March 26, 2006

Daniel Rufus & Sallie Cole Black Coffey

Daniel was first married to Mildred J. Lawman on April 6, 1868 in Amherst Co., VA. He was born Aug. 17, 1846 in VA, and died Nov. 18, 1921 in Amherst Co. Mildred was born c1850 in VA, and died in Mar. 1880* in Amherst Co. Together they had five children: Ellen, born c1869; Alice Loving, born c1871; Cora, born c1884; Bascom Walker, born c1878; and Melissa, born and died Mar. 1880. I have no information about the descendants of these children.

He married second on Aug. 30, 1880 in Amherst Co. to Sallie Cole Black, daughter of Cole and Sophia Black. This marriage produced 10 children. This photo was taken c1940 and is the only known group shot of those children.

Sallie was born May 11, 1857 in Amherst Co., and died Jun. 14, 1933 in Virginia. Daniel is buried at Bridge Hill Cemetery in Amherst Co. and Sallie was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Lynchburg, VA.

Daniel raised his children in a cabin known today as Fiddler's Green. "Just below the cabin is Staton's Falls where Staton's Creek drops approximately 80 feet in several cascades. This creek was once called "the middle fork of the Pedlar River." [John Taylor]

I have some descendant information for several of the children, and would like to hear from anyone researching these families.

1880 Mortality Schedule, Amherst Co. Pedlar Dist., ED20, Sheet 1, Coffey, Millie, age 32, female, white, married, born VA, parents born VA, keeping house, died March, pneumonia, age 30, attending doctor: W. L. Vaughn; Coffey, Melissa, age 9 days., female, white, single, born VA, parents born VA, died March, spasoms [sic], age 9 days, attending doctor: W. L. Vaughn

Photo courtesy John Taylor

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