March 27, 2006

Coffee/Coffey in Louisiana

The following are names and data from my miscellaneous file:

Mary Coffey, no date, married John Kline, p34, St. Theresa of Avila Marriage Book 2 (1862-1890) (There is a St. Theresa of Avila in Ascension Parish, LA)

B. R. Coffee, member of Louisiana Militia (Wagon Wheel*, March 1984 edition)

John Coffey, Harbor policeman; Pvt., Co. A., 1st (Strawbridge's) La. Inf.; enlisted Apr. 1, 1861 in New Orleans; present on rolls Jun., Jul. and Aug., 1861; detached service to harbor police from Jul. 1 to Aug. 21, 1861; present from Sep. 1861 to Dec. 1861 and Jan. 1 to Apr. 30, 1862; discharged and final settlement given Apr. 1, 1862 (Wagon Wheel, Mar 1984, citing Confederate Research Source, Vol. 1, p370)

John B. Coffee, born LA, clerk, married, enlisted in New Orleans (Wagon Wheel, Mar., 1984, no other info)

G. Coffee, born Ireland, resided in New Orleans, married; private in Co. K, 1st (Nelligan's) La. Inf.; record copied from Memorial Hall, New Orleans, LA by War Dept., Washington, DC, May, 1908, occupation mechanic. (Wagon Wheel, Mar. 1984, citing Confederate Research Source, Vol. 1, p370)

Mary Coffey married James Lally (St. Theresa of Avila Marriage Book 2, p72 (1862-1890; exact date not given)

Kate Coffee married Edward Drury (ibid, p217, no other info)

Julia Coffee married Arthur Jacquet (ibid, p6, no other info)

Patrick Coffey, taken prisoner (Wagon Wheel, Mar., 1984; no other info)

John Coffee, parolled at Port Hudson (Wagon Wheel, Mar., 1984, no other info)

Roby Coffee, married Henry McDowell (Red River Parish Heritage Society, Vol. 1, 1989, p383)

Alice Coffee baptised at St. Mary's Italian Church, Orleans Parish, LA 1805 (Church baptismal registry No. 1, p20)

Charlotte Coffee married James Gleason Mar. 31, 1824 (source not listed)

H. M Coffee, 1830 Concordia Parish census, p156; 000011-101011

B. Coffee, 1830 Jefferson Parish census, p176; 200001-100001

Lisa Coffee, 1830 Orleans Parish census, p92; 0-000001

Hugh Coffee, 1845 Ouachita Parish, Louisiana Land Records, Doc., 163, Sep. 22, base line 18, twp. 12N, range 13E, sec. 1, 193.12 acres

*A now defunct genealogy newsletter published in TN a number of years ago

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