February 15, 2006

Roots Magic Updates

An announcement released today from Roots Magic:

- New Family Tree Maker Import Added

We have long been asked for the ability to import Family Tree Maker files directly. The many FTM users who have switched to RootsMagic (or who have wanted to switch) have discovered that FTM doesn't export its pictures and other information to GEDCOM, so those items were either lost or had to be re-entered by hand.

RootsMagic 3.2 now offers the most complete FTM import available. Not only is all the FTM data seamlessly imported, but RootsMagic will also extract the images from the FTM file and will set up the links to those images.

So now when someone sends you an FTM file you *no longer* have to request them to create and send a GEDCOM instead. You can just import the FTM file directly.

Click on the title link to read more about this genealogy software.

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