February 16, 2006

Beeler Ester and Sallie Elizabeth Cross Coffey

Henry Kelly (Caleb) Coffey Henry Kelly Coffey

Sarah Jane Gragg

Sarah Jane Gragg

In August of 2005 I wrote a short note on Beeler Coffey. Click on the title link to read that piece, and to find a link to the file submitted by Sharon Steele-Smith of Roswell, GA. Sharon has created and shared with me a very fine document that includes numerous photographs of her Coffey, Sherfey, and Cross ancestors.

Henry Kelly and Sarah Jane Gragg Coffey were parents of Beeler as well as:

- Wallace E., born Apr. 1885, died 1968
- Docia Ann, born Jul. 27, 1886, died Dec. 11, 1886
- Robey James, born Jul. 16, 1887, died Oct. 19, 1957
- Charles Riston, born Feb. 12, 1892, died Oct. 11, 1966
- Bertie Louise, born Nov., 1893
- Ellis Empsey Marshall, born Sep. 18, 1895, died Apr. 7, 1965
- Dartha Jane, born Jan. 29, 1898, died May 21, 1931
- Josie Eleanor, born Mar. 11, 1900, died Apr. 24, 1983
- Herman Herbert, born Apr. 3, 1902, died c1919

Charles Riston Coffey married Teresa Missouri (Tressie) Sherfey, marriage date unknown.

Dartha Jane Coffey married James Blaine Phillips, marriage date unknown.

Josie Eleanor Coffey married John Henry Sherfey Jul. 6, 1916.

Please contact me if you are researching any of these families.

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