June 3, 2006

Book Recommendation

While attending the Coffey Cousins' Convention in Chadron, NE I had a chance to visit the Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center. One of the purchases that I made there was a book authoried by Mari Sandoz.

The book is a softcover edition of The Cattlemen from the Rio Grande across the far Marias, 1958, University of Nebraska Press.


"This thundering book...is the story of the vast cattle industry of the American West; stupendous in length, concept, and achievement, it is the result of a lifetime of knowledge and research..."

"Here, tough as whang leather, nourishing as pemmican, turbulent as Dodge City on a Saturday night in the late 1870s is what time may well decide is the definitive history of the founding and flourishing of the cattle industry on this continent."

I have only read a few pages in this 498 page book, not including bibliography and index, but it has already captured my imagination. In my mind I see me riding the open prairies, and down through the draws seeking out lost cattle, while participating in long cattle drives.

Click on the title link to reach the University of Nebraska press.

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