June 15, 2006

Back home...Again!

We have just returned from another week or so on the road. My wife and I camped for three days down near Breaux Bridge, LA with friends from all over the state.

When that was over we drove a few miles to Youngsville, LA and spent time with our youngest son and his family. They have two boys: a three year old and a seven month old. It's like living in a circus when we're there! Not really! They are two of the best behaved of the 7 grandchildren that we have.

South Louisiana is currently in drought condition. Since October, 2005 they have experienced something like 21 inches of the 40+ inches that they normally receive. North central Louisiana where we live is almost in the same condition. We did have rain shortly after getting back from our trip out west, but nothing since.

I'm really having a difficult time getting back into the groove of writing regularly about the Coffey and Coffee families. I don't have any new families to report on at the moment, but will start digging a bit more as the summer gets hotter and I stay in the air conditioning more.

In the meantime please write to me with suggestions, family info, photographs, etc. If you have a Coffee/y that you've hit the proverbial brick wall on, let me know and I'll see if I can help.

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