August 10, 2006

James Coffee/y of Surry Co., NC

Fred Coffey, our Coffey Cousins' DNA expert, wrote to me with a question concerning his Walker family. He wanted to know if Robert Walker, Esq., who was a county commissioner, or a justice in Surry Co. court minutes (1772-1789) had any family relation to James Coffey.

He pointed out that the same minutes contained 29 references to James Coffee (variously spelled), who may also have been a Justice of the Peace or other officer of the court. The first reference was in the year 1779 when he "delivered up the body of Daniel WELLS" to the court. The last reference to him is dated Aug. 14, 1789 when he served on a committee considering repairs to the Surry Co. courthouse.

Please contact Fred if you can help with this search. You can also chat with him about Coffee/y DNA should you have any interest in being tested.

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