November 11, 2006

Oliver N. Coffey

While researching the William H. and Mary Faulkner Coffey family, I found several researchers who claim that Oliver N. Coffey, born Dec. 2, 1832, died Dec. 30, 1900 is one of their sons.

Actually, Oliver is their grandson, born to their son Hodge Raymond Coffey. Hodge was born about 1812 in North Carolina and married Hannah Wilson on Nov. 13, 1831 in Owen Co., IN. Hannah was born about 1809 in North Carolina.

Oliver was their oldest child, and married Lydia S. Litton on Jan. 30, 1851 in Owen Co. I can find only one child born to this union: Joshua Benton Coffey, born about 1860, died Dec. 7, 1929.

Joshua married Mary Ester (Mollie) Bonner, who was born May 27, 1870 in Harrisburg, PA, died May 7, 1957 in Hays, Ellis Co., KS. Their son, Dr. Francis (Frank) Ellsworth Coffey was born Aug. 1, 1891 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., KS and died Aug. 27, 1946 in Hays, Ellis Co., KS. His wife, Marguerite Hanning Burger was born Jul. 4, 1893 in Kansas City, KS and died Jan. 4, 1984 in Hays, KS.

They had two children: Dr. Roy B. Coffey, born Jan. 26, 1924, and D. Joanne Coffey, born about 1928.

Dr. Roy Coffey died in Port Charlotte, FL on May 6, 2004. His obituary lists survivors as his wife, Louise, two daughters, Diane Sullivan and Gail Kelling; four sons, Frank, Charles, Lee and Gary as well as a sister Joanne Ramph of Kansas. Dr. Coffey was buried with military honors in the Florida National Cemetery at Bushnell.

Other children of Hodge and Hannah were:

James L., born Jun. 9, 1834, died Nov. 6, 1890 who married Elizabeth Litton. Children were Martha, born about 1856 and Laura, born about 1858. There may have been others, but I have not found them yet.

Silas D. M., born Feb. 23, 1839, died Mar. 6, 1904 in Manatee Co., FL. He married Caroline Byles, born abt. 1836 in PA, died Apr. 9, 1915 in Brazil, Clay Co., IL. I have found no descendants of this union.

Mary A. R., born abt. 1841 in Indiana, married David H. Allen May 9, 1859. I have found no descendants of this union.

Serena T., born about 1846, and Isaac. These children may have died young. I have not found any information on them.

Please contact me with additions and/or corrections.


Hodge Raymond - 1850 Owen Co., Dist. 83, Washington Twp., dwelling 275, family 276, Hodge R. Coffey, age 38, male, farmer, $1600, born NC; Hannah, age 41, female, born NC; Oliver N., age 18, male, farming, born IN; James L. R., age 15, male, farming, born IN; Silas D.M., age 11, male, born IN; Mary A. R., age 9, female, born IN; Sarene T., age 3, female, born IN

Oliver N. - Marriage: Name: Oliver N Coffey Spouse Name: Lydia S Litton Marriage Date: 30 Jan 1851 Marriage County: Owen Source Title 1: Owen County, Indiana Source Title 2: Index to Marriage Record 1850 - 1920 Inclusive Vol Source Title 3: W. P. A. Original Record Located: Compiled by Indi Book: 27 OS Page: 228

Joshua Benton - 1910 Wyandotte Co., Kansas City, Pct. 23, Ward 5, ED117, Sheet 11A, dwelling 271, family 226, Coffey, Joshua B., head, male, white, age 49, married once for 22 yrs., born IN, father born IN, mother born NC; Mary E., wife, female, white, age 38, married once for 22 yrs., mother of 1, 1 living, born PA, parents born PA; Francis E., son, male, white, age 18, single, born KS, father born IN, mother born PA; Bonner, William B., bro-in-law, male, white, age 36, widower, born PA, parents born PA, farmer; Winchester, Efford L., cousin, male, white, age 34, widower, born IN, parents born US, car inspector for railroad.

1920 Wyandotte Co., Kansas City, Ward 4, ED171, Sheet No. 23A, 1400 Throuwell [?] Ave., dwelling 524, family 538, Coffey, Joshua B., head, male, white, age 52, married, born IN, father born IN, mother born NC, machinest for railroad; Mary Coffey, wife, female, white, age 42, married, born PA, parents born PA, dance teacher; Frank, son, male, white, age 26, married, born KS, father born IN, mother born PA, none; Marguerite, dau.-in-law, female, white, age 24, married, born KS, fathere born PA, mother born IR, saleslady at grocery store; Netter, George W., lodger, male, white, age 40, married, born KS, father born PA, mother born KS, railroad office clerk; Netter, Mary J., lodger, female, white, age 45, married, born PA, parents born England; George, Jr., lodger, male, white, age 9, born KS, father born KS, mother born PA

James L. - 1860 Gentry Co., Twp. 63, Alanthus Grove PO, dwelling 1023, family 1019, James L. Coffee, age 26, male, mechanic, $100, $200, born IA; Elizabeth, age 21, female, born IA; Martha, age 4, female, borm MO; Laura, age 2, female, born MO

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