximately when a portion of Amherst became Nelson County. One district in Nelson County is Schuyler District. On occasions, Schylar's name has been written exactly that way. He and Nelson may be brothers, but only cousins to John Jack and Billy. They may be descendants of some of Edward the twin Coffey's people, or more likely, “excess” children from one or another neighbor. Henry was so much younger it is difficult to believe he came from the same parentage. NO records have been found which conclusively prove parentage of Schylar or Nelson, and Henry’s is not clear.

Schylar married Elizabeth Hamilton, daughter of Robert "Hot-headed" Hambelton) Hamilton, and sister of Rebecca Hamilton who married Nelson Coffey, on 30 January 1832. His parents are not listed. It seems Schylar and Elizabeth had 7 children (see chart). Sophia, Jordan, Schylar and John all married.

No information regarding marriage of any of the older three has been found. All three, Frances, George and Robert, were still living with their parents in Amherst in 1860. Frances Coffey, 40 at the time, was still there in 1870.

George Coffey is believed to have enlisted as a Private in Co. B, 49th Regiment, VA Infantry, Confederate States of America on 23 April 1861. He died from wounds and typhoid fever either 1 or 5 March 1862 in camp along the Rapidan River in Madison County. Robert Coffey also served as a Private in the same regiment from his enlistment on 21 August 1862 until his death in July 1864 from wounds received 12 May 1864. He received a Certification of Commendation prior to his death. Jordan Coffey enlisted in Richmond, VA on 25 June 1864, assigned to Co. B, 3rd VA Calvary on 1 February 1864; no record regarding his service in the cavalry but he enlisted 1 March 1864 in Amherst County, VA, later transferred to Co. I, 49th VA Infantry on 27 June 1864; listed as AWOL as of 1 October 1864. No doubt the death of his brothers and the realization of the lost cause contributed to his absence. No record of Schylar, Jr. serving in the CSA has been found.

Schylar Coffey, Jr. married at least twice and probably three times. His first wife, Isabella Drumheller died 17 February 1870. No children are known. He remarried a Mary Coffey, daughter of Reubin W. and SJB Coffey in 1880 and she must have also died as he is believed to have taken on a third wife, Elizabeth. With this one he had at least one daughter, Anne Belle Coffey, who died in Rockbridge County in August 1895, a little before Elizabeth died (12 October 1895), both of fever. No further record regarding Schylar, Jr.

Sophia Coffey married Jim Coffey, Billy's oldest son, and they had several children which are discussed and charted under the "Billy" section.

Jordan Coffey married Rebecca Pettis (Grant) Coffey in 1876 in Rockbridge County and they are known to have had children, but nothing is known of this branch of the family.John Coffey married Annie Mariah Ogden in 1875 and they had eight children. John died in Harvey, West Virginia, but most of his children seemed to have settled in Buena Vista, VA. Nothing else is known about John at this time.

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