March 21, 2006

Titian James Coffey - Follow-up

Jun 3, 1880, Washington City, District of Columbia, ED46, Page 11

1403 H Street NW, dwelling 72, family 73

Coffey, Titian J., WM, age 55, married, lawyer, born PA, parents born PA
Coffey, Mary Kerr, WF, age 50, wife, married, keeping house, born PA, father born IR, mother born PA
Coffey, Harry Kerr, WM, age 24, son, single, no employment, born PA, parents born PA
Coffey, Lilian Kerr, WF, age 15, daughter, single, at school, born PA, parents born PA
Michode, Marie, WF, age 33, maid, single, maid, born France, parents born France
Johnson, Robert, BM, age 30, servant, married, servant, born VA, parents born VA
Watts, Celia, BF, age 50, servant, widow, servant, born VA, parents born VA
Robinson, Sarah, BF, age 32, servant, widow, servant, born VA, parents born VA
Napper, Virginia, BF, age 31, servant, single, servant, born VA, parents born VA

I have not been successful in locating the family in prior years.

The information contained at the previously cited website seems to be mostly correct. That information tells us that James Coffey a son of an unnamed Coffey and Jane Brown, married Margaretta Pemberton McConnell.

Their children were:

George A., born Dec. 20, 1820, died Feb. 20, 1864 in Philadelphia, PA (?)
Catherine E., born Jul, 24, 1822, died after 1886, m. Alexander P. Robinson
Titian James, born Dec. 5, 1823, Huntingdon Co., PA, died Jan. 11, 1897
m. Mary Kerr Feb. 13, 1855
Henry T., born 1827, Huntingdon Co. (probably); died after 1886
Thomas Pemberton, born May 25, 1834, Huntingdon Co.; died Feb. 8, 1886
Lewis S., born abt. 1838

Titian's age in 1880 would seem to indicate that he was born closer to 1824 or 1825. Refer to the website for more information.

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