January 21, 2006

Edward & Ann Powell CDs

Several readers have asked me when I plan to update the Edward and Ann Powell Coffey webpages again.

I try to update them on average about every six months. I hope to update again in the spring, just prior to taking off the the Coffey Cousins' Convention in late April.

It takes a moderate amount of time and effort to make the updates, even though my genealogy software automatically prepares the pages. However, before I can update the on-line files, I have to input the new info that I have received. Most of that information comes to me from other reseachers, and it takes time to go through their data, ask for more facts or sources, and finally make changes or additions. I also like to research the census for families to verify names, ages, etc. before posting updates.

Some readers have asked if they could perhaps get a CD of the entire database. It does not take too long to create a CD. In fact, it takes more time for me to drive from the country to the post office than it does to create it.

So, in order to accomodate the readers that want the CD I have added a link to the bottom of this page that will (hopefully) make it easy for them do that. I have had a PayPal account for several years, so I've just added a link button to that account. For a $5 "donation" per CD you can get a CD with your choice of how the info is presented. I can create a CD with one large PDF file, or perhaps you want a GEDCOM, or even an "autostart" program created by my Roots Magic software. Any format you choose will include all of the source data and collected photos.

This is not a money making venture. The "donation" is meant to cover cost of the CD, jewel case, envelope and postage...not to mention driving to the post office to mail the packet.

Click on the link to order. If it doesn't work like you expect, cancel the transaction and e-mail me.

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