November 1, 2006

Jesse S. Coffey

The following appeared in the June 1997 issue of Coffey Cousins' Clearinghouse newsletter. It contains information gathered from several researchers by J.C. and Mary Coffey. Others providing data to the article were: Lucille Seaman Coffey, James Coffey, Jr., Marvis Dilbeck, W. W. Coffey and Joan Hudgins.

Little in known about this Jesse (one of many Jesses)[.] [S]ome sources say that he died young and some say he never married. According to census and marriage records, these claims are in error.

The Jesse S. Coffey of this line was born 19 July 1799 in N.C. The most probably parents of Jesse are Thomas Coffey and his second wife Sara (Sally) Fields. Thomas Coffey was born in 1742 in Essex Co. VA and died 1825 in Wilkes Co., NC.

Thomas and Sara Coffey did have a son Jesse, but no Jesse was mentioned in the will of Thomas Coffey. For this reason some feel that Jesse died single before 1825 or left the area and never was heard from again, or that Thomas Coffey gave Jesse his inheritance before he moved from Wilkes Co. N.C. to Georgia.

Jesse Coffey did marry Winnefred Crumppton, 22 Dec. 1821 in Wilkes Co. N.C. A Larkin Coffey was one of the bondsmen. Thomas Coffey had a son, Larkin that would have been a younger brother of Jesse but old enough to be a bondsman. Also, Jesse's first son was named Thomas (which was a custom for a man to name his first son after his father). Another custom was to name children the same as his father's children. Thomas Coffey had sons with similar names to the sons of Jesse Coffey.

Jesse S. Coffey is buried in the Long Swamp Cemetery, in Marble Hill, Pickens Co., GA. His tombstone indicates that he was born 19 July 1799 and died 18 Oct. 1858.

Jesse Coffey and Winneford Crumpton (or Compton) were married in Wilkes Co. N.C. 22 Dec. 1821. [B]oth Jesse and Winneford were born in N.C.

Winneford Crumpton was born 20 Nov. 1801 and died 11 Nov. 1863. She is buried beside Jesse in Long Swamp Church Cemetery. Her parents were Jane and Hezekiah Crumpton.

Hezekiah died after 1818 in Wilkes Co. N.C. and Jane Crumpton still lived in 1853. (In May 1853 she withdrew her letter from the old Suawnee Baptist Church, Gwinnette Co).

The Jesse Coffey family was in GA by 1824 therefore this probably could be another clue that Thomas Coffey who died in 1825 gave his son Jesse his inheritance before he died and before Jesse moved from N.C. to GA.

The 1830 Federal census shows Jesse Coffey family in Gwinnett Co. GA. In the 1832 Cherokee land lottery, Jesse S. Coffey, Lewis and Edmond Coffey all were awarded 160 acres of land.

Jesse Coffey and family were listed in Forsyth Co. GA's 1832 Census. He was listed as a member of the Petit Jury of Forsyth Co. several times.

The 1860 Pickens Co. GA Federal Census list Jesse's wife Winneford living with her son, John Gordon Coffey and his wife Mary. (Jesse died in 1858).

Rev. Willie W. Coffey of Alabama gave further info on Jesse S. Coffey and his marriage. He states Jesse's wife's name as Winneford Crumpton Broom and it was assumed she was a widow. Joan Hudgins also gave similar info, stating that name [was]either Crumpton Broom or Broom Crumpton however, the marriage record only gave Winneford Crumpton. (Marriage Record, grooms List Film #8 county 104. Wilkes Co. N.C. read by Mary Coffey, at the Dallas Library, Dallas, TX July 16, 1981).

Note: Brackets indicate my edits to make the document read more smoothly.

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