December 17, 2006

Thomas Finley Coffey (1868-1926)

Update: Dec. 15, 2010

Thomas and his first wife Mary Virginia Councill apparently had no children.  They were married on Jun. 10, 1896 in Watauga Co., NC and Mary died on Oct. 1, 1897 at the age of 35; perhaps in childbirth.

In 1900 he was found living with his dad in Watauga Co. and, he remained unmarried until c1903 when he married Blanche Wells of South Carolina.  Both lived their lives in Clarendon Co. in that state. Thomas died Aug. 3, 1926; Blanche outlived him by about 50 years and died on Apr. 7, 1976. Both are buried in the Manning Cemetery.

They were parents to at least 10 children and, at least four of those died in infancy.

They were:

Thomas, Jr., born Mar. 12, 1904, died Jun. 2, 1905, buried at Manning
J. Elizabeth, born July 27, 1905, died Jul. 9, 1906, buried at Manning
Virginia Mary, born c1907
Mattie Curtis, born Aug. 4, 1908, died Jul. 7, 1909, buried at Manning
William Columbus, born Apr. 12, 1910, died Dec. 30, 1996, died at Manning, not sure of burial site
Doris, born c1912
Sarah Margaret, born c1914
Joseph Mitchell, born Jul. 26, 1916, died Sep. 5, 1918, buried at Manning
Susan Almira, born Feb. 27, 1920, died Jul. 29, 1981; married Leslie Josey, buried at Manning
Edgar S., born c1925

I have been working on several North Carolina families with some success. One family that I have had difficulty with is that of Thomas Finley Coffey, a son of William Columbus and Caroline L. (Carrie) Curtis Coffey.

Thomas was married at least twice; first to Jennie M. Councill. She was the daughter of Dr. William Bowers Councill, a physician, and his wife, Alice M. [LNU], and was born c1872 in North Carolina.

His second wife was Blanche Wells, born Apr. 5, 1877 in Manning, Clarendon Co., SC. The year of their marriage is not yet known. Thomas died Aug. 3, 1926; Blanch in April, 1976, both in Manning. I have a list of ten children for them, but none confirmed:

- Thomas Finley, Jr
- Elizabeth J.
- Mary Virginia, born c1907
- Mattie Curtis
- Doris
- Sarah Margaret
- Joseph Mitchell
- Susan Almira, born c1920
- Edgar S., born c1925

Merry Christmas to all!

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