January 15, 2006

Love and Marriage

I made a totally informal "study" of modern day "love and marriage" in one small county in an east coast state and was moderately shocked to find that out of a total of nine (9) Coffee/y marriages, 5 of the grooms had been previously married and divorced while 6 of the brides had been previously married and divorced.

- Parents of 6 of the 9 grooms were not living together (e.g., different residential address on the marriage application; presumed separated or divorced)

- Parents of 3 of the 9 brides were not living together (ibid)

- Of the nine grooms, one was on his fourth marriage, while one other was on his third.

- Of the nine brides, one was on her fifth marriage, while one was on her third.

If I counted correctly, that's 20 divorces in one very tiny segment of a state's population.

I did not check to see if the divorced parents had remarried and re-divorced, but odds are they did.

These are very telling statistics!1

1My wife and I just celebrated our 46th year together; all of our children are all still married to their original spouses. None of their children are yet old enough to marry

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