January 14, 2007

Samuel Monroe and Safari Josephine Dellinger Coffey

Corrected and updated July 19, 2007

This photograph is of Samuel Monroe and Safari Josephine (Josie) Dellinger Coffey. With them is their grand-daughter, Linda Thompson, child of Sam and Josie's daughter Minnie who married William Thompson.

Samuel was born Jan. 17, 1881 in North Carolina, a son of Eldelano (L.D.) Coffey and Mary E. Austin. He died Aug. 20, 1970 in North Carolina.

Josie was born Jan. 1, 1883 in North Carolina, a daughter of Thomas and Eveline McKinney Dellinger. She died Mar. 19, 1979 in North Carolina.

Sam and Josie were parents of twelve children:

  • Clayton McDonald (Mack), born Jun. 1, 1903, died Jun. 11, 1992 married Lany Esther McCroskey in Mountain City, Johnson Co., TN. They had eight children: Bertha May, Gladys Virginia, Nellie Alilene, James Edward (Jim), Margaret Josephine, Clayton McDonald, Jr., and Lonnie Ray. Another son, born 1959, was Steven who was adopted by Clayton and Lany.
  • Alberta (Bertie), married three times. Her first husband was Andrew Jackson (Andy) Jennings with whom she had eight children: Essie (?), Pansy, Claude, Paul Van, Mable Christine, Peggy Ann, Essie and Virginia Dare. Her second husband was Abner J. Loudermilt with whom she had one child, Ronnie, born c1927. Her third husband was Clyde Johnson with whom she had one child, Essie.
  • Robin
  • Minnie married William L. Thompson Sep., 1934 in Watauga Co. They had at least four children: Carolyn, J. T., Charles, and Linda.
  • Lydia Eva, born Jul. 29, 1914, married William Thurman Gragg. Children were: Harold, Beauford Dean, Lewis Dayton, Jack, Niola and Richard.
  • Wilson Woodrow, born Sep. 26, 1916, died Jun. 21, 1994, married Ethel Vada Coffey, daughter of Thomas Leroy (Tom) and Alice Sanders Coffey. Their children were: Douglas, Daniel, Emma Elizabeth, Maude Aleen, Betty Ann, Dennis Charles, and Rebecca Kay.
  • Woodrow Wilson, born Sep. 26, 1916, died c1932
  • Reubin
  • Oscar Joseph, born Dec. 2, 1917
  • Deatte Elsie, born May 29, 1920, married first to Lonnie Byrd and had one child, Lonnie, Jr. She married second to Howard Milton Bolick and had five children: Phyllis Ann, Gerald Keith, Sheldia Jean, Thomas Dale and Gail.
  • Alfred Boyd, born May 21, 1922 married Mary Etheline Woodie and had children: Kathleen Mary, Lela Ann, Alfred Jr., John Samuel, Roger Dallas, Deborah Kay, and Linda Bernice.
  • Pauline, born Dec. 21, 1924, married Otis Arthur Bell and had children: Bobbie Jean, Otis Wayne, Rhonda Gene and Chris Allen.

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  1. Hi my name is Michelle I was adopted in 1984 my bilogical family is the Coffeys ever since I was young I have been obsessed with finding out anything I can about them. Im stuck on Alice coffey sanders!! I have heard that her parents were Emma sumlin and her father was eve sanders. Also, that she was a servant for the coffey family when she was younger. I would love to know about her parents as well as her. She always looks so sad in her pictures. She would be my great great grandmother. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. My email is cmatias1796@gmail.com

  2. Hello Michelle! I have published several blogs about your family. Alice was really Alice Sanders who married a Coffey. Read more about them at the following:







    Good luck!


  3. Thank you for all the info I n have actually already ready all of them.Yes I know she was a sanders that's where I'm currently stuck. I'm trying to go back to her parents and trace them as well the sumlin sanders line since that would also be family. Do you have information on them? I cannot find anything. I'm curious on why she was listed a servant and also why she went to live with the Coffey family at such a young age. Thank you again.

  4. The Monroe Coffey family that Alice was enumerated with in 1910 Watauga Co. was Monroe Rufus or Rufus Monroe Coffey, depending on which record you look at. His wife was Emma Robbins and they were married in 1906.at Watauga Co. I have spent most of today searching for clues to Alice's parents and have found nothing.

    In the meantime, if you find any clues, please let me know. I will publish info in the Coffey Cousins' quarterly newsletter asking for others help. You can read back issues of that newsletter at http://www.coffey.ws/familytree/CCCNewslettersOnline/, and current issues at http://coffeycousinsclearinghouse.org/


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