June 30, 2005

George W. Coffey

From 20th century history of the city of Washington and Washington County, Pennsylvania and representative citizens, McFarland, Joseph F., Chicago, Ill: Richmond-Arnold Pub. Co., 1910, 1438 pages.

GEORGE W. COFFEY, one of Buffalo Township's most successful stockmen and a prosperous farmer of this section, owns 140 acres of very fine land at Coffey's Crossing, a settlement along the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad line which was named in honor of his father. He was born in Buffalo Township, Washington County, Pa., September 7, 1841, and is a son of George R. and Agnes (Dickey) Coffey.

The parents of Mr. Coffey were natives of Glasgow, Scotland, where they grew to maturity and married. With his wife and three children, George R. Coffey emigrated to America, landing at New York July 4, 1836. Coming on to Washington County, Pa., the family settled for a short time in the vicinity of Washington and for some years the father followed his trade of wagon making in that section. In 1848 he settled on the present site of Coffey's Crossing and acquired the farm which his son, George W., now owns. He continued to live on this land until within several years of his death, when he retired to Washington. He was a Presbyterian in his religious belief and a Democrat in politics. Of his children there are two survivors, Hennie D., who is the wife of Daniel A. Clemens, of West Washington, Pa., and George W.

George W. Coffey was a small boy when his parents settled on his present farm. He went to school in the neighborhood until old enough to perform farm duties and since then has given his time and attention to these. He raises a large amount of fine stock, having Poland China hogs and registered Shorthorn cattle. For two years he served as postmaster at Brenemen, the office at first being located at Coffey's Crossing, but for several years the office has been discontinued, the introduction of the rural mail service making many of the old distributing places unnecessary.

On November 16, 1865, Mr. Coffey was married to Miss Narcissa A. McCoy, who was born in West Virginia, but was a resident of Washington at the time of her marriage. He father was the late William McCoy. To Mr. and Mrs. Coffey seven children were born, namely: George R., Martha R., Ernest Lester, Clark M., Grace, Bessie E., and Chester W. Their record in brief is as follows: George R., who lives in Buffalo Township, married Jennie McKnight and they are the parents of six children--Mary N., Margaret E., George C., Ralph M., Willis D. and Belle Mildred. Martha R. is the wife of Walter Thomas, of Indianapolis, Ind., and has a daughter, Narcissa Ethel. Ernest Lester resides at Toronto, Ohio. He married Sarah Wallace and his children are Lucile, Nannie G., Margaret, Narticca, and Ernest. Clark M., who lives in Steubenville, Ohio, married Jessie Pennell and they have a daughter, Martha Ruth. Grace resides in Buffalo Township. Bessie E. is the wife of Forrest Chetwyn McElwain, of Canton Township, and has two children--Elise Alberta and Martha Grace. Mr. Coffey is an independent voter, doing his own thinking and casting his ballot according to his own judgement. He enjoys the confidence of his fellow citizens in Buffalo Township, who have frequently elected him to office. He has served as road supervisor and for six years was a member of the township school board and during a part of the time was president of that body.

Bureau of Land Management Web Site Off Line

The US Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) website is offline!

This site has been of enormous value to researchers by providing scanned documents and descriptions of the public lands that our ancestors homesteaded.

When clicking on the above link the user will find an apology from BLM, explaining that they are "temporarily unavailable." Besides working to improve security of BLM websites, they are also "involved in a court action in which the adequacy of information security is an issue." The announcement goes on to read that "We hope to begin reconnecting state office and other BLM sites later in June."

It's nearly July, and researchers still cannot reach the land records.

Coffee/Coffey in Alabama, Part III

From my personal files:

Julia Coffee - born 1868 in AL, died 27 Nov. 1923 in Memphis, TN; daughter of William and Sarah (Sally) L. Fortune Coffee; Sally was daughter of William M. Fortune, born 1798 in SC, and Mary M. Coffee, born 1821 in SC

Sarah Malinda Coffey - married 1874 to Joseph G. Smith; family Bible of Sarah and Joseph lists their children: 1) Robert Franklin 1874-1935, m. Mary Jane Hicks, Maggie Hambrick; 2) Edward Green 1877-1952, married Myrtle Neel, Arbell Boyd; 3) James Watt 1878-1942, married Rose Hendrix; 4) Maud Della 1880-1950, married Joseph Ben Privett; 5) Claudia Stella 1883-1961, married John Henry Gossett; 6) Joseph Lafayette 1886-1953, married Jerusha Parlee Self; 7) Minnie Viola 1888-1947, married James Franklin Yates; 8) Louis Butler 1890-1968, married Josephine Mount; 9) S. Lee 1891-1960, married Violet Farrington, Flora M. (last name unknown); 10) Dock Oliver 1894-1955, married Lillie Pearl Alldredge; 11) Mattie Jane 1895-1969, married James Homer Williams; 12) Margaret Rachel 1897-1899. All children and parents are buried in Blount Co., AL (CCC, Mar. 1998)

The following are from the Southern Claims Commission, set up to pass on claims by Union sympathizers who claimed property losses because of the "War of Seccession":

Webb Coffee - 1875 Lauderdale Co., His claim number 1965 was disallowed
Absalom Coffee - 1875 Jackson Co., his claim number 4816 was allowed
Rice A. Coffey - 1879 Jackson Co., his claim number 4349 was disallowed

The following were found in the 1883 Montgomery, AL City Directory, 1883-1884:

Nancy Coffey - boarder at 124 Clay St.
Frank Coffey - cook at Station House
Gilbert Coffey - carpenter, Centennial Hill
Ida Coffey & Aline E. Coffey - dressmakers, resides at 621 Alabama
Edward Coffey - janitor at City Market
Sandy Coffey - cook at Exchange Hotel

Aminiah Coffey - married Pies Talley May 6, 1891, Jackson Co., AL (CCC, Mar. 1995)

Ida P. Coffey - born 23 Apr. 1894 and died 26 Sep. 1967, married Walter Duvall, born 6 Apr. 1902, died 20 Jul. 1976 in Courtland, AL. Ida's father was Raymond L. Coffey, born 12 Dec. 1872, died 2 Jul. 1919 and was a Baptist minister. He married Fannie Mullinax in Georgia (Jasper Co.?), and later moved to Lawrence Co., AL (CCC, Sep. 1992)

Rice Coffey - Will dated 1896, witnessed by W. A. Gold and W. J. Robinson

John Clayton Coffey - born Nov. 11, 1911 Hillsboro Co.; moved from AL 26 Feb 1963, and died in Dallas, TX 11 Jul. 1992. Married Mary Elizabeth Cornelius 10 Feb. 1934 in Decatur, AL. Two children: 1) Clayton Douglas, born 11 Dec. 1939, AL, married Marjorie Ann Waters, 29 Apr. 1960, died 27 May 1978 in TX; 2) David Anthony, born 1 Dec. 1946 in AL, married Nabuko Koboyashi 1 Sep. 1968 in TX

This ends Alabama file information.

June 29, 2005

Coffee/Coffey in Alabama, Part II

From my personal files:

Wyatt Coffee - 1839 Marshall Co., State of AL vs Wyatt Coffee and Hudson Peters, charge of "gaming." "It was found that on 12 April 1839 the defendants did play at cards at a store house for retailing spiritous liquors...". A warrant for the arrest of the defendants was issued 4 Jan. 1840 and executed 2 Aug. 1840. Peters posted a $500 bond. In Sept. he pleased not guilty and a jury found him not guilty. Nothing further about Wyatt.

James Coffee - 1839 Marshall Co., Fourth Monday in Mar. 1839 Grand Jury returned a true bill against 11 men, including James Coffee on a charge of "gaming [playing at cards] on 10 Jan. 1839 in the county of Marshall at a public house for spiritous liquors." Warrants were issued for the arrest of the defendants and several were arrested and posted bond. James was not among them. Warrants were again issued for James and one other on Nov. 12, 1839. They were found and arrested in Jackson Co. and both posted bond. Trial was held 4th Monday of Mar. 1840 in Marshall. Marshall Co., but James wasa not mentioned in list of those tried.

Mary Coffee - 1841, Lauderdale Co., AL, spouse of Andrew Jackson Hutchings. Will mentions wife, dau. of Gen. John Coffee. Also mentions Alexander D. Coffee.

Absalom Coffey - 1848 Jackson Co., Documents found in basement vault of Jackson Co. courthouse. Item 1, Box 21, 8 Jan. 1869, a petition stating that Absalon, Sr., died intestate and that the estate sill had property unadministered. The petitioner, Absalom, Jr., represented heirs of Absalom Coffey, dec.; Breny Coffey, Rithy Coffey, Thomas J. Coffey, all of full age and reside in Titus Co., TX near Daingerfield, and Absalom and Narcisa Coffey who reside Jackson Co., AL and of full age. Also George Coffey, a minor under the age of 21 and resides in Jackson Co., AL. Also the heirs of Hugh Coffey, dec., who reside at Daingerfield, TX and of Lankston Coffey, dec. who reside near Daingerfield, TX, the name of which at present are not known to petitioner... 6 Aug. 1869, a petition by Absalom, Jr. to prove that the estate no longer needs an administrator; property was sold at public auction for $110 to Mr. A. Morgan. Petition further stated that Mrs. Nancy Coffey resides in the County of Etowah, in this state, is the widow of decedent; and that the heirs of deceased are children and grandchildren. Absalom Coffey, petitioner; George W., Narcissa, the widow of Thomas Davis, Brinton Coffey, Hugh, Ritha, the widow of George Freeman. The heigs of Langston Coffey: William and Nathan, both of whom are minors under the age of 21; Thomas Joseph of full age; all of whom reside in Titus Co., state of Texas.

James R. Coffey - 1848 Jackson Co., married Nancy A. Shields, born 29 Apr. 1827 in Jackson Co., married Unknown Coffey and had Elizabeth J. Coffey, born about 1848, and Martha and Mary Coffey, born about 1851. Nancy Shields later moved to Fulton Co., IL, and married Amos B. Lawrence. James was born about 1825 in AL. This family is in the 1850 census for Jackson Co., AL. [Source for apparent conflicting info: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/p/a/r/Ken-Parker/index.html]

William Coffee - 1850 Morgan Co, later in Gun Town, Lee Co., MS in 1870. In 1880 was in Franklin Co., AL and then to TX. In 1890's moved into Indian Territory near Ardmore and Tishimongo, OK

Daniel W. Coffey - born 1858 in AL, married Maggie Leann Coates; known as "Uncle Dan" when he lived in Ravia, OK and was a lawman in Dexter, TX and Ravia, OK

Eliza Coffee - 1860 Morgan Co.; married George Washington Reeves about 1852. In 1860 in Somerville, Morgan Co., AL. Children were Mary Emerilla, Ruth Catherine, George W., Jr., John labon Thomas, and Henry Oscar Everett.

Weightstill Avery Coffee - 1863, state of AL; in an extract of a will cited by the source, WA Coffee is listed as the son of Alexander H. Coffee. Mary Hudson Coffey Howland believed to be daughter of Weightstill, born 27 Aug 1837, doed 20 Jul 1898 in Scottsboro, AL. Weightstill married Mary Ann Harris and was a grandson of Rice Coffey (Tennessee Cousins)

Julia Coffee - born 1868 in AL, died 27 Nov. 1923 in Memphis, TN. Daughter of William and Sarah (Sally) L. Fortune Coffee. William born 1798 in SC.

More later...

June 27, 2005

Coffee/Coffey in Alabama, Part I

From my personal files:

John R. Coffey - an officer in the US Army during the Mexican War

John Coffee - married Mary Donelson 3 Oct. 1809 in Lauderdale Co., AL

Chrissa Coffey - married Robert E. Lee, 1814

John Donelson Coffey - born Mar. 15, 1815, married Mary Narcossa Brahan, born May 10, 1817 in Madison Co. John died Sep. 4 1893 in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN

Richard S. Coffee - married Sarah Fields (Fielder?), Jul. 22, 1819, Madison Co., AL

Prudence J. Coffee - married Thomas W. Crittenden, Apr. 20, 1820, Lauderdale Co., AL

Mary K. Coffee - married Claiborn Mays Jun. 13, 1820, Lauderdale Co., AL

John Coffee - 1821, House of Representatives; Digested Summary and Alphabetical List of Private Claims Which Have Been Presented to the House of Representatives, Vol. 1, Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1853

Absalom Coffey - may be son of Nathan Coffee and Mary Saunders; married 1828 Montgomery Co., AL 1)Mary (Jane?) Lusk; 2) Nancy Chadwick

Lucinda P. Coffee - born 1830 (CCC Mar., 1995)

James Alex Coffey, Sr. - born Oct. 21, 1830 in AL, and died Jun. 8, 1907 in Lafayette Co., MS. Married Martha A. Leggett Mar. 28, 1872 in MS. Martha was born Oct. 20, 1848 in Lafayette Co., MS and died Jul. 21, 1924 in Oxford, MS. James Sr's father was Hugh, mother was Margaret Walker

William Saunders Coffey - son of Nathan and Mary Saunders Coffey, father of John Nathan Coffey of Zephyr, TX. William was married to Elizabeth Schuyler, probably in KY and later moved to AL c1830. They left Marthall Co., AL sometime between 1840 and 1845 to settle in what is now Titus Co., TX. John Nathan Coffey was born in Titus Co. Apr. 21, 1847 and died Sep. 13, 1919 in Zephyr, Brown Co., TX (CCC, Dec., 1995)

Evilina Coffee - married Charles Wasley (Wesley?) Flowers who died Mar. 27, 1855 in Jackson Co., AL. Evilina (Lennie) died in 1831. She was a daughter of Abner Coffee. Charles remarried in 1834 to Sarah Elizabeth Watkins. He and Evilina had children: Malissa; Sarah; John Wesley, born 1827; Evaline Delaney, born Nov. 22, 1829; William Bannister, born May 24, 1831.

Minerva Coffee - spouse of Joshua Merritt. Land grants show that land adjoining Meritt was owned by a Thomas Caffey and wife Mary. Nearby were grants for Lindsey, Michael and Charles Coffey.

Mary Coffee - spouse of Thomas Coffee; died in Lauderdale Co., AL in 1832; reported in Nashville Daily Advertiser and Nashville Banner, Mon., Aug. 28, 1832. Probably Mary Knight, wife of Thomas Graves Coffee.

John Coffee - [General] John Coffee died in Florence, AL on Jul. 7, 1833. He was a surveyor and a Colonel with the TN Volunteers in 1812-1813; Brigadier General in TN Mounted, 1813; wounded in battle with Creek Indians in 1814; led Tennesseans at Battle of New Orleans in 1815; US surveyor of public lands, 1817; notice of death appeared inn National Banner & Nashville Daily Advertizer, Thursday, Jul. 11, 1833

John Charles Coffee - died Nov. 14, 1834; reported death in AL of infant son of Mr. Joshua D. Coffee in Nashville Banner and Nashville Whig, Friday, Nov. 14, 1834

Nancy Coffee - married Allen Wilkinson Jul. 23, 1834 in Perry Co., AL

Mary Coffee - died Dec. 11, 1839 in Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL; born Sep. 24, 1812, and married Col. Andrew J. Hutchings, a nephew of Andrew Jackson. Hutchings died Nov. 15, 1841 at age 28

Mansel Coffee - born Sep. 12, 1839 in AL, son of Logan and Mary Ragland Coffee; married Georgia F. Reynolds Jun. 4, 1861 in Lacava Co., TX. Father of Thomas Logan (T. L) Coffee, born 1857 in Columbus, Colorado Co., TX who married Carrie Lamina Straughn of Indiana on Apr. 19, 1885. T. L. and Carrie were parents of Glenn T., born Jul. 16, 1886 in Dodge City, KS. Glenn married Rosa Augusta English on Aug. 20, 1911 in Campbell, Hunt Co., TN. Glenn and Rosa had children Carrie Laverne, born 1913; Eldon Francis, born 1915, and Virgil Glenn, born 1917, died 1988, buried at Grand Prairie, TX. He was a minister of education at the First Baptist church in Grand Prairie.

Andrew J. Coffee - married Apr. 3, 1839 to Elizabeth Hutchings, daughter of Catherine Donelson and Col. Thomas Hutchings.

June 26, 2005

2006 Coffey Cousins' Convention - Update III

New convention information has been added to the Coffey Cousins' website. Pay particular attention to the information concerning the train ride/dinner. Space is limited. If you want to ride, be sure and get your reservation to me early. Your checks will not be submitted for payment until much later, but they will hold the seats you need for you and your family.

June 22, 2005

From my files: Coffee/y in Pennsylvania - Part II

David Coffey - Born 1831-33; Married Sarah Barnes, c1820-30. Children: John, born c1845; Mary Ann, born c1847; Hannah, born c1850; David C., born c1853; Nancy, born c1856; William, born c1858, Thomas, born c1862; and Ulysses, born c1866. [CCC, Jun., 1994 and Jun., 1995]

Thomas Gordon Coffy (sic) - Born 1820 Cumberland Co.; in Wisconsin Territory, Iowa Co. in Apr. 1844. In 1850 living in Grant Co., WI. Parents were William and Mary Ann Gordon Coffy [CCC Dec., 1993]

James Coffey - Married Mary Highlands, May 31, 1825, Cumberland Co. PA [IGI]

Ann Parthener Coffey - Born 1829 [CCC, Sep., 1993]

John Coffey - Married Elizabeth Rank. Elizabeth born Mar. 31, 1832 and died before 1908.

Eliza Coffee - Married George (Steele) Matthews in Cumberland Co., 1834. They were members of the Presbyterian Church in Shippensburg, PA.

George F. Coffee - Died at age 68; son of Thomas A. of Philadelphia who died Dec. 20, 1845 at age 33. [CCC, Dec., 1993; Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy]

Elizabeth Letitia Coffee - Born Apr. 8, 1853 in Philadelphia; married Frederick Young, born Nov. 4, 1841 in NY. First child was Kate Young, born Mar. 31, 1869 in Philadelphia. Second child was William F. Young, born 1873 in Philadelphia. Family later moved to Niles, MI.

John Coffee - 1861, member of 1st PA Regiment
John Coffee - 1861, member of 6th PA Regiment
[General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934, NARA, 1934, Micro Copy No. T-288, Roll 31, index cards 5600 and 5601 respectively]

John Coffee; Patrick Coffee; Alexander Coffey; Mary M. Coffee - 1870 PA Mortality Schedule

Edward Coffey - Pittsburg newspaper report concerns the murder of police officer by Edward; Edward died in prison Jan. 24, 1888 [CCC Jun., 1994 and Dec., 1995]

William Augustus Coffey - Born Apr. 9, 1886 in Scranton; son of Nathaniel Seldon Coffey and Elizabeth McMannus. Married Lottie May Jamison who was born Sep. 25, 1888.

Richard H. Coffey - Died Jul. 7, 1910 in Philadelphia; married Eliza Spencer. Children were William Westley, born Oct. 27, 1883, died Jan. 11, 1961, married Ella Irene Leyrer; Louis Coffey; Maud Coffey; Anna Coffey; Burton Coffey; James Coffey, married Marion Warfield and moved to Long Island, NY; Richard Coffey, moved to Long Island; Dorothy Coffey, married Frank Brooks

Mary Coffey - Mother of Charles H. Long, PFC, MD Cp. Hops 56, buried in Oisne-Aisne Cemetery, France.
Mrs. Emma Coffey - Mother of Joseph E. Coffey of Erie, PA. member of Co. C., 16th Infantry, buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery, France. [WW1 European Pilgrimage - a list of mothers and widows of American soldiers, sailers and marines entitled to make a pilgrimage to war cemeteries in Europe, printed by GPO, 1930]

Robet F. Coffey - 1st Lt., USA, 115th Inf. Regt., 29th Inf. Div., entered service from PA and died Jun. 8, 1944. Buried in Plot H, Row 17, Grave 8, Normandy American Cemetery, St. Laurent-sur-Mer, France; awarded Silver Star and Purple Heart.
James J. Coffey - Cpl., US Army, 310th Inf. Regt., 78th Inf. Div., entered service from PA and died Mar. 4, 1945. Buried in Plot D., Row 6, Grave 46, Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery in Belgium. [American Battle Monuments Commission] [The ABMC can be found at http://www.abmc.gov/ and is searchable by name for WWI, WWII, and Korean War American service men buried abroad]

June 21, 2005

From my files: Coffee/y in Pennsylvania

James Coffee - Margaret Zane: Margaret was daughter of Robert Zane, an Irish immigrant ca. 1660-1680. Robert was a Quaker who settled near Newton, NJ. James was from Philadelphia, and he and Margaret were parents of James Coffee, Jr. James, Jr. was father of Jonathan, born 1778, and grandfather of George Wayne Coffee, born 1816. He was the great-grandfather of William Mills Coffee, born 1848, all of Philadelphia. William Mills family apparently moved to CA since William's son, George Wayne Coffee was born there. [Coffey Cousins' newsletter, Sep., 1988]

James Coffe: James' name appears as one of indentured listed in contract between Daniel Mrrsender (sic), merchant of Belfast and Capt. John Fowler of the ship Bruerton of Liverpool, for the delivery of indentured servants to Philadelphia, 29 May. [CCC, Dec., 1996]

James Coffey - Mary Leeper: James was born 17 Aug 1759 in Chester Co., died 20 Dec. 1836 in Bedford Co., TN. He married Mary, born 28 Jun 1769, on 5 April 1787 in Cumberland Co., PA. Children: Thomas; Mary, James L., Martha (born 19 Mar 1794 in Elbert Co., GA, died 7 Feb 1852, married 28 Dec 1816 to Robert Norman, born 1777, died 10 Oct 1855); Jane; Allen; and Elizabeth. James may be the son of John Coffey who came to America on the Snow to Chester, PA. James was in the Rev. war, and lived in Chester and Cumberland Co., PA. He also lived in MO, then before 1880 went to Elbert Co., GA and on to Bedford Co. in TN where he died. From VA DAR Big Blue Book: James died Jul. 27, 1867 at Marshall Co., TN, served as private in Capt. Murray's and Capt. Matthew Scott's companies. Pension Cert. No: 7297. [CCC, Mar., 1992 and Mar., 1993; White's Abstracts of Rev. War Pensions; CCC, Dec., 1997; Rev. H.W. Coffey, South Melbourne, Victoria, AU]

Elizabeth Coffee - John Calfry: Married 15 Apr. 1765, in Philadelphia's Swede's Church.
Eliza Coffee - Robert Taylor: Married 21 Mar 1796, in Philadelphia's St. Pauls P.E. Church.
Joseph Coffee - Patience Tatem: Joseph was born ca. 1746-48, died about 1804., supposedly in Lancaster Co., PA. One source said he was the son of Joseph S. Coffey. He was married Jan. 20, 1768 (1765?) at Burlington, NJ to Patience Tatem (Tatch, Tatus ?) and had four children: Keziah, born 31 Dec 1769, died 1 Jul 1862 in IL, married Thomas Logan 24 May 1788 at Hagarstown, Washington Co., MD; Joseph III, born 15 Nov. 1776, died 2 Sep 1838 in Catawba, OH, married 1798-99 Jane Tatham McCoy in Lancaster, PA; William, said to have been an invalid, died Lancaster Pa., ca. 1804. Their fourth child is said to have been a daughter.
[The Coffee - Coffey Family, compiled by Margaret E. (Maslin) Lyman of Salt Lake City, and Frances Coffee of Newton, IA]

James Coffee - Rebecca Winterton: Married May 28, 1768 in Christ Church, Philadelphia. Philadelphia Orphan's Court Records of May 8, 1786 reference to the children: George, Priscilla, Isaac, and Jonathan. George married Grance and had children: Margaret, Sarah, George F., Thomas A., and James. Priscilla married Elias Morris,. Isac married Mary Dare and had children: Maria, Jonathan and Mary. Isaac married second Hannah Fithian and had children: Hannah, Hester, William, Abigail, James, Priscilla and Rebecca. Jonathan married first Sarah Dare, married second to Mary Collins. Their children were: Edward Collins; Charles James; Sarah; Joseph Ellis; Charles James II; Sarah; Oliver Evans; George Wayne; Mary; Ann Elizabeth. [Harry Shelmore Hopper, Gen. Soc. of PA; CCC, Sep., 1994]

James Coffee: Indenture, 20 Apr 1772 to James Lee, occupation: "have freedom dues", term 6 years, amount: 20 pounds. [Mayor's Office, Philadelphia, PA "Record of Indentures of Individuals Bound Out as Apprentices, Servants, Etc."; Philadelphia: Pennsylvania German Society, 1905]

Grissell Coffey - John Hall: Married 1779 in Washington Co., PA [IGI]

More later...

June 20, 2005

2006 Coffey Cousins' Convention - Update II

I've added more information to the 2006 Convention page. This addition pertains to a dinner ride aboard the Nebkota Railway NRI Dining Car. Click on the above link to view the info.

June 15, 2005

2006 Coffey Cousins' Convention - Update

The 2006 Convention webpage has been updated to include information about hotel reservations. We will be headquartered at the Best Western Westhills Inn. We will meet there from April 27 through April 30, 2006.

Be sure and follow directions for making reservations. You must call the hotel directly (both local and toll free numbers provided) to receive the quoted convention rate.

Links have been added to many of the area's historical sites.

Check the convention webpage often. I will be adding more information on a regular basis.

Use the above link to visit the webpage.

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