March 4, 2006

Confederate Soldiers of Caldwell [Co., NC]

The following is from Annals of Caldwell County, W. W. Scott, Lenoir, NC, 1930, Chapter 10, page 28:

Fifty-Eighth Regiment

Colonel - John B. Palmer, of Mitchell.

Lieutenant-Colonels - Edmund Kirby, of Virginia, killed at Chickamauga in 1863; Thomas J. Dula, of Caldwell, resigned Aug. 29, 1864; S. M. Silver, Thaddeus M. Coleman.

Majors - T. J. Dula (Caldwell), wounded at Chickamauga, promoted to lieutenant-colonel Aug. 14, 1864; A. T. Stuart (Caldwell), killed at Jonesboro, Ga.; S. M. Silver; G. W. F. Harper (Caldwell), promoted in November, 1864 from captain of Co. H.

Surgeons - W. A. Collett, of Burke; W. H. Harris.

Sergeant-Major - D. D. Coffey, of Caldwell

Quartermaster Sergeant - John E. Medearis, of Caldwell.

Drum Majors - H. Estes and J. Caldwell Blair, both of Caldwell

Company E, of Caldwell

Captains - A. T. Stuart, Thomas J. Coffey.

Lieutenants - J. B. Marler, T. J. Coffey, W. E. Coffey (dropped).

Company H, of Caldwell

Captains - T. J. Dula; G. W. F. Harper, wounded at Resaca, Ga., May 15, 1864; Larkin W. Gilbert.

Lieutenants - W. W. Lenoir, promoted to captain in 37th regiment July, 1862; G. W. F. Harper, E. M. Hedrick, A. D. Lingle, L. A. Page, killed in 1864 at Dalton, Ga.; L. W. Gilbert, promoted to captain.

Thomas J. Coffey was Thomas Jefferson Coffey, son of McCaleb and Elizabeth Collett Coffey. He was born 1828, died 1901.

Thomas Jefferson Coffey was born in 1828 near Patterson, in present-day Caldwell county. Before the war, he was a schoolteacher in Valle Crucis, North Carolina and later a merchant in Eastern Tennessee. When the war started, he enlisted, at age 33, as a private in Company E of the 58th North Carolina. Later he was promoted to 2nd and then 1st lieutenant as well as assistant quartermaster of the regiment. In this tintype he holds a Whitney of C. S. manufactured Spiller & Burr revolver. His sword, although covered in gilt paint, resembles a type manufactured in Richmond. Coffey was hospitalized at Charlotte on March 14, 1865 with phthisis, which is a wasting away of the body, usually caused by tuberculosis. He was furloughed on the same date. He returned to Tennessee and joined his brother in business. Before his death he and his brother entered into an agreement that whichever survived the other should carry on the firm business as long as he thought fit, and then divide the property. Coffey died in 1901.

D. D. Coffey was Drury Dobbins Coffey, son of Daniel Boone and Clarissa Estes Coffey. He was born Apr. 23, 1838 in Burke Co., NC and died 1913 in Caldwell Co., NC. He was husband to Harriet Elizabeth Collett who was born Nov. 25, 1840, and died Jan. 13, 1921. Harriet was undoubtedly descended from Charles Collett "of the family for whom Collettsville was named, it having been changed to its present name from the name of John's River Store. He was clearly of Huguenot stock, the name Collett being a well-known French name current at this day." [Annals of Caldwell Co.]

W. E. Coffey is probably William Elbert Coffey, born c1840 in Caldwell Co., married Maggie Kincaid. William was the son of Gilliam and Mary (Polly) Moore Coffey.

Please contact me if anyone has more detailed information on William or Drury.

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